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DOPE DIRIGIBLE. Kacerwagen’s ‘Zeppelina V72’ Board Tracker

Written by Martin Hodgson They were the original kings of the race track, but you won’t ever find a replica of one hanging out at your local cafe bike meet. However over recent years with TV shows like Harley and the Davidsons and Sons of Speed, along with the input of America’s best builders like Billy Lane and Rick Petko, the board tracker is back with a vengeance. But what do you do when you live in a country where finding a ’20s Indian in a barn is as likely as finding the fabled pot of g...
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1976 Pacer Moped with Morini gryromat m01 50cc (oakland lake merritt / grand) $400

I have a 1976 Pacer Moped with a Morini Gyromat M01 50CC no motorcycle license required. I had work done on it 2 years ago. Replaced Piston rings, new exhaust, new spark plug, carb cleaned and some gaskets replaced. Ran strong I was riding it last s ...
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Who Stole This Rare Strad Violin While Its Owner Was In The Hospital?

"What is known is that on October 18, 1995, a friend dropped by to check on the apartment while 91-year-old Morini was in the hospital. The door to the apartment was locked and everything seemed to be in its place. So, the friend, Erica Bradford, along with her daughter Valerie, went to check on the violin as was her habit. She retrieved the key from a box where it was hidden in the bedroom, opened the china closet door, and found a different case sitting in the place the Strad’s had occupied fo...
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