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Get a Bird Feeder, and Don't Overthink It

Birds are pretty and interesting to watch—and if you’re lazy, you don’t even need to leave the house to see them. Imagine, as you are ordering takeout some night, you could order nature to just show up at your door. Well, you can. Hang up a bird feeder.Read more...
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Rutgers-led research finds bee decline threatens crop yields

Species richness among wild bees and other pollinators has been declining for 50 years. A new study found crops like apples, cherries, and blueberries to be pollination limited, meaning less pollination reduces crop yields. Conservation efforts will need to be made to stave off future losses and potential food insecurity. Bees have endured a disastrous half-century. In the winter of 2018, U.S. beekeepers reported losing 37.7 percent of their honeybee colonies. It was the largest die-off reporte...
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Mariprofundis R'lyehianum

Just in case extracting the DNA of the ancestor of bubonic plague from the teeth of neolithic skulls doesn't trigger the final boss fight of 2020 A.D., scientists are also feeding nutrients to dormant hundred-million-year-old bacteria from the benthic mud of the abyssal plains of the ocean to wake them up and see what happens.via GIPHYThere is no way that HLV2514 is going to get here in time. . [Author: Tam]
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Boston, Grimsby and Hull could become global flooding hotspots by 2100, study says

Boston, Grimsby and Hull could become some of the world’s worst hit coastal flooding hotspots in the next 80 years as climate change raises sea levels and increases the severity of storms, according to a new study. Coastal flooding worldwide will rise by 48 per cent and threaten assets worth up to 20 per cent of global GDP without flood defences or action to mitigate global emissions, according to research from the Universities of Melbourne and East Anglia. If emissions are mitigated, the figure...
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Covid puts green energy in a coma

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted governments’ plans to flatline the upward trajectory of global warming The post Covid puts green energy in a coma appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Hear the Sound Of Endangered Birds Get Turned Into Electronic Music

Bird-watching is having a moment, thanks to the pandemic. As non-essential workers adjusted to spending more time at home, their ears adjusted to the increasingly non-foreign sound of birdsong outside their windows. Those sweet tweets are no doubt largely responsible for the record breaking turnout at this year’s Global Big Day, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's annual birding event, held earlier this spring. 50,000 participants logged 2.1 million individual observations, and 6,479 sp...
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Love avocados? Thank the toxodon

Given avocado's popularity today, it's hard to believe that we came close to not having them in our supermarkets at all. In my new book “Avocado: A Global History," I explain how the avocado survived a series of ecological and cultural close calls that could have easily relegated them to extinction or niche delicacy. Instead, the avocado persevered, prospered – and became one of the most Instagrammed foods in the world. A 'ghost of evolution' Avocados are in the laurel family, the same group of ...
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Polar bears could be extinct by 2100, says heartbreaking new study

A new report on climate change by the University of Toronto is projecting that most of the polar bear population could reach extinction in under 100 years due to starvation.Polar bears are dependent on sea ice for hunting seals, a primary component of their diet. As temperatures rise and sea ice continues to shrink it has become increasingly challenging for the carnivores to hunt for food. The Arctic is likely to have warmed more than double the amount of the global average this year compared to...
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Stone stacking destroys the environment for clicks and likes

In recent years, stone stacks have become a popular pastime on social media and in our national parks.Scientists and conservationists warn that such stacks cause ecological damage and risk the survival of many endemic plant and animal species.The problem is one of scale: The more popular the pastime becomes, the great the damage to our natural parks and reserves. The perfect balance of the stack. The fusion of equilibrium and irregularity. How the stones come from nature yet stand apart. There'...
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How You Can Help Save the Fireflies

If you’ve noticed that your backyard doesn’t seem to glow with the twinkle of fireflies as much as it used to, you’re right: It likely doesn’t. Fireflies are disappearing from fields, marshes and forests all over the world.Read more...
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It's Time to Reduce Stress With Some Virtual Forest Bathing

Taking a walk in a forest can been deeply calming. Even if it’s just off the beaten path and you’re swatting mosquitoes away, you’re someplace different than the houses and buildings where you probably spend your life. A hike or a camping trip, or even a meditative half-hour in the park, can help you unplug for a…Read more...
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Spend Time With Beluga Whales, Because What Else Is There to Do

Look, we get it. All the virtual travel articles and see-the-world-from-your-laptop tips were fun for the first few months of the pandemic, when it was all still a novelty. But now that you’ve taken online trips to cities, museums and historical sites around the world, you may be looking for something else. So allow…Read more...
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This 12-year-old bottle terrarium is teeming with lush life

Around 2007, a child made a simple terrarium inside a glass bottle. Today, the bottle, unopened for more than a decade, is teeming with a lush ecosystem of algae, moss, fungi, and isopods. From Jartopia: I found this terrarium very fascinating as it's almost as if there are two separate worlds within the same glass demijohn. The algae underground creates a unique habitat, which couldn't possibly exist in nature due to the fact the glass ensured that light could reach the soil undergro...
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Late Bloomer

The last daylily bloom in the neighbor's bed just north of the porch catches the late afternoon light... It looks kind of lonely, what with most of the plants around it being all done blooming for the season. Canon EOS 7D, EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM It looks like a couple of the plants around it have a bloom or two left to go, but this was the only one blossoming yesterday.I am informed via Facebook that the about-to-blossom buds are edible and are an ingredient in hot and so...
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Glass algae and other oddities of Antarctica's microworld

For five years, Boing Boing contributor Ariel Waldman, an artist-turned-science hacker developed the skills necessary to become a "wildlife filmmaker at the microbial scale." Finally, she spent more than a month in Antarctica documenting the strange, beautiful, and "invisible" creatures that live there. Her project, "Life Under Ice," was meant to be the subject of her TED2020 talk in Vancouver in April. Of course, TED2020 was changed to an entirely online event. Above is Ariel's wonderful talk...
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Explore Flowcharts That Japanese Aquariums Use to Document the Romantic Lives of Penguins

In recent years, viewers the world over have been binge-watching a Japanese reality show called Terrace House. The New Yorker's Troy Patterson describes its format thus: "Three men and three women move into an elegant pad for a spell, while otherwise conducting their lives as usual. The members of the cast are above average in their camera-readiness and their civility, and in no other discernible way." Fueled not by the self-promotional showboating and ginned-up resentment that have become conv...
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Everything's Turning Into Tulip Bulbs

First it was hand sanitizer, bleach, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. (And that's not entirely over; good paper towels are still hard to come by.)Then it was flour and baking powder as everyone decided to try home baking.Of course guns and ammo have been in short supply since the start of the 'Rona, and that situation is unlikely to resolve itself in time for the now-traditional quadrennial Great American Election Year Panic-Buying Freakout.Bicycles were a shortage I hadn't foreseen, but shou...
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More Macro

Canon EOS 5DS, EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Playing with that inexpensive older Nikon macro lens was the push I needed to finally get off my butt and pick up a macro lens for my work cameras. Well, that and the serendipitous appearance of the minty used 100mm f/2.8L for a price I couldn't pass up at Roberts when I was there to drop off film yesterday morning. . [Author: Tam]
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Watch how crowdsourced citizen data demonstrated how tornadoes form

The deadly 2013 El Reno tornado was 2.5 miles (4 km) wide and killed a team of tornado experts. But as Anton Seimon explains, his colleagues turned that tragedy into an opportunity to confirm a key element of tornado formation. Through crowdsourcing, his team was able to demonstrate that this kind of tornado forms from the ground up, not from the clouds downward. Image: YouTube / National Geographic
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Woman gored after approaching bison in Yellowstone National Park

The National Park Service reports that a 72-year-old woman repeatedly came within ten feet of a bison Yellowstone National Park to take a photo, and was gored by the animal. From a Park Service Statement: After a 72-year-old woman from California approached within 10 feet of a bison multiple times to take its photo, the animal gored her. The incident occurred on the evening of June 25, 2020, at the female’s campsite at Bridge Bay Campground. Rangers provided immediate medical care to the woman ...
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Busy Little Bee

"Making Catnip Honey" Nikon D3, 105mm f/2.8 AF-D 1/160th @ f/6.3, ISO 400 My photography group's photo assignment for the week was "Macro, or close-up photographs of small scenes."I'd never done macro photography of live bugs before...heck, I haven't done much macro photography at all...but when I saw the bees on the catnip plant out front, I put my new-to-me 105mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor lens on the D3 and went out to try my hand at it. I think I managed a couple decent shots for a first try...
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Adult-made neurons mature longer, have unique functions

Neuroscientists don't know the degree to which adult human brains generate new neurons.A new study found that adult-born neurons in lab rats continued to grow and mature long after infant-born ones stopped. Understanding the process of neuron birth and death can help scientists understand the causes of neurological disorders. Learning about the brain is a challenge. Neuroscientists must measure the operations of a byzantine tool with the very tool they're attempting to measure. That's a journ...
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The edible flower guide in Polish!

Summer is here and with the coronavirus pandemic people are growing vegetables and flowers more than ever!!! I absolutely love flowers, their smell and beautiful colors. It doesn’t matter if I make a bouquet out of them, use them in a recipe or just simply enjoy them while sitting in my garden. Breakfast bowl. Image by T Caesar from Pixabay Edible flowers (jadalne kwiaty) add color (kolor), flavor (smak) and texture (tekstura) to sweet and savory dishes. It can be used in cordials, oils and bu...
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Front Porch Safari

Lightly cropped from the original I've been wanting to get shots of a chipmunk for a while, but the little critters are so wary and so fast. Normally just the act of turning your head to look at one will send it streaking into the nearest concealment at top speed. They're like quantum squirrels: The act of observing them alters their velocity and position.Yesterday's front porch safari with the 5DS and 100-400 glass finally paid off. It was raining and one settled in on the neighbor's fro...
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Cities are wrestling with a potential new exodus in the COVID-19 era, but Urban-X still believes in their future

Embodying the tensions that cities across the world face as they wrestle with controlling a pandemic in dense, urban environments, Urban-X, the accelerator for technology startups focused on the problems cities face, has launched its eighth, fully remote, cohort. While the accelerator program backed by the BMW-owned Mini Cooper automaker and the venture capital firm Urban Us is based in Brooklyn, it’s conducting its latest program virtually, with participating startups coming from Atlanta, Sy...
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Could developing renewable energy micro-grids make Energicity Africa’s utility of the future?

When Nicole Poindexter left the energy efficiency focused startup, Opower a few months after the company’s public offering, she wasn’t sure what would come next. At the time, in 2014, the renewable energy movement in the US still faced considerable opposition. But what Poindexter did see was an opportunity to bring the benefits of renewable energy to Africa. “What does it take to have 100 percent renewables on the grid in the US at the time was not a solvable problem,” Poindexter said. “I loo...
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Fight Club

Now this is pretty hardcore:"She awoke to the sound of a bear approaching her," Foy said. "It immediately attacked."The bear scratched the young woman's arms and legs, but then it began to bite her leg. Her wounds were not life-threatening."The only weapon she had was her laptop. She hit the bear with it and stunned it long enough to escape inside the house," Foy said."She fought back vigorously, which is what you should do with any wildlife in California."What laptop for bear? This is where you...
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Kaia Health gets $26M to show it can do more with digital therapeutics

Kaia Health, a digital therapeutics startup which uses computer vision technology for real-time posture tracking via the smartphone camera to deliver human-hands-free physiotherapy, has closed a $26 million Series B funding round. The funding was led by Optum Ventures, Idinvest and capital300 with participation from existing investors Balderton Capital and Heartcore Capital, in addition to Symphony Ventures — the latter in an “investment partnership” with world famous golfer, Rory McIlroy,...
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Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder With Cayenne

Are squirrels hogging all of that seed you so considerately put out for the neighborhood birds? Are you tired of watching them steal—so brazenly!—what is not rightfully theirs while the local blue jays and red-winged blackbirds watch from a safe distance? Rude. To alleviate this problem, all you have to do is spice…Read more...
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Watch: Komodo dragons vs. Robot Spy Pig

BBC Earth's "Spy in the Wild" series (also on PBS) uses animatronic animals outfitted with miniature cameras to capture wildlife close up. In this gripping scene, Komodo dragons meet the Robot Spy Pig. Guess who wins.
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