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Ithaca mayor is set to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, report says

Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, NY. Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick plans to propose a plan to replace the city's police with a civilian-led agency, GQ reported. The plan was created as part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's executive order for New York cities to review their police departments. The proposal includes an agency with armed "public safety workers" and unarmed "community solution workers." Visit the Business section of Insider for more stor...
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Voter registration groups tap into influencer power to reach new voters

Denisse Myrick often reminds her Instagram followers to vote. "But this time, I brought some backup," she said. Myrick is one of several social media influencers who are partnering with voter registration groups to spread the word about voting.
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With no students, small college town worries about the future

What happens to a college town when the students disappear? Ithaca, a small upstate New York city nearby gorges and vineyards, is finding out. Most of the 24,000 students at Cornell University and 6,200 more from Ithaca College effectively vanished in March when the coronavirus pandemic struck, leaving behind struggling restaurants and shops. Locals still reeling from the outbreak and resulting exodus are wondering when — or if — things will get back to normal. “It’s going to be hard. I mean, no...
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Skyman Trailer: The Blair Witch Project’s Daniel Myrick Returns

Skyman trailer: The Blair Witch Project’s Daniel Myrick returns In addition to revealing their acquisition of the latest effort from The Blair Witch Project co-director, Gravitas Ventures has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming sci-fi/mystery mockumentary Skyman seeing Daniel Myrick returning behind the camera for the first time in over a decade. The trailer can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Exclusive Dirt Music Trailer & Poster Starring Kelly Macdonald & Garrett Hedlund T...
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Mission Creep Watch

John Elwood reviews Monday’s relists, as well as some released holds. Because of the demands of my day job, I’m a little late with this installment. But what this post lacks in timeliness it more than makes up for in sheer tediousness. There were no new relists last week, so I hope you didn’t come here looking for success stories about last week’s bunch. And the two serial relists, Andrus v. Texas, 18-9674, and United States v. California, 19-532, seem to be returning on an endless loop. But tha...
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Leading by Example, Some Politicians Urge Residents to Wear Face Masks

Across the country, state and local politicians have begun donning protective gear, in contrast to President Trump, who said he wouldn’t follow the C.D.C. guidance.
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LePage Pardoned His Late Mentor’s Grandson In Final Days Of Second Term

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage pardoned his late mentor’s grandson in the final days of his second four-year term, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press that detail pardons for crimes including drug trafficking, tax evasion and embezzlement of public funds. The secretary of state recently released a list of 112 people who were pardoned by the Republican former governor in response to a Freedom of Access Act request by the AP seeking pardons covering LePag...
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‘Skyman’ Trailer: The Co-Director of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ is Back With an Alien Abduction Story

20 years ago, Daniel Myrick co-directed The Blair Witch Project. It was one of the biggest indie film successes of all time and has become a permanent piece of the pop culture landscape. Now, he’s back with another fake documentary, but instead of witches in the woods, he’s turning his camera on alien abductions. The Skyman trailer is here and…well, let’s just say that it doesn’t look quite as good as The Blair Witch Project. Skyman Trailer After the massive success of The Blair Witch P...
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How should advocates for reduced prison populations respond to deadly actions by released violent offenders?

In response to recent posts about clemency here and about reducing prison populations here, commentator federalist has flagged two local stories of violent offenders released after relatively short periods of incarceration gong on to commit murder.  One story, out of Atlanta, and is discussed in this newspaper piece under the headlined "‘Visionary’ didn’t keep promises to help violent teenager."  Here is a snippet: One day last August, Gwendolyn Sands stood before a Fulton County judge and prom...
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What Will Happen To Abortion Rights After Justice Anthony Kennedy Retires?

This is not a drill: Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from The U.S. Supreme Court, effective July 31, per a resignation letter sent to President Donald Trump on Wednesday. Please excuse me while I vomit on my shoes in panic over the inevitable loss of the rights to my own body. Not to sound alarmist, but this is yet another step in the direction of our IRL Handmaid’s Tale scenario. It’s all playing out, just as we predicted. Our rights are in more danger than ever, advocates and legal expert...
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Opposing the Opposing View of More Gun Control as a Solution

Opinion Firearms Coalition: ‘Solutions' Won’t Save Lives Buckeye, AZ –-( My brother Chris and I were invited to submit an “Opposing View” editorial to USA Today newspaper last week, in advance of the student “March for Our Lives” events scheduled for March 24 2018.We've done these types of editorials in USA Today a few times in the past, and appreciate the opportunity to share our side of the story with a wider audience.Still, it is always a somewhat troubling experience because...
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Sierra Canyon football romps, now ready for league showdown

BRENTWOOD — On paper, Friday’s matchup between Sierra Canyon and Brentwood was for the Gold Coast League Ocean Division title. Realistically, it was preparation for Paraclete for the Trailblazers. Sierra Canyon made short work of the host Eagles, scoring five touchdowns in the first quarter and seven in the first half en route to an 49-0 romp of Brentwood. The win sets up a matchup of defending CIF Southern Section and state champions next week for the Gold Coast League title. Paraclete, the fir...
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A Brief History Of The Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Feud

If you're looking for evidence of the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, you won't have to search for long. By now, tension between the singers has been broiling for a good four years. With thinly veiled Twitter digs and pointed song lyrics, Swift and Perry have both scattered clues throughout the internet. Now, we're determined to collect all the evidence — especially since the feud might be entering a new phase.With Katy Perry set to release a new album, people are speculating whether ...
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‘The Blair Witch Project’ Almost Had a More Gruesome Ending [Updated]

Update: We have embedded the alternate endings discussed below. Watch them at the bottom of the article. This summer will mark 18 years since The Blair Witch Project took the box office by storm, becoming one of the first viral sensations at the cinema. Some audiences weren’t sure whether the movie they were watching was real or not thanks to a clever marketing campaign creating a fake ghost story online (when the internet wasn’t anywhere near as widely used or quite as untrustworthy) about a w...
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‘The Blair Witch Project’ Almost Had a More Gruesome Ending

This summer will mark 18 years since The Blair Witch Project took the box office by storm, becoming one of the first viral sensations at the cinema. Some audiences weren’t sure whether the movie they were watching was real or not thanks to a clever marketing campaign creating a fake ghost story online (when the internet wasn’t anywhere near as widely used or quite as untrustworthy) about a witch in Burkittsville, Maryland. The movie scared the hell out of people, especially the troubling ending...
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Fair Game: When a Business Faltered, Small Investors Stood Their Ground

A case involving Breitburn Energy Partners could offer a lesson for individual investors who are being run over by the company.
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Here's Why You Can't Stop Watching Weirdly Satisfying Videos

Whether you're a fan of dog massages, makeup tutorials, cake frosting, or things fitting perfectly into other things, everyone seems to have their go-to stress-relieving videos. (This author's personal favorite is a video of someone making wax fake-food samples.) Plus, there are endless YouTube compilations and an entire subreddit devoted to the weird-yet-satisfying.So how did we all happen to collectively stumble on these things? And why can't we look away? It turns out, there's some complicat...
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Who Is Attracted to Inspiring Media?

By Sophie H. Janicke Cat videos are hilarious, no doubt about that. But videos of altruism--like a bear saving a crow from drowning or a man in the subway giving his T-shirt to a homeless person--also make us somehow feel good inside. There's little question that inspiring media make the world a better place: Research has shown that we feel inspired to do good in the world when we experience a specific set of self-transcendent emotions, which include elevation, awe, and gratitude. These are the ...
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The Science Behind Your Love Of Internet Cats

Photo: Dan Callister/REX Shutterstock. This article was originally published on June 17, 2015.For some, cat videos are simply a workday time-killer. For others, they are a movement. No matter your level of commitment, a recent study has arrived to say that there's no shame in your love for Lil' Bub, Grumpy Cat, Maru, or any online feline to whom you pledge your allegiance.Conducted by Jessica Gall Myrick, PhD, of Indiana University, the study set out to explain why people watch cat videos in...
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STAGE TUBE: Watch Highlights from Hip Hop Musical iLLA! at NYMF; Only 3 Performances Left!

Following sold out runs in Atlanta and Toledo, the New York Musical Festival NYMF and David Coffman will present iLLA A HIP HOP MUSICAL. The production, featuring book, lyrics and music by Ronve O'Daniel, music by Jevares C. Myrick, and Direction by J Kyle Manzay, will perform concert presentations at The Pearl Theatre Friday, July 29th at 5pm, Sunday, July 31st at 9pm, and Tuesday, August 2nd at 9pm. Click below to watch an exclusive trailer for the show [Author: Stage Tube]
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Is The U.S. Finally Ready For A Supervised Heroin Injection Site?

Photographed by Jessica Nash. Kathleen Errico's eulogy for her 23-year-old daughter, Kelsey, went viral last week. After a long battle with heroin addiction and nearly 10 months of sobriety, Kelsey overdosed on April 2.“To the person who doesn’t understand addiction she is just another statistic who chose to make a bad decision,” Errico writes. “I don’t care though because for the people who do understand, this was our baby, our youngest, our child, our daughter and as a mother; my everything....
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The Overdose Crisis is Making America Finally Consider Supervised Injection Facilities

There is an overdose crisis in the United States. More people are now dying from overdose deaths than from car accidents. Overdose has become an issue that is being talked about at all levels of government and just last week President Obama launched a major initiative to address addiction and overdose. Many of the harm reduction practices that advocates have pushed for years are starting to be embraced by the Drug Czar and elected officials in both red and blue states. Many states have passed la...
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This Mayor Wants His City To Be The First In The U.S. With A Supervised Heroin Injection Site

WASHINGTON -- A New York mayor is proposing to offer the first supervised injection facility in the U.S., making it possible for heroin users to inject the drug under the supervision of a nurse, as part of an ambitious and controversial plan to tackle heroin addiction. "Using heroin is bad for you," Svante Myrick, the mayor of Ithaca, New York, told The Huffington Post on Monday. “Dying from an overdose is even worse. We have to keep people alive and get them the resources to get clean. They...
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Guess Factory Store Canada Online Deals: Additional 40% Off Sale + Save Up to 30% on Spring Fashion + Free Shipping on Orders $99 or More with Promo Code + More

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Body of Homicide Victim Found in Santa Cruz Co.: Police

Authorities have found the body of a San Francisco Bay man who they believe was killed by his co-worker after a fight last week, according to police. His co-worker at GP Sports in San Jose, 39-year-old Steve Hlebo, of Los Altos, was charged Wednesday with Myrick's murder . 22 with Hlebo as the two were assembling two ATVs in the back of the motorbike shop at 2020 Camden Avenue, according to the police report. His mother, Kelly Sparry, was on the way to the vigil when she learned that her son's b...
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Blood and severed ear signal foul play in San Jose missing-man

He was arrested in Los Altos on suspicion of murder on Saturday. Steve Hlebo, 39, of Los Altos, was identified as a person of interest in the killing of 28-year-old Kyle Myrick, of San Jose. Steve Hlebo, 39, of Los Altos, was identified as a person of interest in the killing of 28-year-old Kyle Myrick, of San Jose. The discovery that led to Hlebo's arrest was made on the grounds of his and Myrick's workplace at GP Sports, 2020 Camden Ave. On Friday, the report states.
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