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Being a New Gun Owner – What I Wish I Knew When I Started

Below the Radar: The Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act of 2019 U.S.A.– -( These are strange times. Few of us thought we’d ever be here. This year, 8 million new gun owners joined the more than a hundred million existing firearms owners. We’ve all been that new guy at one time or another. Fortunately, there is a place for everyone in the gun culture. Here are some of the things I wish I knew when I chose a firearm and started learning self-defense. Some of these ...
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Top 5 Tips from Pro Trainers for New Gun Owners

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Thunder Ranch talking to two senior instructors, Chris and Tom, about the 5 best things new gun owners can do before or right after purchasing a gun for personal protection. Chris and Tom have extensive military and law enforcement experience prior to becoming trainers. They have […] Read More … The post Top 5 Tips from Pro Trainers for New Gun Owners appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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NSSF: 2020’s First-Time Gun Owner Count Nearing 5 Million

By now we’re all painfully aware of it: nearly all makes and models of firearms and ammo are being sold at utterly blistering rates. In-stock inventory has become harder to find than TFB TV’s James Reeves sober at a wedding. TFB reported on this trend several months ago, and it has done nothing but continue […] Read More … The post NSSF: 2020’s First-Time Gun Owner Count Nearing 5 Million appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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GUNSMARTS Campaign by Smith & Wesson Targets New Gun Owners

Smith and Wesson have just announced the launch of its latest marketing campaign which is tailored towards new gun owners entering the gun community for the first time. The Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS campaign will cover a series of how-to videos with industry experts to answer questions new gun owners might have regarding their firearms […] Read More … The post GUNSMARTS Campaign by Smith & Wesson Targets New Gun Owners appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Nationwide Poll We Believe – You Must Protect Yourself

Interest in self-defense has gone up exponentially since COVID-19 and nation-wide riots. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A.– -( Pollsters call me and ask me leading questions. More than ever, I refuse to answer. I leave them guessing because this is an election year. I don’t want to be targeted by political advertisements from now until the election. In contrast, there is a massive public poll that I do believe. This poll takes hours to answer and the participants actually have to pay to regist...
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Second Amendment Supporters Welcome the 2020 Class of New Gun Owners! ~ VIDEO

By Alan J Chwick and Joanne D Eisen Second Amendment Supporters Welcome the 2020 Class of New Gun Owners! ~ VIDEO iStock-gustavofrazao USA – -( We want to welcome the gun owners Class 0f 2020! The first 5 months of 2020, on a monthly basis, has broken every January, February, March, April, and May record of the past 10 years. The numbers are truly overwhelming, and many are first-time gun owners. According to the NSSF, “More than 2 million Americans became first-time gun owner...
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‘Decoding Firearms’ Educates on REAL ‘Gun Safety’

‘Decoding Firearms' Educates on REAL ‘Gun Safety’ U.S.A. – -( “Gun and ammunition sales soar as defund-the-police movement grows,” CNN Business reported Wednesday. “More than 6.5 million gun-sale background checks were conducted from January 1 through April 30, according to the latest NSSF research, which showed a 48% year-over-year rise from the same period in 2019,” the report elaborates. “Firearms retailers … estimated that 40% of their sales came from first-time gun buyers.”...
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Gun Group Says Millions Of New Gun Owners Will Reshape 2A Battle

Gun Group Says Millions Of New Gun Owners Will Reshape 2A Battle, iStock-erikreis BELLEVUE, WA – -( The recent gun-buying surge that began with the COVID-19 pandemic panic and continued through the civil unrest and riots following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody has created millions of new gun owners who will now eagerly protect their right to protect themselves and their loved ones, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms predicts. “Lo...
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Millions Of First-Time Gun Buyers During Covid-19

Opinion By Jim Curcuruto, NSSF Director of Research and Market Development Millions Of First-Time Gun Buyers During Covid-19 InfoGraphic Cropped USA – -( early part of 2020 has been unlike any other year for firearm purchases—particularly by first-time buyers—as new reveals millions of people chose to purchase their first gun during the COVID-19 pandemic. January 2020 started out with a strong SHOT Show®, followed by buzz surrounding background check figures on firearms wit...
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Five Absolute Musts for Brand New AR-15 Owners – Part 2

Now that we know how to use our brand new AR-15, it's time to take a look at what essentials we need for it. U.S.A. -( In part one, we discussed the basic safe handling of firearms (and by extension our AR-15). If you are a brand new gun owner, do not skip part one! Go back and read it. Now, for the rest of you, we're going to continue where we left off. Keep in mind, that the following items are somewhat specific to the AR-15, but much of the information (especially on sights) i...
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Five Absolute Musts for Brand New AR-15 Owners Part -1

The AR-15 is an accurate, lightweight reliable firearm. Like all firearms, it must be handled with respect and strict adherence to the four rules of gun safety. U.S.A. -( Most readers on this site own a firearm (or 20) and are very familiar with the safe operation of their weapons. But with the vast increase of new gun-owners panic-buying as a result of COVID-19, some basic-level information is necessary to help these new folks. And since by and large, the most common self-loadin...
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How Do You Protect Your Family With Your New Gun?

At Home and at Work, More Self-Defense Gun Stories- LISTEN U.S.A. –-( Millions of new gun owners brought their gun home. That gun in its box in the bedroom closet won’t keep you safe until it is part of your security plan. Becoming a gunfighter takes months of practice and makes you seconds faster. In contrast, having a security plan takes only a few hours and gives you minutes of advantage. Spend your time where it does the most good. This is what you should do first. Violent c...
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Former ATF Agent Mocks New Gun Owners, Compares them to Tiger King

Screenshot from C-Span video, cropped and scaled by Dean Weingarten U.S.A. –-( David Chipman is a former ATF agent. He found a new gig as a spokesman for those who want the population disarmed. David Chipman's latest attempt at scaring Americans away from exercising their Second Amendment rights seems rather ham-handed. From : David Chipman, Senior Policy Advisor at the Giffords organization said hopelessness, anxiety and fear might cause people to try to use firear...
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Videos on Safe Firearm Storage for New Gun Owners

U.S.A. –-( You would have called me a madman if I’d predicted these events last Christmas. In early 2020, we saw sentencing reform. That meant people could steal up to $950 worth of merchandise per day and the thief would only be issued a ticket. We saw bail eliminated for so-called “non-violent offenses”, so bank robbers who were arrested this morning would be released this afternoon. Across the country, we saw empty store shelves for the first time in our lives due to fear of ...
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Narrowing Your Handgun Choices When Buying New

By Jim Golden Glock G19 Pistol Inside the X Ring USA –  -( It’s mid-2016, a critical election year for the U.S., and if you’re considering your first handgun purchase ahead of an unknown election outcome, you might be overwhelmed by the current array of choices.Narrowing the field to one or two can be a real challenge for anyone, but especially for the new, or casual firearms enthusiast.One of the first, most fundamental decisions you need to make is whether you want a revol...
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The NRA – Politics and New Gun Owners

By Don McDougall Liberal Gun Owners Don McDougall United States -( As an NRA Instructor, I see it, you probably see it also. The New Gun Owners. The 20 something with that new shiny AR or Glock. They were bitten by the gun bug and almost immediately they’re in deep.“The 2A is my carry permit.” “.. from my cold dead hand.”These phrases fall trippingly off their tongue so quickly and easily you wonder if they understand the meaning behind them. They don’t shoot in competition,...
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