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Myanmar: Whole town flees amid fierce fighting

Fighting between the army and militia forces in Thantlang, Chin state, has worsened in recent days.
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Myanmar Town Near India Border Sees Exodus as Thousands Flee Fighting

(Reuters) - Most of the population of a Myanmar town near the Indian border have fled after buildings were set ablaze by artillery amid fighting...
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Lawyer Says US Journalist in Myanmar Jail Seems Disheartened

The lawyer for U.S. journalist Danny Fenster, imprisoned in Myanmar for almost four months while awaiting trial, says his client appeared disheartened during a court hearing Monday.
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China's growing military is going to face a much bigger problem than the US

The Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier, sails into Hong Kong, July 7, 2017. AP Photo/Kin Cheung US military leaders frequently cited China's growing military as challenge that's only going to grow in the coming decades. Those coming decades are also set to see intensifying climate change wreaking havoc around the world. Those effects - flooding, wildfires, heatwaves, and much more - will keep the US and Chinese militaries much busier at home. See more stories on Insider&#...
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Why This Filmmaker In Myanmar Is A Fugitive From The Junta

Director Na Gyi and his wife (and leading actor) would be in hiding even if their latest film weren’t about a lesbian romance: they gave financial help to people striking against the coup. Here’s a Q&A he gave from a safe house. – The Hollywood Reporter
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Myanmar’s Arts Community Is Caught Between Military Dictators, Floods, Economic Turmoil, And COVID

“People are focused on survival … and caring for their loved ones,” says one artist in Yangon. Adds another, “It’s dangerous to do a good show now, since … it is impossible to speak about the present in Myanmar without putting yourself in danger.” – The Art Newspaper
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Attacks on Myanmar Telecom Towers Show Evolving Tactics in Conflict

(Reuters) - Around 700,000 people in Myanmar are estimated to have lost internet access after attacks on telecommunication equipment run by Mytel,...
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Facebook's AI moderation reportedly can't interpret many languages, leaving users in some countries more susceptible to harmful posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2018. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File Facebook's automated content moderators can't speak many languages used on the site. Human moderators also can't speak languages used in some foreign markets Facebook has moved into. The blind spots sometimes let bad actors post harmful, violent content and conduct illegal business. See more stories on Insider's business page. Facebook's artificial intelligence-powered content moderators can't read s...
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Myanmar junta demanded telcos activate phone interception tools – and we refused, says Telenor

Norwegian carrier insists it's quitting Asian nation to defend human rights – but the buyer it lined up is accused of shady dealings Norwegian mobile carrier Telenor has revealed one reason it is quitting Myanmar is that the nation's ruling junta wanted it to intercept calls carried on its network.…
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400,000 people are infected each year with coronaviruses carried by bats, an early study suggests. Researchers say the data could help prevent future pandemics.

A team of researchers set up a net to catch bats at the Khao Chong Pran Cave on September 12, 2020 in Ratchaburi, Thailand during a mission to understand the coronavirus's origins. Lauren DeCicca/Getty Coronaviruses from bats could infect 407,422 people each year, a study said. The findings could help target areas for surveillance and stop human virus outbreaks, they said. About 478 million people live in regions where the bats are, the researchers said. See more stories on Insider...
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Protect Afghanistan’s Truth-Tellers: Human Rights Defenders in a World of Diplomatic Doublespeak

In 2021 the world has witnessed the abject failure of international organizations to curtail even the most grave human rights violations, including war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide (“atrocity crimes”). The situation in Afghanistan is one case in point. In countries around the globe, international human rights law is routinely violated with impunity. Many are wondering what “human rights” mean when politicians and diplomats toss out the term with ease while remaining reckless or c...
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Norway's Telenor Says Myanmar Unit Sale Plan Followed Junta's Pressure on Surveillance Tech

By Fanny PotkinSINGAPORE (Reuters) -Norwegian telecom firm Telenor is selling its Myanmar operations to avoid European Union sanctions after "...
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Norway's Telenor Says Myanmar Unit Sale Came After Junta's Pressure on Surveillance Tech

By Fanny PotkinSINGAPORE (Reuters) - Norwegian telecom firm Telenor is selling its Myanmar operations to avoid European Union sanctions after "...
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Saving history: 3D laser scans preserve world heritage sites

To prevent the present from erasing the past, non-profit organizations are creating detailed 3D scans of famous monuments.Stored online and shared with researchers around the world, these digital copies will endure long after their real counterparts are gone. Occasionally, this work is incredibly dangerous.On the night of May 14, 1940, the German Luftwaffe bombed the Dutch city of Rotterdam. When government administrators entered the streets to tally their losses the next morning, they learned t...
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U.S. Trade Chief Urges ASEAN Envoy to Visit Myanmar Soon, Promote Dialogue

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai has urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to send its special...
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How to Create a Global Digital Marketing Strategy on a Shoestring Budget

If you run a small business, the idea of “going global” is as likely to be as scary as it is tempting. In theory, the internet allows you to reach a broader audience than ever, but scaling your marketing efforts to this level can be daunting. At SmallBizDaily, we’ve long been a champion of helping small brands take the plunge and find overseas audiences and customers. Over the last few years, we’ve shown you not just how the internet can help you reach a global audience , but also how ce...
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Myanmar's Suu Kyi Back in Court After Absence, Still 'Somewhat Dizzy' -Lawyer

(Reuters) - Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi returned to court on Tuesday, a day after a non-appearance on health grounds, seeming relieved, but saying...
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Myanmar's Suu Kyi Returns to Court but Still 'Somewhat Dizzy'

(Reuters) -Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi returned to court on Tuesday, a day after she did not appear because she was unwell, seeming relieved but...
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U.N. Faces Rival Claims for Myanmar Seat, Doubts Over Afghanistan

By Michelle NicholsUNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations is faced with rival claims to Myanmar's seat at the 193-member world body as the...
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Myanmar: Myanmar Changes 2022–2023 Financial Year For Banking And Financial Service Providers - Tilleke & Gibbins

The Central Bank of Myanmar (CBM) issued a letter on September 7, 2021, notifying all banks, financial services companies, and mobile financial service providers about a change...
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Aung San Suu Kyi unable to appear in court for health reasons

Deposed Myanmar leader was experiencing motion sickness and could not take the stand, says lawyerThe deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been unable to appear at a court hearing for health reasons, a member of her legal team has said, describing her condition as dizziness caused by motion sickness.Aung San Suu Kyi, 76, who has been detained on various charges since her overthrow in a military coup on 1 February, did not have coronavirus but felt ill having not travelled in a vehicle for ...
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Myanmar's Suu Kyi Dizzy and Drowsy, Skips Court Appearance

(Reuters) -Deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was unable to appear at a court hearing on Monday for health reasons, a member of her legal team...
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Myanmar's Suu Kyi Skips Court Over Dizziness - Lawyer

(Reuters) - Deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi was unable to attend a scheduled court hearing for health reasons, a member of her legal team...
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Myanmar’s junta vies with critic of coup for seat on UN assembly

Both sides have applied for role, raising fears military leadership could be emboldened if chosenThe United Nations will face a dilemma when its general assembly convenes next week, after both Myanmar’s military junta and the country’s shadow national unity government (NUG) launched rival bids to fill the country’s seat.Myanmar’s military, which seized power in February, has sought to replace the current representative, Kyaw Moe Tun, an outspoken critic of the coup. Both the junta and the NUG, w...
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The disappeared in Mexico, Afghan female footballers and a giant puppet: human rights this fortnight in pictures

A roundup of the coverage of the struggle for human rights and freedoms from Thailand to Texas Continue reading...
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Myanmar: reports of 15 or more killed after nationwide uprising call

Villagers report school students mong those killed amid fighting with government troops near Gangaw townshipFifteen to 20 villagers, including several teenagers, have been killed in some of Myanmar’s deadliest fighting since July between government troops and resistance forces, a villager and reports by independent media said.The fighting near Gangaw township in the north-western Magway region started on Thursday, two days after a call for a nationwide uprising was issued by the National Unity G...
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Fighting in Myanmar Kills at Least 15 After Uprising Call

Fifteen to 20 villagers including several teenage students have been reported killed in some of Myanmar’s deadliest fighting since July between government troops and resistance forces.
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Deadly Unrest Reported in Myanmar After Opposition Urges 'Defensive War'

(Reuters) - At least 20 people have been killed in fighting between militias and Myanmar's ruling military, a witness and local media said on...
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Myanmar Urged to Avoid Violence After Junta Opponents Declare Revolt

(Reuters) - Southeast Asian and Western countries have urged all sides in Myanmar to refrain from violence and allow in humanitarian aid, after a...
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‘Like Game of Thrones’: how triple crisis on China’s borders will shape its global identity

Analysis: China’s handling of troubles in Afghanistan, Myanmar and North Korea will differ to the west, and mould its identity as a global powerFirst, it was North Korea. Then, came Myanmar. Now, it is Afghanistan. The three ongoing crises in China’s neighbourhood seem to have little in common. But for Beijing, they pose the same question: how to deal with strategically important yet failing states on its border, and how will China’s response define its identity as a global power.For many years,...
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