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The Flaming Lips – “Flowers Of Neptune 6″

Earlier this year, the Flaming Lips released a whole new collaborative album with Deap Vally under the name Deap Lips, which was also called Deap Lips. Their most recent full-length album, King's Mouth: Music And Songs, came out last year, first as a vinyl-only Record Store Day exclusive and then a … More »
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The Flaming Lips – “Flowers Of Neptune 6″ (Feat. Kacey Musgraves)

Earlier this year, the Flaming Lips released a whole new collaborative album with Deap Vally under the name Deap Lips, which was also called Deap Lips. Their most recent full-length album, King's Mouth: Music And Songs, came out last year, first as a vinyl-only Record Store Day exclusive and then a … More »
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Generation Selects God Neptune New In-Hand Images

The official Takara TOMY Transformers channel @TF_pr on twitter have posted some new shots of the Generation Selects God Neptune combined team along with the MP-48 Lio Convoy figure for a little Beast Wars II fun.
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Planet Nine will be discovered in the next decade. Here’s why.

Years ago, California Institute of Technology professor Konstantin Batygin was inspired to embark on a journey of discovering what lurked beyond Neptune. What he and his collaborator discovered was a strange field of debris.This field of debris exhibited a clustering of orbits, and something was keeping these orbits confined. The only plausible source would be the gravitational pull of an extra planet—Planet Nine.While Planet Nine hasn't been found directly, the pieces of the puzzle are coming t...
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Raging Bull wins Santa Anita’s Shoemaker Mile

There must be something about Southern California that appeals to Raging Bull, who returned west for the first time in a year and a half and won the $300,000 Grade I Shoemaker Mile on Monday at Santa Anita. Raging Bull brought a five-race losing streak into the Shoemaker, having last won Dec. 1, 2018 at Del Mar when he came home first in the Grade I Hollywood Derby for trainer Chad Brown. The 5-year-old son of Dark Angel had come up empty in stakes races at Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Belmont Pa...
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Generation Selects God Neptune Manga Comic Translations

Transformers collector' site Tets’ Toys and Shenanigans have translated the manga comics that were released with the Takara Tomy Mall Limited Generation Selects Seacons God Neptune a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to the translator, we can read both parts and 1 and 2 of the comic along with some thoughtful insights on who we see and key points on what was said.
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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 25

There is only one significant change in the astrological conditions this week, but it’s a very big and important one. Actually, it could be kind of minor. Or not. Actually, there’s two, but I’ll get the other one later. (The preceding paragraph was brought to you by Sun in Gemini. Could you tell?) On Monday, Mars sextile Uranus is exact. Mars is currently in Pisces, approaching the conjunction to Neptune. This is potentially a very moody and irritable placement, and one should approach on...
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GotBot Goes Live: Cheetor, Sleep Mode Optimus, Trailer Hitches and God Neptune!

Tonight on GotBot Goes Live we covered several rumors and reveals from WFC Netflix Cheetor to Earthrise sleep-mode Optimus. We paid our respects to Animated Swindle actor Fred Wilard. I talked about a few channel updates and tomorrow's upcoming top 10 favorite humans in Transformers countdown. I address more about God neptune and where he fits in the fiction.
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Venus Retrograde - May into June 2020

Eminent astrologer Felissa Rose Gero offers her insights into the Venus Retrograde of 2020.   VENUS RETROGRADE MAY INTO JUNE 2020 The planet Venus goes retrograde approximately every year and a half for about six weeks. The next time this occurs is on May 13th at 2:46 am EDT with Venus at 21 degrees 50 minutes of Gemini. Venus turns direct on June 25th at 2:49 am EDT when Venus will still be in Gemini but is at 5 degrees 20 minutes. Gemini is the sign of communication and Venus the planet o...
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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 18

Last week, as you may recall, I bemoaned the current astrological state of things for love and romance, what with Venus square Neptune in effect. This week that aspect is still in effect, and will be exact again this week. That’s because of retrograde Venus. And yes, Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde now too, slowly grinding back through the degrees where they have caused plenty enough mayhem the last few months. But this week, screw it. I’m going to be optimistic! Your overall romantic ...
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Can Nuclear Fallout Make It Rain?

sciencehabit writes: Radioactive fallout is rarely a good thing. But new research suggests charged particles emitted from Cold War-era nuclear tests may have boosted rainfall thousands of kilometers away from the testing sites, by triggering electrical charges in the air that caused water droplets to coalesce. The United States, Soviet Union, and other nations often tested nuclear weapons above ground in the 1950s and early 1960s. The fallout contained a devil's cocktail of radioactive element...
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First Look! Seacons God Neptune Official Generations Selects Details and Images

GENERATION SELECTS Seacons God Neptune - The long-awaited God Neptune appears in the Generation Select series! A giant robot "God Neptune" is born by combining five robots that transform from a monster type beast form to a humanoid form.Like the original, it is commercialized with the recolor specification of Seacons King Poseidon, but the robot mode of Squire, a squid type monster that coalesces on the left leg, uses a female type mold that more respects the original character setting, body and...
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Daily Prime - Kabaya Beast Wars II Lio Convoy SD Sofubi Toys

God Neptune has revealed himself and the Maximals are ready to take on the Sea Pirates from Cybertron. Today's shot looks at the smaller side of Kabaya's fun little candy toys made for Beast Wars II. These Super Deformed (SD) cartoon versions of Lio Convoy joined by (left to right): Tasmania Kid, DIver, and Apache are actually tiny Sofubi figures made from soft vinyl.
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GotBot Goes Live 5/14/2020: Netflix Siege Rumors, Unicron Update and God Neptune

Tonight on GotBot Goes Live we had my birthday edition and what a show it was! We talked God neptune, Unicron Update, and all the rumors for deluxe class Siege Netflix offerings. We alsotalked about Iron Factory, links bettween the MCU and Transformers, Diaclone and Transformers and even threw in a little "ninjaing" with Starscream Wife.
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New God Neptune Teaser Images From Takara Tomy - BIG REVEAL COMING!

Takara TOMY have posted yet another teaser image for the forthcoming God Neptune redeco of the Generations Selects Seasons team. This image gives up a look at the iconic sword and some of the gold and teal colors we'll be seeing in the new figures. Takara has mentioned with this post that the full reveal may be coming tomorrow, 5/15 at 12:00.
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Daily Prime - Different Sides of Beast Wars II Lio Convoy

With a new teaser for the Generations Selectect God Neptune hitting today, I realized I have not dipped into anything from Beast Wars II yet. Not a sequel to the original, II is a different ballgame with a whole new team lead by the stoic Maximal Lio Convoy who is a Lion in beast mode. Convoy's in charge of some characters you may recognize from the non-show toys released in America.
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Earth-like planet discovered

Astronomers have detected a new planet 25,000 light-years away, and it appears to have Earth-like qualities. The discovery was published by a team of scientists from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in the Astronomical Journal. The rocky planet in question, named OGLE-2018-BLG-0677, is between the size of Earth and Neptune, and orbits a star — in the same way that Earth orbits the sun — that is one-tenth the size of the sun. One big difference is that this newly discovered planet...
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Venus Retrograde May 2020

Excerpt from patreon – Venus entered Gemini on April 3, beginning a four-month journey through this sign. It entered the shadow zone on April 9 and will station retrograde at 21GEM50 on May 13. The Sabian symbol of the station retrograde degree is ‘Dancing Couples In A Harvest Festival’. This symbol speaks of being in time, working together, harmonisation of movement and thought, knowing the steps. The sign Gemini itself is a mutable air sign associated with matters such as the mind and communic...
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Mars In Pisces – Deliberately Misleading

Mars will ingress into Pisces this week.  I’ve already voiced my concern about retrograde Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces over the next weeks: Warning – Love & Money Deception. I don’t want to make people feel paranoid but … Read More...
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Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Warning – Love & Money Deception

Venus will turn retrograde in Gemini at 21 degrees on May 13th, 2020.  This looks problematic to me, in places, because the planet is squaring Neptune in Pisces, which is stationing at 20 degrees. I want to call your attention … Read More...
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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2020 – Spiritual Transformation

The Full Moon occurs at 11:45 (BST) on May 7, 2020 at 17°Sc20′.We are at the peak of the lunar cycle and the natural emotional high tide is intensified by the Moon being in powerful Scorpio. With the Moon in the 8th global house, we know that what is illuminated around this time is for the benefit of our personal transformation. Often the Scorpio Full Moon suggests that we have reached the end of a chapter or need to come to a conclusion. Something must end to clear the way for a new beginning l...
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May Horoscopes & Astrology

May’s planetary aspects and fixed stars. The highlight of the month is Venus retrograde in Gemini which will square Neptune and Mars on her journey. Monthly Horoscopes Are Back! Aries Taurus ... Read more The post May Horoscopes & Astrology appeared first on Darkstar Astrology.
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Big Sky This Week: Highlights for May 4-10, 2020

A rakish hat, an open mind, letting go, and renegotiating Dates and times are given for U.S. Pacific Time zone. Click them to see the date and time where you are. A rakish hat M ercury meets the Sun (May 4, 2020, 2:41 pm PDT) this week on the Sabian Symbol for 15 Taurus: A man muffled up with a rakish silk hat. Mercury gets a little too full of himself when he aligns with the Sun, like the member of an entourage who imagines he’s famous because he spends a lot of time with a celebrity. ...
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Episode 24 | Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 24 (5/4/20) Title: 24 | Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers April and Jen approach the Full Moon week with beginner’s mind, as the Lunar Nodes shift into Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 18 months. Also: Saturn in Aquarius turning retrograde signals that it’s time to reassess commitments and do some foundational retrofitting; Mercury dons a rakish silk hat; the Sun points a finger; and a Scorpio Full Moon just made for deep-cleaning. Plus, googly eyes and...
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Love Horoscope for the Week of May 4

Because we have now all gone through the looking glass, into a world where dogs meow and cats bark, the next paragraph of this forecast will give you deliberately bad advice. Don’t worry — I’ll explain before we’re done. The week starts with Venus square Neptune. This is a wonderful time to fall madly in love with someone or something, regardless of how impractical or foolish or wrongheaded that choice may be. So dive right in during the early part of this week, give your heart away, and don’...
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Weekly Astrology Forecast May 4 – 10, 2020

Excerpt from Patreon – Lastly, we also have the Sun’s sextile to Neptune on May 10 too, like a holy touch of the Gods, a quiet hand on our shoulder, an angel in our corner. The Sun’s sextile to Neptune tunes us in to our mystical side. We may be more in tune with our life’s purpose or simply feel that life has purpose, even if we don’t know our personal mission yet. Whilst life may be far from perfect right now, the calmer vibration this week will perhaps help us to find meaning in the madness a...
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Venus Square/Opposite Neptune ~ Slave To Love

Venus square or opposition Neptune is romantic to a fault and with this hard aspect (unless the subject is very evolved), it is, most likely, going to be a fault! Usually, ... Read more The post Venus Square/Opposite Neptune ~ Slave To Love appeared first on Darkstar Astrology.
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May 2020 Astrology Forecast

Our global evolutionary lesson changes on May 5 as the North Node enters Gemini and the South Node enters Sagittarius. When I look back at how the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn worked, I am struck by the symbolism. Back then, it spoke of how we must move away from limitations in our structures and patriarchy towards a more matriarchal way of being revolving around home, family and children. And it was the ‘little child’ that lead with Greta Thunberg leading the school strikes ...
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Alien oceans are home to some unusual chemistry

Exoplanets rich with water appear to be common around other stars. A new study examines conditions at the bottom of these massive seas in other worlds. Alien oceans may be common throughout the Universe, but little is known about conditions deep underwater on massive worlds orbiting alien stars. A new study recreated these extreme conditions, with surprising results. Neptune, at the edge of our own Solar System, is a perfect example of a massive, water-rich world. Astronomers believe such planet...
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Hot Topics: Icy, Aquarius, Moon, Life, Pisces, Pluto, Taurus, History, Actors & Musicians

Today in the forum – Capricorns and Aquarius: Who’s more icy? Moon – Where Is Your Home? Venus Retrograde & Out of Bounds in Gemini – May/June 2020 The Worst Year of Your Life Neptune at 20 Degrees Pisces – … Read More...
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