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the troll that wouldn't die

He lives.Those of you who go back a long way with wmtc will remember how this blog was the target of trolls, back in the heyday of the blogosphere, before Twitter and Instagram existed, before so many bloggers moved to Facebook. Social media evolved, attention spans got shorter, and the trolls eventually left wmtc. All but one. You know who I'm talking about. The one and only magnolia_2000, a/k/a Mags.Mags has disappeared for long stretches of time, but he always returns. Allan says that Mags is...
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The latest from the Brad Trost Campaign

In case any of you are wondering what Maurice Vellacott is up to, he is attacking Andrew Scheer on behalf of Brad Trost.  I guess they are trying to lock up Saskatchewan Conservative voters who only care about abortion. I know it looks like a fake but it came from the Trost camp today.  An important message from Maurice Vellacott Former Chair of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus Dear [Redacted but it’s not me] My name is Maurice Vellacott, the former (retired 2015) Member of Parliament for the...
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