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Native American tribe gives surplus vaccines to First Nations relatives in Canada

Effort by Blackfeet tribe illustrates the disparity with which the US and its northern neighbors are distributing dosesThe Blackfeet tribe in northern Montana has provided about 1,000 surplus vaccines to its First Nations relatives and others in Canada, in an illustration of the disparity in speed at which the US and its norther neighbor are distributing doses. While more than 30% of adults in the US are fully vaccinated, in Canada that figure is about 3%.Among those who received the vaccine at ...
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Blackfeet tribe gives surplus vaccines to First Nations relatives in Canada

Effort by illustrates the disparity with which the US and its northern neighbors are distributing dosesThe Blackfeet tribe in northern Montana has provided about 1,000 surplus vaccines to its First Nations relatives and others in Canada, in an illustration of the disparity in speed at which the US and its northern neighbor are distributing doses. While more than 30% of adults in the US are fully vaccinated, in Canada that figure is about 3%.Among those who received the vaccine at the Piegan-Carw...
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Rick Santorum claims he 'misspoke' after saying 'there isn't much Native American culture in American culture'

CNN political commentator Rick Santorum on CNN Cuomo Prime Time. Screenshot via CNN Rick Santorum said he "misspoke" about Native American culture in the US. Santorum received criticism for suggesting that Native Americans did not contribute in a major way to the country. CNN host Don Lemon ripped into Santorum's explanation: "It was horrible." See more stories on Insider's business page. Former Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Rick Santorum in an interview on Monday walked back widely-critic...
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‘Embarrassing Racist’: Native American Orgs Rip Santorum For Claiming There Was ‘Nothing’ Before Colonizers Arrived

The leaders of organizations for Native Americans are raking CNN commentator Rick Santorum over the coals after he claimed that white European colonizers "birthed a nation from nothing" in America and that "there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture." [Author: Cristina Cabrera]
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Rick Santorum says 'there isn't much Native American culture in American culture'

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call Former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum sparked backlash over comments made about Native Americans. "There isn't much Native American culture in American culture," Santorum said. Online critics accused Santorum of whitewashing US history. See more stories on Insider's business page. Former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum sparked online backlash over recent remarks made at an event for a conservative youth organization in which he suggested Native Americans didn'...
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‘An indescribable moment’: Indigenous nation in US has right to lands in Canada, court rules

Canada’s supreme court decision on the Sinixt people could affirm hunting rights for tens of thousandsFor decades the Rick Desautel had been told by courts and governments that his people no longer exist in Canada.But Desautel and others in his community in Washington state have long argued that they are descendants of the Sinixt, an Indigenous people whose territory once spanned Canada and the United States. Continue reading...
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Cahokia: The massive North American city that pre-dated Columbus

Americans don't reckon with history well, especially when it comes to the indigenous people our forefathers displaced (and worse) in order to live on this land. Growing up in New Haven County, I remember being taught a lot about the local Quinnipiacks and other Algonquin peoples who once inhabited the area — but their story always kind of mysteriously (and conveniently) faded away around the late 1700s. — Read the rest
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The Apache war against copper mining: 'this is an act of desecration' — video

Chí’chil Biłdagoteel - otherwise known as Oak Flat, Arizona – is regarded as sacred ancestral land by the Apache people. With the territory at risk of being sold for copper mining to a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, resident Wendsler Nosie has set up a protest movement from his tipi, alongside his daughter and granddaughter. With no support from the courts, Wendsler and the community are anxiously hoping the Biden administration will pause the land transfer. With religious freedom and environmental pr...
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‘Suddenly I’m breathing’: hope as Haaland takes on crisis of missing and murdered Native Americans

The interior secretary has announced the formation of a new unit to investigate the ‘epidemic’ of violenceFor 30 long years, Ana White has been searching for her sister, Andrea “Chick” White. The then 22-year-old Native mother of four, along with an eight-month-old baby, had traveled to Eureka, California, in July 1991 for a court date, after an auto accident. She was spotted hitchhiking home along a freeway near Blue Lake, in northern California. She has been missing ever since. White, who desc...
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'She's representing all of us': the story behind Deb Haaland's swearing-in dress

The skirt, a traditional Native garment, outshone everything in the Eisenhower building – and there is a story of empowerment and survival behind itIt was a dress that triggered a flood of headlines. Standing in front of Vice-President Kamala Harris with her right hand raised, Deb Haaland was sworn in last week as the secretary of the interior dressed in a long rainbow ribbon skirt adorned with a corn stalk, butterflies and stars. Related: Making history in style: Deb Haaland wears Indigenous ...
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Native American communities make vaccines available for all Oklahoma residents

With several nations reporting Covid vaccine supplies far in excess of demand, nations open availability to all Oklahoma residentsAs Covid-19 infection rates tick up again in several states, indigenous communities in Oklahoma are reporting a different problem: not enough people to vaccinate.Earlier this month, several Native American communities, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Osage and Choctaw, opened up free vaccinations to all Oklahoma residents, not just the hundreds of thousands of nati...
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Senate confirms Deb Haaland as interior secretary, making her the US's first Native American Cabinet secretary

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-New Mexico) speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill. Caroline Brehman/Getty Images The Senate voted 51-40 on Monday to confirm Deb Haaland as interior secretary. With the historic vote, she becomes the first Native American to serve in a presidential Cabinet. Haaland received bipartisan support. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Senate voted 51-40 on Monday to confirm Deb Haaland as interior secretary, making her the country's first Native...
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How carbon credits helped a Native American tribe buy back its land and revitalize it

A recent episode of Gimlet Media's How To Save A Planet podcast focuses on the Yurok Tribe of northern California, who embraced the Western economics game to buy back the land that was stolen from them. The Yurok took an indigenous approach to land management that revitalized the forests and salmon populations in their ancestral home. — Read the rest
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"Hunters in Wisconsin killed more than 200 wolves last week, far exceeding the state’s limit as they scrambled to take advantage of Trump-era wildlife rules..."

"... that they worry may be tightened by the Biden administration. At least 216 wolves were killed in less than 60 hours, exceeding the state quota of 119 and prompting Wisconsin to end what was meant to be a one-week hunt four days early.... Environmentalists... said the large number of wolves killed in such a short time underscored the need for President Biden to put the gray wolf back on the list of animals protected under the Endangered Species Act. 'These animals were killed using packs of...
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Time for Jeep to stop using Cherokee as a vehicle name, tribe's chief says

Chuck Hoskin of the Cherokee Nation says company ‘does not honor us by having our name plastered on a car’It is time for Jeep to stop using the Cherokee Nation’s name on its Cherokee and Grand Cherokee SUVs, the chief of the Oklahoma-based tribe has said.Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr said in a statement, which was first reported by Car & Driver magazine, that he believes corporations and sports teams should stop using Native American names, images and mascots as nicknames or on their products. Continue ...
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Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to drop the name

The Cherokee Nation does not feel having a Jeep named after it is appropriate and has asked the car company stop. Car and Driver: "I'm sure this comes from a place that is well-intended, but it does not honor us by having our name plastered on the side of a car," Chuck Hoskin, Jr. — Read the rest
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"Lindsey Graham, who says that Trump is a 'handful,' a word usually leveled at spirited women, is going to Mar-a-Lago this weekend to golf with his sovereign lord..."

"... and try to explain the importance of the 2022 midterms to Trump’s legacy. But Trump doesn’t give a damn, except how he can use the midterms for revenge or self-promotion.... By coddling Trump on his election fakery, the Republicans gave it so much oxygen, it led to tragedy. Trump, the supreme ingrate, wasn’t grateful for McConnell’s nay vote. He promptly composed a masterpiece of spleen, a statement threatening to primary Mitch’s candidates and calling him 'a dour, sullen, and unsmiling po...
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'It's cultural genocide': inside the fight to stop a pipeline on tribal lands

The Line 3 route traverses land that Native American pipeline opponents say is protected by US treaties with Ojibwe nationsDressed in a ribbon skirt and mask, Tara Houska gazed down at the trickling waters of the Mississippi near its headwaters. The great American river that eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico is just a stream in these parts of northern Minnesota.A pipeline will soon burrow underneath this part of the Mississippi and its surrounding wetlands. It is one of hundreds of water ...
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'Closing a portal to the Creator': fresh setback for attempt to prevent destruction of US holy land by miner

A federal judge rejects Apache tribal members’ request to halt the transfer of Oak Flat to Resolution Copper mining companyEfforts to prevent a sacred Native American site from being destroyed by a copper mine received a setback yesterday, when a federal judge rejected Apache tribal members’ request to halt the site’s transfer to a a multi-national mining company.While US district judge Steven Logan acknowledged that the mine would “close off a portal to the Creator forever and will completely d...
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Exclusive: indigenous Americans dying from Covid at twice the rate of white Americans

One in every 475 Native Americans has died since the pandemic began: ‘Families have been decimated’Covid is killing Native Americans at a faster rate than any other community in the United States, shocking new figures reveal.American Indians and Alaskan Natives are dying at almost twice the rate of white Americans, according to analysis by APM Research Lab shared exclusively with the Guardian. Continue reading...
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Coronavirus vaccines are safe for people of color, despite online myths and mistrust of the healthcare system

Sandra Lindsay receives the COVID-19 vaccine in New Hyde Park, New York. Mark Lennihan/Pool via REUTERS People of color, and Black Americans in particular, may be hesitant to get vaccinated in the US due to a history of racist medical experiments or overall mistrust of the healthcare system. In Latinx communities, language barriers can also force people to receive health information through social media, where myths abound. But clinical trials overwhelmingly show that coronavirus vaccines...
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'Our history is contained there': loss of archive threatens Native American tribes

The building in Seattle is slated for sale, a move that could deprive Indigenous people in the Pacific north-west of access to critical documentsIn 1969, a clerical error resulted in the Samish Indian Nation in Washington State suddenly being dropped from the federal government’s list of recognized tribes. It took almost three decades of wading through piles of historical documents and painstaking litigation before its members were able to regain that recognition, along with the federal benefits...
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"After years of protests from fans and Native American groups, the Cleveland Indians have decided to change their team name..."

"... moving away from a moniker that has long been criticized as racist, three people familiar with the decision said Sunday. The move follows a decision by the Washington Football Team of the N.F.L. in July to stop using a name long considered a racial slur, and is part of a larger national conversation about race that magnified this year amid protests of systemic racism and police violence.... One option that the team is considering, two of the people said, is moving forward without a replace...
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It's Buffalo Bill Cody on horseback....

  I'm reading about him this morning.  Here's something he said about his wife: "I often feel sorry for her. She is a strange woman but I don't mind her—remember she is my wife—and let it go at that. If she gets cranky, just laugh at it, she can't help it." He tried to divorce her after almost 40 years of marriage. He said that when he was away and she was at their ranch [in North Platte, Nebraska], she would "feed the men too much and talk violently about Cody and his alleged sweethearts ....
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A Native American folk/rock/country soundtrack for today, and any day

For today, and any day, here is a collection of gorgeous folk, rock, and country songs by Indigenous Americans whose voices you can hear on Light in the Attic's eye- and ear-opening box set "Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966–1985, Morley Loon's "Northland, My Land," and Willie Thrasher's "Spirit Child." — Read the rest
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The 10 Coolest Native Americans in Film

The 10 Coolest Native Americans in Film has picked some of the coolest Native American characters in cinematic history. Check out our picks below! When you see a Native American character on the big screen, you make note of it. When it comes to representation in Hollywood, Native Americans have gotten the short end of the stick… sort of like they did with that whole colonization thing. That said, the least a listicle can do is pay homage to the best crime fighters, historical ...
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Indian country showed up to beat Trump. How can you show up for Indian country?

Instead of celebrating a false Thanksgiving narrative, listen to and share the countless Native American stories that aren’t being toldThe day after the 2020 presidential election, a graphic from CNN dominated my Facebook newsfeed. Illustrating voter turnout, it included the phrase “something else” to refer to voters who are not white, Latinx, Black or Asian.Many Native Americans, quick to unite around a reason to laugh, responded with their own graphics and memes, playfully and sarcastically co...
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"Like so many presidential flocks this one started in the great state of Iowa, in what can only be described as an act of blatant pandering and by the way..."

"... I love the state of Iowa. These two turkeys sought to win the support of Iowans across the state, by naming themselves Corn and Cob.... Look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. Oh, so lucky. That is a lucky bird. Corn, I hereby grant you a full pardon. Thank you, Corn. Iowa farm. I knew I liked you. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Thank you very much." Said President Donald Trump, dealing with the turkey business for the last time and ignoring the shouted-out question: "Any pardons before...
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The 12-foot-tall Chamberlin Rock — in the news these days as racist — is featured as a climbing destination at Mountain Project.

It's one of the "the classic, most popular, highest rated climbing routes in this area" — "UW Madison Campus Bouldering" (click to enlarge and clarify): The route is marked:   There's "Chamberlin Rock East Arete": Sit start and work your way up the arete using holds on both sides of the corner. Top out. In my opinion this is the best problem on this rock.In the comments there: Found some more routes on this little boulder. Hang below the plaque and climb and top out at top left corner. If...
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Women have long been the leaders in Navajo culture. Now they're steering the fight against Covid

Ever since coronavirus arrived on the Navajo Nation, women in this matriarchal society have put themselves at risk, taking on more responsibilities, culturally and in everyday lifeSitting in the passenger seat of her husband’s pickup truck just before dusk, Eugenia Charles-Newton watched a young Navajo girl, her niece, at a traditional kinaaldá ceremony in Shiprock, New Mexico.The coming-of-age ceremony was unlike any other kinaaldá she’d seen. Scores of family members were missing and there was...
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