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Comment on dulce de leche chocoflan by Munich Girl

In reply to Niloufar doroud. I just made 1/2 of this recipe and baked it in a regular cupcake tray — baked for 30 minutes. Turned out perfect!
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These 43-square-foot pods were originally for travelers to take a nap at the airport, but now the company is selling them for $50,000 each

NapCity started out smalling private pods travelers could rent to take a rest in airports. The company pivoted to selling the pod as private, contactless spaces because of the coronavirus pandemic. They're customizable, and start at $50,000. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Since March of 2020, millions of people around the world have been forced to figure out how to work from home, from improvised office space to quick childcare solutions. NapCity makes tiny pods mostly us...
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Money is pouring into ghost kitchens, which some are calling the future of restaurants. These 14 companies stand to gain the most from this hot food concept.

With the pandemic increasing the amount of food delivery and hurting restaurants' bottom lines, buzzy ghost kitchens see an opportunity to grow.  The category had already attracted a lot of interest, notably from Uber co-founder and former-CEO Travis Kalanick, who launched CloudKitchens in 2016.  We compiled 14 of the biggest players in the ghost kitchen world to show the international scope of the budding space. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The pandemic has closed thou...
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Defending Kitsch

Kitsch is a conflicted term—hard to strictly define, but as with Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s joke about pornography, one knows it when one sees it. For the purchasers of kitsch in nineteenth-century Munich, reproductions of elaborate and intricate decoration were a means of class ascension. But they also signaled a type of bourgeoisie cluelessness concerning taste, discretion, and style. – JSTOR
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The CEO of $2.5 billion Celonis explains the hot AI startup's big expansion push during the COVID crisis, and why it's looking to fill 600 new jobs with a base pay of up to $100,000

Celonis, the $2.5 billion hot AI startup, is expanding its workforce by 60% and is looking to fill 600 jobs to meet strong customer demand despite the pandemic. The company, whose platform uses AI to quickly analyze a company's computer network and find ways to make it operate faster and more efficiently, is planning to hire engineers, developers and sales reps, with typical base pay of $50,000 to $100,000, CEO Alex Rinke said. "When this pandemic hit we didn't know how it would impact our bus...
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Self-driving startup Argo AI hits $7.5 billion valuation

Autonomous vehicle technology startup Argo AI is valued at $7.5 billion, just a little more than three years after the company burst on the scene with a $1 billion investment from Ford. The official valuation was confirmed Thursday nearly two months after VW Group finalized its $2.6 billion investment in Argo AI. Under that deal, Ford and VW have equal ownership stakes, which will be roughly 40% each over time. The remaining equity sits with Argo’s co-founders as well as employees. Argo’s boa...
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Study shows how mast cells regulate calcium levels to control the immune response

Instead of protecting us, the immune system can sometimes go awry, as in the case of autoimmune diseases and allergies. An Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich team has dissected how mast cells regulate their calcium levels to keep the immune response under control.
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Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun was arrested for a 2nd time in relation to the company's $2 billion accounting scandal

Wirecard's former chief executive Markus Braun has been rearrested in Munich as German prosecutors dug deeper into allegations of fraud at the fintech firm. Two other executives — revealed by the Financial Times as Wirecard's former finance boss, Burkhard Ley, and Stephan von Erffa, ex-head of accounting — were also arrested. Former chief operating officer, Jan Marsalek, has likely escaped to Russia with the "clear help of Russian intelligence," two officials told Business Insider.  Wirecard f...
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Immune system -- Knocked off balance

Instead of protecting us, the immune system can sometimes go awry, as in the case of autoimmune diseases and allergies. An Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich team has dissected how mast cells regulate their calcium levels to keep the immune response under control.
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Scalable Capital raises $58M at a $460M valuation for its robo-investment platform

Startups building tech-based platforms to help make investments continue to be in high demand, building on an expanding market of investors getting more confident to rely on technology to undercut broker fees and speed up the process. Today, one of the hopefuls in the space is announcing a growth round to capitalise on that opportunity. Scalable Capital — the Munich-based startup that has built a platform to monitor and manage investment portfolios investing in shares, trades and exchange traded...
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'World's Most Wanted Man' Involveld In Bizarre Attempt To Buy Hacking Tools

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: The fugitive executive of the embattled payment startup Wirecard was mentioned in a brazen and bizarre attempt to purchase hacking tools and surveillance technology from an Italian company in 2013, an investigation by Motherboard and the German weekly Der Spiegel found. Jan Marsalek, a 40-year-old Austrian who until recently was the chief operating officer of the rising fintech company Wirecard, seems to have taken a meeting with the infamous...
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Germany bans Tesla from claiming its Autopilot software is potentially autonomous

Also: Create the killer AI Doom player on a workstation In brief A judge in Munich has ruled in favor of banning Tesla Germany from repeating misleading descriptions of its Autopilot software in adverts.…
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Marine microorganisms: How to survive below the seafloor

Foraminifera, an ancient and ecologically highly successful group of marine organisms, are found on and below the seafloor. Geobiologists at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich report that several species not only survive, but thrive, in these oxygen-free sediments.
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Geophysics: A first for a unique instrument

Geophysicists at Ludwig-Maximilians Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have measured Earth's spin and axis orientation with a novel ring laser, and provided the most precise determination of these parameters yet achieved by a ground-based instrument without the need for stellar range finding.
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Researchers determine how SARS-CoV-2 inhibits protein synthesis

Researchers from Munich and Ulm have determined how the pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 inhibits the synthesis of proteins in infected cells and shown that it effectively disarms the body's innate immune system.
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Jailed Wirecard subsidiary exec is ready to snitch, report

The case against Germany‘s fallen fintech firm Wirecard has a confession: the chief exec of Dubai-based subsidiary Cardsystems Middle East, who Reuters reports turned himself last week, is ready to talk. The exec remains unidentified by Munich prosecutors, but he’s reportedly admitted to his role in the multi-billion-dollar fraud to his lawyer and has since been jailed. He’s notably the first Wirecard insider to admit any wrongdoing. “My client has voluntarily given himself up for the proceeding...
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COVID-19: Viral shutdown of protein synthesis

Researchers from Munich and Ulm have determined how the pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 inhibits the synthesis of proteins in infected cells and shown that it effectively disarms the body's innate immune system
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Psychology: The most personal device

Everyone who uses a smartphone unavoidably generates masses of digital data that are accessible to others, and these data provide clues to the user's personality. Psychologists at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich (LMU) are studying how revealing these clues are.
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German court slams the brakes on Tesla’s bogus ‘Autopilot’ marketing

In what could be somewhat of a landmark case, a German court has ruled that Tesla can no longer market its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving products as autonomous systems in the country. Judges in Munich ruled yesterday that the electric car company can no longer use phrases such as “full potential for autonomous driving” and “Autopilot inclusive” in its German advertising materials, Reuters reports. [Read: Take a look at the officially unveiled BMW iX3] According to the court and the Wettbewerbs...
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Cotton Face Masks – Sources

If there was ever a year that teaches us how to adapt to changing circumstances… hello 2020. Yesterday, I had just finished up a few hours of work and decided to enjoy the sunshine and meet a friend at a local tap room where they serve authentic German beer from the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. If I can’t visit a real biergarten in Europe, I’ll just enjoy the taste of one in my hometown. :) As I sipped from my stein, my friend told me about how she is spending the next few months virtually walking the...
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German Court Bans Tesla Ad Statements Related To Autonomous Driving

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Germany has banned Tesla from repeating what a court says are misleading advertising statements relating to the capabilities of the firm's driver assistance systems and to autonomous driving, a Munich judge ruled on Tuesday. Tesla can appeal the ruling. The case was brought by Germany's Wettbewerbszentrale, an industry sponsored body tasked with policing anti-competitive practices. The Munich court agreed with the industry body's assessment and b...
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Elon Musk rails against German court decision on Tesla Autopilot terminology

Tesla CEO Elon Musk disputed a German court ruling issued today that bans the company from using terms like Autopilot or “full potential for autonomous driving” on its website or other advertising. In a tweet, Musk said “Tesla Autopilot was literally named after the term used in aviation. Also, what about Autobahn!?” The Wettbewerbszentrale, an industry sponsored organization that focuses on anti-competitive practices, brought the case to the German courts, arguing that the terms mislead the ...
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German court rules Tesla's Autopilot claims are misleading and bans the company from using them in ads (TSLA)

A German court on Tuesday banned Tesla from repeating more of its Autopilot claims in advertising, which it said are misleading.  An industry group tasked with policing anti-competition laws originally brought the suit.  Tesla can appeal the decision. For years, CEO Elon Musk has made bold predictions — most of which haven't been met — about when Tesla vehicles will be truly self-driving. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Tesla Germany is banned from r...
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Pricefx raises $65M Series C for its cloud-based pricing software

Pricefx, the Munich-founded startup that offers cloud-based pricing software, has raised $65 million in Series C funding. The round was led by funds advised by Apax Digital, the growth equity team of Apax Partners, with participation from existing investor Digital+ Partners. It brings the company’s total raise to date to $130 million. Pricefx says it will use the new funding for further expansion and to consolidate its “leadership position” within the SaaS pricing industry. It will also inves...
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Avian speciation: Uniform vs. particolored plumage

Although carrion crows and hooded crows are almost indistinguishable genetically, they avoid mating with each other. Researchers from Ludwig-Maximlian-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have now identified a mutation that appears to contribute to this instance of reproductive isolation.
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"Locke makes the very good point that 'most children’s constitutions are either spoiled, or at least harmed, by cockering and tenderness.'"

"That lovely seventeenth century word ‘cockering’ means ‘to indulge or spoil.' Locke goes on to recommend that children are not too warmly wrapped up in winter, in order that they learn to endure the cold, in the manner of the Spartans. He also reckons that the shoes of children should be made deliberately leaky in order to toughen up the feet. Certainly my third son Henry, more ignored than the other two, has tough feet, and spent whole summers shoeless. Henry maintained when nine years old tha...
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The Black Tea Moped Is a Small Electric Motorcycle

It Looks Cool The company called Black Tea has a new Moped. That bike is designed to transform the way people think of bikes and transportation in general. While there are multiple generations discussed on the company website. Black Tea is really just getting around to putting out its first version of the bike. The Moped, as the company calls it, is really a mini-scrambler. The word moped fits the bike because it’s about the size of a moped, but the little bike lacks pedals, so I’m not totally ...
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How you can watch BMW unveil its hotly anticipated iX3 EV next week

The hotly anticipated BMW iX3, the company’s first electric vehicle that’s part of its core product line up, will be officially unveiled next week. On July 14 at 10AM CEST, the German automaker will take the covers off the EV and it’ll be the first time the public or press has seen it for real, CarScoops reports. While vehicle unveilings are typically reserved for the press, it seems BMW is letting anyone watch the livestreamed event. All you have to do is go to this link: CLICK HERE on July 14,...
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apaleo Publishes New White Paper: “Get a Grip on Guest Payments”

MUNICH 7 July 2020: Today, apaleo announced the release of its latest white paper, Get a Grip on Guest Payments. The focus of this free download is to understand the challenges hotels are currently facing, address current consumer expectations, reduce fraud and customer friction, and explain how technology solves these problems.
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Snow Tiger: Hookie’s Triumph flat tracker is just purrfect

Flat track racing is still going strong in the USA and Europe, and we’re starting to see customizers building personal track bikes between client projects. This chunky Triumph T100R belongs to Hookie Co. founder Nico Mueller—and despite its age, it carries the same sharp aesthetic that the German shop has become known for. Nico originally found the 1967 T100R Tiger (also known as the Daytona) on eBay in the UK, after seeing a post on Sideburn Magazine’s website. Some digging revealed that...
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