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China’s Chang’e-5 lunar lander successfully lands on the Moon

Chinese state news agencies are reporting a successful landing of the Chang’e-5 lunar robotic lander, which will seek to return lunar rock samples back to Earth. The launch took off on November 23, and attained lunar orbit on November 28. It launched the lander vehicle on November 30, and the reports today from the China National Space Administration (CNSA) says that at shortly after 10 AM EST it achieved its goal of touching down on the Moon’s surface intact. China’s Chang’e-5 mission will b...
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China's sample-return Moon mission touches down

The robotic Chang'e-5 mission makes a soft landing on the lunar nearside.
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Void of Course Moons - January 2021

For those of you who track the void of course moons through the months, here is January 2021. Read more about the definition of the VOC and see how they can improve your timing. And as you get more involved in the rhythms and flows of the planet energies, I highly recommend: Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth. The author reveals the unvarnished truth about what it takes to consciously grow as a human being. As you read, you’ll learn the seven universa...
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Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Beyond Words

The Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 8°38′ Gemini is on Nov. 30, 2020, 1:30 am Pacific Time. I n Gemini, the Moon finds comfort in language – in the reassuring hum of parents’ voices down the hall as their children fall asleep; in the soothing mantra, the dog’s welcoming bark, delighted laughter, a favorite poem. Even, when the time comes, in the sensitive eulogy for a loved one, delivered by someone with keen powers of observation and a lyrical tongue. Eclipses of the Moon reveal uncon...
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Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – November 2020

The Lunar eclipse takes place at 09:29 (UT) on November 30, 2020 at 08°Ge38′. The Moon is the only body in the skies that is in an air sign. It seems like our focus and choices are being narrowed. There are important decisions to make around this time, choices that will play a part in our unfolding future. Full Moons are a time of culmination, conclusion, closure, completion but it’s out of the ordinary as the Moon is connected to the Nodes, the Gates of Karma. Eclipse season puts us in touch wi...
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December 2020 Astrology Forecast

We are here, finally, at the last month of the most tumultuous year in living memory for many of us barring those who lived through the second world war! Writing that casts my memory back to my original forecast for January 2020, where I talked about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and how it had many signatures of war and conflict. Whilst astrologers anticipated that 2020 would be a history maker, I don’t think any of us were fully prepared for what was to come! But now we arrive at the final mont...
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Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini

This weekend, the Moon moves through Taurus then the early degrees of Gemini. In Taurus, the sign ruler is Venus and the mood reflects those earthy, pleasurable values. In Gemini it’s Mercury ruled, a curious mood, attuned to communications and … Read More...
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Earth will partially eclipse the Beaver Moon this weekend. Here's what that means.

A total lunar eclipse as seen from Santa Monica, California, October 8, 2014. A Beaver Moon eclipse will be visible across North America overnight Sunday. Earth will move between the full moon and the sun, partially eclipsing the moon in darkness, for four-and-a-half hours early Monday. People across North America and Europe have used full moons to track the seasons and months for thousands of years. Here are some of the names they've used for each month's full moon. Visit Business Insid...
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Watch: China Is Launching Its Chang'e-5 Spacecraft to Get Some Moon Rocks of Its Own

The China National Space Administration’s mission to bring chunks of the Moon back to Earth for the first time in decades will kick off this week, with the Chang’e-5 spacecraft slated to launch on today from Wenchang Space Launch Center on Hainan Island.Read more...
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China just launched a mission to the moon to collect rock samples — the first time a country will have done so in more than 40 years

A moon rock. Reuters China just launched a mission to the moon that aims to collect lunar rocks and bring them back to Earth. If successful, the mission will be the first time a nation has retrieved moon rocks in over 40 years. Studying the samples could help geologists learn about the moon's age and volcanic activity. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For decades, planetary geologists have studied tiny chunks of lunar rock to unravel the moon's mysteries. The rocks have ...
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Spoiled Beer is a Covered Loss, But No Claim for Loss of Income

    The insured's claim for the cancellation of a beer order due to COVID-19, leading to its spoiling, was not covered for loss of business income. Harvest Moon Distributors, LLC v. Southern-Owners Ins. Co. , 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 189390 (M.D. Fla. Oct. 9. 2020).     Harvest Moon purchased beer under a contract with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Before the product shipped, Disney closed its operations to the COVID-19 pandemic and refused to accept the beer delivery. Harvest Moon submitted a cl...
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Highlights for Nov. 23-29, 2020: Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone. Click them to see the date and time where you are. Spiritual Etiquette T he invisible world would like to help,” writes Caroline Casey, “but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask.” Ritual is the way we ask for help from the gods, and Mercury’s journey through Scorpio is a powerful time to summon powerful, invisible forces to our side. Mercury’s trine aspect to Neptune (Nov. 23, 2020, 8:39 pm PST) aligns with gifts o...
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The Renaissance Reno Downtown offers a gambling- and smoke-free environment that emphasizes Reno's overlooked artistic side — plus it has comprehensive new COVID protocols

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. The Renaissance Reno Downtown offers a quieter stay away from the casinos, but is still close to all the action. The hotel recently launched an Art Studio Package that turns suites into private art studios. I spent one night in a King Bed Suite for $220 to test out this package. My rate included an upgraded room, art supplies, and a complimentary bike rental.  Read more: Is it safe to stay in a hotel right...
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NASA report casts doubt on achieving moon landing by 2024

NASA says it will be unlikely to achieve its hoped-for moon landing by 2024, with funding issues, rising costs, and schedule delays all impacting the mission.
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At the Moonlight Café...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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At the Sunset Café...

... you can write about anything you want. [Author: [email protected]com (Ann Althouse)]
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The Astrology of the TV show Supernatural

The end is nigh – well, it is for Supernatural fans in the US. The TV show Supernatural is due to air its final episode ever on November 19, 2020. I am writing this on November 18, and currently only on episode 15 of Season 14 as I started doing a re-watch from the beginning again whilst UK television programmers lazed over air dates for season 15. So, I’m a little behind the times but consciously putting off the buckets of tears I will no doubt shed when this show ends. Supernatural has been my...
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Could a Gigantic Lunar Telescope Reveal the Very First Stars?

A team of astronomers is reviving an idea that NASA sidelined a decade ago, in which a huge observatory would be installed on the Moon. Dubbed the “Ultimately Large Telescope,” the facility would easily outperform every other telescope in its class and spot objects that are predicted by theory but have never been seen.Read more...
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Astrobotic teams with Bosch and WiBotic to give its Moon rovers wireless charging and smarts to find power stations

Lunar exploration startup Astrobotic is working on developing ultra-fast wireless charging technology for its CubeRover shoebox-sized lunar robotic explorers. The project, which is funded by NASA’s Tipping Point program with a $5.8 million award, will tap Seattle-based wireless charging startup WiBotic for expertise in high-speed, short-range wireless power, and brings in Bosch to assist with developing the AI-based data analysis that will help the robots find their way to docking stations for a...
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Episode 56 | Sagittarius Season and TP On Your Shoe

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 56 (11/16/2020) Title: 056 | Sagittarius Season and TP on Your Shoe A tired, post-election April & Jen discuss this week’s planetary hubbub: A final (at last!) Mercury/Uranus face-off, Venus entering Scorpio on the same day that the Sun enters Sagittarius, and a nice Pisces First Quarter Moon. Sagittarius is a teaching sign, so in that spirit April and Jen offer a mini-lesson on out-of-sign aspects! What are they, why do they happen, and what’s an “orb”? Plus: the soul o...
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The top 9 movies on Netflix this week, from 'The Impossible' to 'Easy A'

"Easy A." Fox via Getty Images "The Impossible" and "Easy A" were among the most popular movies on Netflix this week. Netflix introduced daily top lists of the most popular titles on the streaming service in February. Streaming search engine Reelgood keeps track of the lists and provides Business Insider with a rundown of the week's most popular movies on Netflix every Friday. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Emma Stone's 2010 teen comedy "Easy A" celebrated its 10th ann...
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These are the most popular items people say they’d take on a moon trip

What would you take with you on a mission to the moon? NASA asked people this very question and this is what it found ...
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The Moon’s tiny twin is stalking Mars

Mars is accompanied by a pair of small moons — Phobos and Deimos — as well as four Trojan asteroids that follow the Red Planet in its trips around the Sun. Trojan asteroids follow planets, including Mars, Earth, and Jupiter, placed 60 degrees ahead of or behind their worlds. This angle provides stable gravitational points in the orbit for the asteroids as they move around the Sun. Each orbit of two massive objects produces five places, known as Lagrange (or Lagrangian) points, where gravity of t...
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Note2 and ebook practices to get best illustration

I've got a Note2, and have found that illustrations in ebooks (b/w drawings, but also some gray scale and color illustrations, as identified with Calibre's ebook viewer) tend to be at small scales, or not as crisply rendered (i.e., resolution) as I thought I would get with a high resolution screen. Some of these illustrations have include: - japanese woodblock prints, reproduced in current ebooks published in 2013 - Gustave Dore illustrations in Dante (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso) obtained f...
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South Korea's Moon says will ensure no gap in the U.S. alliance

South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said on Monday the country will ensure there is no gap in the alliance with the United States and the process of building peace on the Korean peninsula. Moon's remarks came as he congratulated Joe Biden for his victory in the U.S. presidential election.
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Episode 55 | Scorpio New Moon: Rolling in It!

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 55 (11/9/2020) Title: 55 | Scorpio New Moon: Rolling in It! April & Jen try to settle their nerves as they record on Election Day and muse over the upcoming week, which includes a lovely New Moon in Scorpio and a mellow Sun trine to Neptune. The much anticipated (final!) meet-up of Jupiter and Pluto occurs in Capricorn and is squared by Venus in Libra. And, Mercury re-enters Scorpio and Mars in Aries FINALLY turns direct. (That sound you just heard was a collective sigh...
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‘Molly and the Moon’: Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff Reunite in an Original Musical Film by ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creators

Love is an open door, and the Molly and the Moon is an open door for Frozen 2 co-stars Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff to play a couple in a musical once again — but this time, in live-action. An original musical from How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, Molly and the Moon reunites the Frozen and Frozen 2 co-stars in a film inspired by a Thomas’ personal experience of having a baby born with a rare genetic disorder. We’ll finally get a duet between Bell and Groff, and...
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NASA wants new and innovative storytelling tech to document its Artemis Moon missions

NASA has issued a new request for proposals from partners that would be able to help it supplement its own storytelling in new and innovative ways, including potentially through use of robotic camera systems, high-resolution and 360-degree video capture, immersive VR content and more. The agency has noted that it’s looking for responses form a vast range of potential partners, including broadcasters and studios, as well as aerospace-specific companies, nonprofits and school. This could be a p...
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A beginner’s guide to competitive breeding in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokémon breeding is a complex but rewarding process. Breeding competitively in Pokémon Sun and Moon has never been easier.
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At the Morning Moon Café...

  ... you can write about anything you want. The moon photograph was taken facing west at 6:37 a.m. At exactly that time, facing east, it looked like this: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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