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How Bad Managers Can Become Good Managers

The pandemic has the ability to create good managers out of bad ones Image Credit: So would you say that you are a good manager or a bad manager? If, somewhat oddly, you answered that you are a bad manager, I may have some good news for you. As we are all very much aware, the past year has been completely upside down. However, despite creating a great deal of uncertainty about what everyone should be doing and making the job of being a manager that much harder, it may ...
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Columbia River Crossing 2.0: Rerun or reboot?

CRC 1.0 conceptual rendering looking northwest from Delta Park. (Note: This is Ryan Packer’s first article for BikePortland. They’ll cover the effort to expand I-5 and replace the Interstate Bridge between Oregon and Washington.) At the beginning of this year, Program Administrator Greg Johnson said the project team was about to “start running” to achieve the goal of construction by 2025. But hurdles are popping up faster than anticipated. In 2013, when Oregon’s then-Governor John Kitzh...
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Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Wealth and Poverty

As humans we like consistency. We are uncomfortable holding contradictory beliefs and actions … so how do we balance Christian principles with the disparities we see around the world? Read the full article: Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Wealth and Poverty
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The Remedy for Disappointment

It wasn’t the worst place for a baby to sleep, but I didn’t like the thought of putting a baby in a laundry basket. For a newborn, it would be safe and portable, but I felt ashamed. Our second son was born ten weeks premature. A job change, a move, and his premature birth had drained our bank account. Our first son, just fourteen months old at the time, was still in the crib, and a new bed for him was not in the budget. We’d been financially responsible, made the wisest decisions we could, but i...
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With $5.75M Start, Neighborhood Goods to Create Stores Within a Store

Dallas—A not-yet-open retailer called Neighborhood Goods announced it has raised $5.75 million to help develop what co-founder Matt Alexander calls the next evolution of the department store. Neighborhood Goods combines the flexibility of pop-up shops with the presence of a traditional retail space, he says. “What we’re doing is creating an ecosystem, wherein these brands test new product types and capture new customers in a way that’s really affordable and easy for them to get into,” Ale...
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Blast From the Past: How much to buy and how much will you use?

There’s a lot of confusion about tea. There’s also a lot of confusion about how much tea to buy. Before T Ching, I would typically buy 50 grams of tea at a time when trying out a new tea. Once I knew I loved the tea and always wanted to be sure to have some in the house, I’d get 250 grams or 500 grams (which is closest to a pound). I was always interested in cost saving measures and getting 500grams does in fact cost less per gram. Here’s the problem. If you’re going to spend the money to get r...
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Why Are Mental Health Patients Being Thrown in Jail?

Why Are Mental Health Patients Being Thrown in Jail? The post Why Are Mental Health Patients Being Thrown in Jail? appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Movies Under The Stars: Lion King With A Grubs Recipe!

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - One of the biggest animated films in history, The Lion King, the coming-of-age masterpiece, filled with humor and heart, breathtaking animation and soul-stirring Academy Award®–winning music (1994: Best Original Score and Best Original Song, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”), joins the highly celebrated Walt Disney Signature Collection. The Lion King roars to its rightful […] Copyright © 2016 My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. This Feed is for personal non-com...
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Pastor, We Need You Now More Than Ever

It’s a challenging time to be a pastor. The world is getting smaller, more complex, and let’s face it – a little scary at times. The pace of external change is creating enormous tension for spiritual communities around the globe. Staying engaged is a full-time job, and that’s on top of your already full-time job. Speaking from experience, the pressure of leading a church is increasing. And not everybody is sticking with it. So…what’s next? What do we want our world to be like in 10 years?...
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What would need to happen for Cavs to reduce to Indiana? Bud vs. Doug

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cavs completed 3-1 from the Pacers this year, the only real loss coming when LeBron James took the night time off. Indiana has actually Paul George, which pressed the Cavs in a significant effort before dropping in two fold overtime previously this month during the Q. Indiana – BingNews
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Stories from my Past: That is a long commute

When you are interviewing for a job, its is surprising the things that interviewers say. One interview I had was with a company that was a great fit. The interview was going great. I had chemistry with the interviewer, it seemed like a good fit for both me and the company and the interviewer remarked on that as well. It was just winding down and off hand the interviewer asked where I lived. I told him and he said “That is a long commute”. It was about an hour in Chicago. I said that I didn’t con...
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Love is surprising

Love is surprising isn’t it? Don’t you wonder what we would do without it? Love isn’t equal. Many times the degree that we love someone else is more or less than the amount they love us. When this happens for many people it is uncomfortable. I have had gfs tell me that they don’t want to care about me more than I care about them. I have never had that idea. The idea of measuring love out and only giving to someone else what they give to you reduces love to a business arrangement. If I give love ...
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Finding a balance for sharing

Social media is helpful in many ways, but one of the dangers I think is the risk of oversharing. I think finding a balance for sharing is very important. There are many reasons why oversharing is harmful both to the person sharing and those who read. You may be turned down for a loan. Banks and other financial organizations are looking at your social media account to learn about your personality. Why? One of the 3 C’s as we were told is character, and they want to see if not only you are respon...
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Stories from my Past: Listen and lets try again.

I understand that non technical people can get confused with computer things. Sometimes the simplest things can cause problems. Passwords are the bane of everyone. It doesn’t matter if you do technology for a living, you struggle with them. I struggle with them everyday and experts say they don’t make us safer. Still, they are a requirement almost everywhere so you have to deal with them. People often forget their password at work and most companies have policies that force people to change the...
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Why do we binge watch?

I am writing this as I am binge watching SG1 so it inspired me. Binge watching has been claimed by various studies to both be good and harmful to us. In the good column is a study that showed that watching the same episode again lead to relaxation. In the harmful column is a study that shows that people who are depressed or lonely watch lots of tv shows. So what is the truth? I think the truth is that many people are depressed and lonely and that this is just another sign of it. I think that th...
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Coincidence? I think not.

Time after time I get situations that seem to be coincidence. I think not. Today for example I happened to talk to someone that I happened to talk to a few days before. I hadn’t seen that person in months, and then I just happened to randomly cross paths with her. Then today when I was doing something random, I had the feeling to stop by and see her again. This time it was her turn to be surprised because she told me that she had just “thought of me this morning”. The older I become, the less I ...
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Stories from my Past: I was abused

I was just listening to a stranger talking in a shop, and I was amazed she told me she had been in an abusive relationship. This is a fairly typical thing for me to hear. I don’t know why but strangers often share personal things with me. I think its because when I listen they have a chance to express whatever is on their minds. I think it is because they sense that I don’t judge, and that I seem like a warm and safe person. Whatever the reason is, I often find myself listening to people telling...
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Stories from My Past: Surprise people with kindness

Often we have opportunities for kindness each day, we just have to follow through. Once I was working at a place and a pregnant woman was standing in the hall. She was talking with coworkers and I went past her a few times working on different issues. Finally it occurred to me that she had been standing in the hall awhile, and I noticed the last time I passed her that she was pressing on her back and leaning against the wall due to the weight. So clearly she needed to relax her back. I took a ch...
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LinkedIn not notifying when stories reach sharing milestones

This is not a humblebrag, but rather an request to see if this is happening to other people. When you get 50 or 100 shares on a story it used to notify you that your story was shared. This notification no longer seems to be happening for me. I have to look at the stories themselves to see if they reached these milestones. So today I have a story that got over 100 shares and I looked in my notifications and it isn’t listed there. I have to say that since the redesign things have functioned worse ...
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Stories from My Past: Be careful what you ask for

In IT you often find that when you give people exactly what they want, they are sorry they ever asked. I helped one person who wanted a new version of Adobe rolled out to the entire company. They were working on a project and that project needed a new version of Adobe. Not an unreasonable request. I asked someone to test that new version and they tested it. A week later that person had a different problem and I went to help them. It turns out that the fix was to upgrade their version of Adobe ju...
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Switching to Office 365 and Airwatch

If you work in a company and are switching to Office 365 using Airwatch or Mobile Iron can make the process easier. How? It can help automate many of the things that need to be done with iOS devices like iPads/iPhones. Rather than take so much time configuring things manually, it is remarkable how things can be automatic and self-configuring. Having used Airwatch and Mobile Iron I have compared them in the link above. There is really no best tool, just a better fit for the kind of environment yo...
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How to handle anger

How to handle anger. I’m no expert but this is what I have learned. We are not angry at the person but at our own expectations. We believe that we should be treated in a certain manner, and when we are not, then we feel frustrated. The thing is that we may have never communicated that to another person, so how could they be aware of those expectations? We get angry because we interpret how others treat us through our own experience. If Bob doesn’t pick me up when he promises too, then we feel th...
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New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings

New equipment sometimes means hurt feelings. Let me give you an example. I once worked at a company that was pretty cheap. They didn’t spend money on regularly refreshing their equipment, so it was years old and very slow. One day I was asked to upgrade some people to have two monitors instead of a tiny 15 inch one they had. As I did this, many people asked me if they were getting a monitor. I said that I had a list and only the people on the list got one. So there were lots of hurt feelings bec...
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Apple Pay and using Grubhub

I have used Apple Pay on and off for years. It isn’t that I don’t like it, it is just that it doesn’t have a critical mass of retailers. So why am I talking about it now? I wanted to use it for a purchase from the Apple Store. I put in the card it wasn’t accepted the first time. When I called my bank to verify it they said the information was wrong and I needed to call Fraud department. I spoke to the Fraud department today and they said that it was a fluke and easily let me set it up. I was abl...
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Immigration reduces crime study finds

Immigration reduces crime study finds. Why share this? Some people believe that immigration causes crime. In fact it does the opposite and reduces certain types of crime. What is the data that supports this? From the article itself: The authors drew a sample of 200 metropolitan areas as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau and used census data and uniform crime reporting data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a 40-year period from 1970 to 2010. Compare this to what is said here. “When Me...
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THINKING MAN'S THURSDAY: Get Some Power Prog In Your Life With NEED

The Greeks know how to prog, apparently. The post THINKING MAN'S THURSDAY: Get Some Power Prog In Your Life With NEED appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Multiple monitors very appreciated by people

Multiple monitors very appreciated by people. I saw this today and many days when I have given multiple monitors to coworkers. Why is this so appreciated? For several reasons. More efficient. People go crazy scrolling and scrolling to see the information they need to see. They had 15 inch monitors which were a decade old. These monitors were never sufficient for what they were asked to do. It was completely inappropriate for them to continue to have these monitors. Old Monitors. When they are t...
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How much is enough?

One of the questions I often ask myself is How much is enough? For example, I have been fortunate to have jobs that have enabled me to buy a car I enjoy. What I have seen myself doing over the years is buying better and better cars. I enjoy cars and the technology they have, but at some  point it has to stop. I just can’t continue to spend money on better cars or I won’t have money for other things that are more important. Don’t misunderstand. I am buying cars that I can easily afford and that a...
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Valentine’s Day Gifts With Precious Moments

My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings - Valentine’s Day and Precious Moments go hand in hand.  Previous moments has the the best gifts to say “be mine” and “I Love You”.  I’ve been collecting Precious Moments since I was a kid, so for me, Precious Moments is the perfect gift for any occasion.   I absolutely love their You Are The Magic […] Copyright © 2016 My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregat...
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Silence is golden

Have you ever heard the saying Silence is golden? Sometimes that is the best response to life. My job is to fix and make things work properly. It is difficult for me to not want to fix things. So when there is a problem I’m ready to solve it. The thing is, that many problems don’t want to be solved. I have realized that many things in life don’t require nor need us to react to them. For example we all know what trolls are right? They are people who say stupid things and want us to react to them....
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