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Page 69: The Coffeehouse Resistance

Disclaimer: The Page 69 Test  is not mine. It has been around since 2007, asking authors to compare page 69 against the meat of the actual story it is a part of. I loved the whole idea of it and so I'm stealing it specifically to showcase small press titles - novels, novellas, short story collections, the works! So until the founder of  The Page 69 Test  calls a cease and desist, let's do this thing.... In this installment of Page 69,  We put Sarina Prabasi's The Coffeehouse Res...
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Modern Passover dinners in the US

American Jewish cuisine has long been created through fusion. As long as they’ve been wandering the diaspora, Jewish immigrants from all over the world have reimagined traditional dishes wherever they are, incorporating tastes and religious dietary laws with the ingredients at hand. They’ve made fans of gentiles along the way with dishes like pastrami sandwiches, challah french toast, and all manner of stuffed, infused, and rainbow-colored bagels. Despite a history of adaptation, Passover pre...
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Three dead in Nepal airport crash

Nepal’s Tenzing-Hillary Lukla Airport , the main gateway to the Everest region, is considered to be the most dangerous airport in the world, and not without reason. Measuring only 1,500 feet, the runway doesn’t leave much wiggle room for pilot error. The runway is surrounded by sizeable mountains and the drop at the very end of the landing strip reaches almost 10,000 feet, so taking off from this airport is as sketchy as it gets. On Saturday, a twin-engine aircraft attempting to take off fro...
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Red dawn: the Sindoor Jatra festival in Nepal

Every year, Nepal becomes awash with vermillion powder as Hindus celebrate Sindoor Jatra to welcome the arrival of spring and Nepalese new year Continue reading...
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Nepal tables new IT Bill: registration of social networks, data retention, censorship, intermediary liability issues

The government of Nepal has proposed a new Information Technology Bill, 2075 (2018) which aims to replace the Electronic Transaction Act (ETA). The bill has been claimed by the government to address long-standing concerns related to IT management. However, civil society activists criticise the bill... ...
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India goes to the polls

BJP Flag(Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) India (MNN) -- India is playing host to the biggest democratic election in history, with some 600-900 million registered voters setting the course of history. Joe Handley mentors Christian leaders in both Nepal and India. He says the make-up of India's Parliament is at stake. Until now, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dictated the tenor of government. However, after a recent defeat cost the BJP 17 seats in the Assembly, people hoped that the ...
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Nepal plane crash: Three die at world's 'most dangerous' airport

An aircraft veers off the runway at a remote airport near the Himalayas, killing three people.
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3 killed, 4 injured in Nepal plane crash near Mount Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — At least three people were killed and four injured on Sunday after a small plane crashed into a parked helicopter during takeoff at the only airport in Nepal’s Everest region. The crash occurred while the plane belonging to Summit Air was trying to take off from Lukla for Kathmandu on Sunday […]
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Banned in Nepal

Popular battle royale multiplayer FPS PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been banned in Nepal after concerns of rampant addiction by adolescents. Following a Public Interest Litigation filed at the Kathmandu District Court by The Metropolitan Crime Division, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority has directed all internet service providers and mobile service providers in Nepal to ban PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. The Metropolitan […]
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Nepal bans PUBG citing addiction in children; Indian states’ ban factored in

Nepal banned mobile game PUBG yesterday saying that its violent content had a negative impact on children, reports Reuters. The ban was placed because it is “addictive to children and teenagers” according to Sandip Adhikari, deputy director of Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the... ...
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Road to Endgame: ‘Doctor Strange’ is a Visually Stunning Superhero Tale About Accepting Pain and Failure

(Welcome to  Road to Endgame , where we revisit the first 22 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ask “How did we get here?” In this edition: Marvel Studios enters spiritual territory with  Doctor Strange .) Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) adheres to Hollywood’s orientalist “white saviour” tradition, and Doctor Strange even whitewashes an already complicated Tibetan character, The Ancient One — an issue that has since been discussed from all angles (including  by the directo...
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Nepal student treks for days to be reunited with mum after 12 years

A group of teenagers sent away to get an education return to their home villages to meet family.
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Nepal student reunited with mother after 12 years

A group of teenagers sent away to get an education have returned to their home villages to meet family.
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Rammed earth Kopila Valley School is the greenest school in Nepal

In Nepal, access to education doesn’t just improve job prospects — schools can save lives, whether it’s rescuing children from malnourishment or delaying the age of marriage to reduce rates of HIV, maternal death and suicide. That’s why American nonprofit BlinkNow has dedicated itself to building community infrastructure in Surkhet, Nepal, including the Kopila Valley School. Powered entirely by solar energy and built of rammed earth walls, the campus is billed by the founders as the “greenest s...
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New Museum Installation at Amsterdam’s Tropenmuseum Aims to Make Plastic Waste History

Plastic soup is contaminating our oceans. So much so that the European Union has just announced plans to introduce new laws on single-use plastic to reduce marine litter (27 March 2019). But, how many people have actually seen plastic soup? Not a lot. To date, our oceans have already been contaminated with 150 billion kilograms (165 million US tons) of plastic waste, and billions of kilos more are added every year*. However as long as the problem is out of sight, it’s out of mind. This is exact...
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Lavish and Intimate

(Peter Paul Reubens, Christ at Simon the Pharisee , courtesy of Wikimedia Commons )   Lectionary Readings for Sunday, April 9, 2019:   Isaiah 43:16-21 Psalm 126 Philippians 3:4b-14 John 12:1-8   When Mary of Bethany goes out and purchases a pound of nard (we’d know it as oil from the spikenard plant), it’s not like she came back with a bottle of Aqua Velva.  Even Chanel #5 would not be as pricey. Spikenard plants only grow in the Himalayas, in northern India, China, and Nepal....
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Communal reporting, Islamophobia in Hindi newspapers: Nav Dunia peddles propaganda, brands Muslims as infiltrators

This is just a reflection of how Islamophobia and branding Muslims, goes on in Hindi newspapers in Northern India.This report tells that all 'ghuspaithia' [infiltrators] are Muslim--totally one sided view and peddling the BJP-RSS propaganda.The illustration shows a man who has to 'appear a Muslim'. So this man is shown here wearing a skullcap. He is a Muslim, so he must have a beard and also because the 'Islamic colour' had to be brought, the kurta was painted green.The man shown is poor but st...
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Nepalese Climbers Are Remeasuring Mount Everest Following Doubts About Its Height

Some speculate that the mountain shrunk after the earthquake in 2015
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Committee formed to advance nationalist Hindu movement in Nepal

Nepal (MNN) -- A pro-Hindu political party in Nepal is serious about making Nepal a completely Hindu nation . Most recently, the Rastriya Prajatantra Party formed a committee with its central members to advance the demands of their self-proclaimed “struggle programmes.” Inspired by similar trends in India, their nationalist agenda is being pushed in every province of the country. We talked with Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs about what this means for Nepal. “There is alread...
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Mission Network News (Mon, 08 Apr 2019 - 4.5 min)

Today's Headlines Committee formed to advance nationalist Hindu movement in Nepal 2019 brings harsh drought conditions to Kenya FARMS helps Filipinos overcome poverty pitfalls
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AP PHOTOS: Horses race in Nepal capital to keep devils away

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nepal’s president, top officials and diplomats gathered recently at army grounds in central Kathmandu for an annual horse festival that marks the slaying of the Hindu Gurumapa demon. Soldiers race the horses and show off warfare techniques believed to keep devil spirits away through the pounding of the horses’ hooves. A […]
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How to handle stress when traveling

The simple truth is that sometimes a dream trip miserably fails to meet expectations. You’ve pictured it over and over in your mind. You’ve packed your lunches and cut back on lattes and poured over the budget to make it happen. You’ve scoured the reviews and every pin/chat/snap/tweet/post/hashtag you can. Your heart expands as you set out; this is it! And then…splat. Whether it’s a major malfunction or the stealthy creep of disillusion, the disappointment is crushing. You remind yourself tha...
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Down from the Ledge: How I Found Healing and Happiness through Meditation, Yoga & Mountains

I knew it was time to make some major changes in my life the moment I was peering over the edge of the top floor of a parking garage in Miami Beach in 2012, contemplating whether or not I should jump off. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t.) I was in a toxic, gaslighting relationship with a depressed, unemployed boyfriend at the time while also working crazy hours at my job for a Fortune 500 company. It still took me several months after that balmy, ominous night to officially end t...
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India’s OYO enters Japan in partnership with SoftBank

Fresh from closing a notable investment from Airbnb, India’s OYO has expanded its footprint into Japan. The move comes through a joint venture with investor SoftBank — which led OYO’s $1 billion round last year through its Vision Fund — which will cover hotel-based accommodation and home rentals. Financial details around the joint venture were not disclosed. An OYO representative declined to go into details when asked. OYO started out in India, where it initially aggregated budget hotels, and it...
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BFTW seeks new opportunities in Southern Asia

Southern Asia (MNN) – Bibles for the World (BFTW) is moving forward this year with a new project in Southern Asia. BFTW is an organization that partners with local Christians and other local organizations to spread the Gospel through Bible distribution and Bible training and by providing other basic resources. Now, BFTW aims to develop partners in other countries in Southern Asia. In one country, BFTW has adopted five formerly unreached people groups. Barriers for BFTW One major barr...
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The Secret Career Tactic of “Lock In”

--> In my experience, some of the smartest and most dangerous people in the world are insurance salesmen, copier salespeople, and auto salespeople. They have a secret called “the lock in” that you can use to seriously enhance your career. Insurance Salespeople are Dangerous Several years ago I found myself sitting in the office of an insurance salesman. This was no ordinary insurance salesman. In fact, this guy sold so much insurance that he owned three jet airplanes and was worth a few hundred ...
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Workers help Nepal storm displaced with food, shelter

PARWANIPUR, Nepal (AP) — Government workers and private volunteers are providing food, tents and clothing to the thousands of people in southern Nepal who lost their homes and belongings in a weekend storm. Police officers and soldiers were helping dig through debris Tuesday to help the victims salvage what was left of their belongings and […]
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Nepal storm: At least 30 killed as winds flatten homes

At least 30 people were killed and hundreds more injured as powerful winds swept southern Nepal.
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Dozens Dead in Nepal After Devastating Storm

“Dead bodies are scattered everywhere,” an official said, as rescuers continued to search through the debris.
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Nepal Storm Kills Dozens and Injures Hundreds

“Dead bodies are scattered everywhere,” an official said, as rescuers continued to search through the debris.
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