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Researchers Say Their 'Brain Glue' Could Someday Help People With Severe Brain Injuries

Scientists say they’re one step closer to showing that their experimental hydrogel technology—more plainly known as “brain glue”—can help people with traumatic brain injuries. In a recent study, they found that their brain glue helped prevent long-term damage and tissue loss in the injured brains of rats, while also…Read more...
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How to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

Just as our bodies tend to atrophy the older you get, so do our brains. We all know you can keep your body physically fit to stave off an inevitable decline, but can we do the same with our minds?Read more...
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UCLA Scientists Successfully 'Jump-Start' the Brains of People in a Coma-Like State

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles are continuing to find success using ultrasound to “jump-start” the brains of people stuck in a minimally conscious state. In a report out this month, they detail two patients with chronic and severe brain injuries who experienced improvements in their awareness…Read more...
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