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France’s music publishing was worth $450m+ from latest reports

France’s music industry is growing each year and the latest publishing reports show how strong 2018 was. The latest figures from the French music publishing trade associations The CSDEM and CEMF show considerable growth in 2018. According to their reports two-thirds of 15,000 new French work published in 2018 were from new talents. Their Barometer of Music Publishing report analysed the country’s music publishing results between 2017-2018. They found that revenues were up 7% to €393 mil...
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Music publishers sued this fitness company and now Peloton’s fighting back

Fitness startup Peloton aren’t taking the lawsuit against them lying down, in fact they’re suing music publishers right back. In March a lawsuit came to light that saw music publishers moved to sue a fitness startup. The company, Peloton, which trades in exercise bikes with motivational videos on built-in screens, allegedly used copyrighted music in the videos which they didn’t have a license for. According to Ultra Music, one of the claimants, Peloton has “obtained a license for a limi...
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