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Mozilla's journey to environmental sustainability

The programme may be new, but the process has been shaping for years: In March 2020, Mozilla officially launched a dedicated Environmental Sustainability Programme, and I am proud and excited to be stewarding our efforts.
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Chromium Project Finds 70% of Its Serious Security Bugs Are Memory Safety Problems

"Around 70% of our serious security bugs are memory safety problems," the Chromium project announced this week. "Our next major project is to prevent such bugs at source." ZDNet reports: The percentage was compiled after Google engineers analyzed 912 security bugs fixed in the Chrome stable branch since 2015, bugs that had a "high" or "critical" severity rating. The number is identical to stats shared by Microsoft. Speaking at a security conference in February 2019, Microsoft engineers said tha...
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Firefox 78 To Prevent Websites From Forcing Users To Save PDF Documents

"Firefox will prevent websites from forcing users to directly save PDFs without opening them in the web browser window," reports The Windows Club. "Mozilla is rolling out this feature to the masses with the stable release of Firefox 78." Right now, Mozilla has added this feature to Firefox 78 in the Nightly channel. The issue was first raised in 2011, and it took Mozilla 9 years to fix it. Many websites host and offer PDF documents with the following HTTP header: Content-Disposition: attac...
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Microsoft: Here's Why We Love Programming Language Rust and Kicked off Project Verona

Microsoft has explained why it's pursuing 'safe systems programming' through efforts like its experimental Rust-inspired Project Verona language and its exploration of the Rust programming language for Windows code written in C++. From a report: The short answer is that Microsoft is trying to eliminate memory-related bugs in software written in languages like C++, according to Microsoft Rust expert Ryan Levick. These bugs cost a lot to fix and make up a large share of Patch Tuesday hassles. Levi...
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Automattic pumps $4.6M into New Vector to help grow Matrix, an open, decentralized comms ecosystem

Automattic, the open source force behind WordPress .com, WooCommerce, Longreads, Simplenote and Tumblr, has made a $4.6M strategic investment into New Vector — the creators of an open, decentralized communications standard called Matrix. They also develop a Slack rival (Riot) which runs on Matrix. The investment by Automattic, which is at a higher valuation than the last tranche New Vector took in, extends an $8.5M Series A last year, from enterprise tech specialists Notion Capital and D...
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Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format
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As more consumers shop online, the need for fast, secure, and convenient payments is more important than ever before. Here's what Visa is doing to help.

Long before the effects of COVID-19 accelerated a global shift to digital for consumers and merchants, consumer spend was rapidly evolving from physical to digital[1]. In our "new normal," online shopping has already increased 35% in the US alone[2]. Which is why now more than ever, Visa is focused on helping merchants by providing them with an easy way for even more online shoppers to checkout quickly and securely. Continued momentum with new ecommerce partners To scale merchant acceptance, ...
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Mozilla Goes Full Incubator With 'Fix The Internet' Startup Lab and Early-Stage Investments

After testing the waters this spring with its incubator-esque MVP Lab, Mozilla is doubling down on the effort with a formal program dangling $75,000 investments in front of early-stage companies. From a report: The focus on "a better society" and the company's open-source clout should help differentiate it from the other options out there. Spurred on by the success of a college hackathon using a whole four Apple Watches in February, Mozilla decided to try a more structured program in the spring....
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Request for comment: how to collaboratively make trustworthy AI a reality

A little over a year ago, I wrote the first of many posts arguing: if we want a healthy internet — and a healthy digital society — we need to …Since writing that post, a number of us at Mozilla — along with literally hundreds of partners and collaborators — have been exploring the questions: What do we really mean by ‘trustworthy AI’? And, what do we want to do about it?
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Ameelio wants to take on for-profit prison calling rackets after starting with free letters to inmates

Among the many problems with the prison system are enormous fees for things like video calls, which a handful of companies provide at grossly inflated rates. Ameelio hopes to step in and provide free communication options to inmates; Its first product, sending paper letters, is being welcomed with open arms by those with incarcerated loved ones. Born from the minds of Yale Law students, Ameelio is their attempt to make a difference in the short term while pushing for reform in the long term, ...
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Mozilla goes full incubator with ‘Fix The Internet’ startup lab and early-stage investments

After testing the waters this spring with its incubator-esque MVP Lab, Mozilla is doubling down on the effort with a formal program dangling $75,000 investments in front of early-stage companies. The focus on “a better society” and the company’s open-source clout should help differentiate it from the other options out there. Spurred on by the success of a college hackathon using a whole four Apple Watches in February, Mozilla decided to try a more structured program in the spring. The first t...
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You Can Finally Join Zoom Calls in Firefox

A quirk of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is that it lets you join a Zoom call via the web, no separate app downloaded needed, but you can’t say anything on the call. Or at least, you couldn’t before the latest update.Read more...
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Prepare to have your shonky password hygiene shamed by Firefox 76

Mozilla's finest shores up security features among other tweaks Third-placed browser Firefox has sought to arrest its slide in the rankings with the arrival of version 76, replete with beefed-up password features and tweaks to Picture-in-Picture functionality.…
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Firefox 76 Arrives With Password Management and Zoom Improvements

Mozilla today launched Firefox 76 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Firefox 76 includes new Firefox Lockwise password functionality, Zoom improvements, and a handful of developer features. From a report: Lockwise, the password management service formerly known as Firefox Lockbox, is getting smarter. The Firefox feature already lets you generate, manage, and protect all those passwords for streaming services, grocery deliveries, and anything else that helps during the pandemic. If you share your devic...
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Firefox gets a better password manager

Mozilla today launched version 76 of its Firefox browser, and with that, it’s launching a couple of new features that you’ll likely notice if you’re already using the open-source browser. The highlight of today’s release is the enhanced password manager. Firefox Lockwise, as it is called these days, will now ask you for your device password when you try to copy and paste credentials from your “Logins and Passwords” page in the browser. After you’ve confirmed your device password, you can see ...
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How to Get Free Email Forwarding from Mozilla

Burner emails are the best invention since Hotmail. And permanent burner emails—fake addresses you give out when signing up for services that forward to your actual email address—are even better, because they give you a little spigot for turning off a large chunk of spam and other marketing bullshit in your inbox.Read more...
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Mozilla Is Experimenting With an Email Alias Feature to Help Keep Spammers Out of Your Inbox

Mozilla is currently testing a feature that can generate an email alias with just a single click to help protect users from hackers as well as keep their actual email address off those dreaded spam lists. Read more...
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Mozilla’s handy new Firefox extension generates burner email addresses on-demand

Over the weekend, Mozilla launched a new email relay service called Firefox Private Relay. The idea is to provide an ’email alias’ wherever a company or a service asks for your email address, so that you can avoid giving out your actual address and protect your identity. The product is currently in the testing stage and only available as a browser extension for Firefox. Plus, you’ll have to request an invite on the site to get it. [Read: Original Streets of Rage soundtracks re-released — on cass...
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New Firefox Service Will Generate Unique Email Aliases To Enter In Online Forms

An anonymous reader writes: Browser maker Mozilla is working on a new service called Private Relay that generates unique aliases to hide a user's email address from advertisers and spam operators when filling in online forms. The service entered testing last month and is currently in a closed beta, with a public beta currently scheduled for later this year, ZDNet has learned. Private Relay will be available as a Firefox add-on that lets users generate a unique email address -- an email alias -- ...
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Cliqz pulls the plug on a European anti-tracking alternative to Google search

Cliqz, a Munch-based anti-tracking browser with private search baked in that has sought to offer a local alternative to Google powered by its own search index, is shutting down — claiming this arm of its business has been blindsided by the coronavirus crisis. Today was not great. We closed parts of @cliqz & our dream of an independent, private search engine: If you're looking for tech folks: Ping me. Cliqzers are among the best, people that can do stuff & punch way...
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Which Video Call Apps Can You Trust?

Amid the pandemic, Mozilla is educating consumers about popular video apps’ privacy and security features and flaws Right now, a record number of people are using video call apps to …
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These video-calling apps have the sketchiest security practices, according to researchers

People are relying on video call apps for business and staying in touch amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but some apps have privacy and security shortcomings. The privacy nonprofit Mozilla reviewed 15 video call apps including Zoom, Signal, Google Hangouts, Houseparty, Skype, and Microsoft Teams for its "Privacy Not Included" guide published Tuesday. 12 of the apps met Mozilla's minimum security standards, including Zoom, which received praise for acting quickly to patch security issues that got a ...
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Extra Crunch Live: Join Kapor Capital’s Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor for a Q&A today

On the heels of a lively conversation with Precursor Ventures partner Charles Hudson last week, we’re gearing up to chat with Kapor Capital’s Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor in a few hours. Today at 10 a.m. PT, Extra Crunch Live returns for a conversation about maintaining diversity, inclusion and equity during a global pandemic. Kapor Klein has been a longtime advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. The author of “Giving Notice,” a book about the dangers of hidden biase...
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Codota picks up $12M for an AI platform that auto-completes developers’ code

Thanks to smartphones and their downsized keyboards, autocomplete has become a nearly ubiquitous feature of how we write these days. To save us precious seconds composing and (at least in my fat-thumbed case) correcting words, our keyboards now prompt us with suggestions of what we’re trying to write to get the job done a little bit more easily. But email and messaging composing isn’t the only area where artificial intelligence and semantic analytics are being used in this way. Today, a startup ...
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Firefox Raises Its Bug Bounties to $10,000

"We're updating our bug bounty policy and payouts to make it more appealing to researchers and reflect the more hardened security stance we adopted after moving to a multi-process, sandboxed architecture," reports the Mozilla security blog: Besides rewarding duplicate submissions, we're clarifying our payout criteria and raising the payouts for higher impact bugs. Now, sandbox escapes and related bugs will be eligible for a baseline $8,000, with a high quality report up to $10,000. Additionally,...
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The Summer Virtual Conference Season

Both STOC and Complexity have announced they will go virtual for the summer. ICALP moved from Beijing to Stuttgart to online. I expect every major summer conference and workshop will be cancelled, postponed or virtualized. Most CS conferences serve as publication venues and can't be cancelled or postponed. So how do we virtualize a conference? The ACM has an evolving virtual conferences best practices guide. Putting the talks and poster sessions online is not trivial, but relatively straightf...
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How to allow pop-ups on Firefox for specific websites, or turn off the pop-up blocker altogether

You can allow pop-ups on Firefox for certain websites by navigating through your browser's Preferences menu.  Mozilla's Firefox browser comes pre-packaged with a very effective pop-up blocker, which can sometimes hinder certain websites from working correctly. If you want to allow all pop-ups at once, you can also turn off Firefox's pop-up blocker altogether. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Pop-ups are one of the most bothersome parts of the online world. So, the fact tha...
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How to Install the Best Firefox Extensions on Android

The development of “Firefox Preview,” Firefox’s rebuilt Android app, has been moving smoothly along, and this week one of its best features received a substantial update.Read more...
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Firefox 76 Promises New Security Features, Improved Picture-in-Picture

With the Firefox 75 release hitting the streets earlier this month, Mozilla already kicked off the development cycle of the next major release, Firefox 76, which is now available for public beta testing.
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Mozilla Installs Scheduled Telemetry Task On Windows With Firefox 75

Ghacks writes: Observant Firefox users on Windows who have updated the web browser to Firefox 75 may have noticed that the upgrade brought along with it a new scheduled tasks. The scheduled task is also added if Firefox 75 is installed on a Windows device. The task's name is Firefox Default Browser Agent and it is set to run once per day... Mozilla says: "We're collecting information related to the system's current and previous default browser setting, as well as the operating system locale...
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