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Captain Kirk Goes to Space: “It’s Indescribable”

Last week, William Shatner finally got a chance to boldly go where he hadn’t actually been before: into space. And upon returning from the 11-minute flight, the 90-year-old TV spaceship captain had come down with more than a touch of the Overview Effect. From the transcript of his post-flight remarks: If…. Everybody in the world needs to do this… Everybody in the world needs to see the…” (begins to cry) “…It was unbelievable, unbelievable. I mean, you know the little things… weightlessness...
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Antlers Review: This Atmospheric Monster Movie Is An Undercooked Disappointment

Using the history of Indigenous people as a launchpad for horror is baked into the genre. The Micmac Burial ground from "Pet Sematary" and The Overlook Hotel in "The Shining" both deal with the idea of the fabled "Indian burial ground" – ground so sacred that to disturb it in any way would summon up horrors beyond our wildest beliefs. It makes a certain kind of cosmic sense: settlers came to this land, slaughtered the indigenous people who lived here, and restricted those left to reservations. A...
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The Feast: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Sometimes mother nature is a real mother. That's the premise behind "The Feast," a Welsh eco-horror that looks positively claustrophobic. The film's press release described it as "a slow burn meditation on history and tradition, greed and responsibility, identity and difference. 'The Feast' is a contemporary morality tale that qu...
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Video from Blue Origin's spaceship shows William Shatner gazing at Earth: 'No description can equal this'

William Shatner gazes at Earth from the window of Blue Origin's New Shepard capsule, October 13, 2021. Blue Origin William Shatner flew to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on Wednesday. New video from the spaceship shows the 90-year-old "Star Trek" actor gazing in awe at Earth below. Shatner seemed to experienced the "overview effect" - a profound sense of awe, fragility, and humanity. New video from inside Blue Origin's spaceship shows 90-year-old acto...
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William Shatner cried telling Jeff Bezos about his flight to space: 'I hope I never recover from this'

Jeff Bezos pins astronaut wings on William Shatner after the "Star Trek" star's spaceflight on October 13, 2021. Blue Origin William Shatner flew to the edge of space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket on Wednesday. Upon landing back on Earth, an emotional Shatner shared his reflections on the flight with Jeff Bezos. Shatner said looking at the blackness of space was like looking at death: "I hope I never recover from this." William Shatner poured his heart out on camera after...
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Song I would have embedded in the previous post if a fear of insensitivity/cheesiness hadn't overwhelmed me.

  Minimal, memorable lyrics: "Find the cost of freedom/Buried in the ground/Mother Earth will swallow you/Lay your body down."  That's the whole song. It was the B-side of the single "Ohio." Actually that's a song I thought about the other day, when I was reading about the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Didn't the National Guard soldiers who shot Kent State students that day say they were under attack and shot in self-defense? [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Music Minute: Flor Bromley - Pachamama

A tribute to her roots that fuses indigenous musical elements with popular styles, Pachamama , the third album for families from native Peruvian Flor Bromley , is released today by 8 Pound Gorilla Records , just in time for Pachamama Raymi, the August celebration of Mother Earth in Latin America, and National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Into the Night: An Introduction to Running at Night

The post Into the Night: An Introduction to Running at Night appeared first on iRunFar. Like this article? Get your copy of the book “Where the Road Ends!” Welcome to this month’s edition of “Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running,” where we discuss the basics of night running. “Where the Road Ends” is the name of both this column and the book Meghan Hicks and Bryon Powell of iRunFar published in 2016. The book Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running is a how-to guide for trail r...
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Minnesota's expanding Buy Nothing movement is a gift to its members and to Mother Earth

Buy Nothing movement encourages people to rethink consumption through no-cost exchange of stuff and services.
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Weekly Astrology Forecast April 5 – 11, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – April 7 sees a conjunction between the Sun and Ceres, a powerful illumination of themes around nurturing, thriving, crops, motherhood. At this point, Ceres will become invisible in the skies, lost in the glare of the Sun as she sits on the throne of our creator, raised to supreme status. Ceres will also be at her most distant from Earth, interesting if we think of how independent Aries is as a sign. It makes me think of a watchful mother, cheering on her child from afar bu...
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Google Maps will soon suggest ‘eco-friendly routes’ by default

Google Maps is getting a new feature that encourages drivers to make more eco-friendly journeys. The app will soon default to showing the route with the lowest carbon footprint, as long it’s got roughly the same ETA as the fastest path. The new routing model analyzes data such as road incline and traffic congestion to optimize for lower fuel consumption. When the eco-friendly route significantly increases the travel time, you’ll be able to compare the CO2 impact between the different routes. If ...
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Color Your Own Climate Warrior Cape

With work, bills, and making sure everyone washes behind their ears (they just did, we swear!), parents have their hands full. Who's going to save the planet? This looks like a job for...KIDS! Give young environmentalists a color-in cape that lets Mother Earth know who she can count on. Covered in illustrations of animals and habitats that desperately need protection, the cloak comes with a pack of fabric markers to help climate crusaders truly make their mark. Transform their colorful creations...
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‘The Feast’ Review: Mother Nature Bites Back in This Bloody Horror Movie [SXSW 2021]

Why do international filmmakers seem to more frequently turn horror lenses on environmental subjects while domestic creators care more about boogeymen and slashers? If Jaco Bouwer‘s Gaia wasn’t proof enough, what about its SXSW Midnighter counterpart, Lee Haven Jones ’ The Feast ? The Welsh thriller penned by Roger Williams merges woodland folklore and bloodthirsty revenge with Mother Earth as its reaper. It’s vastly more ruminative than Gaia since fairytale lyrics separate chapter...
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‘Gaia’ Review: A Skin-Crawling Blend of Environmental Fable and Creature Feature [SXSW 2021]

With shades of Annihilation, The Last Of Us, and The Ruins, Jaco Bouwer‘s Gaia is a welcome addition to the environmental horror canon. South Africa’s Tsitsikamma forest stages a warning from our universe’s mother; a scolding finger pointed towards humankind’s treatment of Earth. When Gaia bleeds, Gaia gets pissed. Tertius Kapp’s screenplay is contemplative horror that’s as substantially frustrated as it is enthrallingly tense. Creature elements emphasize costumed contortions, devastation is a ...
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The She-Goat Amaltheia and a Myth of the Constellation Capricorn

The post The She-Goat Amaltheia and a Myth of the Constellation Capricorn appeared first on AstroFix.
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Weekly Astrology Forecast September 21 – 27, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – …the Sun moves into Libra also on September 22, a sign ruled by Venus, gently steering us once again towards harmony.  This is also the Equinox, where day and night are equal. After this date, the nights will grow longer, the days shorter until we reach the Winter Solstice.  We also begin a new season as the wheel of the year turns to Autumn in the Northern hemisphere. Now begins a month of reckoning as we weigh the fruits of our labours against all that we invested. As a ...
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Uncage Eden - Free kindle book

Uncage Eden: A Spiritual Philosophy Book About Food, Music, and the Rewilding of Society Our planet is in peril. Our species is in captivity. We alone hold the key. We have become disconnected from the love song of our living planet, and as a result, she has become severely out of balance as she spirals through her evolution. It is not beyond our power to regain a harmonious relationship with our plentiful Mother Earth, and as we reweave the ...
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Zounds, 40% more algae! Leading paradoxically to the Big Feedstock Problem

A new algae technology that produces a 40 percent increase in overall biomass has appeared on the horizon, and I’d like to draw your attention to this work in The Plant Journal and this one in Nature Research. If you’ve been a fan of the New Mexico Consortium, Dick Sayre’s algae research, Los Alamos National Lab’s algae program or the Donal Danforth Plant Center in St. Louis, some of these advances will surprise but not shock you. An interesting company called Pebble Labs we’ll chat about later...
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It's official! Space travel increases the brain size of astronauts, even when they're back on Mother Earth

That might sound like good news, but it's not. Size isn't everything Prolonged periods in space increases brain mass by as much as 6 per cent, according to a new study, but that's not good news.…
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Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Conservation Starts Small

Colorado has such a diverse wealth of traversable nature that it can all begin to feel a little “commonplace” to those that live here. We were tasked with bringing the majesty of Mother Earth back into the lives and long weekends of Coloradans, through the creation of a campaign rooted in getting people to care about conservation in actionable ways. The biggest hurdle? To do so without using the imagery normally associ...
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Coronavirus and the new abnormal

Last week, a 26-year old Saugus man allegedly punched his mother because she hid the toilet paper from him. When the cops arrived the mom explained: “He uses too much.” I suspect there may be other issues involved. Still, the newspapers are filling up with the inexplicable and aberrant as if America was made up of 50 Floridas. Three weeks into self-quarantining and the crazies are coming out of the woodwork. Why not? In the age of coronavirus, who’s to say what’s crazy and what’s not? If you tol...
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What I’m Learning From This Coronavirus Crisis So Far

My anxiety has been sky high for days, behind this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis that we find ourselves in. I’ve been reading the news, and getting more and more scared of what’s happening and what could come. So I understand anyone who is feeling the weight of the world right now. I feel you. You’re not alone. * this post is a transcript of this video Hopefully in this time, we learn to be kinder to each other and learn to be more generous. I hope we learn that we need to give each other a b...
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Sound Off: Gaia by Blå Station

Gaia by Blå Station, a Swedish design firm, is a range of felt acoustic tiles that helps perfect a room’s sound quality while boosting its ambience. Gaia, which means “Mother Earth,” is inspired by nature and features four symmetrical pieces that represent fire, earth, wind, and water. Each square measures approximately 26″ x 26″ and is made of 100-percent hot-molded polyester form felt that is completely recyclable. The four elements can be combined in a multitude of ways, cr...
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12 Coolest Things To Do in North Cascades National Park (For 1st Time Visitors)

A visit to North Cascades National Park will be one shrouded in awe yet also sadness. It’s a land of steep slopes converging into narrow river valleys and mountain ranges blanketed in forest and covered with glaciers and lakes. Washington Pass Overlook There are more glaciers in North Cascades NP than any other USA national park outside of Alaska, including its close neighbor, Glacier National Park. The sadness comes from knowing that all of the 330+ glaciers you have the honor of seeing thr...
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Logistics and Transport – Nifty Ways Of Getting Stuff Transported

When it comes to logistics and transport, all you have to do is to get things where they’re supposed to be on time. Whether it be people, items, packages, or letters, they all follow the same basic principle. But as much as it may sound simple, the amount of moving parts that go into making that work is astounding. The lack of foresight in logistics is where most things go wrong, get delayed, and cost money. The longer one thing takes, the more it costs a company or individual. So in the intere...
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Comment on lentil and chickpea salad with feta and tahini by Julie Johnson

I couldn’t agree more with your comments about the “eeeewwwww” commentary left by people who can’t accept the fact that meat comes from animals, and carnivores eat meat. OUR society (America) has become so soft, and so worried about being offended, that we have totally forgotten the importance of TOLERANCE. Vegans are preaching about animal rights, all the while acting as if carnivores have none any more, and vice versa. Tolerance would dictate that we all act together to insure animals are t...
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6 helpful ways to give back to nature this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is the best time to reflect on our planet and give thanks for nature and all of its glories. What better way to celebrate our world and its wildlife than by offering a helping hand? Here are some ways to give back to and celebrate Mother Earth this Thanksgiving. Save a turkey While Thanksgiving traditionally means turkey at the table, those who are vegetarian, vegan or simply interested in protecting turkeys can instead adopt or sponsor a turkey...
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Morales’s Bolivia: Autocracy, Corruption, Waste

When President Evo Morales of Bolivia was caught by election observers in an artless attempt to steal an illegal fourth term, the police withdrew their support for the president. Realizing that they were next in the chain of command, the military preemptively warned Morales that they would refuse to fire on innocent protesters, who had turned out in great numbers demanding his resignation, and suggested he resign as a means of ending the crisis. Since then, debate has raged, as Morales claims he...
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Rare wildlife in Ecuador’s highlands

When we think of environmental diversity, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest may come to mind. Ecuador is home to those islands and a portion of that rainforest, yet there is much more to the country than that. This equatorial nation includes the northern end of the world’s second-highest mountain range, and its highlands are filled with remarkable plant and animal life found nowhere else on Earth. In fact, Ecuador is home to more than 30 national parks and reserves, all in an ...
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The Crisis of Catholic Leadership

In the last 48 hours there have been two big Vatican stories. First, revelations about the Holy See’s financial crisis; second, and more bizarrely, a furious dispute over statues being thrown into the Tiber. But really it’s all one story, the big story of contemporary Catholicism: a disastrous failure of leadership at the top of the Church.Vatican finances may not usually be a subject to set the pulse racing, but the last month has been dramatic: Vatican police raided offices and confiscated com...
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