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NAACP Calls for Footage Release After Baby Dies in Shootout

A Mississippi NAACP chapter is demanding access to reports and videos that show how a 3-month-old baby died after his father was killed in a shootout with police on a highway.
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Regina King Will Direct ‘Bitter Root,’ a Comic Book Movie About Monster Hunters During the Harlem Renaissance

Regina King has found her next project. Fresh off her acclaimed directorial debut One Night in Miami, King has been tapped as the director for Bitter Root, Legendary’s feature adaptation of the Image Comics graphic novel series about on a family of monster hunters living during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. Deadline reports that Legendary has tapped Regina King to direct and produce the Bitter Root movie, based on the acclaimed Image Comics series created by David F. Walker, Sanford G...
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Maryland NAACP leader blasts governor's posthumous pardons of lynching victims

The head of Maryland's NAACP on Sunday lambasted Gov. Larry Hogan's posthumous pardon of lynching victims as "political posturing," criticizing the Republican governor for issuing a blanket pardon of dozens of the state's Black victims even though many were never convicted of any crimes, but merely charged or accused of wrongdoing before they were killed.
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Maryland NAACP leader blasts Gov. Larry Hogan's posthumous pardons of lynching victims as 'political posturing'

The head of Maryland's NAACP on Sunday lambasted Gov. Larry Hogan's posthumous pardon of lynching victims as "political posturing," criticizing the Republican governor for issuing a blanket pardon of dozens of the state's Black victims even though many were never convicted of any crimes, but merely charged or accused of wrongdoing before they were killed.
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FDA Moves To Ban Menthol Cigarettes And Flavored Cigars

(CNN) — The US Food and Drug Administration is taking steps to ban menthol flavored cigarettes and all flavored cigars, including menthol flavor, within the next year, according to an agency announcement Thursday. The aim is to “significantly reduce disease and death” from using these two products. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Banning menthol—the last allowable flavor—in cigarettes and ban...
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Runcie Getting Chance at Constitutional Justice He Would Deny to Gun Owners

There’s good money in downgrading crimes committed by minority students to administrative offenses, and then demanding the law-abiding be defenseless. (Robert Runcie/Twitter) U.S.A. – -( “The superintendent of the Florida school district where 17 students and staff died in a 2018 high school massacre was arrested Wednesday after investigators said he lied to a grand jury investigating events surrounding the shooting,” ABC News reported Wednesday. “Broward County Schools Superint...
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Louisiana Drug Warriors Bungle Surveillance So Badly Their Target Catches Them Placing A Tracking Device On Her Car (techdirt)

You'd think a team of highly trained professionals working in the narcotics enforcement field would be a bit more careful than this. (via Jalopnik) A woman who was recently arrested for drugs said she found a tracking device on her vehicle over the weekend. She said she watched law enforcement officers place it on her car Friday. The device was found under the passenger side of her car. It's a black box with a lithium battery inside and a large magnet. The woman, Tiara Beverly, was arres...
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Justices to consider constitutionality of donor disclosure rule

The Supreme Court will close out its April argument session next week with two major First Amendment cases. On Wednesday, it will hear the case of a Pennsylvania student who was removed from her high school cheerleading team after posting offensive messages on social media. But on Monday, it will first hear a very different First Amendment case: a challenge to California’s requirement that charities and nonprofits operating in the state provide the state attorney general’s office with the names...
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Family of Andrew Brown Jr. holds press briefing in Elizabeth City, local NAACP chapter calls for Pasquotank Co. Sheriff’s resignation

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) — The family of Andrew Brown Jr. along with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II held a press briefing Saturday...
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Agreement Reached on Protests at North Carolina Courthouse

A North Carolina chapter of the NAACP and other civil rights groups have reached an agreement which settles a dispute over civil rights protests on county courthouse property where a Confederate monument stands.
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Activists Hope Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict Will Be Catalyst For Change

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‘The blue wall is crumbling,’ policing will fundamentally change after Chauvin verdict, says former NAACP CEO

Former NAACP President and CEO Cornell Brooks explains how policing could fundamentally change after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty.
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NAACP, teachers union part of group buying $1M ad spot in federal voting rights bill fight

The ads spotlight voters in New Hampshire, Georgia and Arizona who would be particularly affected by state-level voting restrictions or...
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Inside the rise of police department real-time crime centers

At a conference in New Orleans in 2007, Jon Greiner, then the chief of police in Ogden, Utah, heard a presentation by the New York City Police Department about a sophisticated new data hub called a “real time crime center.” Reams of information rendered in red and green splotches, dotted lines, and tiny yellow icons appeared as overlays on an interactive map of New York City: Murders. Shootings. Road closures. You could see the routes of planes landing at LaGuardia and the schedules of container...
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Former NAACP president: Police contracts are seemingly bulletproof

Former president and CEO of the NAACP, Cornell William Brooks, discusses new calls from officials and activists to target the benefits and pensions of police officers accused of brutality.
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"I cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs."

"By viewing every element of education, every aspect of history, and every facet of society through the lens of skin color and race, we are desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and utterly violating the movement for which such civil rights leaders believed, fought, and died. I object to the charge of systemic racism in this country, and at our school.... Furthermore, I call bullshit on Brearley's oft-stated assertion that the school welcomes and encourages the truly difficult ...
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NAACP calls to end qualified immunity in Virginia after police officer pepper-sprayed Black and Latino Army officer

A Virginia police officer accused of pepper-spraying a Black and Latino military officer during a traffic stop in December has been fired.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Va. NAACP calls for end to ‘qualified immunity’ following viral video of traffic-stop

The Virginia NAACP is demanding changes on a legislative level following video of a viral traffic-stop involving a U.S. Army Lieutenant...
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'We are done dying': NAACP, Virginia governor express outrage at pepper-spraying of Black and Latino Army officer during traffic stop

Virginia's attorney general, at least one congressman and the NAACP are furious at the actions of Windsor police officers during a traffic stop.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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'We are done dying': NAACP, others express outrage at pepper-spraying of Black and Latino Army officer during traffic stop

Virginia's attorney general, at least one congressman and the local NAACP are furious at the actions of Windsor police officers during a traffic stop.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Isle of Wight NAACP calls for termination of Windsor police officers following traffic stop incident involving U.S. Army lieutenant

Members of the Isle of Wight NAACP are now calling for the termination of two Town of Windsor police officers following an incident...
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The Latest: Romanians protest restrictions as cases top 1M

By The Associated Press BUCHAREST — Marchers have taken to the streets of the Romanian capital of Bucharest to protest restrictive measures to fight the spread of COVID-19 even as new daily infections and deaths rise in the European Union nation. About 1,000 people converged Saturday on Victory Square and University Square, expressing frustration with an earlier curfew and shop closures that took effect at the end of March. Many demonstrators waved tri-color Romanian flags and chanted “Freedom!”...
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The Latest: Lawmakers aim to limit state emergency powers

By The Associated Press NEW YORK — State lawmakers across the U.S. are taking actions to limit the emergency powers of governors — not just in the current coronavirus pandemic, but for any future emergencies. The pushback is coming primarily from Republican lawmakers but is not entirely partisan. GOP lawmakers are targeting both Democratic and Republican governors. When the pandemic hit a year ago, many governors and their top health officials temporarily ordered residents to remain home, limite...
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The Latest: Vaccine shortages hitting poor countries

By The Associated Press LONDON — As many as 60 countries might be stalled at the first shots of their coronavirus vaccinations because nearly all deliveries through the global program are blocked until as late as June. The COVAX initiative is designed to provide vaccines to countries lacking the clout to negotiate on their own for scarce supplies. In the past two weeks, only 2 million doses were cleared for shipment to 92 countries through the program, the same amount injected in Britain alone. ...
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Biden to create bipartisan commission on Supreme Court reform

President Joe Biden will issue an executive order to create a commission to study potential reforms to the Supreme Court, the White House announced on Friday. The announcement fulfilled a campaign promise by the president, who last fall proposed the idea of a commission after he declined to endorse efforts by liberals to expand the Supreme Court – efforts that Justice Stephen Breyer criticized in a speech on Tuesday at Harvard Law School. In its statement, the White House indicated that the com...
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10 Dem Reps Join Lawsuit Alleging Trump And Giuliani Violated Anti-KKK Law

Ten members of Congress whose lives were endangered during the deadly Capitol insurrection earlier this year joined a lawsuit filed by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and the NAACP against former President Trump and Rudy Giuliani. [Author: Summer Concepcion]
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Michaela Coel and Andra Day to Be Honored at Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival

NAACP Image Award winner Michaela Coel and Academy Award nominee Andra Day will be honored at the five-day 2021 Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival next week. Coel, known best for creating and starring in “Chewing Gum” and “I May Destroy You,” will be acknowledged with the Fusion Achievement Award; Day, the star of Lee Daniels’ […]
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Ten more members of Congress join NAACP lawsuit against Trump and Giuliani for conspiring to incite US Capitol riot

Ten members of Congress who were in the House gallery as rioters breached the Capitol on January 6 are adding their names to the lawsuit first filed in February against former President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.
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NAACP's Trump insurrection lawsuit expected to add 10 new plaintiffs, including members of Congress, per reports

Donald Trump. Getty The NAACP's lawsuit against Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and extremist groups, is about to expand. According to The Daily Beast, 10 new plaintiffs and additional information will be added Wednesday. The NAACP originally brought the suit on behalf of Rep. Bennie Thompson in February following the Jan. 6 riot. See more stories on Insider's business page. A federal lawsuit targeting former President Donald Trump, his lawyer, and far-right extremists in the aftermath of t...
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NAACP's Trump riot suit will reportedly add 10 new plaintiffs

Lawyers for the civil-rights organization brought the suit on behalf of Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi in February, following the...
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