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Watch Neil Young Play More Rarities In His Latest Fireside Session

Like many others, Neil Young is helping us get through this trying time with a little music and the magic of the internet. Last week, the legendary folk-rocker invited us into his Telluride, Colorado home to perform rarities from across his discography in a six-song acoustic Fireside Session. The idea was to make … More »
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Coronavirus Cannot Touch Keith Richards

This is funny, but I am genuinely worried about seniors all over, starting with family and friends.On the musical scene, Loretta Lyn is 87, Willie Nelson is 86, Charley Pride is 85, George Jones is 81, and Mavis Staples is 80. Bob Dylan is 78 years old and Chet Atkins, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Carole King and Brian Wilson are 77. Mick Jagger is 76 and Keith Richards, Joni Mitchell, Roger Daltrey, Jimmy Page, Roger Waters, and Ray Davies are 75. Debbie Harry, Eric Clapton, and R...
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Watch Neil Young Play Rarities In Acoustic Fireside Session

Neil Young has joined the brigade of musicians offering up performance footage online. On his Neil Young Archives site, the legendary folk-rocker has posted a six-song solo acoustic Fireside Session directed by his wife, Daryl Hannah, at their Telluride, Colorado home. From various locations around the house, including the fire pit out back and the … More »
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Best virtual ways to connect social

Whether you’re on lockdown or sheltering in place, steering clear of loved ones to flatten the coronavirus curve is not doing anyone’s social life any favors. Although we’re all familiar with the physical symptoms to keep an eye on during the health crisis, boredom and loneliness are side effects of the new, post-pandemic normal that can be distressing to our mental health. To cope with social distancing, people are finding new ways to interact with their neighbors and making good use of vid...
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We miss the Ryman. Here are 10 essential albums recorded at the Mother Church.

From Jason Isbell to Neil Young and Emmylou Harris, here's a guide to Ryman listening while we await the Mother Church to reopen its doors.          [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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Victory Is Out of Reach, but Sanders Isn’t Going Anywhere

Joe Biden went into Primary Day with two things: confidence and considerably more delegates than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). By Tuesday evening, he left with more of both. After sweeping the primaries in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, the former vice president had a nearly insurmountable lead needed to win the Democratic nomination, crossing over halfway to 1,991 delegates. “Americans in three states went to the polls today,” Biden said in his remarks after two contests had been called in his f...
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Enjoy these online concerts from the comfort of your own home

Artists including John Legend and Neil Young are offering free virtual concerts from their social media accounts for music lovers who are social distancing.
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Watch Neil Young, Jim James Play For Bernie Sanders Digital Rally

Bernie Sanders' primary campaign has had many things his opponents' did not, and that includes a very impressive lineup of musicians playing for him. Yesterday, it was announced that this would be no different for tonight's digital rally, which features Neil Young -- who just recently endorsed Sanders officially … More »
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Neil Young, Jim James Announced For Bernie Sanders Digital Rally

Bernie Sanders has gotten quite the spread of musicians to support him and play at his rallies. Ahead of this Tuesday's primary election, his campaign with livestream a digital rally that will feature guests appearances from Neil Young and Daryl Hannah -- Young officially endorsed Sanders for President earlier this month … More »
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Laura Stevenson – “Time Bandits”

Last year, Laura Stevenson released her latest in a line of great albums, The Big Freeze. Since then, she's covered Wilco and Neil Young and tourmate Adult Mom. More »
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The Who Postpone U.K. Tour Due to Coronavirus Concerns, But Promise Shows Will ‘Definitely Happen’

The Who announced Thursday morning that the group is postponing its U.K. tour, which was scheduled to start Monday in Manchester, but promised that the shows will “definitely happen.” The group is the most recent to postpone dates or a tour in recent days as the disease continues to spread. Pearl Jam and Neil Young […]
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Coachella expected to postpone until October over coronavirus fears

Coronavirus continues to affect the live music industry, with Madonna, Pearl Jam and Neil Young also among those changing plansCoachella, the most celebrated music festival in the US, is reportedly planning to move from April to October over coronavirus concerns.It is the latest in a number of cancelled and postponed tours, with Madonna, Pearl Jam and Neil Young also changing tour plans. Continue reading...
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Neil Young Puts Brakes on Announcing Crazy Horse Tour, Citing Virus Risk for Older Fans

Neil Young has written a letter on his website saying that, while he had been on the verge of putting tickets on sale for a long-awaited tour with his band Crazy Horse, he has put any announcements on hold due to uncertainty about the spread of the coronavirus, citing concerns for “our older audience” as […]
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Neil Young endorses Bernie Sanders: 'Every point he makes is what I believe in'

Singer says senator is the ‘Real Deal’ who offers the big changes needed to beat TrumpNeil Young has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, saying the Vermont senator is “the real deal” to win the Democratic nomination.Writing on his personal website, the 74-year-old folk singer said that Sanders’ policies on climate change, student debt, healthcare and the minimum wage were the “big changes” required to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Continue reading...
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Neil Young Endorses Bernie Sanders, Ignores CSNY Benefit Idea For Now

Last month, Neil Young published an open letter on his website Neil Young Archives in which he called Donald Trump "a disgrace to my country" (Young is a fresh American citizen) and basically endorsed Bernie Sanders for President ("His initials are BS. Not his policies."). More »
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Patti Smith brings passion and poetry to the LA Phil’s Power To The People! festival

Patti Smith walked on stage alone at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and before she sang or spoke a word the audience rose to cheer and clap for the first many standing ovations on Friday. This is the power of Patti Smith, poet, punk, priestess, performer, and the fans who packed the orchestra’s concert hall were more than ready to be inspired by the moving night of music she’d specially planned for the themes of the LA Phil’s Power To The People! festival. Smith’s lyrics, more than alm...
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Neil Young is touring old arenas with Crazy Horse. Milwaukee and Madison may be on the itinerary

Neil Young wrote a nod to the "Mecca Arena" in Milwaukee and the "Dane County Coliseum" in Madison on his website.          [Author: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
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Rock Icon Neil Young Hits Trump Where It Hurts In Searing Attack Message

“We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again," the rocker wrote on his website.
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Neil Young Calls Trump ‘a Disgrace,’ Says Sanders Will ‘Make America Great Again’

Neil Young plans to keep on resistin’ in the free world. Just weeks after the Canadian rocker officially became a dual citizen of th eUnited States as well, he’s penned an excoriating letter to Donald Trump, calling him “a disgrace to my country” and endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. The sentiments themselves are not a […]
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Neil Young says President Trump is 'a disgrace to my country' in scathing open letter

A new American citizen, 74-year-old Neil Young is taking President Donald Trump to task over his environmental policies.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Neil Young Says Donald Trump Is “A Disgrace To My Country” In Open Letter

Now that he's officially an American citizen, Neil Young has some strong words for his new President. In an open letter published through his website, Young addresses Donald Trump directly: "You are a disgrace to my country," and later on: "The United States of America, my country, is not a green … More »
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When Miles Davis Discovered and Then Channeled the Musical Spirit of Jimi Hendrix

After the release of Bitches Brew in 1970, Columbia Records pushed Miles Davis to play a series of dates at the Fillmore West and East supporting major rock bands like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the Grateful Dead, and the Steve Miller Band. Miles “went nuts,” Columbia’s Clive Davis later remembered. “He told me he had no interest in playing for ‘those fucking long-haired kids.’” The reaction does not reflect Miles’ attitude toward all the music enjoyed by long-haired kids, especially—it...
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Erin Pringle's Playlist for Her Novel "Hezada! I Miss You"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Roxane Gay, and many others. Erin Pringle's novel Hezada! I Miss You is a moving and compelling examination of love and loss in small town America. In her own words, here is Erin Pringle's Book Notes music pla...
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Punk's Spanish Love Songs Urge 'Brave Faces Everyone'

Those same followers may be a little surprised to see then a song entitled "Optimism" on the album. However, it is a remarkably self-aware track about the dangers of being dragged down into a world of endless pessimism and cynicism. To thrive, the band understand that they need to paint with more colors than just black and grey.That's not to say that Spanish Love Songs don't know how to use those colors well. "Losers 2" is the comedown after the hedonism of "Losers" as the band identifies with...
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National critic hails local artist for 'melodious' music, compares to Neil Young

The final review for Critical Mass 7 performing arts winner, Michael Futreal. The critics series is sponsored by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.          [Author: Shreveport Times]
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Only A True Entrepreneur Will Agree With This Quote

Defining who is and who isn’t an entrepreneur may be subject to debate by academics and pundits, but if you get this quote you’re one of us. “It’s better to burn out, Than to fade away” — Neil Young, from his song “Into The Black” When I was in the throws of building my company ...
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Music Notes: Do You Have a Favorite Musician? (OT)

I suppose a lot of people don't. It's a middlebrow conceit to say "I like everything!" in a chipper voice, which to real music aficionados means that music isn't very important to that person. Nobody who loves music likes everything. Their likes are strong, and their dislikes are strong too—they have what we call opinions. The only way everything can be equivalent is if one doesn't have much discrimination, which is another way to say taste. I have a friend who has devoted a lot of his life to h...
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Neil Young Celebrates U.S. Citizenship: ‘Vote Your Conscience’

Singer-songwriter Neil Young has officially become a U.S. citizen after he says his application was delayed for months because of his marijuana use. The rock legend is finally a “Canarican.” Young announced on his Instagram that he is officially an American citizen after 54 years since he first came to the U.S. in the 1960s […]
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Tetris Returns To Android and iOS After EA's Version Shuts Down

Just days after EA announced that its mobile Tetris games will shut down on April 21st, new Tetris developer N3twork released an officially licensed version of the popular puzzle game for both Android and iOS. From a report: The new N3twork app isn't the 100-player Tetris Royale app that the developer is also working on; rather, it's an extremely basic mobile Tetris game. "We're launching Tetris with a traditional solo gameplay mode, but we want fans to know that we've got so much more in store ...
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