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The giant ancestors of today's sloths stood 10 feet tall and ate meat, a new study found

An artistic reconstruction of the South American giant ground sloth feeding on the carcass of a prehistoric herbivore related to modern llamas. Jorge Blanco Ground sloths occupied South America during the last ice age before going extinct 10,000 years ago. Scientists thought these giant creatures ate plants like their modern, tree-climbing counterparts. But a study found one ground sloth species also ate meat, scavenging from carcasses when it could. We think of sloths as slow-moving, gent...
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Yes, We Have Sloths, But No Pink Dolphins: Animal Planet on the Looney Front, Part 8

Sloth! No, not the fourth of the seven deadly sins, however enticing that might be, but the eponymous furry critter that has been endowed with this name for its record-breaking ability to move more slowly than any other mammal on Earth - about 13 feet a minute in the trees, half that on the ground. Now endemic only to Central and South America, sloths once roamed much further afield throughout the Americas, and some extinct species reached the size of an elephant. Now they're about two f...
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