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Scientists Find Unusual Form of Iron and Copper in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

A group of scientists say they’ve made a surprising and potentially very important discovery in the brains of two people with Alzheimer’s disease: traces of a particular form of iron and copper deep inside deposits of amyloid plaque, a key marker of the fatal disease. The find raises more questions about how…Read more...
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Wannabe Assassin Gets 12 Years on Chemical Weapon Charges for Trying to Buy Dimethylmercury

A federal court has sentenced a Missouri man who tried to buy the deadly poison dimethylmercury, a notoriously toxic substance that can kill in just a few drops on the skin, on the dark web to 12 years in prison.Read more...
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How to Avoid Toxic Metals in Baby Food

According to a congressional report released today, many baby foods contain concerningly high levels of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead. This isn’t a new problem; Healthy Babies Bright Futures issued a report with similar findings in 2019, and the FDA has issued warnings about arsenic in rice cereal, like this one…Read more...
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