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US Won’t Renew Sanctions Waivers For Nations Importing Iranian Oil, Including Allies

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration is poised Monday to tell five nations, including allies Japan, South Korea and Turkey, that they will no longer be exempt from U.S. sanctions if they continue to import oil from Iran. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo plans to announce that the administration will not renew sanctions waivers for the five countries when they expire on May 2, three U.S. officials said. The others are China and India. It was not immediately clear if any of the five would be g...
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Comedian Who Played President On TV Headed For Landslide Victory In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — A comedian whose only political experience consists of playing a president on TV appeared headed for a landslide victory in Ukraine’s real-life presidential election Sunday. Exit-poll results released after voting stations closed showed sitcom star Volodymyr Zelenskiy receiving an extraordinary 73.2% — or nearly three out of every four votes cast — to President Petro Poroshenko’s 25.3%. If borne out by election returns, the overwhelming victory by Zelenskiy would stand a...
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Did Ukraine Just Build a Cruise Missile That Can Stike 1000 Kilometers Away?

As the Ukrainian election heats up in April 2019, the incumbent President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko made a bold claim: Ukraine has made an indigenous cruise missile with a range of 1000 kilometers, capable of carrying a 150-kilogram warhead.The strategic implications of such a weapon might be critical for Ukrainian defense planning. But what is the missile likely based on? How could it be an effective deterrent?Using long-range conventional cruise missiles for deterrence against Russia is not...
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The philosophy of tragedy & the tragedy of philosophy - with Simon Critchley

Why democracy has been unpopular with philosophersTragedy's reminder that the past isn't finished with us…and why we need art in the first place None Well into her 90's, my grandma Selma and I had this running conversation about the state of the world. She'd escaped Polish pogroms as a 5 year old, lived through the loss of half her relatives in World War II, and saw the founding of the UN in 1945 and NATO in 1949 as signs of a world sick of chaos and finally ready to be sensible and humane. ...
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Haftar forces press offensive on Libyan capital

Forces backing Libya's unity government battled to push back an offensive by strongman Khalifa Haftar on Sunday as his troops approached the gates of Tripoli after air raids overnight. Haftar's self-proclaimed Libyan National Army, galvanised by victories in its eastern stronghold and in the country's desert south, announced an offensive early this month to seize the capital from the UN-recognised administration of Fayez al-Sarraj. The bloodshed has derailed efforts to bring peace to a country...
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Trump And Russia Worked Towards The Same Goal In 2016

In the heady days of late July 2016, Donald Trump was ready for Russian help. That much is clear from the Mueller report, which recounts how Trump repeatedly told Michael Flynn to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails after publicly asking Russia to “find” them. That episode fits a broader pattern.  Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump underlings and hangers-on — both in Russia and the United States — tried to leverage Trump’s chaotic presidential campaign for their mutual advantage. As ...
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Ukraine's presidential candidate pledges NATO referendum

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The comedian who is odds-on favorite in Ukraine's presidential election promised Thursday to hold a nationwide referendum on joining NATO only after building a national consensus on the issue.
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Maxim Defense new products & PDX 300 Blackout at 2019 NRAAM

Visit Maxim Defense at booth #3210 to get a first look at the PDX in 300 Blackout and the 2019 line of Maxim products. St Cloud, MN –-( Maxim Defense, the premier manufacturer in PDW-stocks, pistol braces, accessories, and weapons, is attending the 2019 NRA Annual meeting in booth #3210. Along with highlights of their new products for 2019, and the newly designed PDX, attendees can get hands-on with a preview of the PDX in 300 Blackout. “The NRA Annual Meeting has always been a ...
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Daily Gun Deals: PSA 36” Single Gun Case & 7 Magpul PMAG 30rnd Rifle Magazines $79.99

PSA 36” Single Gun Case & 7 Magpul PMAG 30rnd Rifle Mag Deal USA – -( Palmetto State Armory has a package deal on their PSA 36” Single Gun Case and seven (7) Magpul PMAG 30 round rifle magazines just $79.99. If you have been shopping for PMAGs you know they are $8.00 each on the best day, usually $10.00 or more $$. So with the gun case, this is a great deal. Palmetto State Armory 36” Single Gun Case, Black • Padded backpack straps for hands-free transport • Three large storage ...
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Daily Gun Deals: Brownells AR15 Lower Parts Kit 5.56, 2 Units $49.95 FREE S&H w/ CODE

Brownells AR15 Lower Parts Kit 5.56, 2 Units Deal USA – -( Brownells has a sale on a handy AR15 Lower Parts Kit or back up parts kit that if you buy 2 Units you can get both for $49.95 with free shipping after coupon code “VB5” at check out. These are great parts kits to have on hand if you are building lots of AR's or just as back up parts for the easy to lose springs and detent pins when at the range. Compare this price to other's sale price at $35.00 to $60.00 for just one p...
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Russian court jails Norwegian for 14 years on spying charges

Former border guard Frode Berg to request pardon from Vladimir PutinA Russian court has jailed a Norwegian man for 14 years after finding him guilty of spying on nuclear submarines, a verdict that could strain ties between Moscow and its Nato-member neighbour.Frode Berg, 63, a retired former guard on the Norwegian-Russian border, was detained in Moscow in December 2017 and tried behind closed doors this month. He pleaded not guilty to charges of espionage on behalf of Norway. Continue reading...
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Russian court jails Norwegian national for 14 years for espionage

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian court found a Norwegian man guilty on Tuesday of gathering espionage about Russian nuclear submarines and jailed him for 14 years in a verdict that could strain ties between Russia and its NATO-member neighbor. Frode Berg, a retired former guard on the Norwegian-Russian border, was detained in Moscow in December 2017 and tried behind closed doors this month. He pleaded not guilty to charges of espionage on behalf of Norway. [nL8N21K1LY] (Reporting by Tom Balmforth; E...
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NATO countries need to stop China from winning the 5G race

Allowing Huawei to develop a global supplier monopoly with 5G technology could enable China to quickly leapfrog the West in developing next generation space-based 6G networks, writes David A. Andelman, executive director of The RedLines Project.
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Haftar must win over militias to take Tripoli: analysts

As Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar's forces fight for control of Tripoli, his success depends more on his ability to win over local militias than on the prowess of his troops, analysts say. Less than two weeks after Haftar's self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) launched an offensive to seize the Libyan capital -- home to the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) -- a rising death toll and slowed advance indicate his troops are facing resistance by loyalists of the GNA, headed by Hafta...
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Mira Marković obituary

Wife of the former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milošević and founder of her own political partyHer first name means “peace”. Yet Mira Marković, wife of the former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milošević, was at least as responsible as her husband for the wars and bloodshed that marked the breakup of their country in the 1990s.When Milošević’s party lost local elections in 1996, it was Marković who persuaded her husband to overrule the poll. She did the same again when he lost elections in 2000, in the w...
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Europe urged to reject US Middle East plan if it is unfair to Palestinians

Exclusive: letter from former officials says Europe must stand by the two-state solutionHigh-ranking former European politicians have condemned the Trump administration’s one-sided Israel-Palestine policy and called in a letter for Europe to reject any US Middle East peace plan unless it is fair to Palestinians.The letter, sent to the Guardian, the EU and European governments, was signed by 25 former foreign ministers, six former prime ministers, and two former Nato secretary generals. Continue ...
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Daily Deals: PSA 16″ M4 5.56 Nitride MOE EPT Freedom Rifle w/RearMBUS $499.99 FREES&H

Read AmmoLand News' related review of this rifle. PSA M4 5.56 Nitride MOE EPT Freedom Rifle Deal USA – -( Palmetto State Armoury has a sale on their best selling rifle, the PSA 16″ M4 5.56 NATO 1/7 Nitride MOE EPT Freedom Rifle with a rear Magpul MBUS sight for $499.99 with FREE Shipping to your FFL. Barrel: Chrome Moly steel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1:7 twist rate, M4 barrel extension, and a carbine-length gas system. Barrel is finished off with a black Magpul MOE Carb...
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More than 120 killed as Libya's rivals battle for Tripoli

Fighting near Tripoli has killed 121 people since strongman Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive earlier this month to take the Libyan capital, the World Health Organization said Sunday. In clashes between Haftar's forces and those of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), both sides have proclaimed "advances" but neither appears to have made substantial progress on the ground in recent days. The mounting violence has sparked global alarm over the oil-rich country, in turmoil since...
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Russia Won't Like This: THAAD Missile Defense System Headed to Europe

The U.S. Army in April 2019 announced it would deploy to Romania one of its seven Terminal High-Altitude Area-Defense missile-interceptor batteries. The planned summer 2019 deployment coincides with a shut-down of the U.S. Aegis Ashore missile-defense site, also in Romania, for a scheduled upgrade.THAAD, which in theory possesses some of the same capabilities that Aegis Ashore does, could help to fill the gap left by the Aegis system’s temporary suspension.But THAAD also could antagonize the Rus...
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POTD: Janson EM-2 – Experimental British assault rifle

Today’s Picture Of The Day is the British “EM-2“, in the rain. It is also known under the names as the “Janson rifle (EM2)” or the “Rifle No.9 Mk1”, and almost looks like it has a pump action. The EM-2 was an experimental rifle, briefly adopted by British forces in 1951. Due to NATO standardization […] Read More … The post POTD: Janson EM-2 – Experimental British assault rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Where Trump’s and Bibi’s Interests Clash

What Bibi wants, Bibi gets. U.S.A. –-( On Monday, President Donald Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, the first time the United States has designated part of another nation's government as such a threat. Iran's Supreme National Security Council responded by declaring U.S. Central Command a terrorist group. With 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and 2,000 in Syria, often in proximity to Iranian units, this inches America closer to war. Why di...
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Simulated subway attack in Romania for NATO medical exercise

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — NATO is holding a massive medical exercise in Romania, with more than 2,500 medical personnel involved in responding to a simulated attack on the subway system of Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Dubbed Vigorous Warrior 2019, Friday’s training session also included members of Romania’s emergency services in the staged evacuation of 200 […]
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Turkey slams French decision to mark Armenian genocide

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey’s foreign minister has criticized a French decision to mark April 24 as a day of commemoration of the Armenian genocide, saying France should “look at its own dark history.” Mevlut Cavusoglu made the comments Friday during a tense exchange of words with a French parliamentarian at a NATO meeting in […]
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Military Drills in Arctic Aim to Counter Russia, but the First Mission Is to Battle the Cold

Moscow is moving to claim Arctic territory as barriers between Russia and North America melt. Yet still bitter temperatures pose an immediate threat to NATO troops defending icy waterways.
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The Greatest Cost of the Collusion Lie

Opinion The Greatest Cost of the Collusion Lie USA – -( The collusion lie will go down in history as one of the strangest distortions of reality to dominate the American political scene. For more than two and a half years, the national establishment and news media were fixated on a “truth” which turned out to be false. In some ways, this national psychosis is reminiscent of the popular madness which would run through medieval societies from time to time. Think of the flagellant...
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Trump Nominates Clowns Herman Cain and Stephen Moore to Bring the Fed to Heel

Bloomberg/Getty“When you think it can’t get any worse, it does,” servile Senate Republicans keep whimpering. The sentiment came up when Trump announced his latest choice for an open Federal Reserve Board seat—former presidential candidate and Trump super PAC head Herman Cain. Until then, Trump’s previous selection for another open seat, Stephen Moore, think tank executive, pundit, and author of Trumponomics, a homage to the president whom he also recommended for the Nobel Prize in Economics, hel...
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Worst day of fighting as rebel army advances on Tripoli

Fighting in Tripoli intensified drastically on Wednesday as rival armies brought tanks and multiple rocket-launch systems to bear in the deadly struggle for control of the Libyan capital. The escalation came as Fayez al-Sarraj, the prime minister of the internationally recognised Government of National Accord, issued an address to the nation urging Libyans to defend the capital city from renegade general Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army.  In an address distributed on Wednesday a...
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Daily Deals: 420 Rounds Federal 5.56 NATO Ammo Can & 10 PMAG 30 Mags $199.99 FREE S&H

420 Rounds Federal 5.56 NATO in Ammo Can & 10 PMAG 30 Mags Deal USA – -( Palmetto State Armory has a package deal on 420 rounds of Federal 5.56 NATO in a metal Ammo Can and 10 PMAG 30 Magazines that you can pick them all up for $199.99 with FREE shipping. Just the thirty round Magpul PMAGs AR magazines will run you $120.00 most everywhere online and this deal has all the ammunition. So no matter how you do the math this is a great buy. Federal 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ 420rds in Ammo ...
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Exclusive: Germany sees 8.86 billion euro cost to operate Tornado jets to 2030

Germany in January decided to pick either the Eurofighter or Boeing Co's F/A-18E/F fighter jet to replace its Tornado fleet in coming years, dropping Lockheed Martin's F-35 stealth fighter from a tender worth billions of euros.. But neither the F/A-18 nor the Eurofighter, built by Airbus, Britain's BAE Systems and Italy's Leonardo SpA, are currently certified to carry U.S. nuclear weapons, as required under Germany's obligations to NATO. Parliamentary sources said the estimate was even higher ...
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What makes the EU, the UN, and their peers legitimate?

The first “Brexit” is almost a century old, and it did not even involve Britain. It occurred on 14 June 1926, when Brazil notified the League of Nations it would leave the world organization. Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, Venezuela, and Peru, together with Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan, followed in the 1930s. These mass withdrawals from the League were widely interpreted as a sign that the organization was in crisis.Brexit is not a singular phenomenon. In legal...
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