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Why the ocean you know and love won’t exist in 50 years

Coral reefs may not be able to survive another human decade because of the environmental stress we have placed on them, says author David Wallace-Wells. He posits that without meaningful changes to policies, the trend of them dying out, even in light of recent advances, will continue.The World Wildlife Fund says that 60 percent of all vertebrate mammals have died since just 1970. On top of this, recent studies suggest that insect populations may have fallen by as much as 75 percent over the last...
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10 fun things to do in Faro in just one day

From the old city walls you get a glimpse of how Faro must have been, looking out over the shimmering silver water of the Ria Formosa lagoon, towards the distant sandbanks that shelter the city from the force of the ocean. Within the Vila-Adentro, Faro’s old town, the houses are closely packed in narrow streets that changed hands between the Moors and the Portuguese over the centuries. Now of course the town has extended much further and there are attractive pedestrianised shopping streets ...
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Can Access to Green Space Affect Child Development?

It’s no secret that spending time surrounded by nature is not only good for our physical health, but our mental health as well. Being in nature can benefit those with depression and has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mood. Creativity and problem-solving are enhanced in nature and a walk in the park can improve cardiovascular function. There are so many varied benefits to embracing our natural environment. In fact, forest bathing , which involves slowing down and mindfully ...
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How does Poland celebrate the arrival of Spring?

It may be 1st day of Spring today…but it sure does not look like it in New Hampshire… Although I have to admit that days are getting longer and warmer, so there is hope:) My daughters having hot chocolate in our yard couple days ago! Waiting for the Spring! Around the world, people celebrate the end of the dismal winter weather with unique festivals and traditions. Some date back thousands of years and others are relatively new. Poland celebrates the coming of Spring through the drowning of Ma...
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Sloth very clear on importance of chewing food slowly

“Tell tha chef it's excellent.” Definitely thought this was just a looped clip, but hold on. Nope. This slow eating sloth is very serious about eating slowly. Tell tha chef it's excellent [via]
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ClimaCell bets on IoT for better weather forecasts

To accurately forecast the weather, you first need lots of data — not just to train your forecasting models but also to generate more precise and granular forecasts. Typically, this has been the domain of government agencies, thanks to their access to this data and the compute power to run the extremely complex models. Anybody can now buy compute power in the cloud, though, and as the Boston and Tel Aviv-based startup ClimaCell is setting out to prove, there are now also plenty of other ways to ...
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Quickly Identify Plants and Animals Around You Using This App

The weather is slowly getting warmer, which means we’re all about head outside a little more. If your outdoor adventures take you on a hike or two through nature, then you stand a good chance of coming across a plant or animal that you can’t quite identify. iNaturalist is an app that can help.Read more...
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30 Times People Accidentally Created Art

Fell Asleep In The Bath. Finger Brains neeto85 It takes a keen eye to see all of the little pieces of art that surround us. Maybe the shadow of that tree looks a little like a human or that weirdly shaped cloud reminds you of some animal – accidental art is everywhere you turn your head to, you just have to use your imagination. Bored Panda has compiled a list of art pieces people or nature... Source
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Ocelot of bouncing around

Boing Boing! It'd be even better if this beautiful ocelot were not in a cage. Wonder if this is what 'Tigger' was based on. That's one big happy kitty. [SOURCE: That's one big happy kitty by OctopussSevenTwo5 on IMGUR.]
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A pleasure to burn: Why do people like spicy foods?

Humans are the only animals known to willingly eat foods that cause irritation, discomfort, and even pain.Theories for why range from thrill-seeking behavior to an evolutionary adaptation for seeking foods that reduce pathogens.Taste results from an interplay of genes, culture, memory, and personality, a complex design that scientists are only now beginning to understand. None If a Martian anthropologist found its way to a Clifton Chili Club Chili Eating Contest, it would discover one the univer...
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Japanese scientists take 'significant step' towards bringing the woolly mammoth back to life

With their enormous shaggy torsos and long curved tusks, the imposing creatures last walked on earth during the Ice Age. Fast forward thousands of years and the woolly mammoth may once again make an appearance on this planet – after Japanese scientists claim to have taken a “significant step” towards bringing the long-extinct animals back to life. Researchers extracted bone marrow and muscle tissue from the remains of a mammoth named Yuka, who has lain frozen in Siberian permafrost for more than...
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‘Micro snails’ we scraped from sidewalk cracks help unlock details of ancient Earth’s biological evolution

Every step you take, you're likely walking on a world of unseen and undescribed microbial diversity. And you don't need to head out into nature to find these usually unnoticed microscopic organisms. As biologists, we know this firsthand. A meetup for coffee several years ago ended with our using makeshift sampling tools – actually a coffee stirrer and a coffee cup lid – to collect some of the black gunk from between the sidewalk's concrete slabs. In this mundane space on the Mississippi Stat...
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WATCH: Live shark cam, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Having a rough day? Relax! These adorable sharks are on the other side of the glass. Watch them float around being shark-y, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. [via]
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Millennials Don’t Want Your Fancy Food Packaging — They Just Want Transparency

On a Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, you’ll find a cluster of canvas tents, root vegetables, some 200 dogs, and even more reusable tote bags. In August, you might see strawberries, and in February, turnips, but for the most part, few things change. In fact, since the market’s humble beginnings in 1979 — before Instagramming Swiss chard was a thing — there’s been just one truly notable shift: the crowd.Where you once found older neighborhood natives and restaurateurs, you’ll no...
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Growing up in nature reduces mental issues by up to 55%

A childhood spent in green spaces reduces the chance of acquiring adult mental disorders by 15% to 55%. A comprehensive study tracked the life stories of one million Danes to reach this conclusion. Humanity is moving to cities, and the report underscores the need for ample green spaces for children. None In 1950, two-thirds of us lived in rural settings, with just one-third living in cities. That balance is rapidly shifting, and experts now expect that by 2050 the numbers will be turned all th...
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Dive into the stunning winning photos of 2019 Underwater Photographer of the Year

The Underwater Photographer of the Year contest has announced the winners of the 2019 competition. Just like last year, it’s a stunning selection of images, chosen from over 5000 entries from 65 countries all over the world. We bring you the winning images in all categories, so let’s dive in! The overall winner of the […] The post Dive into the stunning winning photos of 2019 Underwater Photographer of the Year appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Discover the KattenKabinet: Amsterdam’s Museum Devoted to Works of Art Featuring Cats

Image by T_Marjorie, via Flickr Commons There’s been quite a bit of barking in the media lately to herald the reopening of the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog, relocating from St. Louis to New York City’s Park Avenue. What’s a cat person to do? Perhaps decompress within Amsterdam’s KattenKabinet… In contrast to the Museum of the Dog’s glitzy, glass-fronted HQ, the Cat Cabinet maintains a fairly low profile inside a 17th-century canal house. (Several visitors have noted in their Trip Advi...
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Cruising through thousands of cownose rays

The See Through Canoe guy posts the best aquatic life videos. “This is one of the largest fevers of cownose rays I've seen. Years ago there was some speculation about these ray fevers getting larger as shark populations decline but recent research has shown this is probably not the case.” From Wikipedia: The cownose ray is a species of eagle ray found throughout a large part of the western Atlantic and Caribbean, from New England, United States to southern Brazil. Cownose rays grow rapidly, a...
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Behold, close-ups of the sand from around the cosmos

Microscopic photography exposes the beauty and strangeness of sand. Water wave action produces a startling variety of sand grains. That stuff between your toes is a lot more interesting than you might think. None We typically refer to grains of sand as uncountable tiny bits of rock whose most interesting characteristic is just how many of them there are. Like stars in the sky. We do them a disservice. Even the Oxford Dictionary defines them nearly as "A loose granular substance, typically pal...
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Endangered insects, ending robocalls, women who pioneered auto design and more Efforts Underway to Stop Robocalls With estimated robocalls at 167.3 million per day in the US, many Americans simply ignore unknown numbers or “Scam Likely” calls. This doesn’t assuage the anxiety of missing something important or the sense of violation. Two programs—STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs)—aim …
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5 Free Attractions to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve visited Kuala Lumpur twice, and I have to say I’m disappointed at how un-backpacker friendly the city is. In May 2018, the city banned all free walking tours. Popular attractions like the KL Tower and Petronas Building (KL Twin Towers) cost more than $20 just to go up and get a view of the city. Thankfully, there are a handful of attractions in the city that are free. If...Read the whole entry... »          Related Stories 5 Free Attractions to Visit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - EnclosureEg...
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Photo editing...

Squirrel shot with EOS 40D and EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM [Author: Tam]
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This is a real African black panther and it's incredibly rare

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Will Burrard-Lucas | Wildlife (@willbl) on Feb 13, 2019 at 3:05am PST In central Kenya, biologists and wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas captured footage of a fantastically rare melanistic leopard, sometimes known as an African "black panther." There are only two known prior photos of an African black leopard, from 1909 and 2007. From National Geographic: "...
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Some Insect Species are Facing Total Extinction

Insects outweigh every species on Earth—humans, cattle and fish included. Despite their minute size, insects—bees, butterflies, moths and more—play a vital role in the planet’s ecosystem. They’re responsible for a sizable chunk of our food chain and some species act as the world’s recyclers, scrubbing the ground floor from vegetal and wooden debris. But, according to a new study, 40% of insect species will be faced …
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Zoom M&O PARIS – CRAFT : Florent Blanchard présente le luminaire DOD

Florent Blanchard présente sa propre marque DOD, un luminaire en forme de dodécaèdre modulable en bois massif à assembler soi-même. Le design modulaire du luminaire DOD  permet de créer selon les envies des combinaisons dans une ambiance lumineuse colorées, chaleureuse ou dynamique. D es centaines de combinaisons sont possibles ! Le luminaire DOD représente le premier objet d’une collection de mobilier ludique et revalorisé. Florent a eu l’idée de DOD en 2015 : «  Il y a un an, je su...
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Quinta do Lago Country Club – Luxury apartments in the Algarve, Portugal

On the edge of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, just a short drive from Faro, is the holiday resort of Quinta do Lago, in the Algarve region of Portugal. I spent a few days at Quinta do Lago Country Club, a luxury apartment complex that’s a few minutes walk from the beach, with views over the lake and Ria Formosa Nature Reserve that is a haven for birds and wildlife. Golf is a big deal here in the Algarve, but as I discovered there are many other things to do in and around Quinta do Lago, wi...
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'Ghost Apples' of ice form after freezing rain in Michigan [PHOTOS]

Aren't they beautiful? Here's how 'ghost apples' formed on this apple tree in West Michigan. Ice forms on rotting apples, and as the apples decay, they slide down and out of the ice that is left behind hanging off the apple tree branches. There's a longer explainer here: Andrew Sietsema sent in photos of the hollow ice apples to ReportIt late Wednesday night. He said he came across the interesting formations while pruning apple trees earlier that day. Sietsema said the freezing rain coated ...
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Magnetic north isn’t even close to where it used to be

Magnetic north has recently been moving north from Canada to Russia in a cold hurry. It's moving about 33 miles a year instead of the usual 7 miles. World navigation models had to updated ahead of schedule to catch up with it. None If you're reading this as you travel the arctic, odds are you're probably already a bit confused. Your compass has been, well, strange, lately. That's because magnetic north has been moving. Quickly. It's never been stationary, but recently it's been moving around 4...
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Watch a single cell develop into newt in only six minutes

The development of a new organism from a cell is a fascinating process. Dutch filmmaker and photographer Jan van IJken has recently put this miracle of life in a stunning timelapse. His short film BECOMING shows a newt forming, from a single cell to birth, in only six minutes. As a photographer, Jan leans towards […] The post Watch a single cell develop into newt in only six minutes appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Green New Deal is long on vision, short on details, and a potential windfall for startups

The Green New Deal has landed. Proposed by the rising star of the Democratic Party, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Senator Edward Markey, a longtime advocate for decarbonization in both the House and the Senate, the sweeping proposal is a grand vision for what a progressive push to rebuild American institutions for the 21st century looks like. But it’s a plan that’s long on promise and short on details. And it’s unlikely to gain much traction in Washington. The proposal is notable ...
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