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Jesse Spencer Exits ‘Chicago Fire’ After 200 Episodes

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the “Two Hundred” episode of “Chicago Fire.” After blazing a trail on NBC’s “Chicago Fire” for almost a decade, Aussie actor Jesse Spencer has exited the Wolf Entertainment action-drama during the popular show’s milestone 200th episode aptly titled “Two Hundred.” During the episode, his character Matthew […]
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Thin Blue Line Gets Thinner; ‘Be Prepared to Defend Yourself’

How many more citizens will be reading such books as police manpower is challenged by vaccine mandates? Maybe people will start carrying guns because a cop is unavailable! (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-( While the president of the National Police Association is talking to Fox News about “costly litigation” over law enforcement suspensions or firings over COVID-19 vaccination resistance, and police agencies around the country braced for manpower shortages, caught in the middle of this ...
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Agent, brokerage on the hook after termite inspector’s botched job

A Tampa Bay Realtor, her brokerage and a client are being sued by a homebuyer after the property was cleared for termite damage by an unlicensed inspector.
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The White House has considered deploying the National Guard to combat the supply-chain crisis, but it's reportedly unlikely

National Guards walk from Union Station to the Capitol Building as events get under way for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, in Washington. AP Photo/John Minchillo The White House has explored using the National Guard to alleviate stress on the supply chain. The idea is unlikely to be implemented at this time, though it is not off the table, per reports. Last week, President Joe Biden announced a 90-day sprint, which included extending hours ...
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Byron Allen’s Entertainment Education Came From the Giants at NBC

Entertainment mogul Byron Allen’s résumé lists Fairfax High and USC as the Los Angeles educational institutions of his formative years. Not to diminish their importance, when you hear Allen describing his youthful days when his single mother “couldn’t afford daycare” and plopped young Byron down at NBC where she worked, it’s quickly obvious that Allen […]
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How did The Morning Show become the messiest show on TV?

In its second season, the star-studded Apple TV drama is a chaotic, uneven and ham-fisted yet compulsively watchable rumination on workplace ethics amid the pandemicWatching The Morning Show, Apple TV+’s messy, star-studded morning news drama whose second season premiered this fall, is for me a very vocal experience – the road from concept to execution so bumpy and the choices so chaotic as to provoke several guffaws an episode. The biggest “NO” comes in the beginning of the second season’s thir...
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Local news anchors used dry-erase markers and whiteboards after hackers targeted the second-largest TV station owner in the US

Sinclair Broadcast Group was hit by a ransomware attack over the weekend. Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A cyberattack has targeted Sinclair Broadcast Group, the US's second-largest local TV station owner. SBG cited the attack in a filing with the SEC, noting it was targeted by attackers seeking ransom. As a result, some of SBG's 185 television stations had to go live without their normal technology. Sinclair Broadcast Group, the second-largest owner of loc...
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Every The Office Season Ranked Worst To Best

One of my favorite moments from NBC's "The Office" doesn't make many sites' best scene lists, nor is it beloved by fans (or even its cast and crew, to be honest). But I'll just say it: The scene from "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" in which Michael and Dwight retrieve their old-school gift basket from an indifferent client is "The Office" at its best. The scene is funny. The scene is sad. Most importantly, the scene features characters who are striving for greatness as they nosedive towards failure, g...
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Procter & Gamble said it's seen a spike in sales of over-the-counter medicine as cold and flu season makes a comeback

Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Procter & Gamble is seeing a spike in demand for products like cold medicine compared to last year. Last year's cold and flu season was uncharacteristically mild, with only 748 reported flu deaths. But experts warn that the flu could rebound this year, resulting in a surge in hospitalizations. Sales of healthcare products are soaring at Procter & Gamble as cold and flu season ramps up nationwide. P&G released financial results...
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How NBCUniversal Wields the ‘Power of the Portfolio’ to Reach New Audiences

Frances Berwick is NBCUniversal's Television and Streaming Chairman of Entertainment Networks--a unique role helming business operations and strategy for seven entertainment platforms, including NBC and cable networks Bravo, E!, SYFY, Oxygen and USA. She joined Adweek's Convergent TV Summit to discuss her first year on the job and how NBCU TV & Streaming's entertainment division...
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Can't Stop The Trolls: Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick Return In New Holiday Special Coming To NBC

If you thought the Minions were bad enough, allow me to reintroduce you to the unstoppable might of the "Trolls" franchise. At least the Minions were forever immortalized as ancient American gods in that one incredible scene in "Mortal Engines" a couple of years back. What can "Trolls" consider to be its claim to fame? Nothing major, just changing the entire landscape of moviegoing by becoming the first major film to skip theaters entirely during the pandemic and release solely on video-on-deman...
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Trump was 'unsure' if his brand of politics would draw 'a significant following' at the start of his 2016 campaign: book

Donald Trump announces that he will run for the US presidency, in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, on June 16, 2015. AP Photo/Richard Drew, File Trump was "unsure" if his views would attract a "following" at the outset of his first campaign. The former president told correspondent David M. Drucker that he was simply speaking his mind. "I felt strongly about it - and it wasn't Republican," he said of his 2016 campaign agenda. Even out of the White House, former President Donald Tr...
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FBI raids Russian billionaire’s home in Washington DC

Federal agents conduct search at home of Putin associate Oleg Deripaska, who has been blacklisted by the United StatesThe FBI is conducting “law enforcement activity” at the home of the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Washington, NBC News reported on Tuesday, citing a spokesperson for the US law enforcement agency.Federal agents were outside the property and restricting access, the NBC reporter Tom Winter wrote in a post on Twitter. Continue reading...
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Lawyers for Donald Trump claim he never defamed Summer Zervos, who accused him of sexual assault in 2016

In this combination photo, President Donald Trump, left, listens during a meeting at the White House, on March 13, 2017 in Washington and Summer Zervos, a former contestant on "The Apprentice" appears at a news conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 14, 2016. AP Photos/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, left, and Ringo H.W. Chiu, Files In 2017, Zervos filed a lawsuit against Trump after he denied her accusation of sexual assault. Attorneys for Trump argued she started the litigation to inhibit his freed...
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65 NYC Cops Face Departmental Misconduct Charges in George Floyd Protests

65 NYC Cops Face Departmental Misconduct Charges in George Floyd Protests – NBC New York Skip to content Live TV Trending Crime and...
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The faces and voices of growing diversity in soccer coverage

Diversity is fluid. It is one of those things that is hard to define. But, simultaneously, you know when it exists. Soccer, like so many other sports, developed a stereotype for including only white men.... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Nurses say patients are getting more abusive, and simple questions can set them off

31% of hospital nurses across the country have reported a small or significant increase in workplace violence as of September 2021. Brandon Bell/Getty Images 31% of hospital nurses have reported an increase in violence, up from 22% in March 2021. Nurses told Insider the tense politics around vaccines and masks may be leading to patient aggression. 1 in 4 nurses faces physical violence on the job, and the hospital is one of the most dangerous workplaces in the country, according to OSHA. Ke...
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Trump is calling for a vote audit in another Arizona county even after the first recount in Maricopa proved Biden won

Former President Donald Trump has his sights set on pushing for yet another vote audit in Arizona - this time, in Pima County. Brandon Bell/Getty Images Former President Donald Trump has alleged that "fictitious" votes were cast in Arizona's Pima County. He also called for a new election in the county to take place "immediately." But Pima County officials have spoken up to refute his claims, calling their elections free, fair, secure, and accurate. Former President Donald Trump is once...
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Rami Malek Impersonates Pete Davidson In A Wholly Satisfying Saturday Night Live (With A Little Help From Daniel Craig)

This weekend brought another new episode of "Saturday Night Live" -- the third in a series of four back-to-back episodes kicking off season 47 with four first-time hosts. "No Time to Die" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek hosted the show, and although he's best known for his dramatic roles and having "resting villain face," he turned out to be a wholly satisfying collaborator who wasn't afraid to get weird with the "SNL" cast. The Oscar winner turned in a fantastic impersonation of cast me...
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Why The Seinfeld & Elaine Romance Subplot Went Nowhere After Season 2

Seinfeld did have the makings of a long-term Jerry-Elaine romance, but it ultimately went nowhere - here's why. Seinfeld explored multiple romantic relationships Elaine and Jerry had with other people, but rarely addressed the prospect of bringing the two back together. Instead, Elaine remained one of the core members of Jerry’s circle of friends up until the end of the show in season 9. When Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was brought into the fold in the show’s second episode, it was explained ...
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Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson says Trump's continued focus on the 2020 election is 'a recipe for disaster' in the midterms

Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas. AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta Gov. Hutchinson said that "relitigating" the 2020 election would be "a recipe for disaster in 2022." On NBC's "Meet the Press," the Ark. governor dismissed Trump's calls to sit out upcoming elections. "It's about the future. It's not about the last election," the Republican governor said. Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Sunday said that former President Donald Trump's continued attempts to discredit the 2020 election ...
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The Golden Globes Will Not Be Televised On NBC

But they are happening, and they will be televised – on the CW Network. Will anyone in Hollywood care? – Los Angeles Times
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Flight attendants aren't the only workers facing unprecedented violence on the job: Nurses say they've seen a rise in physical and verbal abuse from agitated patients

31% of hospital nurses across the country have reported a small or significant increase in workplace violence as of September 2021. Brandon Bell/Getty Images 31% of hospital nurses have reported an increase in violence, up from 22% in March 2021. Nurses told Insider the tense politics around vaccines and masks may be leading to patient aggression. 1 in 4 nurses faces physical violence on the job, and the hospital is one of the most dangerous workplaces in the country, according to OSHA. Ke...
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Widow of a DC police officer who died by suicide after the Capitol riot says 'if it wasn't for January 6, he would still be here'

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they storm the US Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Erin Smith says her husband would still be alive if not for the January 6 Capitol riot. Jeffrey Smith, a DC police officer, shot and killed himself nine days after working the riot. Erin Smith says video of the riot shows her husband being hit in the head with a metal pole. The widow of Jeffrey Smith, a DC Metropolitan police officer who d...
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‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ Contestant Hospitalized After Escape Stunt Goes Wrong

Jonathan Goodwin was airlifted to hospital following the horrific accident during rehearsals for NBC’s upcoming spinoff.
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Peacock's base plan is free, but it costs $5 a month to stream its full library of movies and shows

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Peacock is a streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock Peacock is a streaming service with NBCUniversal shows, movies, sports, and news. The base plan is ad-supported so you can watch some of the catalog for free with commercials. Peacock Premium ($5/month) offers more to watch, and Peacock Premium Plus ($10/month) is ad-free. Premium (Monthly Plan) (small) Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Peacoc...
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Morning Line- Sean Shapiro On ESPN And TNT

I’ll admit that my expectations have risen in the past couple of weeks. There was a lot of early hubbub about how Turner and ESPN were going to change hockey coverage, and without proof I was worried it would simply be NBC’s coverage packaged into another, albeit more widely available, platform. But after seeing ESPN make the commitment to a studio show, seeing the Turner media preview, I’m more confident that hockey coverage is headed in a better direction in the United States. The big...
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EPL Commentator Schedule on NBC for gameweek 8

Many American fans of European soccer are looking for the EPL commentator schedule for gameweek 8. Now, NBC released the crews for all ten games in England’s top flight. This week, there are not an... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Ron Watkins, the man widely rumored to have started the QAnon movement, said he is running for Congress

A photo of Watkins appearing on TV. OAN/YouTube Ron Watkins in a video said he would be running for Congress in Arizona as a Republican. Watkins has long been rumoured to be the man behind the QAnon movement. A statement of intent to run was filed with state authorities using an email address associated with Watkins. Ron Watkins, the former 8chan administrator widely rumored to have seeded the QAnon conspiracy theory, has said that he intends to run for a congressional seat in Arizona. ...
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How to watch the NFL without cable - week 6 features big matchups between the top 4 teams in the AFC

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. The 2021 NFL season began on September 9. Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo; Mark LoMoglio/AP Photo; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Week six of the 2021 NFL season features matchups between all four AFC division leaders. NFL games are spread across several channels, including NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS. HD antennas and streaming services offer select NFL games without the need for a cable subscription....
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