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Tig Notaro Animated Stand Up Special Coming to HBO This Summer

Here’s something groundbreaking for you comedy fans: HBO is going to release the first-ever fully animated stand-up special. I’m not entirely sure how that even works, but the special comes from Tig Notaro. Notaro selected Six Point Harness, whose credits include Hair Love, Lazor Wulf, Guava Island, and Waffles + Mochi, to produce the animation for the special. Tig Notaro, who has a role in the upcoming Zack Snyder zombie heist flick Army of the Dead, is set to lead an animated stand-up spec...
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Comment on classic shortbread by Sarah U

Made these today to freeze because my parents will be visiting next week and my 3yo daughter wants to have a tea party with Nana. We haven’t seen them in 2 years so it deserves special cookies. They are delicious And I look forward to having them with tea. I’m not sure I prefer them over the other shortbread cookies on your site, Deb. I will have to make them again and compare. :)
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Genetic Mistakes That Could Shape Our Species

Slashdot reader omfglearntoplay shares an excerpt from a BBC article that explores the new technologies that may have already introduced genetic errors to the human gene pool. The article starts by mentioning He Jiankui, a Shenzhen researcher who was sentenced to prison in late 2019 for creating the world's first genetically altered babies. From the report: Jiankui had made the first genetically modified babies in the history of humankind. After 3.7 billion years of continuous, undisturbed evolu...
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Health care workers get the applause, but our families are essential, too

Leanne, a nurse, sits next to me in the ICU. She says into the phone, “Now, Johnny, you be good for Nana.” We’re only halfway through another 12-hour shift, and she won’t be home until after her 5-year-old son is ready for bed. Such calls to palliate separation have long been part of the fabric of […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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CS Interview: Writers/Stars Everton & Call on Recovery [SXSW]

CS Interview: Writers/Stars Everton & Call on Recovery [SXSW] Ahead of the moving dramedy’s world premiere at the 2021 South by Southwest Film Festival (SXSW), got the opportunity to chat with co-writers and co-stars Mallory Everton and Whitney Call to discuss their heartwarming road trip Recovery! RELATED: SXSW 2021 Reviews: Jakob’s Wife, Language Lessons & More! So Recovery is an absolute blast in the film. I gotta be honest going into it, I was a little wo...
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Comment on stuck-pot rice with lentils and yogurt by Elaine

In reply to deb. my dad is half Lebanese, and a relative of his self-published a cookbook (in the 80s!) of family recipes, she spelled it imjuddrah. his pronunciation from his Nana (who was born in Lebanon) is mmm-ZHUD-ruh with a softly rolled r sound. the mejadara spelling has always baffled me because it doesn’t seem to come at all close to the word i grew up hearing, must be a regional thing. anyway it’s a delicious and perfect food no matter what you call it! i don’t know if you’ve ever trie...
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Comment on pecan sticky buns by Amina Harris

I am a convert. I love the absolutely frank and simple way you talk about food. And when I found the sticky bun recipe (I’ve made dozens of your recipes), I found my Nana’s ‘schnecken’ recipe or as close as I was ever going to get to it. And not only that — but it called for honey. I own a varietal honey company (for 40 years) and am always looking for recipes I love and can share. In my case, because we have over 30 varietal honeys from the US, I try to figure out just which one would be perfec...
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Texts, tweets and posts have replaced letters. Is our history becoming transitory?

In this remarkable year, our stories are at risk of being locked away on phones and floating, forgotten, in the digital etherIn the process of removing the final vestiges of my things from my parents’ house this year I find a letter from my nana – Big Nana (because she was tall), not Little Nana (who wasn’t) – written in her familiar curly script.“Last Sunday I went to D’s 80th birthday luncheon – an exciting collection of old has-beens! One old lady said how dreadful she looked these days stand...
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Adobe's chief product officer predicts the 8 biggest tech trends of 2021

Scott Belsky. Adobe Scott Belsky is the chief product officer of Adobe and founder of Behance, Adobe's social media platform. He's an early investor and product advisor for top startups including Pinterest, Uber, Carta, and Airtable. As 2020 comes to a close, Belsky predicts eight major trends to emerge in the tech industry in the near future. He says talent will increasingly own their audiences through apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Patreon, and that systems and apps supporting creativity...
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6 kinderleichte Plätzchenrezepte, die immer gelingen

Es gibt Tage, an denen ich mich hochmotiviert und beschwingt in die Küche stelle, den Kochlöffel schwinge, mit Zutaten um mich schmeiße und versuche, etwas ohne Fertigprodukte zu zaubern. Wobei die Betonung auf versuchen liegt. Wirklich lecker ist das Ergebnis nämlich leider nicht immer – nicht wegen meiner fehlenden Kochkünste, sondern wegen des launischen Gasofens, logisch.Trotzdem gebe ich mir (und meinem Ofen) jedes Jahr, genauer gesagt immer pünktlich zur Weihnachtszeit, noch mal eine Chan...
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After Legal Threat, Fox Shows Aired Identical Fact Checks Of Election Conspiracy-Mongering

After their parent company received a lengthy, angry letter from a voting machine manufacturer at the center of multiple election conspiracy theories, three separate programs on Fox News and Fox Business aired an identical interview fact-checking some of their hosts’ own claims this weekend, enraging viewers and surprising the fact-based community. The company, Smartmatic, has been smeared repeatedly by Fox News and Fox Business hosts — not to mention the President’s lawyers and others in the...
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Daily Crunch: Apple releases macOS Big Sur

The latest Mac operating system arrives, Amazon faces a lawsuit over PPE and Disney+ turns one. This is your Daily Crunch for November 12, 2020. The big story: Apple releases macOS Big Sur This update, which was first announced five months ago at WWDC, includes a number of design changes that continue to blur the line between macOS and iOS. One of the big additions is the Control Center, an iOS/iPadOS feature that presents a translucent pane down the right side of the screen. Meanwhile, Saf...
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Nana nabs $6M for an online academy and marketplace dedicated to appliance repair

A lot of the focus in online education — and, let’s face it, education overall — has been about professional development for knowledge workers, education for K-12 and how best to deliver cost-effective, engaging higher learning to those in college and beyond. But in what might be a sign of the times, today a startup that’s focused on e-learning and the subsequent job market for a completely different end of the spectrum — home services — is announcing some funding to continue building out its bu...
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Munou na Nana Torments the Heroine With Blackmail

Powerless heroine anime Munou na Nana has thrust its vulnerable heroine into another dangerous situation as she is blackmailed into obeying the whims of an evildoer, certain to have many rooting for the girl as the protagonist demonstrates the extent of her human abilities to find herself a way out. Omake:
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Comment on whole wheat chocolate oat cookies by Juliana

I think I have a new favorite cookie recipe. Forever it’s been my Nana’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. In fact they are similar to these…only these are better! I made batch #1 yesterday and batches #2 and 3 this evening!
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An Ohio mom dropped off her infant at daycare. The baby was 'lifeless' when she picked her up

When Taylor Bush went by Nana's Home Daycare in Cleveland earlier this week and picked up her 2-month-old daughter, something didn't seem right.
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"Buscándole:" Finding ways to help Latino small businesses

Every day for the past 47 years, my mother-in-law, who my kids and I love to call Nana, wakes up, has her required cup of cafecito and gets ready to go to work. She’s a hairstylist and the owner of Carmen’s Beauty Salon in Imperial Beach, California, and she wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. She’s seen her regulars for decades, cutting and styling their hair through weddings, graduations and more.  My mother-in-law giving my son a trim at her salon.  But in 2020, being a ...
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Two new tropical waves being tracked as two others are merging in the Atlantic, NHC says

With two tropical waves merging in the Atlantic Ocean, two more are being tracked as Tropical Depressions Nana and Omar continue to weaken, according to the National Hurricane Center.
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Hurricane Nana forms and makes landfall in Belize, and 2 tropical waves forecast to merge

Hurricane Nana formed Wednesday night, becoming the sixth hurricane of the 2020 season. It made landfall early Thursday in Belize, the National Hurricane Center said.
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Hurricane Nana forms; two tropical waves forecast to merge in Atlantic

Hurricane Nana formed Wednesday night, becoming the sixth hurricane of the 2020 season. It is forecast to make landfall in Belize overnight, the National Hurricane Center said.
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Hurricane Nana could form tonight. Hurricane center expects two tropical waves to merge

Tropical Storm Nana could become the season’s next hurricane Wednesday evening as it closes in on a Belize landfall early Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said.
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Nana is likely to become a hurricane by Wednesday night as the record-breaking season continues

Tropical Storm Nana is moving quickly toward Central America and has just enough time to strengthen into a hurricane before landfall in Belize.
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Nana and Omar become the earliest 14th and 15th named storms

Two new tropical storms formed Tuesday -- Nana and Omar. These two storms became the earliest 14th and 15th named storms on record for the Atlantic.
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Tropical Storm Nana forms in Caribbean, forecast to hit Central America as a hurricane

Tropical Storm Nana is the 14th named storm of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Nana, churning toward Central America, is the earliest 14th named storm to form in Atlantic

A vigorous tropical disturbance has become Tropical Storm Nana in the Caribbean, says the National Hurricane Center.
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Nana is the earliest 14th named storm to form in Atlantic

A vigorous tropical disturbance has become Tropical Storm Nana in the Caribbean, says the National Hurricane Center.
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After ‘Homegoing,’ Yaa Gyasi reveals how she found her way to ‘Transcendent Kingdom’

When Yaa Gyasi finished the first draft of “Homegoing,” her first novel, she decided she needed to “not think about that book for a while” and so she sat down to write a short story.  That story, “Inscape” (published in Guernica), focused on a character named Gifty, a Stanford English professor struggling to care for her mother, an exceedingly religious Ghanian immigrant. “I loved Gifty’s voice so much and the relationship that was unfolding between these two women who wanted to understand ea...
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Tropical Storm Nana might form in the Caribbean soon and head toward Central America

The next tropical storm of the season, Nana, could form “at any time” Tuesday as it heads toward Central America, the National Hurricane Center said.
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Two tropical storms, Nana and Omar, form Tuesday. Watches issued for Central America.

Two Tropical Storms formed Tuesday: Nana near Jamaica with a path toward Central America and Omar near North Carolina with a seaward track. The National Hurricane Center is also tracking two waves in the Atlantic basin.
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