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World's most instagrammed forests

About a third of the world’s landmass is covered in forest. And in addition to providing important stuff like the oxygen we breathe and habitats for wild animals, they also make for some downright jaw-dropping photographs. From the towering redwoods of California to the cloud forests of Costa Rica, the trees covering our planet can be our most beautiful sites when captured correctly. We took a look at’s study of the 15 most-Instagrammed forests in the world and found some of ...
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Solo Female Travel in Costa Rica — Is Costa Rica Safe?

I love traveling alone in Costa Rica. It’s a place brimming with joy. A nature destination filled with rainforests, volcanoes, cloud forests, golden beaches, coral reefs — oh, and tons of adorable sloths! And more than that, it’s a very easy place to travel, ideal for first-timers. “Pura vida” is a phrase you’ll hear throughout your solo trip to Costa Rica. It means “pure life” and you can say it as a response for anything. “How are you?” “Pura vida.” “What did you get up to last night?” “Pur...
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Monteverde Cloud Forest biodiversity

Costa Rica is renowned for its rich biodiversity, protected in the national parks that cover an astonishing one-quarter of the country. In addition, the small Central American country boasts a handful private nature reserves, which also protect its precious flora and fauna. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is the best known of these private eco-sanctuaries and is a must-visit for anyone set on experiencing Costa Rica’s natural treasures. The list of things to do and the ways to take in the scenery...
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15 awesome moments in Costa Rica

15 amazing experiences to have in Costa Rica before you die Photo: Visit Costa Rica I f you have even a passing interest in travel, Costa Rica is most likely already on your radar. And for so many good reasons, not least of which are that it’s one of the most biodiverse places in the world and one of the most peaceful places on the planet, in more ways than one. It abolished its military in 1949, becoming one of the few sovereign nations without one. When you visit, you’...
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Costa Rica Day 5Monteverde

This morning we left the hotel at 700am to head to Monteverde Cloud Forest a tropical rainforest. There is all kinds of plants birds and mammals sloth monkey ocelot and pizote that can be found in this rainforest. The drive took about 3.5 hours an
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11 surprising facts about Costa Rica

WHEN IT COMES to Costa Rica, you’ve probably heard about “pura vida.” You probably know the country’s biodiversity is off the charts, and maybe you even know that they got rid of their army long ago. But beyond this basic info, what do you really know about the land of the Ticos? Grab a cup of your favorite Costa Rican coffee — here are 11 facts that will totally surprise you. 1. The national animal isn’t what you’d expect. Photo: Skeeze Monkeys are among the most common mammals in the count...
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5 Thrilling Activities That Will Convince You to Vacation in Costa Rica

Credit If you're looking for heart-thumping adventure and want to experience that sudden rush of adrenaline, then Costa Rica is the right place for you! Having a taste of adventure still remains one of the reasons why you should visit Costa Rica. The exquisite wonders of Costa Rica span from the lush rainforests to the imposing volcanoes and awe-inspiring coastlines. Every inch of Costa Rica promises to give you the very best of tropical adventures. Costa Rica is home to over 60 volcanoes, ric...
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15 travel resolutions for 2016

Photo: thephotographymuse 1. I will plan one crazy, adventure-inspired vacation this year. We all have different travel styles, but getting out of your comfort zone is key to gaining a new perspective on the world. Maybe that simply means ditching the all-inclusive resort for a more DIY itinerary. Or maybe it’s more specific: ziplining through the treetops of Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest, despite your fear of heights. Whatever you don’t want to do while traveling, stop and think about...
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