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The Musician Class Is Being Wiped Out

“Roughly 90% of our members are affected,” said Horace Trubridge, general secretary of the Musicians’ Union. “This will force musicians out of the profession. Our members also do a lot of event work – weddings and conferences – that has also fallen off a cliff, coupled with the fact that most of our members subsidise their income from live performance by teaching and studio recording work which of course they can’t do now either.” The idea that universal credit is going to keep these peopl...
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Where Was the Board? Reflections On Potential Legal Issues In PledgeMusic “Administration” Bankruptcy

In the wake of PledgeMusic's recent implosion and almost total silence in response to the issue, attorney and artist advocate Chris Castle takes a moment to share some thoughts on the failed crowdfunding platform's bankruptcy, and where they're headed from here. _______________________________ Guest post by Chris Castle of Artists Rights Watch We’ve had a lot of questions about what is going on with the Pledge Music crowdfunding platform which appears to be either on its way or alrea...
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UK Unions Draft Code To Get Tough On Musician Harrassment

The code, a joint initiative between the Musicians’ Union and the Incorporated Society of Musicians, aims to address “deeply concerning” reports that have been received by the organisations, ranging from sexism to sexual assault.
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What Does Life In An Orchestra Get You? In The U.K., Not Enough To Live On

A study released by the Musicians' Union in the U.K. says that many musicians with full-time, salaried jobs are struggling to pay their bills. Two-thirds say that they have considered other careers.(Image credit: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for BMW & London Symphony Orchestra)
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Half Of Britain's Orchestral Musicians Don't Earn Enough To Live On, Says Musicians' Union

"Wages have stagnated as funding cuts take hold. Young musicians are particularly affected, with two-fifths of newcomers taking unpaid work in the last year. Forty-four per cent of players told the MU they struggled to make ends meet. And two-thirds of veteran musicians - who'd been playing for more than 30 years - said they'd […]
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Music And The Power Of Public Sector Radio

It's National Radio week and this great piece from Berklee's Music Business Journal delves into music's lengthy and ongoing relationship with public sector radio both in the US and elsewhere, and how music on public sector radio is used to influence society. ____________________ Guest post by Alexander Stewart from Berklee's Music Business Journal Broadcasting, especially radio, is a premier medium for the communication of music in society. Broadcasting and music, of course, hav...
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"Trumpeters, man the barricades." The history of the Musicians' Union in pictures

It's a story that takes in the arrival of the talkies, wartime refugees, strike action, Radio 1 DJs and Status Quo. The history of the Musicians' Union may not be as well-known as that of the National Union of Mineworkers, but it has a long and rich history behind it as a new exhibition opening at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow in January reveals.
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