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Finnish Social Democrats and nationalist Finns Party nearly tied in election

Tipped to win, the opposition Social Democrats scored 17.7 percent, while their eurosceptic Finns Party rivals were at 17.5 percent, according to nearly complete results published by the justice ministry. With 99.5 percent of votes counted, the co-ruling Centre Party of Prime Minister Juha Sipila and the center-right National Coalition stood at 13.8 percent and 17.0 percent, respectively. "For the first time since 1999 we are the largest party in Finland ... SDP is the prime minister's party,"...
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Finland's Social Democrats on top in partial election result

Antti Rinne could become country’s first leftwing prime minister since 2003Finland’s leftwing Social Democrats won a parliamentary election by a slight margin with 18.9% of votes, partial results showed, amid mounting concern among voters over the future of the country’s expensive welfare system.The centre-right National Coalition party, chaired by the outgoing finance minister, Petteri Orpo, came in second, with 16.7% of the advance votes, after 47% of ballots were counted. The Centre party, of...
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Judge Sides With Men’s Rights Group In Ruling Military Draft Unconstitutional

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A court ruling in Texas declaring the U.S. military draft system unconstitutional because it applies only to men has left observers waiting to see what the government does next. The Justice Department declined comment Monday on the decision that has renewed attention over whether American women should be eligible for a military draft. U.S. District Judge Gray Miller didn’t order any immediate action in his decision Friday. But he said the time to “discuss the place of wome...
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"A federal judge has ruled that a men-only draft is unconstitutional...." reports."This case balances on the tension between the constitutionally enshrined power of Congress to raise armies and the constitutional mandate that no person be denied the equal protection of the law," wrote U.S. District Judge Gray Miller of the Southern District of Texas.The lawsuit was filed in 2013 against the Selective Service System by Texas resident James Lesmeister, who later added San Diego resident Anthony Davis and the San Diego-based National Coalition for Men as add...
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Death Toll Rises As Polar Vortex Brings Arctic Temperatures To The Midwest

At least eight deaths have been linked to the arctic temperatures currently holding the Midwest in a deep freeze.On the University of Iowa campus, 18-year-old student Gerald Belz was found unresponsive behind a building at around 3 a.m. on Thursday morning. He later died at a nearby hospital. Police report that there was no alcohol in his system and they believe his death was related to the record cold temperatures. At the time Belz was discovered, the air temperature was -22, with a wind chill...
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Iraq may soon be Without a Government

By Ali Mamouri for*Al-Monitor.*Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. Iraq may soon be Without a Government, as Clock Runs Out The term of*Iraq’s current*parliament ends*June 30, but a mandated manual recount of votes cast in the May 12 election hasn’t even begun,*and disputes are deepening*among some political blocs. This could create a constitutional vacuum, which would worsen*an already-bad situation. Parliament was*s...
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Legislators call for Canceling Election Results

By Mustafa Saadoun for Al Monitor. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.* Many Iraqi legislators call for canceling election results On May 21, a group of Iraqi parliament members*submitted a request*to the speaker to cancel the results of the May 12 parliamentary elections.*The group*also called for*dissolving the Independent High Electoral Commission, discontinuing electronic voting*and reinstating manual voting a...
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Without context or cushion, do online medical results make sense?

By Sandra G. Boodman, Kaiser Health News As she herded her two young sons into bed one evening late last December, Laura Devitt flipped through her phone to check on the routine blood tests that had been performed as part of her annual physical. She logged onto the patient portal link on her electronic medical record, scanned the results and felt her stomach clench with fear. Devitt’s white blood cell count and several other tests were flagged as abnormal. Beyond the raw numbers, there was no ex...
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Turnbull says he has 'nothing to apologise for' over Barnaby Joyce row

PM says two men had a ‘frank discussion’ on Saturday and describes relationship with Nationals as an ‘enduring alliance’Malcolm Turnbull has “nothing to apologise for” in regards to Barnaby Joyce, the prime minister has said, describing the meeting he held with his deputy in the same terms as his now-infamous first phone call with Donald Trump.The leaders of the Liberal and National coalition parties met on Saturday, without their staff, to hash out their differences after a public war of words ...
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Uber (Belatedly) Commits $5 Million to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention 

Uber announced on Sunday that it’s taking new steps toward preventing sexual assault and domestic violence, starting with a $5 million donation to its partners—Raliance, National Network to End Domestic Violence, No More, Women of Color Network, Casa de Esperanza, A Call to Men, and The National Coalition of…Read more...
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Australian Gun Control Won’t Work in the USA – Part One

By Dean Weingarten Top 2 lines (blue) total suicides and suicides with guns. Bottom 2 lines, (purple) total homicides and homicides with guns Arizona -( The extreme form of gun control pushed onto the Australian electorate after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 will not “work” in America. The reason is simple. It did not “work” in Australia.There have been numerous studies about what happened after extreme restrictions on gun ownership were implemented in Australia in 1996.  The...
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7 Quirky Business Licenses You Won’t Believe Exist

By Scot Ferraro No Cabaret License? Then don’t think about allowing dancing in your New York nightclub — or any business in New York, for that matter, that sells food and drink. This 1920s-era law is one example of quirky business license requirements from around the country. In Texas, regardless of their training, interior designers need a government license to call themselves one. And, in numerous U.S. jurisdictions, homeowners must jump through licensing hoops to take part in a common spring ...
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With A Retail Partner, Anti-Death Penalty Movement Can Smell Success

CHICAGO ― On a recent spring evening along the Magnificent Mile, a cluster of shoppers gathered amid heaps of organic soap and fizzy bath bombs to engage in a decidedly less effervescent topic: the death penalty.  Lush, the activist-minded cosmetics company, was kicking off an anti-capital punishment campaign at its Michigan Avenue store, complete with speakers, including a death row exonoree, and a mini-documentary about wrongful convictions. Lush launched a special edition of its signature pro...
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Buying A Lush Bath Bomb Can Help Fight The Death Penalty

Lush has never been a brand to shy away from taking a stance, and that commitment to social justice is just one of the many reasons we love the brand. (Others include how amazing the products smell and how magical they make a boring bath.) Earlier this year, the company launched a limited edition shampoo bar to fight animal cruelty and featured same-sex couples in a Valentine’s Day ad; now, it's doing even more.This month, the company is taking on the death penalty with 31 States, an almond- an...
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The Health Care Sector Really Hates This GOP Bill

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Patient Groups Reiterate Opposition To GOP Obamacare Repeal Bill

As the White House signals a renewed push to bring the GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill to the House floor, a coalition of patient groups reiterated their concerns with the legislation, the American Health Care Act, and came out against the latest round of changes made to the bill that let states waive out of certain Affordable Care Act insurer mandates. “We are alarmed by recent harmful changes to the AHCA, including provisions that will weaken key consumer protections. These changes include allowin...
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Per Gun-Grabbers, April 19 Commemorates Armed Citizen ‘Treason’ against Government

By David Codrea Line of the Minute Men Memorial, Lexington: Is it a coincidence latter-day gun-grabbers hate the very concept of “Stand Your Ground”? (Detroit Publishing Company/Library of Congress) David Codrea in his natural habitat. USA – -( On this day in 1775, volunteer Minuteman militia leader Captain John Parker, along with over 70 of his neighbors, stood their ground against government enforcers. They refused to disarm and defended themselves against lethal coercion...
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New treatment guidelines help expand circle of care for women living with heart failure

Today, WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease, encouraged widespread dissemination of recently-updated guidelines that include new treatment options for millions living with heart failure. WomenHeart sees the guidelines as an important addition to treatment efforts to achieve positive outcomes for women with the disease.
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Kelly Rowland Told Us What Kanye Does At Fashion Shows, & It's Awesome

When said out loud, "Fashion Week" has a double meaning — and for anyone who's ever been a part of all the action, feeling weak is not only par for the course, it's often the reason we love fashion to begin with. So, in honor of the moments of chaos, beauty, and excitement that made us feel weak, we present My Fashion Week-ness : a compilation of accounts from some of the industry's biggest players. They're spilling their most memorable stories from Fashion Weeks gone by, and the ones that keep...
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Interesting accounting of who is putting up capital to try to end capital punishment

The publication Inside Philanthropy has this interesting new article headlined "Capital Against Capital Punishment: Who's Fighting the Death Penalty?". Here are excerpts: This year’s election results don’t bode too well for opponents of the death penalty.  A year after they abolished it, Nebraska voters decided to reinstate capital punishment.  Oklahoma voters approved “any method of execution” not prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.  And California, the nation’s most populous state, struck do...
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You'll Be So Upset When You Hear How Many Pets Are Secondhand Victims Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is devastating enough on its own, but it can be even more distressing when it involves a pet or beloved animal. Many abusers can threaten or hurt a pet as part of an attempt to control their partner — in fact, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 71% of pet owners who enter into shelters report that their abuser had threatened, injured, or killed a family pet.That's where Rescue Rebuild and RedRover are stepping in. The organizations are partnering to...
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California Voters Should Remember Troy Davis This November

Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the execution of Troy Davis. Troy was killed by the state of Georgia on September 21, 2011 despite a mountain of newly discovered evidence pointing to his innocence. The day he died, Troy said, "The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me." For more than 20 years, courts and prosecutors refused to entertain the notion that a mistake could have been mad...
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Syrian rebels break Aleppo regime siege: opposition

A major Syrian opposition body announced on Saturday that rebel fighters have broken a devastating government siege of the battered city of Aleppo after six days of fierce battles. "Rebels break Aleppo's siege," wrote the Istanbul-based National Coalition on Twitter. The Islamist faction Ahrar al-Sham also confirmed on Twitter that a rebel advance had "opened the route to Aleppo".
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An Open Letter To Congress On Gun Control Proposals

Democrats staging a petulant “sit-in” in the well of the House. (Photo C-Span screenshot) AmmoLand Gun News USA –  -( Honorable Members of Congress:After the latest terrorist aggression in Orlando, gun control advocates wasted little time to cynically exploit tragedy in pursuing their pre-ordained agenda to restrict or eliminate Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment.President Barack Obama immediately renewed his calls for banning semi-automatic firearms, which are func...
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Fastest-Growing Segment Of The Homeless Population May Surprise You

Do you know what the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population is? Families with children. About two-fifths (41 percent) of the homeless population is made up of families, making family homelessness a growing phenomenon. The American Aid Foundation reports that seven in 10 Americans are just one paycheck away from the street. One survey found that 61 percent of respondents said that if they lost their jobs, they wouldn't be able to cover their mortgage or rent payments for more than fi...
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Creativity -- Therapeutic Uses and Therapy -- Alike and Different

As 2016 Creative Arts Therapies Week ends, it is important to discuss the meaning and significance of creativity and how it fits into the work of counselors, artists, and creative arts therapists in health, education, and social service settings. What is creativity? Creativity is "the ability to make new things or think of new ideas" or "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, e...
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Dating With Herpes: Your 10-Step Guide

Ashley Manta facetiously refers to it as “dropping the H-bomb” — telling new partners that she has herpes. She’s used to it now, but when she was first diagnosed nine years ago, it didn't feel so normal. She was convinced “no one would want to be with someone who has herpes.” Jenelle Marie Davis, founder of The STD Project, agrees. She says that talking to new partners about the diagnosis is “the biggest fear people have going forward. It’s not the physical symptoms people worry about, it’s how ...
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How Bad Are Guns? As Bad as Tobacco, According to the Violence Policy Center

By Larry Keane “Start Them Young” more propaganda from Josh Sugarmann & the gun banners at the Violence Policy Center. Larry Keane NEWTOWN, Conn – -( The Violence Policy Center led by its founder, Josh Sugarmann, would be more correctly called the “Anti-Gun Advocacy Center.”Sugarmann was, in fact, the communications director for the accurately named National Coalition to Ban Handguns.  But that’s way too straightforward sounding these days.So, in contrast, “Violence Policy C...
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Black Chamber of Arizona still needed in its 18th year

Members of the newly chartered National Coalition of 100 Black Women were among the many who showed their support for the Black Chamber of Arizona at its Annual Awards Banquet on Feb. 19, 2016. The Black Chamber of Arizona , entering its 18th year, had its annual banquet on Feb 19, 2016, at the Phoenix Convention Center in downtown Phoenix.
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newSmall W.Va. community builds homeless man a home

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, about 2 million people in the United States will face homelessness this year alone. But in West Virginia, one small town is making sure someone in their community won't be on the list.
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