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Sole traders: how sneakers became as collectable as art

Sale of Kanye West’s 2008 Grammys pair for $1.8m heralded era of investment grade trainersTo most people they just look like a pair of trainers or sneakers, but for Gerome Sapp the Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes represent a watershed moment in design and modern commerce. “If you’re a sneakerhead, you know that sneaker,” says Sapp.The art market is paying attention, too. The shoes, co-designed by Kanye West and worn by him to the Grammys in 2008, became the most expensive ever sold when Sapp’s compa...
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Billionaire François Pinault fulfils Paris art gallery dream

Contemporary collection finds home in former grain exchange 16 years after plan for Seine island failedFor 20 years, the French billionaire François Pinault has dreamed of opening a museum to display his renowned contemporary art collection in Paris.The original plan was to build a massive concrete and glass structure on an abandoned island in the River Seine three miles from the Eiffel Tower. When that sparked planning and legal rows and proved impossible, the tycoon moved his collection to Ven...
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‘Iranian culture has huge depths and continues to be relevant today’

Five thousand years of Iranian art goes on show at the V&A this month. A private collector who lent many of the works reveals what light these treasures cast on the countryThe drive from London to a certain nameless valley in rural Oxfordshire - a preposterously pretty realm of flint cottages, quaint pubs, willow trees and gentle hills - is always slightly unnerving. This part of the country is so close to London and yet the feeling is of stepping back in time, a remoteness that is sudden and un...
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‘It’s hard to look at’: Donald Trump makes National Portrait Gallery debut

Photo of ex-president will make way for a painted portrait as gallery says Trump’s team is considering artistsA picture is worth a thousand tweets. Donald Trump gained immortality of sorts on Friday when he made his debut at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. But he also ran into some “good trouble”. Related: Rightwingers tried to discredit Trump ‘foes’ with honey trap plot – report Continue reading...
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‘We won’t be bouncing back’ – the unsettling truth about the big reopening

Next week, after 14 months of closure and despair, the arts are reawakening. But the damage caused by Covid runs deep – and recovery is by no means assured“If we had to close down again,” says Andrew Lloyd Webber, “we couldn’t survive.” Webber is staging his new musical Cinderella, with book by Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell, in a full-capacity theatre in July, having already delayed its premiere twice. He has mortgaged his house in London and will be selling one of his seven theatres. “It cost £1...
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X-Wing fighter lands at the Smithsonian museum

An X-Wing Starfighter has landed at a Smithsonian museum facility in Chantilly, Virginia where it's undergoing preparation for eventual display at the National Air and Space Museum. On longterm loan from Industrial Light &Magic, this particular model is a T-70 X-Wing as seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. — Read the rest
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"In 2016, during a trip to Zagreb, Croatia, he wandered into the Museum of Broken Relationships."

"As he studied the remnants of strangers’ failed romances—photos of hookup spots; a diet book that a woman received from her fiancé—West came up with an idea for a museum dedicated to failed business products and services. A year later, in Helsingborg, Sweden, he opened the Museum of Failure.... One example on display at the museum was the Newton, a personal digital assistant released by Apple in 1993... also... Bic for Her, a line of pens... DivX, a 2003 trademark for 'self-destructing' DVDs th...
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‘We go after them like pitbulls’ – the art detective who hunts stolen Picassos and lost Matisses

Christopher Marinello has spent three decades finding missing masterpieces, recovering half a billion dollars’ worth of art. He talks about threats from mobsters, tricky negotiations – and bungling thievesOne summer morning in 2008, Christopher Marinello was waiting on 72nd Street in Manhattan, New York. The traffic was busy, but after a few minutes he saw what he was waiting for: a gold Mercedes with blacked-out windows drew near. As it pulled up to the kerb, a man in the passenger seat held a ...
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Restaurant... museum... we're coming out of the lockdown!

Just this week, we enjoyed the food and the highly wholesome conditions at Graze... And we browsed around at the Chazen Museum... [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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From spaceships to sweat shops to Studio 54: the world’s greatest nightclubs

A veg patch on the dancefloor, invites printed on cheese, $30,000 makeovers every six weeks … a new show at V&A Dundee celebrates a half-century of club culture. Is it a thing of the past?Dancers grind, twist and pump their bodies beneath a billowing parachute, while other revellers sprawl across six-metre long polyurethane silk worms, or perch on seating made from washing machine drums and refrigerator cases. A VJ mixes trippy visuals to the beat of the music, using junkyard scraps mixed with w...
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Giant statue of Roman emperor reunited with long-lost finger

Bronze finger found at Louvre is remounted onto Constantine’s hand at museum in RomeA giant statue of the hand of Constantine the Great in Rome has been reunited with its missing finger after more than 500 years.The 38cm-long bronze index finger, found in the Louvre in Paris in 2018, was remounted onto the statue at Rome’s Capitoline Museums on Wednesday. Continue reading...
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Family of late Samsung chair offload Picassos and Dalís to cut inheritance tax bill

Relatives of Lee Kun-hee to donate 23,000 artworks to South Korean national museumsThe family of the late Samsung Electronics chair Lee Kun-hee have said they will pay more than 12tn won (£7.8bn) in inheritance tax and donate his collection of more than 23,000 artworks – including pieces by Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat and one of Claude Monet’s water lilies paintings – to South Korean national museums.Lee, who is credited with transforming Samsung into the world’s largest s...
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The Great British Art Tour: the birthplace of a future prime minister

With public art collections closed we are bringing the art to you, exploring highlights from across the country in partnership with Art UK. Today’s pick: David Lloyd George’s Birthplace, Manchester in the Lowry, SalfordAn image that could have been made at the height of lockdown, this deserted street corner by Laurence Stephen Lowry is a surprise from an artist better known for his crowded city landscapes. Lowry often recorded the ebb and flow of people’s daily lives; the striking absence of any...
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Krens' Footprints and Oteiza's Paradox

Oteiza’s paradox consists in that while New York’s world-class artists will consider him as their equal (Serra conceded to a reporter that he thought Oteiza was the greatest living sculptor, and Gehry called him one of the three or four fundamental artists of the century), the Krensified franchise museum will reduce him to a local artist whose value is seen as quite negligible.But Oteiza is only one instance of this paradox. The same thing happened to the great Eduardo Chillida. Initially, when ...
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Mystery over origins of Howard Hodgkin’s Indian art collection could see it lost to UK

Ashmolean in Oxford turned down chance to buy exquisite paintings and drawings, which may now go to New YorkIndian paintings and drawings had been his lifelong passion and, before his death in 2017, the artist Sir Howard Hodgkin hoped that his collection would be acquired by the Ashmolean in Oxford – only for the museum to reject his offer amid concerns that some of the works should never have left India.Now Britain’s loss could be America’s gain. Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Ne...
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A 4,000-Year-Old Student ‘Writing Board’ from Ancient Egypt (with Teacher’s Corrections in Red)

Americans raised on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books tend to associate slates with one room schoolhouses and rote exercises involving reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. Had we been reared along the banks of the Nile, would our minds go to ancient gessoed boards like the 4000-year-old Middle Kingdom example above? Like our familiar tablet-sized blackboards, this paper — or should we say papyrus? — saver was designed to be used again and again, with whitewash serving as a form of eraser. ...
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Artist Makes Micro-Miniature Sculptures So Small They Fit on the Head of a Pin

The jury remains out as to the number of angels that can dance on a pin, but self-taught artist Flor Carvajal is amassing some data regarding the number of itty bitty sculptures that can be installed on the tips of matchsticks, pencil points, and — thanks to a rude encounter with a local reporter — in the eye of a needle. According to Tucson’s Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, where her work is on display through June, The Vanguardia Liberal was considering running an interview in ...
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The intensely grand parade of mummies.

 "The lavish, multimillion-dollar spectacle saw 22 mummies - 18 kings and four queens - transported from the peach-coloured, neo-classical Egyptian Museum to their new resting place 5km (three miles) away. With tight security arrangements befitting their royal blood and status as national treasures, the mummies were relocated to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation in what is called The Pharaohs' Golden Parade. They were transported with great fanfare in chronological order of thei...
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"For a while now, I’ve been talking about art objects as 'machines for thinking': Our job as viewers is..."

"... to switch them on, and it’s almost impossible to do that when all you’re getting is a glimpse through the gaps in a crowd." Writes Blake Gopnik in (NYT).This essay belongs in the transgressive literary genre, The Blessings of Covid. Have you spent much time gazing at museum art, anticipating lofty thoughts and emotional transport? It's hard to experience the contemplative level of awareness needed when there are always other people shifting around you, taking too little time, shattering y...
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'Culture without crowds': UK tourism chiefs tout virtues of fall in foreign visitors

Industry body report shows 70% decline in visitor numbers at British attractions last yearA “phenomenal” summer of culture in the UK without crowds, queues or inbound tourists beckons, tourism chiefs have promised, as new figures were published laying bare just how bad 2020 was.Bernard Donoghue, the director of the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA), said there would probably not be another chance for people to experience the nation’s museums, galleries, zoos, castles, country hou...
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"The Louvre museum in Paris said Friday it has put nearly half a million items from its collection online for the public to visit free of charge."

"As part of a major revamp of its online presence, the world's most-visited museum has created a new database of 482,000 items at collections."  Yahoo reports.  Here's the site.  Here's the first thing I looked for: I wanted to see that because I have a strong memory of drawing it (in person) and only remembered my drawing (blogged before, here):  ADDED: Oh, no, wait. It's this one — an older, nakeder Voltaire. This is the "portrait absolument fidèle" that I drew: [Author: [email protected]
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The Louvre’s Entire Collection Goes Online: View and Download 480,00 Works of Art

If you go to Paris, many will advise you, you must go to the Louvre; but then, if you go to Paris, as nearly as many will advise you, you must not go to the Louvre. Both recommendations, of course, had a great deal more relevance before the global coronavirus pandemic — at this point in which art- and travel-lovers would gladly endure the infamously tiring crowdedness and size of France’s most famous museum. But now they, and everyone else around the world, can view the Louve’s artworks online,...
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Regional museums break ranks with UK government on return of Benin bronzes

Aberdeen says it will repatriate a bust while Cambridge museum has ‘expectation’ its collection could be returnedRegional UK museums could lead a wave of repatriations of disputed Benin bronzes – most of them looted by British forces in 1897 – in defiance of the British government’s stance that institutions should “retain and explain” contested artefacts.On Thursday, the University of Aberdeen confirmed it would repatriate a bust of an Oba, or king of Benin, which it has had since the 1950s, “wi...
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University of Aberdeen to return pillaged Benin bronze to Nigeria

Sculpture depicting king of African nation was looted from Benin city in 1897 in ‘extremely immoral’ manner The University of Aberdeen is to return a controversial Benin bronze after a review found the item had been acquired in an “extremely immoral” manner, as the Nigerian government calls on other British museums to reassess their collections.The bronze, which depicts the Oba, or king of Benin, was part of a haul of thousands of items taken when British forces looted Benin city in southeastern...
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'We needed to rescue the nation from despair': culture's year of Covid

Comedians went virtual, Ai Weiwei went to Portugal – and Bake Off pledged the show would go on. In the first of a two-part series, cultural figures look back on a year that shook their industry Continue reading...
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'I know artists who may never work again': culture's year of Covid

Comedians went virtual, Ai Weiwei went to Portugal – and Bake Off pledged to dispel the despair. In the first of a two-part series, cultural figures look back on a year that shook their industry Continue reading...
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Meet Gus Casely-Hayford, the man on a mission to drag museums into the 21st century

The director of the forthcoming V&A East in London wants to transform the visitor experience with digital technology, to address colonialism – and to bring in young peopleGus Casely-Hayford, the V&A East’s first director, discovered art in the most tender of ways. As a young boy on a snowy day, lying beside a radiator, he watched his older brother Joseph as he drew. “I had this realisation that you could take a pencil and a pad and you could turn it into something of a whirlwind. It’s that sens...
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Capa’s image from the Spanish civil war helps tenants find new life, 85 years on

The bomb-wrecked Madrid slum building immortalised in a 1936 photograph is to be saved as a memorial to Spain’s conflict, and its residents rehoused in modern flatsJesús Rico sits outside the tiny, damp Madrid apartment he and his family are about to leave after nine airless summers and nine punishing winters, and ponders their debt to a long-dead Hungarian-American photojournalist.“If the Capa picture hadn’t happened,” says Rico, “we’d have been out on the street.” Continue reading...
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Boris Johnson rules out return of Parthenon marbles to Greece

Prime minister says sculptures taken by Lord Elgin would remain in Britain as they had been legally acquiredBoris Johnson has used his first interview with a European newspaper since becoming the UK’s prime minister to issue a point-blank rejection of the Parthenon marbles being returned to Greece.Johnson insisted the sculptures, removed from Greece by Lord Elgin in circumstances that have since spurred one of the world’s most famous cultural rows, would remain in Britain because they had been l...
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‘The year that transformed the world’: US museum launches Covid exhibition

HistoryMiami’s collection includes Grim Reaper costume worn by attorney protesting Ron DeSantis’s refusal to close beachesFrom months of lockdown to seemingly endless mask wearing, homeschooling and the tedium of Zoom meetings, there are few aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic that those living through it will want to remember.But in Miami, at least, it is going to be impossible to forget. Artifacts and memories of the deadliest global pandemic in a century are on display at what is probably the na...
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