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SIDI Aria Gore-Tex Hands-On Review

The chance to review these boots came at an opportune time. My old Alpinestars were starting to funk up the place, and so I was already on the hunt for a good-quality touring boot. Having learned my lessons with respect to cheaping out on gear years ago, my requirements placed safety and comfort above price. wBW has covered SIDI quite a lot in the past, and recently Jim took a pair of the Adventure 2’s with him on his Ride to Tuktoyaktuk’s arctic coastline. Given our extensive coverage of SIDI, ...
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Sidi Performer Gore-Tex Hands On Boot Review

This is a review that I enjoyed getting the opportunity to write because it is for a product that appeals to me directly. I have been in the market for a new pair of sport touring type riding boots and had a list of features I was after that really kind of compete with each other. First, I wanted a boot that offered real protection in a get off, but at the same time, were comfortable off the bike. Second, I wanted a boot that was waterproof, and yet still breathable. Third, I wanted it to be we...
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Sidi Gas Shoes Review

Sidi Gas Shoes Review, a wBW Quick Look Sidi’s continuing commitment to form, fit and function is well represented in the Sidi Gas Shoe. The Sidi Gas shoes are light and comfortable while providing basic protection for light weight riding activities and as a casual supportive shoe for walking or hiking.  Part of the Sidi Design Serie, the Gas Shoes are grouped under the Urban – Free Time market segment. As such they provide, and we quote, “the proper shoe for both urban and suburban motorcyclin...
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