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Philip Guston’s Daughter Speaks Out On Postponement Of Her Father’s Show

To Musa Mayer’s dismay, her father, an antiracist and the son of immigrants who had fled antisemitic persecution, was now having his complex images misrepresented and their subject matter rendered simplistically provocative. – The Guardian
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Philip Guston's daughter on his Klan paintings: 'They're about white culpability'

The postponement last year of an exhibition of the artist’s work led to a fraught debate over race and culture. His daughter Musa Mayer fears his complex images are being misrepresentedMusa Mayer has been “holed up” in Woodstock, upstate New York, which she describes as “a liberal community in the midst of Trump land”, since the beginning of lockdown in March of last year. She is staying in a house she inherited from her parents and nearby is a building that was once the art studio of her father...
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Musa Mayer, Daughter of Philip Guston, Interviewed in The Telegraph

Musa Mayer, daughter of painter Philip Guston, is interviewed in The Telegraph this week, as she reflects on her father’s expansive and innovative body of work, and the toll it occasionally took on her family. “My father was never overtly cruel,” she says. “He was just largely absent, working. From an early age, I was given to […]
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