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This and That

Another mix of photos in Paris. The full moon came up orange the other day probably due to polution but still beautiful. Here it is right over Montparnasse Tower. Meat delivery. Well, this is unusal. The Dior Shop I think. Seen in a children’s playground by les Halles. Flowers for my birthday. I am old enough to have gotten my second vaccination against Covid on my birthday. I have the antibodies for it too so surely I am covered. I just want to travel aga...
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Montparnasse Cemetery... again

Eleven years since I made a post about the Montparnasse Cemetery (see here), so maybe time for a little more…?   I somehow feel that the more or less abandoned graves often are the nicest ones to look at. The red roses on the top picture were on such a tomb.  Here are some more examples: There is a special event around a tomb which was abandoned for many years, but not anymore. It seems that the Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer, Constantin Brancusi (1876-19...
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Organisers taken aback by demand for women’s World Cup tickets

Paris (AFP) – Five weeks before the women’s World Cup kicks off in France, and there is a hive of activity high up in the Montparnasse Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Paris. It... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Solo Female Travel in Paris — Is it Safe?

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone to Paris? Absolutely. Under most circumstances, with the right preparation and precautions, visiting Paris can be as safe as staying in your hometown. Paris is a place where I’ve been traveling alone for years! I first fell in love with Paris when I was 16 years old and on a school trip, and I’ve returned more than a dozen times since, often solo. It’s a city that I love dearly, a city where I frequently play tour guide for my friends and family. However, ...
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The Best Alternative Tourist Attractions In Paris

As Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it is fair to assume that the city of love will be filled with crowds and long lines. One does not travel hours on end to maneuver through groups of people to get to the Eiffel Tower, for example. Sometimes taking the off-beaten path leads you to even more special of places. It is good to explore and steer away from places in the city that are highly commercialized. Nonetheless, your experience in Paris is bound to be memorable. Exp...
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A new Palace of Justice

I have already a number of times showed how the new Palace of Justice, with Renzo Piano as architect, has risen to become one of the highest Paris buildings – 160 m (525 ft). Well, we don’t wish any new high buildings in Paris but… the building is as far from the centre of Paris you can be without leaving the city. (See map below.)   (The Montparnasse Tower is 210 m high (689 ft) and the Eiffel Tower 324 m (1063 ft).) The new Palace (Le Tribunal de Paris) is now in operation since m...
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1924 - 2024

Paris was trying to … but didn’t get the 2012 Olympic Games. Now there is a new serious try and the hopes are great that the 2024 Summer Games will take place in Paris. The decision by the Olympic Committee is expected in September.  It would be a 100 years’ jubilee – here are a few photos from the Paris games in 1924, and we can see Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), “the father” of the modern Olympic Games, and two multiple gold medal winners, Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984) and Paavo...
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The Art of the Chilled Out Trip to Paris

Paris is a city that I return to again and again. The city feels like home to me — and for that reason, my more recent visits are less about sightseeing and more about chilling out. For me, what I enjoy most is the feeling of being in Paris. You can’t get that anywhere else. And I know that sounds rather obvious, but seriously, you can get a bit of a New York feeling in parts of Boston, or vice versa. Same thing with London and Rome, or Bangkok and Hong Kong. Paris, however, has no equal. Pl...
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The Most Photogenic Places I’ve Ever Visited

Any destination can be a photographer’s paradise if you’re creative enough. But some places are massive overachievers! I’ve visited some countries, cities, and regions where beautiful shots lurk around every corner. And it’s not always the places you think. I don’t always have the best luck shooting photos in Italy, for example. And as gorgeous as Savannah is, the shadows from the ubiquitous oak trees make it a challenge to photograph. And I was so upset when my first trip to Old San Juan, Puer...
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Bourdelle Museum

There is an amazing museum to be found in the 15th arrondissement, Musée Bourdelle . Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929) was an artist, especially known as a sculptor. He learnt sculpting from masters like Falguière and Dalou, joined Rodin and became his friend. He later worked as a teacher himself and had some famous pupils like Giacometti, Maillol, Matisse and - for my Swedish friends - Bror Hjort. Bourdelle had his home and workshop here for the 45 last years of his life, however ...
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In Israeli desert, world's highest solar tower looks to future

In the middle of southern Israel's desert, engineers are hard at work building the world's tallest solar tower, reflecting the country's high hopes for renewable energy. Once completed in late 2017, the Ashalim Tower will rise to 240 metres (787 feet), taller than Paris's Montparnasse Tower and London's Gherkin, according to the Israeli government and the consortium building it. Covered in stainless steel, the square tower in the rocky Negev desert with a peak resembling a gi...
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10 Great Observation Decks Around the World

There’s no better way to experience a location than to peer down upon the landscape from a great height. From the world’s tallest man-made structure to a walkout platform shadowing the Grand Canyon, these 10 observation decks around the world offer some of the world’s most breathtaking views. 1. Montparnasse Tower, Paris The Eiffel Tower might be the most famous Parisian lookout point, but it’s the Montparnasse Tower that offers the most impressive views with an outdoor observatory situated on...
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