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What is Just Going?

  G ood Morning Ragmates. Today will probably be the last really warm day here. The maples over the ridge have turned golden. Isn't that amazing? Been exploring this land.  As it turns out, there are walnuts here. Right Here. As Mom used to say...How about that? The dyepo(e)t waits. Reconsidering  path has brought me to The Tenderness of Place   aka Everything is So Fragile (I decided, yes, yes I could, I could name them all that, it works right?). There are things. I will be ...
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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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Getting Back

  S o here I am we are, today... So many thoughts went through my mind as I stitched. Yet, I was not prepared to catch them. I long to really get through it, making a cloth with a true sense of how it happened, openly shared. Even if for my own curiosity, because it's as much of a mystery to me. It is quite a challenge to remember to let it flow. How interruptions are just as much a part of it. The forming. I am calling this The Uphill Climb. There is no figure yet. I am not sure it i...
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Yesterday's Progress

I just let him sit there for a while. I am not in a hurry. The stem line , just marked with pen, where and as the thread fell. Started stitching but didn't finish. And yes, Change is at the Heart of Season.   I want to name this that. Heart of Season. I thought how oddly we attach ourselves to the expected outcome and that it is probably just a slow repeating shift toward the unrecognizable. If we only lived long enough.  PS. I will remove the PlaceKeeper from the top blog menu, it ...
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Name it

Just let it out.  Something. Call it something. What comes to mind?   Just Wake Up The Beauty of Another Day Become a Sun Not Exactly a Phoenix but Rising All the Same Wake the Beast She Needs New Wings Rest in the chaos and Rise with the Sun The Spirit September's Bitch Naming things is a tool I use to mark the moment. Again and again.  It helps me hold the change of mind. Story is that. One mind and then another. Reacting to a chain of events. How it seems to happen. I could build 9 s...
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It's hard to know the big picture...

...probably because we never really get to see it. Still we try to hold the sense of it. It doesn't make me feel small like it used to. I can just be part of it. Like a patch. It is easier to hold on to that these days. The Bigger Cloth. I was simply exhausted yesterday. I slept early and I slept deep. Soul-o seemed to know, he stayed close.  This morning, after 4 tries, photos!  The piece above, an unfinished small journey from the class with the same name.  I added and stitched the o...
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Just Today

Wednesday, probably that's all I could say. Except fabric bits seem to be carried on the wind here. And I woke late. And I am posting late. Late starts here but things are growing. It warmed up again. Indigo, planted late, in a pot, could bring it inside and let it continue if needed. And the green quilt start. Still working on Heal, but thinking about this one now. Calling it Grow. Growing requires courage too. Where's that basket of red? I threw my back out of wack, so slower. I put a ...
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Holding on to Nothing

N amed for the wispy silk scraps I am filling space with. It's like that, holding on to nothing. It has changed since I posted it on Instagram last week.  But also the image is developing  slowly around the concept of the name.  And the name has 2 parts.  Holding on to Nothing aka New Eyes. It's about my changing perception of what is real. How to give form to that. Make it some sort of place to hold on to.  Also, these kinds of images I build with cloth are more personal in terms o...
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Hunker Down and Remember

I don't remember the name of these trees. But I remember them. Don't tell me. It's OK. Never planted one. But they always seem to be familiar. In winter I don't recognize them.  When they bloom, I remember them, though not by name.  I began with a soft pink because I had some. I was thinking white, but it is a fleshy pink I picked up and threaded through the needle. Might seem white against a dark color but flesh colored here. Two strands of embroidery floss, a free running ...
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Hunker Down and Appreciate the Ordinary

  J ust a few moments to reflect .  I did not plan to focus on the Robe thing in such detail here in "Large Cloth". But how it goes is simply how it is. And I let you lead me my friends. Lead me and accompany me at the same time. You might recognize this robe "Without End" from one of the videos I published from the Contemporary Boro class in the last few days.  It's the one made from grandma's linen curtain.  With the binding made from scraps of my son's baby quilt. It was patched...
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Running Through

2 short stories. T his is a chipmunk running very fast past the studio door. And this is me... Stitching quite slowly, helping a thread run through a few loose patches. And then naming it Love is a Life Force .
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The Tendency to make it through...

  W e are on the path to June. A cold May but it's OK. I'm gardening small this year. So many little things that I started here along the path, not sure they would make it through winter, they did! And I'll start a pot of indigo today. Small and portable seems good to me lately.  Maybe carry it with me.  Like thoughts. Miss Aloe. I put her outside a little too early this year. It looks like she will make it. I cobbled a few scraps together.  They came together so nicely.  I name...
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Simple Variation

J ust this. Nine. For Rising up. I gave it this name today. Using color and patchwork to emphasize a simple shift in position. A step in another direction.  I could name it that too.   Patchwork in Perspective -Part 2:    Puzzle Pieces will go on sale later this month.  Begins July 1, runs for one month, and is focused on Hand Pieced Components (and seams) that might be used to Build a Bigger Cloth. or not, Small Cloth is nice too.
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May's Wall

J ust Looking. Which always results in Just Thinking. Gathered greens  for  class .  Or just because. And some fiddling with an old thread of a drawing. Which I might rename untangling and becoming green .
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A Studio Day

A warm one. Before another polar vortex. I put my winter bitch in the closet. I will build one small fire, warm up the stove. Since the sun is out, that's enough for the day. On a lighter note, this will be a Stoodio Day. The lightness took over yesterday. When I patched Joy back to my center. Stitching, anticipating February, weathering a storm before it happens, stitching, sewing snow, S(new)ing...? Snewing. Probably with out the context, we might read it Snoowing.  Oh ha. The patches ...
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Think Simple...

W ithout the clutter of greed, agenda and expectation, little things can be surprisingly useful. I try not to overlook that. Think. Consider. Keep Going. Many times, I get the question..."what do you do with all these little pieces?". I consider each one, and each step, a thought caught. And I try to put them in perspective. Thought Catching now aka Patchwork in Perspective   is officially the first segment of a sharing series I will host in 2019 starting on my birthday, February 19th. Ok ...
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I 'll say more about this later, just catching a thought and testing video again. Mostly the Invisible Baste aka Glue Stitch approach is relaxed and the stitch shows on the other side. But it doesn't have to... I added a video to the Glue Stitch page over at Feel Free. But really I need a more detailed version. I'll get to it. We can also consider this a form of applique. And blind stitching but I might even call it the Secret Stitch. I have no real reason to do it this way here...
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Snow . Stitch.

I t did , it snowed a bit. I'm celebrating. Stitching across an old moon. . But today I will call it the Snow Stitch. Frame of mind.
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Today's Looking Ceremony

T he way it is... Today. Looking for Answers (from another perspective), Standing for Freedom, Make Waves, Holding Tenderness (now aka known as Compassion), a light switch. In November, still in process. Almost December. Considering how another year will unfold. And then in perspective... the way it really is... Considering a year of less cropping.
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Reconsidering Mood

The M ood has changed . Mood is a temporary frame of mind. Which makes it all Mood. I stitched. To emphasize the reaching out. Continuing from here . My naming often evolves but I'm sticking with Stand for Freedom. I think the center needs some work. I am seeing so many frames here. Like many resting places, and a kind of measuring of vibrating outward. And then, pinned to the larger cloth, Magic.  Held by the Serpent of Days. Which is still forming, and seems like a basket after all...
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S he's rolled up to become smaller. And then not. She's inside out... A bit upside down. But still holding together. So done enough I think. And maybe nameless. Being swept up into invokes name-less-ness, I think. A stray might simply be part of the landscape. For those of you who have emailed me in the last weeks, I'm slowly getting to it.  
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Out of the Blue

  S anity # ? I have lost count. But I haven't lost track. This is one of my favorite composition styles. The Sanity Effect. A math. There is a center, nine, the square, a sense of expansion. And always another box. A challenge yet a point of reference. The sanity series is based on a simple quilt math of 1-2-3 (inches). The piece is now 15" square. A little bit about quilt math here . Until I move it to Feel Free. Composition is so much about point of reference. Composition is a kind o...
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Slow Change

I thought , The Last Cat. The nature of a stray is to adapt. Evolve if there is time enough to notice. It happens slowly, then one day, poof. Not a cat anymore. I'm done with a lot of things. But they still form a cloud around me. I ache for something with no name. I think... Still, an old self is like a foundation. Something to build on. When I remind myself that my self is a component and not the big picture, the whole scale of the thing changes.
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Still Standing

  R eConsidering that. (As opposed to Standing Still) Still Standing implies more of a process, a balancing act, a dynamic. So A frame. And I added Fringe . This one will have 2 names then. Ok. Turbulent Times aka Still Standing. Realizing that naming is actually taking a stand.. In a way, yes. It is that What you meant to say by making, your thoughts in some concise form, shared. a bridge  to conversation.   Fringe is a symbol I use a lot. I tried to talk a bit about it this morning. My a...
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Liquid Place

R econsidering home once again. Expressing a sense of gentleness. Perhaps softening the edge of ownership. Making home more of a welcoming determination to survive without interrupting that right for others. I suppose this is a new symbol. I call it the Mending Star. I might trace it back to prior musings, But that will take me some time. Perhaps I am indeed reconsidering wishing. My stars became wishing stars along the way. Linked to hope more than anything. But romanticizing a fix for so...
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Tree House

aka Awakening . Here, on this little long cloth, nine is, like it often is for me, a seed. This got stitched while I waited  because it was small and portable and I had a few home bases prepared for the shop and I changed my mind. Now they are rolled up around a few loose threads, a pen and a needle...and in my pocket just in case.  
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Keeping a Roof Over our Heads

R ather basic to all of us, yes? Like the moon.  Yesterday there were 3 squares and three triangles. Today there is a community. Now where are those 3 circles? Home is still on my mind. As well as building. Looking back as well as forward supports building.  I did a drawing. I put patchwork into perspective. From an old dream.  Patchwork has evolved into a philosophy over the years. It encompasses all that we do. To me.  Design Mending. Patchwork in Perspective A book might begin with...
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Not Lost in Space

F ound. Lately I find myself in space. I we worked long hours to finish the deck. Because the rain is coming soon. It takes about 48 hours to dry. We moved all the furniture and paraphernalia off.  To work.  After a bit of what-iffing, it's been decided. To just leave it as a space. Just like this. Maybe a place to watch birds. And deer. And the forest closing in.  Until we go. Nine (forever) ready. Experimenting with loose patches and center. Waiting for the space to stitch. And this...
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Heart House

8:12 AM T his one turned out to be a piece of advice ( which is its other name). About building (a kind of composition based on alignment and balance). You can build a home, the sense of stillness and safety, even though everything is really moving. ' A sense of home is a travelling companion. Yesterday's ThreadCrumbs game was a test run. It is just about to come to a close. Thank you all for joining in. There were so many emails when I woke up I just smiled and made coffee. I wil...
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I did not work on this yesterday. I sketched it long ago. On Paper. And then, while away, I sketched it on cloth. I worked on it, using a method I call, and have often mentioned, Skitch-Skatch, a close and personal technique of stitching and patching over a sketch. First conceived back here . In an attempt to create a OneNess to my creative approach. It is painstakingly slow. And often times frustrating. It is a design mending technique. That is, what is imagined slowly becomes what is pos...
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