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John Cameron Mitchell’s Podcast Musical

With Anthem: Homunculus, director John Cameron Mitchell and co-writer Bryan Weller have crafted a six-hour, 10-episode, 31-song original musical podcast. Mitchell, who reinvented the rock opera with 2001’s groundbreaking stage play-turned-film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, tapped immense talent for the production—including Glenn Close, Marion Cotillard and Laurie Anderson. Read more about Anthem: Homunculus, (which debuts on the podcast platform Luminary today) at the New …
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A "Grease" prequel is in development

A prequel to the iconic 1971 musical and 1978 movie Grease is in development at Paramount. Written by John August (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), the new film, titled Summer Loving, will tell the story of Danny and Sandy's summer romance at the beach as famously recounted from two different perspectives in the original movie's song "Summer Nights." I only wish Summer Loving would be an animated feature in the style of John D. Wilson's incredible opening titles to the original G...
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Ford’s Theatre 2019 Schedule Released

We love seeing different plays and musicals. It was something I did with my parents as a kid. It made for a different way to learn. I can still remember going to see a musical with my mom and aunt as a young kid. The music was all 60s music and I was singing and […] The post Ford’s Theatre 2019 Schedule Released appeared first on I Like It Frantic.
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When Your World Spins Too Fast

It's an ugly time in our culture. I see pundits on cable news trying to explain why it's ugly and what we can do about it. But almost all of them miss the central point.America is changing in big ways, very quickly, and to a substantial minority, that is terrifying. And right now, for those folks, fear motivates everything in them. These people fear losing power (that they never really had), fear losing social status (that they never really had), fear losing their culture (which was never as Whi...
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Mine Have Naked People

Midway through Act II of La Cage aux Folles we get the number "Cocktail Counterpoint." It doesn't really feel like the other songs in the show. I used to think it was just filler because they felt like they needed a song there.I was really wrong.This is a deceptively complex piece that delivers so much information. On the surface, it feels like just an Irving Berlin style stunt, introducing several independent melodies, then combining them into counterpoint. But it's more than that. Berlin did ...
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Musical Episode is Finally Getting the Vinyl Release it Deserves

Everyone loves classic musicals. Music Man. Singin’ in the Rain. That one episode of Read more...
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Come and Investigate the Dark Side of Your Soul

As I wrote in my first blog post about this show, the title La Cage aux Folles can be translated a few different ways, but the one that makes most sense to me is The Cage of Madwomen. And yet, while folles usually means crazy or foolish, it's also a slang word for effeminate gay men. Think about that for a second.The name of the show -- and the name of the club at the center of our story, and the name of our show's title song about that club -- is all about ambiguity. As Georges quips in Act I,...
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Some Parts of ‘Rent Live’ Weren’t Actually Live and People Had Mixed Feelings About It

After one of the show's stars suffered an injury during rehearsals
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Toxic Masculinity

Have you seen the Gillette ad that inexplicably has conservative America's panties in a twist? It's amazing that this ad charges into our already toxic public discourse just as we New Liners are in rehearsal for La Cage aux Folles, containing a song called "Masculinity." Imagine what the right-wingers would think of Albin! Oh, right, we don't have to imagine. That's our story.Yes, M. and Mme. Dindon are alive and well and living in America. After all, we've all seen the many and various indignit...
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Riverdale Is Doing a Musical Episode of Heathers

We love that Riverdale is so regularly bonkers that at any point, the show can just up and do a musical episode. Last year, it was Carrie. This year, we now know it’s Heathers.Read more...
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La Cage aux Folles

"We are what we are,And what we areIs an illusion."That's the first lyric in La Cage aux Folles, and though on the surface, it's talking about drag, it's saying way more than that. Just like the show it introduces. Those few line encapsulate the entire story and all its themes.Nobody realizes that the first time they hear it, but it's all there.It introduces us to two ideas that will permeate every moment of the show. First, "we are what we are" -- in other words, we accept and embrace ourselve...
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Fascinatin' Rhythm

When I wrote my history book, Strike Up the Band, I had two primary agendas. One was to reject the premise of all other musical theatre history books, that the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical was the pinnacle of the art form. It wasn't. The other agenda was to include in the story of our art form all the people of color, the women, the people with disabilities who helped shape the American musical theatre but get left out of almost all history books. I hope I did a decent job of re-balancing our ...
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A Hot Cup of Murder

One time, the Archbishop of St. Louis tried to shut down a New Line show called Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. I'm not kidding. He failed. Well, he successfully shut down our preview, but we were open again for opening night. You can read about that here.Our show was just a revue of theatre songs on those topics, three of the most powerful forces on humans, including songs from Rent, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Avenue Q, Songs for a New World, Hair, The Rocky Horror Show, Kiss of the Spider Woman,...
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Broadway Hot Damn!

I am in love with the BroadwayHD channel on Amazon Prime Video. I'm convinced that HD stands for Hot Damn!When we were working on Yeast Nation, last summer, Greg Kotis told me that he and Mark Hollmann had based their story loosely on both Macbeth and Antigone. So I watched both plays on video, and it helped me a lot with Yeast Nation.And then I wanted to see the rest of the Oedipus trilogy, which includes Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. One way to see them was to subscribe ...
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Into the Words

When young musical theatre artists ask me how to get where they're going, I always give the same advice, to consume as much musical theatre as humanly possible, to see every musical (live and on screen) that they can, read scripts and biographies and history books and analysis books, listen to cast albums -- and not just the new ones.In other words, drink all of it in. And part of that is creating a good library for yourself.I was browsing my own considerable musical theatre script library, and...
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Broadway Pop!

I have fallen in love with Funko Pops figures -- they're so odd but so wonderful. In recent months, Funko has released several Little Shop of Horrors figures, as well as two versions of both Danny and Sandy in Grease, and big collections of figures from Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.But wait, there's more! I was fortunate enough to happen upon Amanda Tang's Broadway Pop store on Etsy, and it was like I had died and gone to musical theatre memorabilia heaven. She has custom Funko Pops for Ham...
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Thank You, St. Louis!

I know 2018 was a rough one in many ways, but in my position as artsy-cynic-optimist, I can't help but see a lot of awesomeness in 2018. What a year of New Line shows! One of my most loved shows, the classic Anything Goes; the wild, new(-ish) rock musical Yeast Nation (from the Urinetown team); and my own Zombies of Penzance. Wow, talk about variety!So many people came up to me after Anything Goes performances, saying some version of, "This has always been one of my favorite shows, but I didn't...
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'Twas a Year Full of New Line 2018

'Twas a year full of New Line, rambunctious and swell,And the New Liners kept themselves busy as hell:A reading, a classic, a new show, and then,An old show that substitutes zombies for men.The new shows were cool, and the old shows seemed new,A year full of crazy surprises for you,'Cause that is exactly what New Liners do.The year started off with a reading, one nightOf a Gilbert and Sullivan cheeky rewrite,With zombies and daughters (as hunters of such);And response was so warm and it cheered...
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Tony Kushner: 'Trump has a sinkhole instead of a soul'

He has spent his life dramatising America’s angels and demons. As his civil rights musical returns to Britain, the playwright reveals all about revamping West Side Story for Spielberg – and writing a play about Trump‘I hate watching my plays,” Tony Kushner says. “They’re all so long and they take for ever and the only one that’s not true of is Caroline. It’s two hours with intermission and I could listen to that music for ever.”Caroline is Caroline, Or Change, Kushner’s only musical. Written wit...
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The Musical Love In America Lands Issa Rae as Producer

The musical Love In America lands Issa Rae as producer Universal Pictures has landed Issa Rae to produce their new romantic musical feature Love in America. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rae, who co-created in stars in Insecure, will team with one of the HBO show’s writers, Amy Aniobi, to help bring Love in America to life. There are no details about the project at this point, other than Rae will be producing through her ColorCreative banner with her production partner Deniese Davis. ...
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There’s a True Blood Musical in the Works According to Creator Alan Ball

BEGIN SLIDESHOW There’s a True Blood musical in the works according to creator Alan Ball It’s been 10 years since the moody vampire drama True Blood premiered on HBO. Since then, the show ran for seven seasons, concluding in 2014 with the episode “Thank You.” Now, it seems that the story’s being resurrected for the stage — as a musical. Show creator Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his reflections on the show, when the musical came up in conversa...
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As Soft and as Pink as a Nursery -- 13 Really Sexist Musicals

In this moment in our cultural history, in which we're finally calling out expressions of sexism, racism, and other bias, it's worth looking closer at the shows we produce. Maybe the Era of Trump has made it necessary.A while back, I wrote a blog post about musicals that are much darker than most people think. Now we're having debates about problematic content in older musicals, and whether or not some older shows should be largely retired.Sometimes people tell me -- apologetically, but not rea...
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Yes, We Need a Little Christmas!

Happy Holidays from the New Liners!First of all... As I wrote in my last post, when you're heading to Amazon to shop for gifts this holiday season (and all year 'round), just go to instead. You'll end up in the same place except when you go to Smile, it'll ask you to pick a charity (you'll choose New Line Theatre, of course), and then whenever you buy anything through Amazon Smile (bookmark it!), New Line gets a small donation. And it really adds up! Last season the total in Sm...
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Top Ten Totally Painless Ways to Support New Line

You matter. After all, New Line exists for you. Theatre isn't theatre without an audience.And also, you are powerful. In fact, you are one of the most powerful marketing tools ever devised by humans.New Line Theatre is a small nonprofit company, doing somewhat less-than-mainstream work, so we will always struggle financially. We could do Nunsense and South Pacific and not struggle, but we'd rather do Yeast Nation, Lizzie, and Sweet Smell of Success, so we struggle.The most direct ways you can s...
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Jersey Boys The Musical At The Dr. Phillips Center October 30 – November 4th

Jersey Boys The Musical At The Dr. Phillips Center October 30 – November 4th | Written By: Lee Nostalgic, for me, that is the word I would use to describe the musical Jersey Boys The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons playing at the Dr. Phillips Center, Orlando. Having come of age in the 60’s this musical took me back to a time when pop music was full of close harmonies, great instrumentation, and moving rhythms and Jersey Boys was spot on. From the opening bar to the final refrain the...
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Valentina’s casting in the live version of ‘Rent’ has divided the musical’s fans

Some fans think the role should be played by a trans or genderfluid actress.
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The Power of Love Can Make a Zombie Too!

It's hard to believe it's over. It was five years ago that I set out to write The Zombies of Penzance. It seemed so perfect, so deliciously fucked up, and the process of "translating" the story , the changing of Gilbert's pirates into zombies, hardly disturbed the plot at all (though I later made some larger plot changes).I know you want to ask, so yes, I was seriously stoned when I thought of the idea.I immediately loved everything about it. I already deeply loved The Pirates of Penzance. I lo...
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First official trailer for "Rocketman," musical film about Elton John

No, this isn't a movie about North Korea's Kim Jung-un, but rather, "Rocketman" singer Elton John. The film, which stars Welsh actor Taron Egerton as Elton John, comes out next summer. Here is its first trailer.
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Hail, Zombies!

Hail, zombies, thou heav’n-made dead, Forsaken by the God we dread; Great metaphor for all we fear! All hail the end of all that we hold dear! It was back in 2013, after watching the movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (coincidentally starring BBAJ's Benjamin Walker). It was just a few hours after watching the movie that I started thinking about what kind of similar mashup I might concoct in the realm of musical theatre. I've always been fascinated by the idea of art made from other art...
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