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Instagram Announces New Features to Help Support Users Affected By Eating Disorders

Instagram is launching new features to help support users on its platform who may be affected by negative body image or an eating disorder, the company has announced. Previously, Instagram had limited its policy to obscuring content that may trigger users suffering from an eating disorder, but the new policy adds to this by aiming to surface more expert-backed resources when people search for content related to the issues. While we don't allow content that promotes or encourages self-harm a...
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This Week In Trailers: Run Hide Fight, Go/Don’t Go, Music, The Night

Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week, we see the frontrunner for the worst trailer this decade, visit the afterlife and then come back to the real world, hear the echoes...
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Warum die Darstellung von Bulimie in The Crown gleichzeitig so wichtig & problematisch ist

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN). Achtung: Der folgende Artikel enthält Spoiler für die vierte Staffel von Netflix’ The Crown! Die vierte Staffel von The Crown steht ihren Vorgängern in Sachen Drama und Spannung um nichts nach. Und obwohl die Serie sicher nie versucht hat, seichte Unterhaltung zu liefern, lässt sich kaum leugnen, dass sie wohl noch nie finsterer war als jetzt.  Staffel vier beginnt in den späten 1970ern und rückt die mitunter berühmt-berücht...
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Neda Agha-Soltan’s Blood Stained the Ground Where Iranians Protest Today

When politicians and pundits speak of “Iran” and “the Iranians,” they often mean just the Islamist thugs who rule that nation by institutionalized terror. But Iran and the Iranians also include the protesters who brave batons and bullets in the streets of Tehran, proving themselves as desirous of freedom as any Americans in America.The most recent protests began on Sunday at a vigil for the 176 innocents who perished when a Ukraine International Airlines passenger jet was downed by an Iranian mi...
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Kate Spade – Mavis Street Taden & Neda bundle $89 Shipped (Reg.$356)

  Looking for a new bag? This bundle would make a super gift! Get this Bundle Deal at Kate Spade. The Kate Spade Mavis Street Taden & Neda bundle is only $89 + FREE Shipping (Reg.$356) with Promo Code MAKEITTWO Description of wallet: MATERIAL vinyl glitter capital kate jacquard lining FEATURES zip around continental wallet... Read More Read more about Kate Spade – Mavis Street Taden & Neda bundle $89 Shipped (Reg.$356)
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Why Women in Recovery Must Combat the Diet Culture

Diet culture is insidious. We spend our lives obsessed with our bodies — always wishing for a smaller shape, scrutinizing the size of the portions on our plates, and unscrupulously comparing ourselves to thinner people. It’s damaging because it leads us to equate our worth with our appearance. For people in recovery, that is especially harmful. We experience physiological changes quickly — including weight gain — once we find recovery, and we can often leap to the assumption that we have a food ...
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The Ayatollah Comes for the Internet

The almost complete shutdown imposed over the weekend sets a new oppressive benchmark.
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Ramadan reminds BMBs to pray for their families

International (MNN) -- Ramadan – a holy month of fasting observed by millions of Muslims worldwide – is more than halfway over. For many believers from a Muslim background (BMBs), Ramadan is a hallmark of their former life. As explained here by Prayercast , fasting (sawm) practiced during this annual observance is the fourth pillar of Islam: Ramadan is a focused time of drawing closer to Allah – to let the hunger pangs serve as reminders of a need for God. It is also a time of “reformatio...
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Best things to do in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese , the mulberry-leaf-shaped southern peninsula of mainland Greece, may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a trip to the cradle of Western civilization. The historical city of Athens and picture-perfect islands of Mykonos and Santorini have arguably established themselves as Greece’s must-gos. But the well-kept secrets of the Peloponnese and the region’s landscape of contrasts will make you feel like you’ve discovered a whole new world. Green valleys an...
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Taliban attacks aid groups, promises U.S. defeat

Afghanistan (MNN) -- Violence is a constant threat in Afghanistan. The latest Taliban bombing killed three aid workers and at least six civilians – the deadliest episode in a year. Simultaneously, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai – the Taliban’s chief negotiator – promised an impending defeat of coalition forces led by the United States. U.S. forces began military action on-the-ground in 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and troops maintain an active presence today. National inst...
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I Believe It’s Possible to Fully Recover from an Eating Disorder

When I first started struggling with food and body image at eight years old, I was convinced it would be a lifelong struggle. My days were spent getting on and off a scale more times than anyone could imagine and counting out my cornflakes before I’d even think of eating them. I felt that I was destined to be bound by my eating disorder forever. However, at 22 years old, I am fully recovered from anorexia. There is some controversy in the mental health world about whether full recovery from a...
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Hi everyone,Neda is an interactive picture frame that helps grandparents who are having a hard time learning how to work with technology. It’s an easy way for them to connect with their children and grandchildren who might live abroad. The way it works is very simple. Each picture has a button above...By: PanteaPContinue Reading » [Author: PanteaP]
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Why You Shouldn’t Follow A Diet Just Because An Insta Blogger Told You To

It's almost too easy to buy things on Instagram. Between the funky vintage clothes, unique pieces of furniture, and cool workout clothes, it's hard to resist scrolling and spending. That said, there's one thing you probably shouldn't buy on Insta: nutrition advice.Many wellness influencers on Instagram who call themselves "nutrition experts" or "nutrition coaches" sell detailed meal plans, cleanses, or nutrition guides to their followers. Often these plans can be downloaded in one click, and th...
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A Week In San Francisco, CA, On An $82,600 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a program manager working in media publishing who makes $82,600 per year and spends some of her money this week on collagen peptides.Occupation: Program ManagerIndustry: Media Publishing Age: 27Location: San Francisco, CASalary: $82,600Paycheck Amount...
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How Cult Leaders Use Music For Mind Control

All summer long, Refinery29 will be examining cults from every angle: pop culture, fashion, food, beauty, and their controversial origins. Let’s dig into the fascination behind this fervor with " Cult Fridays ."Music is a powerful tool that can inspire intense, usually pleasurable feelings. It does something chemically to our brains when we hear and perform it. Think about the ways humans use music: we make playlists to seduce and set a rhythm during both sex and exercise ; stores pipe it i...
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Aerie Embeds #AerieREAL Positivity In Its Customer Experience

As Jennifer Foyle, global brand president of American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie, told us in 2015, the apparel retailer learned a few lessons on the road to launching #AerieREAL, its commitment to use real models with lumps, bumps, stretchmarks, wrinkles, curves—and the confidence to be proud of their natural beauty and rock their whole selves. “As a company, we had to unlearn and change our mindset,” she said. “We were so programmed to retouch a scar or cover up a tattoo—it was a completely ne...
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Comment on pancakes, english muffins, frisee salad by Neda

Hello, Can I use an oven instead of the girdle for English Muffins? Thanks.
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These Women Are Speaking Up About Mental Health & Paving The Way For Others

The conversation surrounding mental health has reached a tipping point. While there's still a lot to be said, recent headlines prove mental illness is less of a closeted topic now than ever before. With one in every five Americans currently living with a mental illness, it's about time advocates, community groups, celebrities, and lawmakers alike joined forces to finally remove the stigma. In fact, studies suggest increased support, awareness, and accessibility to proper care combined are key t...
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I Almost Lost Everything — But Becoming A Manicurist Turned My Life Around

Steph Stone is the go-to manicurist for Hollywood A-listers like Yara Shahidi and Demi Lovato. The following story was told to Mi-Anne Chan and edited for length and clarity.When I was 15, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. A few years later, I got accepted to a Disney college program in Los Angeles. I wasn't mentally better, but I convinced my parents I was well enough to move. Once I got there, I decided to stick around. For a while I was able to control my disorder because I was living...
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Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know for Thursday, February 15

Amazon passes Microsoft to become 3rd-largest U.S. company by market cap. Cisco finds new growth opportunities. Google‘s app network drives company growth. HBO launches podcast to support new series, Here and Now, by Alan Ball. Hilton Worldwide exceeds analyst expectations with Q4 and 2017 earnings report. JetBlue supports conservation in the Caribbean, starting with Cuba. PepsiCo‘s Brisk partners with Michael B. Jordan on diversity mentorship program. Volkswagen takes design inspiration from A...
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This Riverdale Actress Revealed Her Struggle With An Eating Disorder

In a heartfelt post shared on Instagram, Riverdale's Camila Mendes opened up about eating disorders. Specifically, she disclosed what it was like watching her older sister struggle with the mental disorder, as well as deal with her symptoms."I can say from experience that eating disorders are serious mental illnesses," Mendes wrote. "Growing up, I watched my big sister suffer from one for many years, and I've experienced periods of my life when I've suffered symptoms as well."Mendes, who plays ...
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What This HONY Story Gets Right About Eating Disorder Recovery

During an encounter with the photographer behind Humans of New York, a young woman told a story about her eating disorder, and why she'll "always be recovering."The woman described the first time she experienced binging and purging during her freshman year of college."My first time was October 18th, 2013," she said. "I was alone in my dorm room and I’d just eaten a bunch of Halloween candy. So I purged it."She recalled feeling "great" at the time, thinking that she'd "discovered a new tool.""It...
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Before Soylent There Was SlimFast — And Before That There Was This

Introducing the Fad Diet Hall Of Fame: This month, The Anti-Diet Project is exploring some of history’s legendary and infamous fad diets, and the people behind them. These are the origins of some of today’s most popular health trends and food beliefs. Some of these fads are incredibly strange — and all are uncomfortably familiar.A note to readers: Features on The Anti-Diet Project do not typically include content warnings. However, this piece refers to a historical event involving a particular ...
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Victoria Beckham Is Considering Legal Action Against A Restaurant For Its Thoughtless Ad

Victoria Beckham is considering taking legal action against a Tyneside, England-based restaurant called Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips after it used a caricature of the fashion designer in an advertisement. The disturbing ad depicts a skeletal-thin Beckham wearing a bikini and sash that reads “anorexic fashion icon.” According to People, the ad is being displayed on the Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips’ delivery vans in order to promote the restaurant’s new pizza that has tastelessly been dubbed the “V...
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Troian Bellisario on How Her Eating Disorder Is Like Sobriety: "This Is a Journey"

"I really wanted to suggest to people that, just like sobriety or just like dealing with a lot of other physical illnesses or mental illnesses, this is a journey that I know I will be dealing with for the rest of my life," says Troian Bellisario, actress, writer, and producer. We're discussing her film, Feed, in which she plays Olivia, a young woman who has lost her twin brother and copes with the grief by developing an eating disorder. Throughout the film, her twin, played by Tom Felto...
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Demi Lovato Steps Out Of Comfort Zone With Revealing Photo

Aside from having killer pipes and incredible red carpet style, Demi Lovato is an inspiration to millions of fans who admire her openness on sobriety, mental illness, and body confidence.Throughout her 24-year journey through life, Lovato has faced obstacles head-on, freely admitting that she's struggled and has insecurities of her own just like everyone else. That's why we were so happy to see that the singer has taken another brave step in silencing her inner critic.On Tuesday, the singer pos...
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Former Bachelor Contestant Britt Nilsson Opened Up About Having Bulimia On The Show

In a video blog for her channel, former Bachelor contestant Britt Nilsson disclosed a tumultuous history of drug abuse, alcoholism, binge eating disorder, and bulimia, People reports. The 30-year-old, who competed on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, said that though she's struggled with addiction for most of her adult life, being on the show exacerbated her eating disorder."I actually felt good until about the very end," she admitted in the video. "That's when I started realizing things we...
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Heather Slager, 28, Bolingbrook, Il

This year, as part of our Take Back The Beach program, we are asking YOU to tell us about your experiences with body talk and self-perception. Below, one reader's story. "You Look Like A Sausage Squeezing Out Of Its Casing" These words were harsh, and — even worse — spoken by someone I loved. At the time, this person hoped to talk my 13-year-old self out of a bikini, and they succeeded. This sentence started my distorted belief on what it was to be "healthy" — specifically, thin must equal he...
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Carlie Dobkin, 24, New York, NY

This year, as part of our Take Back The Beach program, we are asking YOU to tell us about your experiences with body talk and self-perception. Below, one reader's story. "Take Your Shirt Off" I have struggled with body image for the majority of my adult years. As a competitive gymnast and a woman, I inherently compare myself to others. I'd look at girls in my classes or on my team and think, "I wish I looked like that." Being skinny was always something I strived for, especially in college. T...
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Tina Arandjelovic, 23, Los Angeles, CA

This year, as part of our Take Back The Beach program, we are asking YOU to tell us about your experiences with body talk and self-perception. Below, one reader's story. "Every day, I Want You To Look In The Mirror & Tell Yourself You Are Beautiful" It started in high school. I developed this unrealistic idea in my head of what I believed I should look like. Seeing the most beautiful women gracing magazine covers made me tell myself, "I need to look like that." We all know those images are Ph...
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