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Morning thoughts on the subject of graffiti...

I'm reading the Wikipedia article on the Alexamenos graffito — the "blasphemous graffito" — because we'd been talking about graffiti.That's a rubbing of something that was scratched into a plaster wall in Rome, long enough ago to be possibly the earliest depiction of Jesus. The exact date is unknown, but it's circa 200.The image seems to show a young man worshipping a crucified, donkey-headed figure. The Greek inscription approximately translates to "Alexamenos worships [his] god," indicating th...
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2 People Charged With Hate Crime After Black Lives Matter Mural Is Vandalized

If convicted, the two residents of Martinez, Calif., could face up to a year in jail, prosecutors say.
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Police Seek 2 White People Who Were Seen Vandalizing Black Lives Matter Mural

“I’m not so surprised that it happened,” said the mural’s organizer, Justin Gomez. “I’m surprised at how bold they chose to be.”
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What's wrong with being a warrior... and how is it inconsistent with being a woman?

That's one of the protest murals in downtown Madison. It was photographed by me today, near this familiar corner: I know feminism is so last year, but as I'm getting this racial ideology slammed in my face, I must protest on the ground of feminism. A woman can be a warrior! Why would you bemoan your little girls growing into woman warriors?I remember when young women were fascinated by the book "The Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston (1976). Excerpt:After I grew up, I heard the chant of F...
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New Central Eastside mural of bike riders goes deeper than you think

A bike rider rolls past a new mural by Cloe Ashton on Water Avenue. (Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) At first glance, the just-finished mural in a prominent location in the Central Eastside evokes the carefree spirit of Portland’s fun cycling culture. But the artist who created it hopes viewers take away something deeper. Portland-based illustrator Cloe Ashton (who you might recall created art for a BikePortland story last year) completed the project on Tuesday with support from Portlan...
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"Silence Is Made In America" (a found slogan).

You may have to click twice to enlarge and see the plywood stamp "Made in America." Oh, let me help: Here's the full image, with the intended slogan ("Silence Is Violence"): Here's the Wikipedia article "Found Poetry" (which I'm choosing over "Found object" because we're talking about words): Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them (a literary equivalent of a collage) by making changes in spacing an...
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Our art museum — the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art — boarded itself up and has repurposed the utilitarian protection into a surface for painting.

Is it art? That's a boring old question, but is art made under duress art? I think of the writer tortured to write in Stephen King's "Misery." I think of Scheherezade. I think of the old cowboy trick of shooting at a person's feet and shouting "Dance!" (Is the stepping crazily out of the way of bullets properly termed a "dance"?).Ah, but the museum isn't doing the art. It's bringing in the artists and saying Go ahead, draw on my wounds."Stop": "Power": "... fucking for virginity... the path t...
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At the Record Shop Café...

... what have you been listening to? The new Bob Dylan album? You can buy it through the Althouse Portal to Amazon if you can't find your way to a local store. It's #1 at Amazon, by the way. Feel free to write about any topic in the comments. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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When Luxury Stores Decorate Their Riot Barricades With Protest Art

Upscale companies have been commissioning art for their boarded-up stores in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. The efforts ring hollow.
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When Luxury Brands Pretend That ‘Protest Art’ Is Enough

Upscale companies have been commissioning art for their boarded-up stores in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. The efforts ring hollow.
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Murals on the boarded up windows of State Street, photographed today, in Madison, Wisconsin.Madisonians in shorts trudge past a mural of Barack and Michelle Obama that is painted on the boarded-up window of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches: On the boarded-up window of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, a drooling troglodyte cop observes what might be a pile of burning doughnuts that give off smoke that reads — like a thought balloon — "Defund the Police": A longer view of the side of the mu...
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‘Power to the People’: Detroit Students Preserve This Moment in Paint

A mural on the city’s main thoroughfare that honors the spirit of the protests was the result of a contest in which students chose their favorite rendering, and helped paint it.
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... it's your turn to howl.Talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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The popcorn store is open... open to discussion... and it's been open...

Photographed yesterday on State Street in Madison. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"We the People of the United States have hope for the future..."

Photographed yesterday on State Street in Madison. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Isn't it beautiful?" — a middle-aged white woman enthused gently...

... as I was photographing this... ... in downtown Madison. Maybe she was just trying to say the right thing, but maybe she was delusional or had very low standards. I aim to help — and I have to admit that she wasn't the slightest bit intimidating to me — so I said, "Actually, I don't think this one is very good." In my endless search for positivity, I added that there were a lot of other murals and many of them were good. And then, because I'm always looking for a point of agreement, I said, ...
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"Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway came up with the idea for the murals and tasked city arts administrator Karin Wolf with the job."

"Wolf says she reached out to community cultural partners the city already has a relationship with in order to tap local artists. 'We definitely wanted to amplify the voices of people who have been directly impacted by racial injustice,' she says.... Not all the murals are part of the city program, says Wolf. Some store owners arranged for their own art and others artists went rogue. 'People didn’t know better,' says Wolf. 'A lot of people wanted to help and didn’t know how.'" — Isthmus reports ...
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A restaurant and a café are trying to be open on State Street — despite boarded up windows and with the help of some slap-dash painting.

Photographed by me yesterday... Look closely — it cries: WE'RE OPEN... The word "PEACE" is right next to a fist... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Paint Fades, but Murals Remember People Killed by Police

Across the country, artists have created portraits of George Floyd, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner and others as markers of pain and loss.
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"District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser on Friday had 'Black Lives Matter' painted on the street that leads to the White House..."

"... where protesters have been demonstrating following George Floyd’s death in police custody. 'There was a dispute this week about whose street this is,' John Falcicchio, chief of staff for Bowser, a Democrat, said in a tweet. 'Mayor Bowser wanted to make it abundantly clear that this is DC's street and to honor demonstrators who (were) peacefully protesting on Monday evening.' People were seen painting the words "Black Lives Matter" on Friday morning in large block letters in yellow across 16...
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Down on State Street here in Madison, every ground floor window is covered in plywood, and there's an effort to turn it into something good by painting murals.

A small procession... "Silence is complicity"... "Silence is violence"... That's at the art museum, but the award for the best painting goes to... Walking with coffee... Controlling the narrative... The iconic Triangle Market... And the beloved Paul's Books... Nonsense... this was on the credit union... "Inclusion" — It's Sugar.... "UNITY"... Imagine not leaving Ragstock alone! Background: "For three nights, business[es] on and around State Street in Downtown Madison have been sittin...
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Call for Oakland muralists to paint boarded-up windows downtown

East Bay artists: got mural-painting skills? I've been informed by a friend-in-the-know that a loosely organized group has formed to cover up pre-primed window boards with art in downtown Oakland, California. They're looking for help and supply donations. Read on. Redditor mtweiner shares some details: We have 2-3 dozen spots boarded and primed, ready for any artists who want to come through. Most folks are out 10a-3pmish every day, starting at 13th & broadway. Meet us at the Tribune Tower if yo...
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Louis Delsarte, a Muralist of the Black Experience, Dies at 75

His paintings and murals rendered the Harlem Renaissance, Martin Luther King Jr. and his Brooklyn neighbors in stunning color.
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Murals Send a Message of Hope in Grim Times

A campaign, “Back to the Streets,” aims to create 1,000 murals by 1,000 artists in 100 cities, on walls offered by business and property owners.
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Street Art Confronts the Pandemic

From Norway to Colorado, street artists depict a world of masks and hand-washing (and toilet paper). One recurrent theme: a deep appreciation of health care workers.
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The Last Remnants of the Israeli Left

If you seek the socialist vision of this country’s founders, you won’t find it in Knesset.
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Sergio Odeith Creates Amazing 3D Murals That Jump Off The Walls

Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith (previously) creates remarkable anamorphic murals that appear to jump out from the walls on which they are painted. Some even interact with their surroundings. More: Odeith, Instagram, Facebook h/t: Source
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Red Herring, DTLA’s New Art Deco Sanctuary

An airy, thoughtfully-designed space that matches the playful nature of the owners The tropical birds, monkeys, and colorful jungle foliage in Mike Willcox’s mural set the Art Deco-inspired tone for Red Herring in downtown Los Angeles. Chef Dave Woodall and Alexis Martin Woodall’s new restaurant invites diners from the bustle of Grand Avenue’s financial district into a classic Hollywood-meets-Miami haven—one both lush and glamorous. Willcox collaborated with …
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