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The Reason Ben Affleck Passed On Directing Man Of Steel

Once upon a time, many eons ago, directors could pass on making a superhero movie or admit the genre doesn't interest them, and it didn't need to be a Big Deal. Such was the case back in 2010, when Ben Affleck affirmed that he declined to helm "Man of Steel," unaware the film (which was known as merely "Untitled Superman Reboot" at that point) would launch a franchise that he would eventually become a major part of.Affleck made his directing debut in 2007 with "Gone Baby Gone," a critically-accl...
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Some Industry Awards Are Changing To Include Nonbinary Talent

The Brit Awards announced they “would do away with gendered awards categories entirely, following in the footsteps of the Grammy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Juno Awards.” A big concern: Women performers may get shut out once again. – CBC
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Should Awards Abandon Male/Female Categories?

The Brit Awards announced they “would do away with gendered awards categories entirely, following in the footsteps of the Grammy Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Juno Awards.” A big concern: Women performers may get shut out once again. – CBC
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Madonna criticises Instagram for taking down nipple photo

Artist says it is ‘astounding’ that women can show any part of their body except nipplesFrom her infamous corset bodysuit with conical bra cups to her bondage-inspired outfits at the Met Gala and MTV video music awards, Madonna has never been shy of causing a stir with her looks. But now, the international superstar has come up against an unlikely and powerful foe: Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire.On Thursday, the singer criticised Instagram for taking down photographs in which her nipple w...
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Overlooked Holiday Movies That Are Surprisingly Somber

Most winter holiday viewing is drawn from relatively narrow lists of familiar favorites, to the point that even several of our supposedly "alternative" or "contrarian" choices have become well-worn selections. Only particularly crotchety curmudgeons continue to argue against acknowledging "Die Hard" or "Gremlins" as Christmas films anymore, and it's no secret by now how many of Shane Black's scripts are set during Christmas.But there remain obscure oddballs of holiday movies, often available exc...
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‘The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles’ Examines Conversations Around Consent

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the premiere episode of “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles,” streaming now on Paramount Plus. During the summer of 1993, reality television cameras captured the moment when David Edwards, a cast member on MTV’s “The Real World: Los Angeles,” pulled the covers off of Tami […]
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World's Toughest Foot Race - A Glimpse Into Badwater

This year I had the opportunity to pace and crew Andy Lohn at Badwater. (Race report HERE.) One of my fellow crew members was Luke Thoreson. Luke worked with me to write the book Into The Furnace. Not only is he hilarious, but he is also an exceptional writer. I asked if he'd like to write about his experience with Badwater, and here is what he came up with, along with some more photos I took during the race:I walked a few steps away from the van as the rain continued to pelt down. I was at th...
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Paramount+ is home to award-winning MTV documentaries in November

Ascension and Sabaya lead a suite of award-winning documentaries on Paramount+ in November.
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2021 MTV EMAs Displays Support For LGBTQ People During Ceremony In Hungary

Sunday's event gave artists an opportunity to speak out against local laws that have curtailed LGBTQ rights.
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Kristen Stewart Is Developing A Gay Ghost-Hunting Reality Show

Since the "Twilight" film franchise ended in 2021, it's seemed like stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been in competition to see who can separate themselves the furthest from their teenage vampire movie roots. Both take on challenging, unconventional roles, cementing themselves as performers with range and incredible skill. Stewart has been especially busy, portraying the tragic Princess Diana in "Spencer," which has been described as more of a ghost story than a traditional biopic...
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Paramount Plus Begins Streaming MTV Documentary Oscar Hopefuls (EXCLUSIVE)

MTV Documentary Films’ Hogir Hirori’s “Sabaya” and Jessica Kingdon’s “Ascension” will make their streaming debut on Paramount Plus today as the MTV ramps up its awards campaign for both. Both feature docs are in the running for an Oscar nomination and will become available to stream today at 10 a.m. PT on the ViacomCBS service […]
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MTV EMAs: Ed Sheeran and BTS win in Hungary as LGBT community shines

Ed Sheeran and BTS win as stars join together to support LGBT rights in Budapest on Sunday.
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MTV's Europe Music Awards honor campaigners for LGBTQ+ rights in ceremony in Hungary

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran won best artist and best song for "Bad Habits," while K-pop stars BTS snatched four awards at MTV's Europe Music Awards, which returned as an in-person event after a virtual 2020 edition due to the pandemic.
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MTV EMAs Show in Hungary Highlights Support for LGBTQ People

The 2021 MTV European Music Awards show has been held in Hungary's capital of Budapest where some performers expressed their support and solidarity to the country's embattled LGBTQ community.
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BTS, Ed Sheeran Win Big at MTV European Music Awards

Korean pop sensation BTS and British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran were the big winners at the 2021 MTV European Music Awards on Sunday. BTS won the most awards, including Best Pop, Best Group, Best K-Pop and Biggest Fans, but were not on hand to collect the awards. Sheeran, who was present, won Best Artist and Best […]
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As MTV EMAs Go Ahead in Budapest Despite Anti-LGBTQ Laws, Hungarian Activist Award Winner Details ‘Fear and Censorship’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Viktória Radványi, the Hungarian winner of the MTV EMAs Generation Change Award, has revealed an extraordinary picture of life under the anti-LGBTQ law passed in the country in June. The bill bans content deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change on primetime television. “The Hungarian government actually didn’t outline how the bill will be enforced, […]
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Rocky IV Director's Cut Review: Say Bye To Paulie's Robot, Say Hello To A (Mostly) Better Movie

"Rocky IV" is the biggest box office hit in the "Rocky" franchise. It's also one of the sillier entries – an '80s-infused, MTV-adjacent film overloaded with montages and featuring a comic relief robot that Rocky's brother-in-law Paulie may or may not be having sex with. When Sylvester Stallone's recent production "Samaritan" had to shut down due to COVID-19, the actor and filmmaker realized he had a lot of time on his hands, and he wanted to keep busy. His solution: recut "Rocky IV" into somethi...
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Rita Ora, Ryan Tedder, Winnie Harlow Headline ‘2021 MTV EMAs’ Award Presenter Lineup – Global Bulletin

AWARDS MTV has unveiled the star-studded lineup of award presenters for the upcoming “2021 MTV EMAs.” Pop star Rita Ora, model Winnie Harlow, musician and producer Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, WWE star Drew McIntyre, singer-songwriter Olly Alexander, DJ and producer Joel Corry and Brazilian singer-actor Manu Gavassi will each present prizes during the ceremony. The […]
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Famous Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right about the corner and you're probably only reading this if you swore this is the year you'd FINALLY stop dressing up, but then you received a work email out about a costume contest where the winner gets a $25 Jamba Juice gift card, and now your college friend is suddenly throwing a last minute bring your own beer, snacks, wine, liquor, dessert, toilet paper, hand soap, and water Halloween extravaganza where NO ONE can enter without a costume party so you have to dress up th...
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Now that MTV has answered all our prayers by bringing back TRL, I thought I'd get nostalgic for a minute to remind all the youngins what the O.G. music matriarch of cable TV once was. This show paved the way for Carson Daly, it made photo booths cool, and once it even shut down Times Fucking Square when the Backstreet Boys showed up to release Black and Blue. They had to lower the shades, people!So please enjoy these photos that only ever graced things like Teen People Magazine and my binder. ...
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Real People who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Cartoon character designers generally start designing a character based on a single personality attribute that the character will portray throughout the animation. For example, if the character has a dorky personality, the character designer will try to portray this by creating a dorky-looking character. For villains and heroes, the character designer will give the character's physical appearance the appropriate attributes.  Sometimes character designers need inspiration, and so they'll look a...
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MTV Show Offers Beacon of Hope for Hungary's Harassed LGBTQ Community

By Krisztina FenyoBUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hostility towards homosexuals and transsexuals has increased in Hungary since the government passed a law...
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MTV Entertainment Group’s Native American Heritage Month Spot Shines a Light on Mental Health

When MTV Entertainment Group wants to create original content surrounding marginalized communities, its creative is a hands-off approach. Instead, it relies on the members of those communities to take the lead and share authentic stories. That was the case for the documentary short "Good Voice Woman," which is now the lead spot for MTV's Native...
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The noughties are back – but do they warrant a revival? | Jess Cartner-Morley

I don’t plan my outfits around my bedazzling belly button ring, but there are nice bits of noughties fashion we can cherry pickBritney and Bennifer. Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. A new series of Sex and the City. Trucker caps and dresses with peekaboo cutouts. Wait, is it 2021, or 2003?The noughties are back. Don’t blame me: this isn’t just a fashion thing – it is celebrity culture, TV and even football. Also, do not confuse “the noughties are back” with “the noughties are cool again”,...
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"Le Balayeur" is a great cartoon that aired on MTV's Liquid Televison in the 90s

Le Balayeur (The Street Sweeper) is a French animated short from 1990 by Serge Elissalde. It appeared on MTV's Liquid Television. The style is sketchy and raw. It tells the story of a grumpy street sweeper. To keep his street clean, he pushes garbage, dirt, people, and cars down a drain hole. — Read the rest
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Kim Petras Vows To Speak Out For LGBTQ Rights With MTV EMAs Performance

The pop star, who is transgender, hopes to inspire queer people to "not give up on themselves."
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Hulu's Next NY Times Documentary Is About The Janet Jackson Super Bowl Scandal

Back in 2004, the Super Bowl halftime show shocked audiences when Justin Timberlake ripped open half of Janet Jackson's top to expose the singer's breast and a large piece of nipple jewelry for 9/16ths of a second. It was a moment that made pop culture history, put the term "wardrobe malfunction" into common vernacular, and sent certain sects of the population into an uproar. But for some reason, only one of the pop stars involved suffered due to the controversy, while the other skyrocketed to e...
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Matt Smith Says His Cut Star Wars Character Was A 'Big Shift' In The History Of The Franchise

Matt Smith can do it all: "Doctor Who" heartthrob, British royalty in "The Crown," and he most recently gave a performance that was equal parts seductive and alarmingly sinister in Edgar Wright's "Last Night in Soho." He was also in "Terminator Genisys" that one time but, uh, we don't talk about that. In any case, the man obviously has a face made for both the small and big screen, with ample talent and screen presence to spare. At one point, however, it looked as if Smith was just about to add ...
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The Awe-Inspiring But Tragic Story of Africa’s Festival In The Desert (2001-2012)

“Mali’s gifts to the world of music are lavish and legendary,” Nenad Georgievski writes at All About Jazz, though the world knew little about Malian music until American musicians began partnering with players from West Africa. In the 1980s, Stevie Wonder began touring with Amadou and Mariam, helping to popularize their form of Malian blues. In 1994, Ry Cooder recorded and released Talking Timbuktu with Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, whose “desert blues… was unconcerned with boundarie...
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‘Transplant’ Producer Tara Woodbury Appointed as Netflix’s First Executive in Canada – Global Bulletin

HIRING Netflix has appointed Tara Woodbury as the company’s first content executive in Canada. Working from the company’s Toronto offices, the “Transplant” executive producer is charged with commissioning and developing English- and French-language scripted content for the streamer. Her remit also includes establishing and growing relationships with creative talent from across the country. Most recently, […]
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