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PE-backed XLerate Group buys Morton Auto Auction

XLerate Group, which is backed by Huron Capital, has acquired Illinois-based Morton Auto Auction. No financial terms were disclosed. PRESS RELEASE DETROIT – January 14, 2019 – Leading lower-middle-market private equity firm Huron Capital announced today that its nationwide auction and remarketing facilitation platform, XLerate Group (“XLerate”), has acquired Morton Auto Auction (“MAA”). MAA has been owned and operated by the Krupa family since 2006 and is highly regarded by both dealers and flee...
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Geoengineering could solve our climate problems if anyone allowed it

This weekend, I finished reading Oliver Morton’s The Planet Remade (thanks to reader Eliot Peper for recommending it). Morton has a multitude of goals with the book, but there were two I think are deeply valuable. First, geoengineering is a plausible approach to solving our climate problems this century, and second, engineering the climate generates tough policy challenges, but also opportunities to make the planet more equitable. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms. This is a rou...
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The rise of (societal) resilience tech

If you follow millennials on Twitter (and god help you), then you know that Anne Helen Petersen’s piece this past weekend “How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation” struck a deep chord for many. It’s longform and detailed, but Petersen’s primary thesis is that my generation has been dumped into one of the worst moments for economic and social mobility in recent memory (global financial crisis, etc.), which has led us to massively over-optimize our lives to try to extract any value we can. B...
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Olympian Michael Phelps honored for mental health advocacy

BOSTON (AP) — Michael Phelps is picking up more hardware — this time for what he’s been doing outside the pool. The Boston-based Ruderman Family Foundation, a leading voice in calling for more opportunities for the disabled, said Tuesday the Olympic champion is the recipient of its fifth annual Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion. […]
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Phelps honored for mental health advocacy

Michael Phelps will receive the Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion from the Ruderman Family Foundation to recognize his advocacy for people with disabilities.
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Comment on ciambellone, an italian tea cake by emilymberry

Made this as directed using 2 and 1/2 teaspoons of regular iodized Morton’s table salt and I’m sad to report that is was quite salty. not inedibly so but it tasted almost savory, like I was expecting cheese or something. If you’re using regular table salt, I recommend to reduce it a bit. the glaze is delicious and it had a good texture though.
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Why was January 1, 2019 a Special Public Domain Day?

(January 1, 2019 : via the Duke University Law School Center for the Study of the Public Domain) “For the first time in over 20 years, on January 1, 2019, these published works entered the US public domain. Works from 1923 will be free for all to use and build upon, without permission or fee. They include dramatic films such as The Ten Commandments, and comedies featuring Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd. There are literary works by Robert Frost, Aldous Huxley, and Edith Wharton...
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Happy Public Domain day: for real, for the first time in 20 years!

Every year, Jennifer Jenkins and Jamie Boyle from the Duke Center for the Public Domain compile a "Public Domain Day" list (previously) that highlights the works that are not entering the public domain in America, thanks to the 1998 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, which hit the pause button on Americans' ability to freely use their artistic treasures for two decades -- a list that also included the notable works entering the public domain in more sensible countries of the Anglophere, l...
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I have two lines of descent from Mayflower passenger Richard Warren; from his daughter Ann (Warren) Little he is my 10x great grandfather and from his daughter Mary (Warren)Bartlett he is my 11x great grandfather.A fellow Warren descendant, Emily Warren Roebling, wrote a family history back in 1901 and this is what she wrote about our common ancestor:Richard Warren, the first of the Warren name in America, sailed from Plymouth, Eng., in the historic "Mayflower," 6 September, 1620 (O. S.). He was...
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Gift Card Bonus Deals Roundup – Northwest & National Restaurants & Retail Stores!

One way to stretch your savings at stores is by taking advantage of special bonus deals for gift cards that come around during the holidays.  This is a great strategy for those stores where it’s hard to find sales or specific items that are on your Christmas list or just a much-needed item that never go on sale. Or maybe the latest technology device that came out that won’t be on sale for quite some time!  All it takes is a little strategizing to figure out how to maximize these gift cards to y...
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Ray McKinnon: Falkirk may face sanction over manager appointment

Falkirk are "extremely surprised and disappointed" to have lost a case brought by Morton over the appointment of Ray McKinnon.
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Morton to Rays and a Tanner-for-Tanner trade at meetings

LAS VEGAS (AP) — An All-Star starter to the relief-reliant Rays, a Tanner-for-Tanner trade and a Scott Boras sighting. Intrigue at the winter meetings, but not much impact. Not yet, anyway. Charlie Morton was the top name to switch teams Wednesday, joining Tampa Bay for a $30 million, two-year deal after going 15-3 with Houston […]
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Law: Rays deserve credit for going after Morton

Despite facing long odds in the AL East, Tampa Bay invested in free agent Charlie Morton, who should be a good fit on its pitching staff.
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Source: RHP Morton closing in on deal with Rays

Right-handed pitcher Charlie Morton is close to finalizing a deal to join the Tampa Bay Rays, a source confirmed to ESPN's Buster Olney. Yahoo Sports reported that the deal will be for two years and is worth $30 million.
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MLB Winter Meetings Daily: Morton deal sets off wave of moves

The MLB winter meetings are going strong in Las Vegas, and rumors are swirling across baseball. Here is what we're hearing today.
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Atlas Obscura’s Thoughtful “Bugsgiving” Takeaways

One may not be aware that the Thursday before Thanksgiving happens to be “Bugsgiving.” Writer Ella Morton dove into the holiday, at a 10-course banquet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, spearheaded by chefs Joseph Yoon and David George Gordon and part of the Brooklyn Bugs Festival. The edible insects were aplenty—as are her insights. From lotus chips with scorpions to pear salad with Changbai ants and so much more, Morton explored …
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Where to find the best vegetarian and vegan food in the San Fernando Valley

There was a time when being a vegetarian, or even eating a vegetarian meal, opened you up to scorn and ridicule. The 19th century physician Sir Robert Hutchinson rather sourly observed, “Vegetarianism is harmless enough, though it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness.” The professionally acerbic (and very heavy-smoking) wit Fran Lebowitz lets us know, “Large, naked, raw carrots are acceptable as food only to those who live in hutches eagerly awaiting Easter.” (She’s also good fo...
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Whicker: Kershaw is signed and sealed, and has plans to deliver

“Clayton, have you given any thought to the fact that this might be your last game as a Dodger?” The question was as predictable as a post-season flyover, whenever a series got to a certain point and Clayton Kershaw was the next guy up. It turned out that the answer was “yes.” Kershaw had thought about it, and rejected it. As soon as Christian Vazquez jumped into Chris Sale’s arms to celebrate Boston’s championship, Kershaw began thinking about a blue 2019. On Friday the Dodgers announced that K...
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Morton's late-career transformation has handed the Astros an ace

Charlie Morton spent nine years as a back-of-the rotation starter. All it took to turn him into an All-Star was a total reconfiguration of his identity as a pitcher.
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Ashley associates eye Morton as 'feeder club for English leagues'

Associates of Mike Ashley - former Rangers directors Sandy Easdale and Derek Llambias - aim to take control of Greenock Morton.
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The Wider Earth review – Natural History Museum's Darwin spectacular

Natural History Museum, LondonCharles Darwin’s adventures aboard the HMS Beagle are told through engrossing puppetry and painterly projectionsThis is an unusual enterprise. The museum’s Jerwood Gallery has been turned into a theatre to house a production by Australia’s Dead Puppet Society, telling the story of Charles Darwin’s five-year-long voyage on HMS Beagle. Written, directed and co-designed by David Morton, it is visually terrific even if the script rarely rises above the level of a school...
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Anaerobic digestion “huge economic opportunity for UK”, ADBA tells Treasury

In the UK, Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association Chief Executive Charlotte Morton has this week written to Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, outlining the economic and environmental benefits of AD, a technology that converts organic wastes and purpose-grown crops into renewable heat and power (in the form of biogas), clean transport fuel, and natural fertiliser. In her letter, Ms Morton set out the case for rollout of universal food waste collections in England to ...
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"Advise and consent" or "advice and consent"?

Which is it? I'm hearing "advice and consent" — the nouns — but I write "advise and consent" — the verbs. I prefer the sound of "the Senate's advise-and-consent role" (which I wrote here and here). Kavanaugh, testifying, told the Senators, "You have replaced ‘advice and consent’ with search and destroy." He said "advice," even at the cost of losing parallelism. "Search and destroy" are verbs. If nouns and not verbs are called for, he should have said "You have replaced ‘advice and consent’ with ...
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There’s new evidence confirming bias of the “father of scientific racism” (ars technica)

Enlarge / The Morton skull collection at the University of Pennsylvania. (credit: Steve Minicola/University of Pennsylvania) Newly discovered handwritten documentation sheds new light on an ongoing scientific controversy regarding a famous collection of nearly 1,000 skulls amassed by a 19th-century Philadelphia physician. Dubbed the "American Golgotha," the collection is the work of Samuel Morton, who used them to compare the brain size of different racial groups in the 1830s and 1840s. Paul W...
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A new take on the 19th-century skull collection of Samuel Morton

After unearthing and analyzing handwritten documentation from scientist Samuel Morton, a doctoral candidate drew a new conclusion about the infamous 19th-century collection: though Morton accurately measured the brain size of hundreds of human skulls, racist bias still plagued his science.
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Samantha Morton: ‘Maybe I was the first person to publicly answer Weinstein’

The actor on speaking out against the film mogul’s bullying in 2003, the cost to her career and why she has stayed quiet over #MeToo2003 feels like a long time ago. But Samantha Morton remembers it well. She was supposed to star in the Terry Gilliam film The Brothers Grimm, and yet she didn’t. The reasons were not the kind openly discussed in the film business of the 00s. But Morton discussed them. She talked publicly about the fact Harvey Weinstein had ordered Gilliam not to cast her. His reaso...
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Vintage Glamour Meets Bohemian Romance

Calling all boho-lovers! Brace yourselves, m'dears — because today's jewel-toned, vintage infused fete is the inspiration you've been looking for! It's absolutely oozing with old world glamour. But in an unexpected twist? We're seeing touches of bohemian flair. And the fashion? It's nothing short of fabulous! From the photographer, "I'm obsessed with all thing vintage. My wedding was super simple, we were just excited to get married so we just invited immediate family to our ceremony and went ...
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Clearance Finds On 6pm

Clearance Finds On I was doing a little weekend shopping today and was checking out clearance section. They have a LOT of really nice deals. I just wanted to highlight a few of the nice clearance finds I found that you may want to check out. They do offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Columbia Minx Mid II Omni-Heat $35.99 (Reg $119.95) COACH Morton $159.99 (Reg $525) Columbia Whirlibird Interchange Jacket – Tall $66 (Reg $220) Columbia Kids Silver Ridge Novel...
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Thursday Thinkpiece: Morton & Snow on the Harper Conservatives and the Canadian Judiciary

Periodically on Thursdays, we present a significant excerpt, usually from a recently published book or journal article. In every case the proper permissions have been obtained. If you are a publisher who would like to participate in this feature, please let us know via the site’s contact form. Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process in Canada, 4th Edition Editors: F.L. Morton & Dave Snow ISBN: 978-1-55238-990-4 (Paperback) Publisher: University of Calgary Press Page Count: 693 Publication Date: ...
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Hulu Renews Drama Harlots for Season 3

Hulu renews drama Harlots for Season 3 Hulu has renewed their scripted period drama series Harlots for a third season Season two of the series — which is inspired by the stories of real women — finished in August, and the third season will consist of another eight episodes. Set against the backdrop of 18th century Georgian London, Harlots continues to follow the fortunes of the Wells family. Margaret (Samantha Morton) has been sent to America in chains; Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville) is vanq...
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