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Astronaut's photo shows a rare 'sprite' in Earth's atmosphere caused by lightning shooting up toward space

A sprite captured from the ISS. ESA/NASA-T. Pesquet Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut on the ISS, photographed a flash of red light in the upper atmosphere. The phenomenon, called a sprite, can be seen above a thunderstorm. The picture is a "very rare occurrence," Pesquet said. An astronaut onboard the International Space Station has captured a rare image of a red "sprite" above Europe while recording a timelapse from space.The picture, which was taken on September 9, is a "very rare occurren...
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Did I just see a giant red jellyfish in the sky? Maybe.

Red sprites are high-altitude companions to thunderstorms.They exist for milliseconds, so the best way to "capture" one is on video.They can reach 60 miles up from the top of a thundercloud. The thought-provoking and ultimately mind-bendingly great movie "Arrival" is the story of a human linguistics expert seeking to communicate with massive alien heptapods suspended, tentacles hanging down, behind a thick window. If you've seen the film and just happened to catch the briefest impression of s...
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