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Researchers stumbled upon a box of human bones that had been missing for 100 years. They may come from Viking-age royalty.

Researchers Charlotte Rimstad (left) and Ulla Mannering (right) with some of the textiles they studied. Irene Skals/National Museum of Denmark/Antiquity Publications Ltd Denmark researchers recently stumbled across a box containing human bones from the Viking age. The remains were thought to have been lost for the last 100 years. The bones likely belonged to a wealthy man who may have been royal. See more stories on Insider's business page. Ulla Mannering and Charlotte Rimstad are used...
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This Googler is crocheting a royal dynasty

In recent months, many of us have been taking up eclectic new hobbies while stuck at home. But Danish Googler Christine Sørensen didn’t need social distancing to inspire her unusual passion project: She was already well on her way to crocheting all 54 monarchs in Denmark’s history. We spoke with her to learn what inspired her, and how it’s had some unexpected intersections with her day job. Christine's first crochet project, Queen Margrethe I What’s your role at Google?I work in the G...
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Copenhagen attractions kindergartens

Scandinavian countries are known for developing creative and effective solutions to societal problems at large. So it’s no surprise that Copenhagen, Denmark, has developed a definitively Scandinavian solution to providing childcare for some overwhelmed parents during the COVID-19 pandemic: The city is turning many of its most popular public attractions into temporary kindergartens. The beautiful Tivoli Gardens amusement park and FC Copenhagen football stadium, along with the Copenhagen Zoo a...
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PHOTO: View Down Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen, Denmark

This view down Frederiksholms Kanal is one of the prettiest sights in Copenhagen. The canal runs along one side of the small island of Slotsholmen, which is home to Christiansborg Palace and the Royal Stables. The Prince’s Mansion (upper left) once served as the official residence of the Crown Prince of Denmark. Today it houses the National Museum of Denmark. The three-arched Storm Bridge at center is named after the “Storm on Copenhagen,” a military action that occurred during the 17th century ...
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Copenhagen Warning: Public Museums are No Longer Free

Pick up a guide book or read a blog and it’ll probably still mention that Copenhagen’s spectacular museums are free. Tragically, due to the election of a pack of brutish neanderthals more than 8% of Denmark’s cultural budget will be cut over the next 4 years. This means Copenhagen’s public museums, including the National Museum of Denmark which is home to a lovely exhibit on Denmark’s prehistoric period, have been forced to impose hefty admission fees. The changes were implemented in April of 20...
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CultureZohn: Copenhagen: The Hippest, Design-iest, Food-iest, Friendliest 21st Century City

Bikes parked outside Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen When Kristoffer Weiss, one half the duo who curated this year's Danish entry to the Venice Architecture Biennale and one half the duo who will oversee the new Copenhagen Arts Center picked me up at the airport in Copenhagen for my first visit to the city, I was fresh off the Christo and the Deste events in southern Europe so the wide open spaces and boulevards, the blonde hair and blue eyes and the number of new constructions was striking. Wei...
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The Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark

One of the best-known Danish Bronze Age finds, the Egtved Girl from 1370 BC, was not born in Egtved, Denmark, reveals new research from the National Museum of Denmark and University of Copenhagen. Strontium isotope analyses of the girl’s hair, teeth and nails show that she was born and raised hundreds of miles from Egtved, most probably in Southern Germany, and that she arrived in Egtved shortly before she died.
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