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Konohana Kitan’s 2D Replication of Kanaguya Nearly Impeccable

Another dedicated otaku made a pilgrimage to Nagano prefecture to accumulate photos of the ryokan known as Rekishi no Yado Kanaguya, compiling helpful images for those curious to see how similar the anime Konohana Kitan is when compared to the real world setting it is based upon. Kanaguya, which is located in Shibu Onsen of […]
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Kent Nagano At The Montreal Symphony: A Final Assessment

Arthur Kaptainis: “[He] managed to forge an entente with an orchestra still reeling from the public resignation of Charles Dutoit and a provincial government that took culture more seriously than most. Not to mention a public that was quite prepared to be mesmerized by his mix of Japanese ancestry, Californian upbringing and European credentials. … As the right conductor at the right time, Nagano was in a much better position than most music directors to do whatever he wanted … [including] prog...
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Aug 23 - Cambridge Speaking Examiner training A2:Key and B1:Preliminary

Cambridge ELA (JP004) (Cambridge English Language Assessment - JP004 (Luna International)). August 23 (Sun), 9:00-17:00 in Nagano. Jim George, Team Leader for Cambridge Assessment English.
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Heavy rain hits scenic central Japan, more damage in south

Flooding and mudslides have stranded hundreds of people in scenic hot springs and hiking areas in central Japan, while rescue workers searched on Thursday for more people missing in the disaster that already has killed nearly 60 people in a southern region. Parts of Nagano and Gifu, including areas known for scenic mountain trails and hot springs, have been flooded by massive downpours. More than 300 people, including hotel employees and visitors, were trapped in Kamikochi, as floods and mudsl...
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Japan's devastating rains move north as millions told to evacuate

Heavy downpours in southern Japan, which have killed more than 50, now battering the country’s main islandPounding rains that have already caused deadly floods in southern Japan have moved northeast, hammering large areas of Japan’s main island, swelling rivers, triggering mudslides and destroying homes and roads.At least 58 people have died over several days of flooding. By Wednesday morning, parts of Nagano and Gifu in central Japan were flooded by unremitting downpours. Continue reading...
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New to Stream: The Criterion Channel’s July 2020 Lineup

New to Stream: The Criterion Channel’s July 2020 Lineup The Criterion Channel, a streaming service from the niche home video distributor for film aficionados, has unveiled its lineup of programming for the month of July, which will include and Auto Focused double featuring with the Steve McQueen-starring classic Bullitt and ensemble sports drama Grand Prix, along with a large roster of contemporary and classic films! RELATED: BritBox Unveils What’s Coming to the Streamer in July 2020 Wedn...
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HBO Max Unveils Hundreds of Movies Available from Warner Bros., The Criterion Collection, Studio Ghibli & More

HBO Max is coming on May 27, and while a lot of eyes will be on the original content coming from the new streaming service, plenty of people will be happy to see the huge library of movies coming with it. Since HBO Max falls under the WarnerMedia banner, there’s a huge roster of classic movies that will be available to stream, including some that aren’t available anywhere else. The full list of classic movies that HBO Max is bringing to the table has been revealed, along with the rest of the mo...
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Full List of HBO Max Movies Available at Launch Day Revealed!

Full list of HBO Max movies available at launch day revealed! With only a week left to go until the highly-anticipated launch of HBO Max, WarnerMedia has officially revealed the full list of movies that will be available for streaming when HBO Max will be making its scheduled launch on May 27. Featuring more than 600 titles ranging from Warner Bros.’ classic and most recent films to the Criterion Collection and up to the acclaimed Studio Ghibli films, you can check the full list below! (via C...
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May 22 - Casual Meetup for Teachers: featuring ALT Training Online

Nagano (formerly Shinshu) JALT (Nagano Chapter (formerly the Shinshu Chapter) of the Japan Association for Language Teaching). May 22 (Fri), 18:00-20:00 in Online. Nathaniel Reed (ALT Training Online).
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Study of rare genetic disorder that causes severe eyesight problems

Nagano prefecture is home to a group of people effected with a rare genetic neurodegenerative disorder called familial amyloid polyneuropathies. This disease impacts the gene encoding protein transthyretin which is produced in the liver and also eyes.
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Apr 26 - PD for YLE professionals - Cambridge speaking examiner training

Cambridge ELA (JP004) (Cambridge English Language Assessment - JP004 (Luna International)). April 26 (Sun), 9:00-17:00 in Nagano. Jim George Team Leader, Cambridge Assessment English.
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Apr 25 - PD - Speaking Examiner training at A2 + B1 levels

Cambridge ELA (JP004) (Cambridge English Language Assessment - JP004 (Luna International)). April 25 (Sat), 9:00-17:00 in Nagano. Jim George Team Leader, Cambridge Assessment English.
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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Midoriyama, Japan

Photo submitted by Nagano, a member of Machida MTB Tomonokai, “Japanese love cherry blossom flowers of spring, and it has come a little earlier than usual. This place is the north-end of Yokohama city, and is only a mile from Tokyo Prefecture.” We always love seeing photos from where you are riding and are happy to […] The post Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Midoriyama, Japan appeared first on Bikerumor.
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2005-06 Ottawa Senators: What Could Have Been

From the 1998-99 to 2006-07 NHL campaigns, the Ottawa Senators dominated the regular season with teams that were some of the best in franchise history. As we know, the Sens failed to capitalize in the postseason but came very close in 2007, making it to the Stanley Cup Final. However, the team that I believe was the best is the 2005-06 Senators. This team was the best chance that Ottawa has ever had for a Stanley Cup. The Prelude to Dominance With the Senators dominating in the regular ...
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Where to try kaiseki

In A Simple Art , Shizuo Tsuji’s treatise on Japanese cooking, the author writes, “Japanese cuisine is deceptively simple, its ingredients are but two: a rather delicate stock (dashi) made from konbu (giant kelp) and flakes of dried bonito, and shoyu, Japanese soy sauce.” In 2013, Japanese was designated as an intangible element of Japan’s cultural heritage by UNESCO. Today, Japanese cuisine inspires menus the world over, and restaurants serving Japanese food are some of the most highly regard...
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Hitting in Women’s Hockey: Why Not?

Occasionally I will be asked for my thoughts as to whether hitting (bodychecking) should be allowed in women’s hockey. For those unfamiliar with the rules for the women’s game, while body contact is allowed and happens quite regularly, bodychecking is not. Delivering a bodycheck constitutes a two-minute minor penalty. If you really want to know my personal opinion, I have never thought that hitting was necessary in the women’s game. I feel that incorporating bodychecking would take away from...
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Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Summer Olympics

It will be here before we know it: the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, this time taking place in Japan’s capital of Tokyo. It’s Tokyo’s second time hosting a Summer Olympics, 56 years after their first time in the spotlight. These Games will see the introduction of some exciting new sports to the lineup, too: skateboarding will make its Olympic debut, as well as karate, surfing and sport climbing. There will be plenty of classics to watch as well, from the ever-popular swimming and gymnastics ev...
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Figure skating coach Callaghan has lifetime ban reduced

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Renowned figure skating coach Richard Callaghan, who tutored Tara Lipinski to the gold medal at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, had his lifetime ban for alleged sexual misconduct reduced to a three-year suspension Monday. The decision, first reported by ABC News, came after a hearing involving the U.S. Center for SafeSport. […]
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First-timer’s guide to visiting Karuizawa, Japan

Few places on earth possess the same unique and timeless beauty that Japan has to offer. The stunning resort town of Karuizawa is no exception. Located in the mountains of Nagano, this awe-inspiring location hosts a myriad of exciting sights and attractions for its many visitors. Whether you are a fan of outdoor sightseeing and...
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The Complete, Rather Disappointing, History of Women’s Hockey on Jeopardy

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images Yesterday’s November 11th episode, part of a Tournament of Champions no less, featured a category on women’s sports entitled “What’s Her Sport?”. And making an appearance in the $400 clue where former Minnesota/North Dakota gold medal-winning American heroes Monique Lamoureux-Morando and Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson. Unforunately, that day’s collection of Jeopardy champions was stumped:— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 11, 2019...
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AP Photos: Editor selections from the past week in Asia

An Indian worker mixes gunpowder to make firecrackers for Diwali, the upcoming Hindu festival of lights, at a factory on the outskirts of Ahmadabad. In other images from the Asia-Pacific region this week, bullet trains are submerged in muddy waters in Nagano, central Japan, in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis. A lake in Dharmasala, India, […]
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Japan: Typhoon Hagibis aftermath

Japan (MNN) – Super Typhoon Hagibis —Tagalog for 'speedy'—left a large and muddy footprint over Japan. Today, thousands of military personnel and first responders remain in search and rescue mode in the wake of torrential rains that caused 20 rivers to burst their banks. Even as the casualty rate cl (Photo courtesy of Asian Access/Joe Handley/FB)Asian Access) imbs, Asian Access' Robert Adair says the scope of long-term damage mens this is just the beginning. "The storm came in ...
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Flooded bullet trains show Japan’s risks from disasters

TOKYO (AP) — The typhoon that ravaged Japan last week hit with unusual speed and ferocity, leaving homes buried in mud and people stranded on rooftops. But nothing spoke more of the powerlessness of modernization against natural disasters than rows of bullet trains deluged in floodwaters in Nagano, a mountainous region to the northwest of […]
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More victims, more damage found in Japan typhoon aftermath

NAGANO, Japan (AP) — More victims and more damage have been found in typhoon-hit areas of central and northern Japan, where rescue crews are searching for people still missing. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a parliamentary session Tuesday that typhoon-related deaths have risen to 53, with 20 others missing. Lawmakers prayed in silence for the […]
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Japan looks for missing after typhoon kills dozens

Rescue crews dug through mudslides and searched near swollen rivers Monday as they looked for those missing from a typhoon that left dozens dead and caused serious damage in central and northern Japan. Typhoon Hagibis unleashed torrents of rain and strong winds Saturday, leaving thousands of homes on Japan's main island flooded, damaged or without power. A riverside section of Nagano, northwest of Tokyo, was covered with mud, its apple orchards completely flooded and homes still without electr...
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Biathlon Canada Names Head Coach for Season: Justin Wadsworth

Canadian National Team Head Coach Justin Wadsworth (r) giving splits to Devon Kershaw at 2012 World Cup Finals in Falun, Sweden. Last week, Biathlon Canada Justin Wadsworth as the Head Coach for the 2019-2020 season. In April, 2019, Wadsworth took on a temporary role as the team’s summer coach. That fill-in-the-gap stint will extend through this season’s racing. Wadsworth joins Canadian biathlon at a challenging time, its funds are limited funding and after the retirement of many top athlete...
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Hotel Hakuba: A Japanese Ski Lodge for Scandi Design Fanatics

Located in a village near Nagano, the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Hotel Hakuba is a ski lodge from Onecollection founders Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik merging Japanese architecture with midcentury Scandinavian design. A bit of history: In 2000, Hansen and Henrik acquired the rights to produce the designs of Danish midcentury icon Finn Juhl. “Since part of the line is produced in Japanese workshops, we already had a strong affiliation with the country,” they say. Hotel Hakuba is their first ...
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Wake Up Girls Final Sendai and Learning to Love It All the Way to the End

With the last of the Sendai stop in the rear mirror, the seiyuu-idol unit Wake Up, Girls! is only one more live away from disbandment. I’m just trying to grapple with it the best I can as a fan of WUG who has now attended the last few shows in Sendai. As to how we got here, let’s just say in Japanese popular entertainment, idol groups are common and idols of this variety come and go just like how their next-door-girl charms can be found, well, next door. There are a lot of reasons behind...
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Chinese Hockey Expanding at an Astonishing Rate

The Chinese Ice Hockey Association (CIHA) has a goal. They have been expanding in the hockey market for years now and they have set their targets. Behind the Kunlun Red Star hockey club and ahead of the 2022 Beijing Games, the CIHA has seen a rapid growth in the sport in recent years that shows no signs of slowing down – and that’s just how they want it. It all started prior to the 2016-17 season with the aforementioned Kunlun Red Star joining the Kontinental Hockey League. The plan was to sign ...
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Feb 23 - Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2019 (Nagano)

OUP (Oxford University Press). February 23 (Sat), 10:30-14:20 in Nagano. Rob Peacock (Oxford University Press), Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina (Authors, Magic Time; Co-authors, Everybody Up, Oxford Discover), Setsuko Toyama (Co-author, English Time).
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