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Chanel Destiny, Vitalite, Alive Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colours Reviews & Swatches

Destiny (136) Chanel Destiny (136) Rouge Coco Bloom Lip Colour ($40.00 for 0.11 oz.) is a bright, medium red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a cream finish. It had nearly opaque color coverage in a single pass, which adhered evenly to my lips without settling into my lip lines. The texture was lightweight, moderately creamy with noticeable slip, but it didn’t feather or bleed on me over time. It stayed on nicely for five hours,...
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27 quirky gifts from Urban Outfitters, from mini playing cards to outdoor movie projector

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Urban Outfitters is more than a hub for fashion's latest trends. You can actually find some of the coolest - and weirdest - gifts. From an underwater camera to a mini donut maker, we found the 27 best gifts from Urban Outfitters. For more gift ideas, check out all Insider Reviews gift guides. Urban Outfitters There's no better feeling than finding a gift that you just know perfectly aligns with...
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5 Portable Cocktails for Your Next Party Bus Ride

When it comes to having the best time ever on a party bus, it’s all about making sure you have the right party elements to set the perfect tone! When you don’t have to worry about a designated driver, the members of the party are free to do whatever they like in the back, and that includes enjoying a cocktail or two! Party bus rentals are super fun, and some of that fun is made up with planning the ideal night for you and your friends. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for five ...
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Stanley Tucci's famous Negroni gets a special twist

While filming his CNN series "Searching for Italy," the actor and cookbook author elevated his famous recipe with a special ingredient: Balsamic vinegar.
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The Great Negroni Cocktail Round Up

Legend has it that in 1919, in what one might argue was a genius move, Count Camillo Negroni asked the barman at his local (Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy) to strengthen his Americano cocktail by replacing the soda with gin and the lemon slice with a delicate curl of orange peel. And so the sweet and a little bit bitter cherry red Negroni aperitif was born. Grazie, Count Camillo, grazie. In celebration of all things red, here are six of Cocktail Friday‘s favourite Negroni posts! Continue readin...
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Why Matthew Kenney hopes his new restaurant, Sestina, will turn you vegan

Does this man look 50 to you? With a full head of hair, slender build and boyish good looks — he could pass for Keri Russell’s brother — Matthew Kenney is a living testament to his philosophy of cooking and eating healthful foods. The chef who started at the top in Manhattan in his 20s, had a hit restaurant, Matthew’s, in the mid-’90s, among others before he changed gears completely, started cooking raw and never looked back. He’s opening 10 restaurants within 10 months and one debuts in Culver ...
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Laura & Nick’s Bright & Retro Mod Wedding

Laura & Nick Simple, fun and with a touch of retro mod style, Laura and Nick eloped in Coolangatta. The Pink Hotel was perfectly pastel as a backdrop, with Negroni’s on the rooftop a sweet end to the secret celebrations! Alivia Rose Weddings captured the magic. Bride and groom met when young, with Laura remembering, ”I was at uni, he was working and saving to chase another girl who had just moved overseas!” Luckily, it seems all worked out for the best! Continue reading Laura & Nick’s Bright & R...
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Bite Beauty Holiday 2020 Goes All Out Sort Of

Bite Beauty Holiday 2020 sadly, does not bring a new lipstick or a new lipstick set. I admit I let out a little sign of disappointment about that but they did sort of go all out with some of their Holiday 2020 Gift Sets even though they don’t contain any new lipsticks! I do love when they do a mini lip set last year’s Creamy Color Mini Amuse Bouche Supercharged Lipstick Set was a particular great set for the brand! I loved the nude roses in this set and the formula seemed like it was a launch...
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Cocktail Friday – Australian Negroni

As we begin our farewell to The Local Issue, there is one last hurrah we wanted to share- a twist on my favourite ever cocktail, the negroni! There is something epic about a negroni, it hits you in the face and it has, as we say in our house “bags of flavour”. The bitter orange, the sweetness of the vermouth and the herbal flavour of your own favourite gin. So today? Instead of the classic Campari and vermouth blend, we’re turning this one Aussie! Continue reading Cocktail Friday – Australian Ne...
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How to Make a White Negroni That Isn't Yellow

The Negroni is perhaps the most riffed on cocktail in existence. Heck, there is an entire week dedicated to riffing on it. One such riff is the “White Negroni,” which is usually made with the grassier, gentian-forward Suze or Avèze. It’s good, but I don’t know why they call it “white”—it’s bright yellow.Read more...
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Soak Your Watermelon in a Negroni

Soaking watermelon in some sort of alcohol is hardly a new summer strategy. I’ve traditionally favored vodka or tequila—both of which are perfectly serviceable—as pretty much any single liquor can serve as a watermelon’s bathwater. But why stop at one when you could build a complete cocktail? That’s why this summer,…Read more...
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Aperitivo versus digestivo

Many drinkers are familiar with Italy’s beloved wine culture. Many people have also tried, ordered, or at least seen an Italian espresso or other coffee drink. What many in the United States overlook is the massive influence of spirits and liqueurs that make up Italy’s aperitivo and digestivo culture. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to define what constitutes an aperitivo drink and what constitutes a digestivo (also commonly known stateside by the French version of the words, aperitif and di...
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Campari Reopens ‘World’s Best Bars’ for Virtual Happy Hours to Benefit Restaurant Workers

Even before Stanley Tucci made it "internet famous" this spring during lockdown, the Negroni was a popular cocktail at Dante in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. The century-old watering hole, a well-trafficked nightspot on Macdougal Street during pre-pandemic times, will serve that colorful libation and other Campari-based drinks during a virtual program from the Italian alcohol brand,...
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Campari: Shaken Not Broken

Missing your favourite Negroni or would an Old Fashioned tickle your fancy right now? Well, your favourite local is still taking orders! Part of Collection 403 Ads in this collection.
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Australia: Negroni delivery? Yes, please! Restrictions lifted on licensed venues in NSW during COVID-19 - Marque Lawyers

Licensed venues, usually restricted to alcohol sales on-premises, can now provide takeaway and home delivery services.
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Sephora Me First, High Heels, Dream Bigger Rouge Lacquers Reviews & Swatches

Me First (38) Sephora Me First (38) Rouge Lacquer ($13.00 for 0.1 oz.) is a slightly muted, medium-dark burgundy with moderate, warm undertones paired with a glossy, cream finish. It had medium to semi-opaque color coverage that applied decently, but it could have been more even and less prone to sinking into fine lip lines. It didn’t seem to emphasize my lip lines, but it looked a bit spider web-like as it splintered into all the ...
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Stanley Tucci shows the world how to make the perfect Negroni

Actor Stanley Tucci recorded a delightful instructional Negroni how-to and people just can't get enough. And why should they?
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Stanley Tucci's Negroni Has Me Shook

They say rules are made to be broken, but you have to understand the rules before you can break them effectively. Cocktailing has a lot of rules, and a lot of rule breakers, but Stanley Tucci is breaking Negroni rules in a way that has me questioning if I really understood the drink in the first place. (I am,…Read more...
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Revlon Glaring Red, Shine Stealer, Glassy Ruby Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Glaring Red (023) Revlon Glaring Red (023) Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipstick ($9.99 for 0.15 oz.) is a brighter, richer coral-red with moderate, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It had semi-opaque color coverage that applied fairly evenly in a single layer, but the product was more prone to sitting in my lip lines, both subtle and deeper ones at that. The shiny finish helped to distract from the imperfections ...
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Shaken Campari Is a Perfect One-Ingredient Cocktail

There are many ways to enjoy Campari—in a Negroni, with Fernet, with soda and a strip of lemon zest—but none are quite as refreshing as Campari all by itself, provided you shake the heck out of it.Read more...
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Make Your Negroni With Dry Vermouth

Ninety percent of the drinks I order at cocktail bars are Negronis. The holy trinity of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth possess a near cosmic, peanut butter and jelly-esque affinity for each other that renders their combination almost error proof. Too much gin? Still pretty good. Super shitty ice? Whatever. Totally…Read more...
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Your New Go-To Winter Cocktail: The Negroni

Some cocktails seem to pair particularly well with the seasons of the year. A mint julep in spring, a margarita in the summer, a hot toddy in fall. But what’s a good drink for the winter months? While there are a number of worthy candidates, for my money, the Negroni makes the perfect wintertime cocktail.   The floral gin takes you out of the doldrums of the bone-chilling weather, the bitter Campari brings you right back into the season, and the sweet vermouth blends it all together for a d...
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Get Acquainted With an 'Old Pal' Cocktail

There isn’t a single member of the Negroni family I don’t enjoy. The combination of spirit, bitter, and vermouth in (fairly) equal parts never fails to create a balanced drink that’s perfect for sipping from a coupe in a refined manner. It also gets you drunk pretty quickly.Read more...
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Bite Beauty Launches Foundation, Powder, Primer, Lip Crayons, & Lip Masks for Spring 2020

Release Date + About the Launch You think you know BITE? Just you wait. Your favorite lip brand is about to change the game with incredible new products so good you won’t believe they’re clean. Get your hands on this newness in stores and online on 1/10. January 10th, 2020 Bite Beauty ...
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Weekend Reads

Thanksgiving is (kinda) just around the corner and you can check out this round-up of Thanksgiving Recipes here on the blog. Rather than getting all stressed out, though, maybe think of making less…and having more fun. As a French friend once told me, “We don’t go out to eat for the food. We go out to be with our friends.” Another friend in Paris told me that when she entertains, she serves only three things, which may not pan out for T-day spreads; I can skip the marshmallow-topped sweet potat...
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Avalon Beach, Australia, travel tips

Most tourists visiting Australia make it to Sydney and hit hot spots like the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. However, the small coastal town of Avalon often goes unheard of and unvisited. This makes it both a secret hideaway for the rich and famous and a place that continues to provide a relaxed lifestyle for locals. Flights to Australia from pretty much anywhere can be expensive and long, but ask those who’ve been to Avalon and they’ll tell you it’s well worth the 14 hours crammed in ec...
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Make a Kinder, Gentler 'Negroni' With Avèze

It’s Negroni season. How can I tell? Easy—I just open my inbox and read the many press releases alerting me to the fact. I do love the three-ingredient cocktail; I drink it year-round, but the “season” is really a marketing ploy for the Campari company, which means the grassier, gentian-focused White Negroni gets left…Read more...
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Things bartenders are obsessed with

Professions are like tribes; their members tend to adhere to certain rituals and have similar preferences and priorities. Bartending is no different. From having perfectly ripe fruit to the cycle of the moon, here are seven things that bartenders find terribly important, but the rest of the world doesn’t really care about. 1. Perfectly ripened fruit While everyone appreciates perfectly ripe fruit, bartenders have a chef-like obsession. What good is a carefully crafted cocktail if you are s...
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A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A Joint $160,660 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a product manager working in education technology who makes $84,660 per year ($160,660 when combined with her wife) and spends some of her money this week on Granny Smith apples.Occupation: Product ManagerIndustry: Education TechnologyAge: 30Location:...
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A Week In Minneapolis, MN, On A $67,000 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Oh, hey, did you hear we launched a podcast? Check out Money Diaries: The Podcast, and subscribe today so you don't miss any episode!Today: a strategy supervisor working in advertising who makes $67,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on a Ne...
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