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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Eavesdropping flowers, enormous digital photography, AI for medicine and more AI Diagnoses Genetic Disorders Using Facial Photos While doctors can identify genetic disorders with an accuracy between 70% and 75%, DeepGestalt—an AI project by FDNA—can do so with accuracy of 90% and over. By analyzing the face piece-by-piece, the system finds a corresponding disorder for that crop, moves on to the next and then pools the …
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Your body’s full of stuff you no longer need. Here's a list.

An evolutionary biologist got people swapping ideas about our lingering vestigia.Basically, this is the stuff that served some evolutionary purpose at some point, but now is kind of, well, extra.Here are the six traits that inaugurated the fun. Evolutionary anthropologist and Boston College post-doc, Dorsa Amir, started the whole thing with a series of eight tweets, and boy did she start something fun. Amir laid out a list of weird, once-useful details of the human anatomy that we continue to c...
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Drone captures amazing footage of huge spinning ice circle caught in a river’s flow

Nature can often present us with some rather wonderful and rare sights. Sights such as spinning ice circles in slow-moving rivers. One particularly giant and impressive example popped up in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine recently. Fortunately for those of us who live nowhere near Maine, Todd McKee, founder of Bulldog Aerials, managed to […] The post Drone captures amazing footage of huge spinning ice circle caught in a river’s flow appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Sonoma County, CA: 3 itineraries

3 travel itineraries that take in the best of Sonoma County Sonoma and Petaluma Heart of Wine Country Westward into Nature Photo: Wildly Simple/Sonoma County Tourism #wedge-0 { background-image: url('') }@media(min-width:560px){ #wedge-0 { background-image: url('
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Flowers Are Eavesdropping

According to a new study, plants can “hear” when a bee passes and they subsequently create more sweet nectar to attract them. A recent study by scientists at three Tel-Aviv University schools has found that a plant picks up sounds (signaled by the vibration of its petals) and responds (signaled by the excretion of additional nectar). With proof that the flowers responded to all of the …
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Mumbai’s Parsi Dairy milks modern retail, with nostalgia and social media

Once an iconic Mumbai landmark and cafe, the 102-year-old brand is reinventing itself Article by Amritha Pillay | Business Standard Parsi Dairy Farm, set up by Nariman Ardeshir in 1916 is redolent of an era when the city beat to a different tune. Set in the heart of what used to be Mumbai’s busy trade and market district, Kalbadevi, stories around the dairy are legion. Culinary anthropologist Kurush Dalal who is familiar with the history of the brand and the family that runs it recalls an anecdo...
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A Bizarre ‘Ice Circle’ Is Turning Heads in Maine. Here’s the Science Behind It

It's being compared to crop circles and other strange phenomena
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Worship Is Not Just Wonder; It Is Thankfulness

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger. When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned hi...
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5 types of climate change deniers, and how to change their minds

Climate change is easily one of humanity's greatest threats, and a mountain of data and evidence support this assertion.Despite the evidence, only 71% of Americans believe that climate change is real and primarily driven by human activities.People can and do change their minds about climate change. Trying to convince people to change their minds is often more about picking the right target than it is providing the right arguments. None Do facts matter? In an objective sense, yes, of course they ...
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Researchers have identified an area of the dog brain dedicated to processing human faces

If you want to know about the special relationship between human and canine you need only watch a dog owner slavishly feed, cuddle and clean up after her furry companion, day after day after day. But is this unique cross-species relationship also reflected at a deeper level, in the workings of the canine brain? A recent study in Learning and Behavior suggests so, finding that highly trained dogs have a dedicated neural area for processing human faces, separate from the area involved in processin...
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People who live in neighborhoods with green spaces have less stress, healthier blood vessels and lower risk of heart attack and stroke

People who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces may have less stress, healthier blood vessels and a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Residential greenness is associated with lower levels of sympathetic activation, reduced oxidative stress, and higher angiogenic capacity. This is independent of age, sex, race, smoking status, neighborhood deprivation, statin use, and roadway exposure.For this study (see the link below), researchers tested for a variety of biomarkers of stress and ...
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Sony a7 II and an old Leica Vario-Elmar-R 75-200mm f/4.5 with a K&F adapter. . [Author: Tam]
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Oil and gas giants Chevron and Occidental are backing tech to combat carbon emissions

Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company developing technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and process it for use in enhanced oil recovery or in the creation of new synthetic fuels, has locked in financing from two big industry backers — Chevron and Occidental Petroleum — to bring its products to market. The undisclosed amount of capital Carbon Engineering raised from the investment arms of two of the world’s largest oil and gas companies — Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and Chevron Tech...
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Extra-Healthy, Gene-Edited Spicy Tomatoes Are Coming

Scientists in Brazil are working to reconnect tomatoes with their chili pepper relatives (they separated some 19 million years ago, but maintain much of the same DNA) in order to create a super-healthy, spicy fruit. Rather than a food fad, this research and experimentation is occurring in order to have people eat more capsaicinoids, “the molecules that give red peppers their spicy pizzazz, for their health benefits.” …
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Vans Sets the Industry Standard in Sustainability for their World Cup of Surfing

From a Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii partnership to less public efforts at keeping beaches clean Walking along the Kaʻena Point Trail along the northwestern most point of Oahu is a beautiful sight—so long as you don’t look down. For when you do, you’ll find nearly endless stretches of bottle caps, disposable razors, toothbrushes and various shards of other plastics. Seeing the overwhelming and seemingly ordered fashion …
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Why be buried or cremated when you could become a tree?

Recomposition is the process of turning human bodies into soil. Recompose founder Katrina Spade dreamed up her company after learning about livestock being composted. Washington might be the first state in the nation to legally add this as a viable option for the deceased. None Funerals are rarely joyous occasions. This is a matter of culture, not an unalterable fact of death. The ceremony, as presented in America, is mostly an opportunity for the living to contemplate their own mortality. Our ...
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You can be buried or cremated. Soon there will be a third option.

Recomposition is the process of turning human bodies into soil. Recompose founder Katrina Spade dreamed up her company after learning about livestock being composted. Washington might be the first state in the nation to legally add this as a viable option for the deceased. None Funerals are rarely joyous occasions. This is a matter of culture, not an unalterable fact of death. The ceremony, as presented in America, is mostly an opportunity for the living to contemplate their own mortality. Our ...
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Charming, Newly Discovered Treefrog Has a Mysterious Claw

Introducing Hyloscirtus hillisi, a species of treefrog recently discovered in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. Among its many distinguishing features is an enlarged claw, the purpose of which isn’t immediately clear. Read more...
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Commute wearing you out? Try looking at this

With an unfortunate abundance of traffic jams and train delays, getting to and from work can sometimes be a job in itself — and a stressful one at that. But your surroundings might just hold the solution you've been looking for.Science backs this up: A recent study from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) shows that commuting through stretches of nature everyday can work wonders for your well-being.But just how much of an impact could this have on your morning or evening travel?...
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Ultramarathons in South Africa

It’s the start of the year and time for new resolutions. If completing trail running in your hometown seems like kids’ stuff, consider an ultramarathon overseas. South Africa hosts several ultramarathons that may just be the highlight of your year. South African races like the Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans Ultra Marathon are well-known globally, but the list of ultra-races is growing, as is the community of runners gearing up to take them on. Here’s everything you need to know about ultra...
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Wordless Wednesday: Fresh and New

New year, new wallpaper? Kick off 2019 by refreshing your desktop wardrobe. Click on any of the photos above to download the full size image. Save and enjoy it as your desktop wallpaper by right click the larger version, select “Set as Desktop Background,” and choose the “Stretch” option to best fit to your screen.
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Top 10 Tea Books of All Time For Tea Lovers – Part 1

The aromatic goodness of tea is hard to beat. There is a simplicity to heating water and steeping tea, holding the warm cup against your heart, and sipping liquid goodness. Tea lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Below are ten books that are likely to fuel your love while educating you on the art of all things tea. 1. “I Will Teach You to Be Healthy by Using Japanese Green Tea: Surprising Facts and Tips for How You Can Take Best Advantage of This Amazing Plant” by Kei Nishida Japanese gr...
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Boa, les luminaires artisanaux en papier signés Anne-Charlotte Saliba

Anne Charlotte Saliba, designer française basée à Lyon et sculptrice de papier porte toute son attention sur les luminaires, les créant dans toute leur intégralité. Voici la collection Boa, une série de luminaires en papier retenant la notion de mouvement, entre la gravité et le positionnement de l’objet. (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = '
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Tab Clearing...

A look at the '73-'75 Pontiac Grand Am, which is something of a forgotten classic.The differing expectations of photographic privacy in the US & France.An extinct giant cow species! [Author: Tam]
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Pablo Escobar’s hippos: Why drug lords shouldn’t play God

Lucy Cooke—an acclaimed zoologist, author, and TV presenter—tells the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's exotic animal menagerie, which included four hippos illegally imported from Africa. Four hippos became eight, and eight became sixteen, and now this non-native creature is running wild in South America. Cooke explains why this is a moment in evolution — these hippos will evolve into a creature quite different to African hippos. She refers to them as Hippopotamus Escobarus. What will...
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Guest Post Review: The Dam

        Anastasia Gonis has been reviewing books for over twenty years. Her reviews and interviews have appeared in Bookseller & Publisher, Good Reading magazine, Australian Book Review, The Age, The Herald Sun, AllWrite, and many other publications. Anastasia currently writes both articles and reviews and is a revered reviewer for Kids’ Book … Continue reading Guest Post Review: The Dam The post Guest Post Review: The Dam appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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The very best of 2018! 10 videos to get smarter, faster

365 days, 365 videos — it's been another huge year for big ideas.We've tallied up the 10 most popular, as chosen by you, plus the most controversial and most talked about videos of 2018. Enjoy! Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw in leftist American politics Superhumans: The remarkable brain waves of high-level meditators Why Michio Kaku wants to avoid alien contact at all costs Bored out of your mind at work? Your brain is trying to tell you something. ...
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Dinosaurs are alive! Here’s how we know, and why it matters

For most of the 20th century, figuring out the origin of birds was a great challenge of evolutionary biology — they didn't seem to fit anywhere. Then, in the late 20th century, a group of scientists discovered that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs, which were large, bipedal meat-eaters like the Velociraptor or the T-Rex. The bird-from-dinosaur theory was considered to be a crackpot idea but after three decades of research, the evidence became irrefutable. Finally, the discovery of feather...
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New software could save 745 species in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest without hurting agribusiness

Brazil's Atlantic Forest is one of the world's most biodiverse regions, but relentless deforestation threatens hundreds of species of plants and animals.Recently, a team of researchers created a computer program designed to optimize how forest land can best be used.The approach could be used by governments and organizations in other parts of the world to maximize biodiversity gains while minimizing economic losses. None New research shows that using a computer program to optimize land use in Bra...
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