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The giant ancestors of today's sloths stood 10 feet tall and ate meat, a new study found

An artistic reconstruction of the South American giant ground sloth feeding on the carcass of a prehistoric herbivore related to modern llamas. Jorge Blanco Ground sloths occupied South America during the last ice age before going extinct 10,000 years ago. Scientists thought these giant creatures ate plants like their modern, tree-climbing counterparts. But a study found one ground sloth species also ate meat, scavenging from carcasses when it could. We think of sloths as slow-moving, gent...
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The Winners of the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Natural History Museum in London has announced the winners of the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. Photos above are by Jonny Armstrong, Buddhilini de Soyza, Lasse Kurkela, and Vidyun R Hebbar. Tags: best of   best of 2021   photography [Author: Jason Kottke]
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The best wildlife photos of the year show a curious grizzly, dueling reindeer, and fish swimming through a cloud of sperm

Laurent Ballesta/Wildlife Photographer of the Year The London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest awards images that showcase the diversity and fragility of life. This year, the contest drew a record of more than 50,000 entries from photographers in 95 countries. The winning photos show reindeer fighting over mates, seals giving birth, and a mountain gorilla enjoying the rain. The camouflage grouper is declining due to overfishing, but each July, beneath...
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This year’s incredible Wildlife Photographer of the Year images show ‘a planet under pressure’

This year’s collection, showing at the Natural History Museum, has taken a darker turn.
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The best wildlife photos of 2021 capture a rare Iberian lynx, a snake strangling a gecko, and a lion dripping with blood

Sergio Marijuán/Wildlife Photographer of the Year The London Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest celebrates the diversity and fragility of life. This year the contest drew a record of more than 50,000 entries from photographers in 95 countries. The frontrunners' photos show wild cats overcoming great odds, narwhal shrimps loitering in the coral, and an orphaned bat on the mend. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Iberian lynx almost...
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Inside Ollie and Gareth Locke's newly renovated West London home - EXCLUSIVE

They got married seven months ago at the Natural History Museum in a beautiful candlelit...
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Winners chosen for Dream Vacations in last coronavirus vaccination-boosting drawing

SANTA ANA — Six winners — including one from Orange County —were chosen Thursday, July 1, in the final prize drawing held as part of the state’s “Vax for the Win” incentive program aimed at encouraging people to get COVID-19 vaccinations. The prizes on the table were six California “Dream Vacations,” with adventures to Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and the Coachella Valley. Winners were not publicly identified but will be contacted by the state. Winners who have only had one dos...
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Coronavirus cases continue to tick upward in LA County

Los Angeles County’s COVID-19 numbers continued moving in the wrong direction on Wednesday, June 30, with the daily number of new cases and the rate of people testing positive for the virus doubling from their levels of two weeks ago. The county Department of Public Health insisted that the rates are still well below the levels seen during the winter surge of COVID-19, but the increase in community transmission of the virus is “concerning.” The county reported 422 new cases on Wednesday, the hig...
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Ferrer: LA County mask advice is ‘sensible’ step to fight coronavirus variant

Stressing the move is only a recommendation, Los Angeles County’s public health director said on Tuesday, June 29, that a call for residents to wear masks in indoor public settings is partially aimed at preventing an already contagious COVID-19 variant from becoming even more dangerously infectious. The county Department of Public Health on Monday “strongly” recommended that all residents — regardless of vaccination status — resume wearing masks in indoor public places, citing the rapid spread o...
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Delta worries spur LA County health officials to urge masking up anew in indoor public settings

Breaking from current guidance allowing residents who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to shed their face masks in most situations, Los Angeles County health officials on Monday, June 28, “strongly” recommended that everyone wear masks in indoor public places due to rapid spread of a highly contagious virus mutation. The county Department of Public Health urged everyone — regardless of vaccination status — to wear masks in settings such as grocery or retail stores, theaters, family entertai...
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LA County reports 239 new coronavirus cases; concern endures over infectious “Delta” variant

Los Angeles County reported 239 new cases of COVID-19 and three additional deaths on Sunday, June 27, though the number of cases and deaths likely reflect reporting delays over the weekend. Sunday’s figures brought the county’s totals to 1,249,304 cases and 24,477 fatalities since the pandemic began, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said. According to state figures, there were 238 people hospitalized in the county due to COVID-19 as of Sunday, up from 231 on Saturday. There wer...
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LA County reports 366 new coronavirus cases as numbers continue to tick upward

Los Angeles County reported 366 new cases of COVID-19 and seven additional deaths on Saturday, June 26, as the number of new infections continued to inch higher. Saturday’s figures brought the county’s totals to 1,249,065 cases and 24,474 fatalities since the pandemic began, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. According to state figures, there were 231 people hospitalized in the county due to COVID-19 as of Saturday, up from 229 on Friday. There were 55 COVID patient...
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Massive Human Head In Chinese Well Forces Scientists To Rethink Evolution (slashdot)

The discovery of a huge fossilised skull that was wrapped up and hidden in a Chinese well nearly 90 years ago has forced scientists to rewrite the story of human evolution. Shmoodling writes: Analysis of the remains has revealed a new branch of the human family tree that points to a previously unknown sister group more closely related to modern humans than the Neanderthals. The extraordinary fossil has been named a new human species, Homo longi or "Dragon man," by Chinese researchers, although o...
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LA County coronavirus cases inch upward again; health officials push testing, vaccines

The daily number of new COVID-19 infections in Los Angeles County inched upward again on Friday, June 25, reaching levels not seen in about six weeks, as health officials continued urging people to get tested if they develop symptoms of the virus, even if they are vaccinated. The county’s daily testing-positivity rate also inched up, reported at 0.8% on Friday, up from 0.74% on Thursday. Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday that the county was seeing slight but definite increases ...
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'Dragon Man,' a mysterious new human species found in China, could be a closer relative of ours than Neanderthals

An artist's concept of Homo longi, or "Dragon Man." Chuang Zhao Anthropologists found a 146,000-year-old human ancestor called Homo longi, or "Dragon Man," in China. These hunter-gatherers were widespread in the region and may have interbred with ancient humans. New research suggests Homo longi could be more closely related to modern humans than Neanderthals. See more stories on Insider's business page. About 146,000 years ago, a hunter died in the forests of what is now northern ...
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Hours ahead of eased coronavirus rules, LA County makes pre-July 4 vaccine push

LOS ANGELES — Hours before most COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the state, Los Angeles County health officials on Monday, June 14, made another push for residents to get vaccinated, particularly with the Fourth of July holiday on the horizon. The county Department of Public Health noted that unvaccinated residents who get the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot by Sunday will be fully vaccinated by July 4. People who opt for the two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccines are too late to be fully...
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Ancient megalodon shark was even bigger than estimated, finds study

A new method estimates the ancient megalodon shark was as long as 65 feet.The megalodon was one of the largest fish that ever lived.The new model uses the width of shark teeth to estimate its overall size.A Florida student figured out a way to more accurately measure the size of one of the largest fish that ever lived – the extinct megalodon shark – and found that it was even larger than previously estimated.The megalodon (officially named Otodus megalodon, which means "Big Tooth") lived between...
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Prehistoric megalodon sharks might have been even bigger than previously thought. The chance discovery was made thanks to high schoolers.

An illustration of a megalodon. Shutterstock A new calculation for megalodon length suggests they were bigger than previously thought. Scientists designed a new formula after students on found the previous one was inaccurate. It led to estimates being revised up from 60ft to 65ft, four times that of a great white shark. See more stories on Insider's business page. A high-school trip prompted a scientific discovery when students found that a long-standing calculation to determine the...
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Anger in Zimbabwe at Nehanda statue amid collapsing economy

Criticism of priorities as tribute to liberation leader unveiled despite foreign food aid and lack of jobs The Zimbabwean government unveiled a statue of the liberation heroine and anti-colonialism figurehead Mbuya Nehanda in the capital, Harare, on Tuesday amid controversy about its priorities while the economy and health system collapse.President Emmerson Mnangagwa vowed that the government would “repatriate Mbuya Nehanda’s skull and the skulls of others from the UK”, and said discussions abou...
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LA County art, history museums emerge from coronavirus closures today

More cultural institutions continued to emerge from COVID-19 closures, with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Natural History Museum both welcoming visitors again on Thursday, April 1. Capacity will be limited to 25% at both museums until Monday, when the county will move into the orange tier of the state’s COVID-19 economic blueprint, allowing museums to boost capacity to 50%. “The Natural History Museum and La Brea Tar Pits have brought joy to generations of Angelenos for more than ...
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Video: Rare salmon shark spotted near Catalina Island

A shark with a broad head, pointy snout and contrasting light and dark dorsal fin mugged for a charter boat cruising about 12 miles off Catalina Island. The sighting of the salmon shark on Friday, March 25, is being called very rare. Salmon sharks are related to white sharks, but are less common off California than other pelagic sharks. “If you do see one here, it’s very special,” said Alisa Schulman-Janiger, a marine biologist who leads the American Cetacean Society-Los Angeles’ gray whale c...
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Neanderthals died out after Earth's magnetic poles flipped, causing a climate crisis 42,000 years ago, a study says

An exhibit shows a Neanderthal family at the Neanderthal Museum in Krapina, Croatia, in February 2010. Reuters/Nikola Solic Earth's magnetic poles flipped 42,000 years ago, which may have triggered a global climate crisis, a new study found. The resulting changes in temperatures and radiation levels may have killed off many large mammals. The event may have ultimately contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Earth saw a lot of ...
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A genetic advantage inherited from Neanderthals could give some people a 22% lower risk of severe COVID-19

A model of a Neanderthal male in his twenties on display at the Natural History Museum in London in September 2014. Will Oliver/PA Images/Getty Some people may have genes inherited from Neanderthals that reduce their risk of severe COVID-19 by 22%, a study found. But the same researchers previously found that Neanderthal DNA can also put people at higher risk of respiratory failure due to COVID-19.  The inherited genes are more common in Europe and Asia. Visit the Business section of Insid...
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The Secret Life Of Museums During Lockdowns In The UK

Each lockdown has meant something different for the staff, especially of science and natural history museums. For instance, James Maclaine, senior fish curator at London’s Natural History Museum, has to keep the flesh-eating beetles alive and make sure the freezers are running. “We have a lot of material in freezers which we haven’t been able to process yet and if anything goes wrong there it would be extremely unpleasant for all concerned.” – BBC
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Ornamental dinosaur frills seem to have evolved thanks to sexual selection

New research seeks to explain why dinosaurs featured an elaborate diversity of ornamentation in their frills and crests.A team at the Natural History Museum in London investigated a sheep-size Gobi Desert dweller known as Protoceratops.While sex alone does not explain the design, "socio-sexual selection" seems to have played an essential role. Fewer than 1 percent of all animals that ever lived have been fossilized. Yet fossils are essential for understanding the nature, notes Paige Williams i...
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Moths to monkeys: 503 new species identified by UK scientists

Spectacular discovery of monkey in Myanmar among new species described this year by Natural History Museum scientistsScarab beetles from New Guinea, seaweed from the Falklands and a new species of monkey found on an extinct volcano in Myanmar are among 503 species newly identified by scientists at the Natural History Museum.The museum’s work in 2020 describing species previously unknown to science includes naming new lichens, wasps, barnacles, miniature tarantulas and a lungless worm salamander....
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Magic visits the Natural History Museum in London

What do a manatee and a mermaid have in common? You can learn about their case of mistaken identity with the help of the Natural History Museum and Google Arts & Culture.  From unicorns to dragons, and flying snakes to shrinking lizards, mythical creatures are being united with their real-world cousins in a new project by London’s Natural History Museum, brought online for all to explore. With inspiration from the magical world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the new exhibition and o...
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The most popular wildlife photos of the year include a moose stare-down, a shark smorgasbord, and a lynx playdate

A moose at Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Guillermo Esteves/Wildlife Photographer of the Year The London Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition offers the public a chance to vote on their favorite images from the contest.  The leading photographs show an Iberian lynx along a Spanish highway, a civet cat taking a backpack ride in India, and an animal rescuer caring for orphaned bats in Australia. Here are the frontrunners for the...
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Fantastic beasts in the real world and where to find them

London's Natural History Museum is set to stage one of the most ambitious exhibitions in its history.
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Why the death of a small, punk-like fish rocked the marine world

The smooth handfish is the first extinct marine bony fish of modern times. Scientists are now wondering how many more have disappeared unnoticedIn 1802, when French naturalist François Péron slipped a small, chunky Australian fish into a jar of preservative, little did he suspect that his unassuming prize would be the only member of its species ever known to science. The smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) was declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) R...
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