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Elon Musk shows off SpaceX's Tintin inspired 'Starship'

It may look like something straight out of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century or Tintin's Destination Moon but, according to Elon Musk, the pictures he tweeted of his latest SpaceX creation are very much real. Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and electric car-maker Tesla, revealed that assembly of the 'Starship Hopper' test-flight rocket was complete and that the pictures of the shimmering, stainless steel construction were 'not a rendering'. The Tintin comparison is not an accident. In ...
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Under pressure from Musk, SpaceX hustles to launch satellites

Elon Musk has been lauded for his visionary approach in the field of space exploration but signs of internal strife – from manager firings, to a difficult work environment, to a slew of unfulfilled job postings – suggest the SpaceX CEO is trying to do too much too fast. 
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