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Judge: Disciplinary Hearings Should Be Automatically Closed

A judge says disciplinary hearings for New Hampshire police officers accused of misconduct should not be automatically held behind closed doors.
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Rail Bike Tours Offering Pedaling Adventure in Lakes Region

The Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad is offering a different way to see New Hampshire: via four-person rail bikes.
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Bill Would Ban Discrimination Against LGTBQ Jurors

Discrimination would be prohibited against jurors in federal courts on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity under a bill reintroduced by U.S. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Susan Collins of Maine.
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Senators Ask Biden Administration to Help Biomass Industry

Maine and New Hampshire’s U.S. senators are part of a group that’s asking the Biden administration to increase opportunities for the biomass industry.
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Bail Lowered for Ex-Youth Center Worker in Sex Abuse Case

A judge has reduced bail for a former New Hampshire youth center worker accused of sexually assaulting four teenagers, including one at gunpoint.
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New Hampshire 1st Graders Unveil New Trash Can on Playground

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the unveiling of a new trash can at a New Hampshire elementary school playground Thursday that students reached out to the mayor for after seeing litter there.
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Woman Jumps From 2nd-Story Balcony to Escape Burning Home

New Hampshire authorities say a woman jumped from a second-story balcony to escape a burning home in Merrimack and two firefighters were injured while battling the fire.
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State Eases Mask, Quarantine Guidelines, Contact Tracing

With COVID-19 cases in New Hampshire continuing to decline, state officials are emphasizing more relaxed mask guidelines, recommending that anyone not showing symptoms of the virus can go without without wearing masks in most indoor and outdoor locations.
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State Asking US Treasury to Set Aside Money to Repair Dams

New Hampshire is asking the U.S. Treasury to set aside funds to repair dams.
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Black Bear Spotted Performing Pole Dance Routine in New Hampshire (Thanks to John W.)
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Boxer, attorney, and former reality TV star Joey Gilbert was at the Capitol on Jan 6. He's now campaigning to be governor of Nevada.

Joey Gilbert was spotted outside the US Capital during the January 6 riots. He is now running for governor of Nevada. Joey Gilbert Joey Gilbert was seen on video taking part in the January 6 riot outside the Capitol. He announced his campaign to run for governor of Nevada, running on the promise of "election integrity." Jason Riddle, who was charged in relation to the Capitol riots, is also running for office in New Hampshire. See more stories on Insider's business page. Nevada attorn...
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Many States Ending $300 Federal Unemployment Benefits Early

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Death Penalty Sought in Texas Killing of New Hampshire Pair

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for a man charged with capital murder in the killing of a New Hampshire couple whose bodies were found in a shallow grave on a South Texas beach.
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More Flights Between New Hampshire, Florida Coming in Fall

Air travelers in New Hampshire will have several new ways to get to Florida starting this fall.
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Google updates its kids online safety curriculum with lessons on gaming, video and more

Google announced today it’s updating and expanding its digital safety and citizenship curriculum called Be Internet Awesome, which is aimed at helping school-aged children learn to navigate the internet responsibly. First introduced four years ago, the curriculum now reaches 30 countries and millions of kids, says Google. In the update rolling out today, Google has added nearly a dozen more lessons for parents and educators that tackle areas like online gaming, search engines, video consumption,...
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Chicken wing prices could keep rising - and pizzas might also get more expensive thanks to rising ingredient costs, a restaurant owner said

Joe Raedle/Getty Images Prices of restaurant meals from pizza to chicken wings could soon get more expensive. A New Jersey pizzeria owner said ingredients now cost more, and that he may have to raise prices. "You could see some restaurants seeing a 10% increase in their food costs," an analyst said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Pizza joints may soon have to raise their prices to cope with soaring ingredient costs, a New Jersey restaurant owner said.The restaurant indus...
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Andrew Appel on New Hampshire’s Election Audit

Really interesting two part analysis of the audit conducted after the 2020 election in Windham, New Hampshire. Based on preliminary reports published by the team of experts that New Hampshire engaged to examine an election discrepancy, it appears that a buildup of dust in the read heads of optical-scan voting machines (possibly over several years of use) can cause paper-fold lines in absentee ballots to be interpreted as votes… New Hampshire (and other states) may need to maintain the accuracy o...
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Marco Rubio wants to defer your student-loan payments, but only if you survived a terrorist attack

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Getty pool Sen. Marco Rubio reintroduced a bill to defer student-loan payments for terrorist attack survivors. He first introduced the bill in 2016 following the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Advocates said his bill doesn't do enough to address the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis. See more stories on Insider's business page. With the pause on student-loan payments during the pandemic set to lift in three months, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reintroduce...
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Unemployment Rate for May Dips to Below Pre-Pandemic Rate

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate for May was 2.5%, a decrease of three-tenths of a percentage point from April and a big change from a year ago, when it was 13.4% during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Man Died in Gunfire Following 10-Hour Standoff With Police

The New Hampshire attorney general's office says a man who died in a shooting in Pittsfield that involved police had been in a 10-hour standoff.
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A man who bragged about chugging wine at the Capitol riot is campaigning for office. He learned mid-interview he's running for the wrong seat.

Jason Riddle (L) being interviewed as a political candidate and (R) holding a bottle of wine inside the Capitol building. NBC10 Boston/FBI Jason Riddle was arrested after admitting to chugging wine inside the US Capitol on January 6. His case pending, he is running for the New Hampshire legislature to unseat Democrat Ann Kuster. In a TV interview Riddle learned Kuster sits in the US Congress, and he is in the wrong race. See more stories on Insider's business page. A man who was cha...
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Chicken wings prices have shot up 99% because farms can't get enough workers, a Buffalo, New York, restaurant owner said

Chicken wing prices are up 99%, Greg Duell told Fox Business. Sellwell/Getty Images Chicken wing suppliers have nearly doubled their prices, the owner of a Duff's Famous Wings in Buffalo, New York, told Fox. This is because chicken farms are struggling to find workers during the US labor shortage, he said. Fryer oil has also shot up more than 120% so far this year, Greg Duell said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Chicken wings are getting much more expensive because fa...
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Burglar Chipmunk Wanted By Police In New Hampshire

The critter is accused of infiltrating the Pelham Police Department over the weekend.
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House Negotiators Agree to Abortion Ban, School Vouchers

House negotiators have agreed with the Senate’s proposal to include a ban on late-term abortions and a school voucher program in New Hampshire's next two-year state budget.
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Attorney General: Man Dies in Shooting That Involved Officer

The New Hampshire attorney general's office says a man has died in a shooting in Pittsfield that involved a police officer.
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More good coverage of the not-so-good (but still not-so-bad) realities of federal compassionate release realities

As noted here, last Thursday the US Sentencing Commission released some fascinating (and bare bones) data on compassionate release motions in 2020 in this short data report.  In this post, I flagged coverage by the Marshall Project lamenting that the Bureau of Prisons approved so very few compassionate release applications.  I have since seen three more press piece noting ugly stories in the data: From BuzzFeed News, "Incarcerated People Faced Huge Disparities Trying To Flee COVID-19 In Prison...
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Biden's budget would cut taxes for all low-income households but especially parents, analysis shows

President Joe Biden. AP A Tax Policy Center report found Biden's budget would cut taxes for parents by $3,200 in 2022. This is a result of Biden's expanded child tax credit, which gives parents $300 monthly benefits. Democrats are pushing to make the credit expansion permanent beyond Biden's 2025 extension. See more stories on Insider's business page. President Joe Biden's recent budget proposal included changes in the tax code that would hike taxes for corporations whi...
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The CW’s ‘The Republic of Sarah’ Indulges a Mild Separatist Fantasy: TV Review

“The Republic of Sarah” starts straightforwardly enough. Opening in the idyllic New Hampshire town of Greylock, the show introduces us to history teacher Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker), her friends, and to her own surprise, her estranged brother Danny (Luke Mitchell). Though he abruptly left Greylock, their abusive alcoholic mother (Megan Follows) and his fiancé Corinne […]
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The Latest: Lebanon marks daily record of vaccinations

By The Associated Press BEIRUT — Lebanon has vaccinated a daily record of people against COVID-19, raising the total number of shots administered around the country against the virus to more than 1 million. The Health Ministry said nearly 23,000 people were vaccinated on Sunday alone in different parts of the country on the third weekend of a COVID-19 vaccination “marathon” to speed up inoculations. The ministry invited all residents who are 53 and older as well as people with special needs who ...
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The Latest: Britain wants more inquiry into COVID-19 origin

By The Associated Press CARBIS BAY, England — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain wants further investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that at the moment the country doesn’t believe it came from a lab. Speaking at the end of the Group of Seven summit in southwest England, Johnson says that while it doesn’t look as if this particular disease came from a lab, the world needs to “keep an open mind.” Though the notion was once dismissed by most public health exper...
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