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Inman is being acquired by Beringer Capital

Brad Inman retains an ownership stake and the current team will continue running the company, with plans for significant growth.
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Selling to buy? It should get easier in coming weeks, report says

Conditions should start to improve for buyers while remaining great for sellers if current trends hold, according to a new Redfin report.
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With home prices slow to fall, would-be buyers are getting squeezed out

People who lost income during the pandemic are finding it hard to buy their first homes as real estate prices grew faster than incomes, according to a new Harvard University report.
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Opendoor’s mortgage attach rate jumps, but at what cost? Mike DelPrete

For any company attempting to generate profits from adjacent services, and there are a lot, mortgage remains hard. It is no panacea for profitability.
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Will lenders refund fees paid for a market downturn that never materialized? 

Chino Hills resident Rick Serpa paid an extra $2,000 when he refinanced his mortgage last April to help cover costs for a pandemic-induced market downturn. But the downturn never materialized. Now Serpa is wondering how to apply for his refund. “I am generally one to ignore the idiocy of the world we have been in for the past couple of years. I’m making an exception for this one,” Serpa wrote in an email. “Since the adversity never arrived, the money collected under the program wasn’t spent by F...
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Mortgage rates hit new all-time low for 15 year loans

Interest rates for a 15-year mortgage hit new all-time lows amid high sale prices and low inventory. Rates for 30-year loans dipped as well.
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1M homeowners face elevated risk of foreclosure when protections lift

The percentage of homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments continues to fall, but an estimated 1 million homeowners face an elevated risk of foreclosure when forbearance protections start expiring in September.
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Home office eclipses short commute as a buyer must-have, agents say

Nearly 60 percent of agents surveyed by Homelight said they expect a home office to be a top priority for buyers in a post-vaccine landscape.
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Ransomware attack threatens closings, sensitive client data

A ransomware attack on Cloudstar, which provides cloud hosting for title insurance applications, is threatening to derail mortgage closings and put sensitive client information at risk.
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Subscribe to Extra Credit, Inman’s new mortgage & closing newsletter

A mix of breaking news, trends and profiles of fascinating people and companies, Extra Credit aims to help smart professionals keep an eye on the future of the digital transaction.
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Better rapidly scaling up real estate, title insurance businesses

Better's real estate brokerage subsidiary has largely flown under the radar, but that's about to change as it integrates Better Real Estate and its other businesses onto a single platform.
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Better building real estate brokerage as next step in end-to-end platform

Better's real estate brokerage subsidiary has largely flown under the radar, but that's about to change as it integrates Better Real Estate and its other businesses onto a single platform.
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Better eyes real estate brokerage as next step in end-to-end platform

Better's real estate brokerage subsidiary has largely flown under the radar, but that's about to change as it integrates Better Real Estate and its other businesses onto a single platform.
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Homebuyer pool set to expand with mortgage alternatives: CEOs

The CEOs of Divvy Homes and HomeLight said during Connect Now that they can help agents' clients negotiate challenging market conditions.
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The New (But Really Limited) Overtime Exemption

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that certain workers are classified as “exempt” from the overtime requirements. The most well-known of these are the white-collar exemptions of executive, administrative and professional personnel. But state law has several other categories of exemptions you may never have heard about such as a chief engineer of a radio station.  (Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-76i(b).) The General Assembly, however, recently added a new one in an innocuously titled piece of ...
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If home prices don’t cool, watch for Fed tightening and rising mortgage rates

Economists at Fannie Mae are again sounding warnings that rising rents and record home price appreciation could contribute to long-lasting inflation that leads to earlier, more aggressive tightening by the Federal Reserve.
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New restrictions on Fannie, Freddie refis blamed for tighter mortgage credit

Mortgage lenders tightened underwriting standards in June, undoing much of the easing seen over the last six months as initial fears about the long-term impacts of the pandemic began to wane.
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Fannie and Freddie will eliminate mortgage refinancing fee starting Aug. 1

Homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages could have an easier time getting a lower rate, with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's federal regulator eliminating a 50-basis point refinancing fee that was intended to help the mortgage giants cover at least $6 billion in anticipated losses due to the pandemic.
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First-time buyers still eager, despite snags on path to homeownership

A Chase survey revealed nearly 4 in 10 potential first-time buyers lost income during the pandemic, setting back their homeownership goals.
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EXp, Kind Lending team up to launch new mortgage platform

The new platform is called SUCCESS Lending and will offer loans to consumers working with eXp Realty agents.
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Digital closing firm Doma sees agents as key area for growth

Doma, which plans to go public this month on the strength of its digital title insurance, escrow and closing platform, is intent on growing its business with real estate agents.
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‘Summer swoon’: Mortgage rates dip further in mid-July throughout US

The average interest rate on a 30-year, fixed rate mortgage dipped further this week, according to data from Freddie Mac.
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Mortgage boom for second homes takes hit amid new lending rules

New lending rules and a return to the office may have dented the prolific rise in demand for second-home loans, according to new data.
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Dip in rates boosts demand for mortgages

Last week's dip in mortgage rates boosted applications for purchase loans and revived interest in refinancing, according to a weekly survey of lenders by the Mortgage Bankers Association.
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Morty will expand nationwide with $25M in new funding

Morty, an online mortgage marketplace that's focused on serving homebuyers, has closed a $25 million Series B financing round that will allow it to beef up its hiring, marketing, and product development, and bring its services to homebuyers nationwide by the end of the year.
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Meet the typical 40-year-old millennial, who has $128,000 in debt, is not nearly as wealthy as their parents were, and is known as 'geriatric'

The oldest millennials turn 40 this year. Gotham/Getty Images The oldest millennials turn 40 this year. They have less wealth, more debt, and about the same earnings as past generations at their age. They straddle the digital worlds of old PCs and today's social media apps. See more stories on Insider's business page. The oldest millennials enter middle age this year. The generation turns ages 25 to 40 in 2021, per the Pew Research Center's definition. Like everyone, millennial...
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Compass is launching its own mortgage company, OriginPoint

OriginPoint will provide origination services to consumers in select Compass markets by the end of 2021, marking the brokerage's latest move toward an end-to-end transaction.
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Delinquency rate hits lowest level seen in a year: CoreLogic

According to property analytics provider CoreLogic, 4.7 percent of mortgages in the U.S. were in some state of delinquency in April.
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Rising home prices boost demand for jumbo mortgages

Record-breaking home price appreciation is changing borrower behavior and the make-up of the mortgage market, said Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies President Scott Happ.
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Better acquires UK-based mortgage broker Trussle

Founded in 2015, Trussle has brokered more than $3.7B in mortgage loans. Better said Trussle is the perfect partner for its entrance into the UK.
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