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How I Increased My Net Worth by $27,000 in Six Months

According to You Need a Budget (YNAB), my total net worth is currently $108,940.66.Read more...
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Truman Advisors Analyze the Average Net Worth of Americans in Each Age Bracket

After being a part of the workforce for a few years, you may finally have enough money to pay off your old student loans and perhaps even purchase your own home with a new car to boot. At that point, you may also grow curious about your current standing in society. To be more specific, you may be wondering about how you compare to the average American in terms of wealth. Are you doing as well as expected? Are you lagging behind or are you outpacing others in your current age group? To f...
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Should You Include Your Pension in Your Net Worth?

In late March my wife reached 20 years of military service qualifying for half of her basic pay. She hasn’t retired yet and as she continues to work the pension has the potential to rise exponentially. Pensions are very rare nowadays. It seems like almost all companies have stopped offering them. Often companies have difficulties fulfilling those pension obligations. Pensions are still a part of many careers such as teaching, law enforcement, and firefighting. Typically those pensions are ...
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If You Want to Grow Your Net Worth, You're Going to Have to Invest

If you want to grow your net worth, saving as much of your income as possible is a good start—but it’ll only get you so far. Read more...
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Debate: Should you count your own home in your net worth ‘number’?

We’ve not one but two of our favourite bloggers guest posting today. What’s more they’re going at each other head-to-head! Roll up, roll up, for a bare knuckle cage fight – personal finance style! Okay, not really, Mr YFG and Fire v London are too polite for that. But we hope you enjoy their gentle jousting nonetheless. T here’s a divisive issue that has been tearing the nation apart forever. Bloggers are at odds over it. Family members squabble over it. Maybe you’ve even put off retiring beca...
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August 2018 Net Worth Update (+$19,155)

Highlights for AugustIm posting this several months later and hard to remember what even happened in August. We are going to see Hamilton! I was able to land tickets to Hamilton when it travels to Durham in November for my wife's birthday. $242 for 2 tickets. Pricey, but we are excited to see it.Otherwise August was a pretty quite month. Our daughters start back school in July, so our summer ends early. [Author: 2million]
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The Notorious RBG Has Had Some Serious ROI

With a net worth this high, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is well-prepared for a comfortable retirement.
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July 2018 Net Worth Update (+$52,101)

Highlights for JulyI come out of July feeling optimistic all the way around. We had positive developments on numerous fronts including the bottom line.In July we purchased our 5th rental property! The property market is very hot around our area and it was difficult to successfully agree on a purchase price that I felt would offer us a compelling return. However I feel really good about our successful efforts to aquire 2 additional rental properties this year. We will now shift our focus on...
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What it means to be rich: The difference between income and wealth

I’m generally a pretty laid-back guy but, like anyone, I do have pet peeves. Because I write about money, I have lots of trivial personal-finance pet peeves. (It’s “saving rate“, not “savings rate”. Dave Ramsey did not invent the debt snowball, and his version is but one kind of debt snowball. It’s not the only debt snowball. See? I told you these pet peeves were trivial!) It’s silly that I’m bugged by this stuff, but I am. I’m sure you have pet peeves too, especially when it comes to your work....
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June 2018 Net Worth Update (+$22,779)

Highlights for JuneIn June our activity picked up a bit and we closed with another solid month in the books.Our largest individual stock holding (Genworth) had a breakout month as the US govt (CFUIS) approved the deal for it to acquired by China Oceanwide Holdings. This contributed to a nice bump in our taxable stock holdings. I received my annual bonus payout from my employer.We spent ~$1,500 on remaining rental costs on our 2 upcoming vacations - a condo rental in July at the beach and a fam...
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May 2018 Net Worth Update ($20,481)

Highlights for MayIn May we closed on some long term financing (5.375% 30 yr fixed) for our rentals that we used to pay off our equity line and reloaded our cash for the next acquisition. Ive started looking for another rental property, but its a very tough market and none of our bids went very far. Our taxable stock holdings (where most of our active investments are) had some outsized gains. I spent ~$650 in car repairs & registration fees to fix a fuel sensor so my car would pass inspectio...
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Neymar's net worth is $90 million. Here's how he spends his cash.

Neymar's Net Worth is $90 Million. Here's How He Spends His Cash.            [Author: Time]
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How Much Does It Take to Be Wealthy?

Here's an interesting post from Bloomberg asking how much do you need to become wealthy? The results: Millennials say you need $1.3 million to be financially comfortable and $2 million to be wealthy Gen X says you need $1.4 million to be financially comfortable and $2.6 million to be wealthy Boomers say you need $1.6 million to be financially comfortable and $2.7 million to be wealthy Interesting how the older you get the more you think it takes to be wealthy. :) Before you set a...
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My Major FI Milestones

Gen Y Finance Guy recently listed his five major milestones of financial independence as follows: Ground Zero ($0 Net Worth) Six Figures ($100,000 Net Worth) Double Comma Club ($1,000,000 Net Worth) The Magic Zone for Max Happiness ($1,875,000 Net Worth) Financial Independence ($3,000,000 Net Worth) Here's when I hit each of these and my thoughts on them: 1. My Quicken data goes all the way back to 1994 and it shows I was at ground zero. I'm not sure if this really was ...
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April 2018 Net Worth Update (+$22,946)

Highlights for AprilApril was a busy month, with positive momentum as much of the month was focused on some long term financing for our new rental.It took us longer than I expected, but for most of April we worked on a cash out refinance of our first rental property to put long term financing in place for our latest rental purchase (property #5). We locked in on a 5.375% 30 yr fixed rate (which provided enough credit to cover our closing costs). This rate is slightly lower than the 5.5% on ou...
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March 2018 Net Worth Update (+$11,292)

Highlights for MarchIt feels a little like I have woken up from a coma and finally taking some action to continue building our net worth! March was an exciting month as I dove back into real estate investing. Its been 8 years since I purchased my last property and it feels good. The stock market continued to slide a little.I purchased our 4th rental, a single-family home for $142,000. The real estate market in our area was surprisingly hot; I made offers on 8 properties and this was the fir...
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February 2018 Net Worth Update (-$47,198)

Highlights for FebruaryFinally some sanity kicked in and markets were all over the place in February. Who knows where the markets are headed now, but I still think they are richly valued.Ive started working on my taxes and realized I need to continue to work on my property ladder. Ive got 3 rental properties and now only one with a mortgage, I need to refinance and plan to grow our investments.I snagged a cruise on MSC cruises for us in the Fall when our daughters are out of school. I had be...
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You are the boss of you: Why you should run your life like a business

Note: During the month of March, I’m migrating old Money Boss material to Get Rich Slowly — including the articles that describe the “Money Boss method”. This is the second of those articles. Part one answered the question, “What is financial independence?” For the past several years — since I published the Get Rich Slowly course in 2014 — I’ve been trying to teach people to think like a CFO. Here’s my fundamental premise: You should manage your personal finances the way a business owner would m...
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Oscar Winner Frances McDormand’s Net Worth

Frances McDormand is an award winning American actress who made headlines for winning a Oscar for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri as well as the acceptance speech she gave at the awards ceremony. She has starred in many critically acclaimed roles over the years, and because of her success Frances McDormand’s net worth is estimated between $10 million and $30 million. Background Frances McDormand was born Cynthia Ann Smith in Gibson City, Illinois. She was adopted at the ...
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January 2018 Net Worth Update (+$43,834)

Highlights for JanuaryJanuary was another incredible month of growth for our net worth growth kicking of 2018 with a nice start. Only a few days into the new year and I had to unexpectedly replace a HVAC system at a rental property for $4,400. That is what our cash/emergency funds are for.For the first time in a long time I got *close* to an overdraft situation in my checking account. My primary mortgage company somehow withdrew my January mortgage payment twice in January and then I had a m...
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December 2017 Net Worth Update (+$32,893)

Highlights for DecemberDecember was another good month of growth for our net worth growth bringing 2017 to a close. Our net worth grow over $245k USD in 2017! Its hard to complain about that kind of YoY growth. If the market were to continue like 2017 we'd hit out financial goals in the next 1-2 years.I am in the process of paying off our equity line on House #1 as I received a letter reminding me it matures in July 2018. I sent a check in for $5.5k USD to pay it down and plan to get it pai...
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February 2018 Net Worth Update

With the first month done in 2018 it is time to update my net worth spreadsheet.  Writing this introduction prior to updating the spreadsheet, my gut is telling me that it is not going to be a good month for a few reasons.  The first is because The Wife’s new business is now underway with payments going out, but few payments coming in (yet).  The second reason is that The Wife and I stepped up our travel game – going up to ski in Vermont with really good friends, booking Mexico for our family an...
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How the things we own vary at different levels of net worth

Do people at different levels of wealth spend their money on different things? Of course they do. Some of these differences are by necessity, of course. If you have a million dollars in net worth, for example, then even average spending on your weekly meals will make up a much smaller portion of your net worth than the same spending would for somebody who has a net worth of $10,000. (To put it another way: If you have two families that both spend $100 per week on food, but one family has a net w...
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November 2017 Net Worth Update (+$31,585)

Highlights for NovemberNovember was another good month with our net worth still growing at a healthy clip.Ive decided to go ahead and payoff our equity line on House #1 as I received a letter reminding me it matures in July. I sent a check n for $10k USD to pay it down and plan to get it paid off in the next 1-2 months. Otherwise November was a quiet month on the financial front. [Author: 2million]
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Former Megachurch Preacher Perry Noble’s Net Worth

Perry Noble is the former senior pastor at NewSpring Church, the largest church in the South Carolina Baptist Convention based in Anderson, South Carolina. His weekly sermons had been viewed by over 32,000 people across the church’s 11 satellite congregations throughout South Carolina, with thousands more watching a live online stream. While he has never released financial information, it is widely believed Perry Noble’s net worth is around $2 million. Perry Noble Background Perry Noble was b...
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October 2017 Net Worth Update (+$14,082)

Highlights for OctoberOctober still had healthy gains after a significant bump in September.We spent the first part of October on a Disney family vacation. I had a lot of heartburn about the expense of this trip for several months, but I came back convinced it was the right decision for our family. It was a magical (and exhausting) time for the whole group. In the end our entire trip cost us under $4,000 USD for our family of four for 6 nights/6 days in parks. I also had another 2 week int...
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January 2018 Net Worth Update

I can’t believe it is 2018 already! I really feel like 2017 flew.  If you track your net worth (and I absolutely think every adult should track his or her net worth) then the year end is particularly exciting despite it not really mattering.  The end of year, resolutions and ‘starting over’ has always seemed odd to me – why does someone need an arbitrary date to being good habits?  Notwithstanding, I am guilty of creating goals for 2018 and even being particularly excited about updating my year ...
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How to calculate your net worth (and what to do with it)

In the spirit of getting back to basics this month at Get Rich Slowly, I’m planning to publish a series of articles about the most important numbers in personal finance. Let’s start by looking at how to calculate your net worth. To measure the value of a business, companies talk about equity or “book value”. Jargon, right? In personal finance, equity is known as net worth. It’s exactly the same thing but on a personal level. Your net worth is an important number because it reveals how much the b...
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Geoff Ramsey’s Net Worth

  Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey, born Geoffrey Paul Fink, is an American voice actor, comedian, and internet personality best known for being the voice of Dexter Grif for the web series Red vs. Blue. He is the co-founder of both the production company Rooster Teeth, as well as Achievement Hunter, a subdivision of Rooster Teeth specializing in gaming. Currently, Geoffrey Ramsy’s net worth is estimated at over $3 million. Background Geoff Ramsey was born in Mobile, Alabama where he went to elementary ...
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Morris Day Net Worth

  Morris Day is an American musician and actor best known as the lead singer of The Time. Born in Minneapolis, MN on December 13th, 1957, Day has a reported net worth of about $3 million. Prince Connection Morris Day was in a band called Grand Central with the legendary Prince while in high school. The band was managed by Day’s mother and later renamed Champagne. In exchange for the use of the song Partyup written by Day, Prince helped Day get the job as the lead singer of The Time, a band Pr...
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