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See Behind the Scenes as the Statue of Liberty’s Original Torch Moves to Its New Home

"It's an important chapter in the statue's story"
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Man’s Best Friend Comes Back to New York

Museum of Dogs: AKC Museum of Dogs will complement the existing AKC Headquarters in New York City with a new interactive museum about all breeds of dogs.
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Met Museum to Return Prize Artifact Because It Was Stolen

Investigators found that the gold-sheathed coffin had been stolen from Egypt in 2011.
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Family Guide: Kids and Culture? There’s So Much to Talk About

Arts writers for The New York Times share their strategies (snacks) and budget-friendly options (outdoor events) in a discussion about introducing children to the arts.
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Family Guide: 27 Ways to Keep Your Kids Culturally Engaged This Winter

Classical concerts, children’s film series and a festival where technology meets art are among the events that can keep young minds occupied (and having fun) through a school sabbatical and beyond.
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France: Here Are Three New Must-See Museums

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A Museum of Man’s Best Friend, From Fossils to Virtual Reality

The American Kennel Club has opened its collection of all things canine in New York. Here is a tour of the art of the dog.
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A Photographer Who Makes You Ask, ‘What Has Happened Here?’

Erwin Olaf’s photos have the gloss of fashion shots and a haunting undercurrent that makes you long for more context. As he turns 60, three museums will present his work.
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Word of Mouth: Athens Culture + Shopping

Vintage clothing, records, art and more in our guide to adventures in the Greek city The references to Greek heritage in the Western world are endless. But zooming in on Athens culture reveals a diverse and talented group of artists, designers, shop owners and gallerists. Enlisting the help of CH friends Kiya and Demitra Babzani (experts of the area and the owners Self Edge), we have …
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Download Free Coloring Books from 113 Museums

One can only color so many floral-trimmed affirmations before one begins to crave something slightly more perverse. An emaciated, naked, anthropomorphized mandrake root, say or… Thy wish is our command, but be prepared to hustle, because today is the final day of Color Our Collections, a compellingly democratic initiative on the part of the New York Academy of Medicine. Since 2016, the Academy has made an annual practice of inviting other libraries, archives, and cultural institutions around th...
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Russia Dispatch: A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader

Boris Yeltsin is widely held responsible in Russia for destroying the Soviet Union. A new museum seeks to counter that image — and subtly rebuke President Vladimir V. Putin.
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The UK’s best living museums: readers’ top 10 travel tips

Bringing the past to life with historic buildings and costumed guides has revitalised the museum scene across the countryMy daughter loves the school at this living museum at Newtonmore (on the Highland train line). She is taken back to when granny was at school, with a strict teacher overseeing proceedings. The challenge is completing the writing test without smudging the ink, avoiding the dreaded Tawse (the thick leather belt that sends a shiver down her granny’s spine). The school is just one...
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Critic’s Notebook: MoMA, the New Edition: From Monumental to Experimental

By 2022, MoMA will have rehung all three floors of exhibition space. The advantages of such switchovers are many. New histories will get told.
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Touring the Prohibition Museum in Savannah, Georgia

When you think of the first English settlements in the USA, you think of Jamestown and Williamsburg, but the one that really thrived and became a true city is Savannah, Georgia. Since Savannah was around from almost the beginning and stayed a city all that time, it has been through every bright and dark time in American history, including the sad experiment where it became illegal to drink...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Touring the Prohibition Museum in Savannah, Georgia -...
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"We don’t want to forget our roots in terms of having the greatest Modernist collection, but the museum didn’t emphasize female artists, didn’t emphasize what minority artists were doing, and it was limited on geography."

"Where those were always the exceptions, now they really should be part of the reality of the multicultural society we all live in."Said Leon Black, chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, quoted in "MoMA to Close, Then Open Doors to More Expansive View of Art" (NYT). [W]hile visitors will still be able to count on highlights like Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and van Gogh’s “The Starry Night,” they are also likely to be exposed to less familiar names, including Okwui Okpokwasili, an Igbo-...
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Word of Mouth: Mexico City Drinking + Dining

Natural wines, melding cuisines and plenty more to taste in the Mexican capital Distrito Federal, Mexico City, now formally Ciudad de México, is a dynamic and quickly evolving destination full of dichotomies, tradition and innovation. Whether attending Zona Maco, Design Week, or at any other time of the year, food is guaranteed to be a big part. While street food and family-style restaurants are essentials …
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MoMA to Close, Then Open Doors to More Expansive View of Art

Don’t plan to visit MoMA this summer. It’s closing for renovations that will put a new focus on work by women and artists of color. The results will shake up every gallery.
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Explore an Interactive Version of The Wall of Birds, a 2,500 Square-Foot Mural That Documents the Evolution of Birds Over 375 Million Years

Now, this avian Vatican also has its own Michelangelo. – Audubon Magazine And the Class of Aves has its very own avian Pantone chart, created by science illustrator Jane Kim in service of her 2,500 square-foot Wall of Birds mural at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. The custom chart’s fifty-one colors comprise about 90 percent of the finished work. A palette of thirteen Golden Fluid Acrylics supplied the jewel-toned accents so thrilling to birdwatchers. Along the way, Kim absorbe...
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Leonardo da Vinci dragged into Salvini's spat with Macron

Louvre blockbuster marking 500 years since artist’s death may end up a casualtyHe was a Renaissance master – painter, scientist, engineer and inventor – who was hailed as one of the greatest artists who ever lived.But as Europe stages a year-long frenzy of events to mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Italy and France are engaged in a diplomatic tussle over him that threatens a blockbuster exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. Continue reading...
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Critic’s Pick: An 1840s Road Trip, Captured on Lustrous Silver

An exquisite show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art recalls travel before digital maps, when photography was the hottest of new media.
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Frida Kahlo Was a Painter, a Brand Builder, a Survivor. And So Much More.

The artist and pop culture icon meticulously built her own image. A sweeping survey at the Brooklyn Museum examines how she did it, and why.
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Salzburg: Our favorite free (and cheap) things to do

The hills may be alive with The Sound of Music in Salzburg, but there’s plenty to do that doesn’t involve Mozart and the Von Trapp family. And if you’re not careful, you could spend a fortune before the time it takes to listen to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21. For a trip down the less-touristy path, follow our tips on the best cheap (and free) activities in this stately city in Austria. Cheap and free things to do in Salzburg Toy Museum Bürgerspitalgasse 2 Tel.: +43-662-62 08 08-300 Hours:...
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Restitution Fears Unsettle the Trade in Tribal Art

Dealers worry that a report recommending that museums return African artworks will also discourage private collectors from buying, lending and donating pieces.
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Let's not lose our marbles over the British Museum boss's remarks | Jonathan Jones

Hartwig Fischer said that removing the Parthenon marbles from Greece was a ‘creative act’ – but there is a logic to this provocative view that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand The British Museum has tended to keep its lips sealed about its most controversial set of treasures: the sculptures removed from the Parthenon in Athens by Lord Elgin at the start of the 19th century. I know, because I’ve taken part in public debates to put its case – without anyone from the museum to back me up – most r...
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You can now access and download 30,000 images from The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection

It’s becoming more and more common for museums to digitize their collections. The latest one to join the trend is The Cleveland Museum of Art. After digitizing its collection, it made it publicly accessible online, with 30,000 images free for download and remix. The CMA has shared the images from its permanent collection that are […] The post You can now access and download 30,000 images from The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection appeared first on DIY Photography.
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London: 20 free museums in London

Planning to visit London on a budget could initially give any Cheapo a nervous breakdown. Everything just costs more than most other European destinations in this international city. And despite the oncoming Brexit issue, with the British pound still holding fairly strong against other currencies, we don’t expect prices to be dropping anytime soon. However, as documented throughout our London guide and our list of the best cheap hotels in Central London, it is possible to live it up in London on...
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British Museum chief: taking the Parthenon marbles was 'creative'

Museum director sparks anger by saying removing sculptures from Greece was ‘a creative act’The director of the British Museum has provoked anger by suggesting the removal of the Parthenon marbles from Greece in the 19th century could be seen as “a creative act”.Hartwig Fischer gave an interview to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea in which he ruled out returning the 2,500-year-old sculptures, which many people in Greece and elsewhere regard as stolen. Continue reading...
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Ireland, Poetry, Story: Seamus Heaney Listen Now Again in Dublin

Guidebooks, memoirs, biography, novels contemporary and historical — there are many ways to experience, reflect upon, and learn about travel through the written word. One of those ways is through poetry. Before you say ah, I don’t like poetry, or I don’t understand what poets do, or poetry is just not for me, wait a bit. There is an exhibit in Dublin about the life and work of one of...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories Ireland, Poetry, Story: Seamus Heaney Listen Now Again in D...
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Parachutists to fill skies over Normandy on 75th anniversary of D-day

Wartime aircraft will fly in 6 June event commemorating day that turned tide of warThe skies over the UK and Normandy will be filled with wartime Dakota aircraft as hundreds of parachutists take part in a mass airdrop to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-day landings in June.The plans, unveiled by Imperial War Museums (IWM), are part of a programme on an “unprecedented scale” for the commemoration of the greatest seaborne invasion in history, to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation, on 6 June 1...
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Newseum Building to Be Sold to Johns Hopkins for $372.5 Million

The struggling museum will have to find a new home in 2020, after years of running at a deficit.
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