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The city will survive coronavirus

In a recent essay, New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman asked “Can City Life Survive Coronavirus?” It seems an apt question in this extraordinary time of mandated retreat from public life.  City streets and spaces normally teeming with people are nearly deserted now, evoking scenes from a Terry Gilliam film.  In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 we have shut down the sites where the rituals of daily urban life unfold, “third places” like cafes and bars and community center...
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41 Transit Workers Dead: Crisis Takes Staggering Toll on Subways

The M.T.A. has been criticized for its response to the outbreak. Now a staffing shortage has made it difficult to keep even a diminished system running.
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Virus Toll in N.Y. Region Hits New High: Live Updates

Deaths in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut topped 1,000 in a single day for the first time.
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33 Transit Workers Dead: Crisis Takes Staggering Toll on Subways

The M.T.A. has been criticized for its response to the outbreak. Now a staffing shortage has made it difficult to keep even a diminished system running.
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Some ER doctors are losing pay and hours even as coronavirus rages

Many emergency room doctors around the country are seeing their hours, pay and benefits cut, even as the coronavirus overwhelms hospitals in New York City and other hotspots.
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The Partnership For New York City: Do Your Part, Something Out There

The Partnership for New York City teamed up with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and DeVito/Verdi on a message that urged people to do their part to help keep friends, family and neighbors safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. The spot reminds viewers of the sacrifices we all must make to ensure that those who have sacrificed the most for our country, the elderly, can survive. The PSA message transcended film into audio and OLV for broadcast nationally an...
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Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Latest Updates

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut see single-day spikes in deaths from the coronavirus, and even those may represent undercounts as more die at home.
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The Magic of Empty Streets

Social distancing gives us a rare chance to fix cities.
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‘They Let Us Get Sick’: A Sluggish Response Cripples the M.T.A.

The agency was slow to offer protection for its workers, and now a staffing shortage has made it difficult to keep even a diminished system running.
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How Delays and Unheeded Warnings Hindered New York’s Virus Fight

The federal response was chaotic. Even so, the state’s and city’s own initial efforts failed to keep pace with the outbreak, The Times found.
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New York City reports a record 800-plus coronavirus deaths in one day

The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus continued to reach grim milestones, with more than 800 fatalities reported Tuesday in New York City, according to city health officials.
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Physician deaths in the era of COVID-19: human sacrifice, not heroism

A COVID-19 positive resident physician in Detroit died recently, and reportedly two more who treated patients with the virus in New York City have died this week as well; although I can’t say for certain, because their names have not been released and their stories exist only in hushed whispers of the resident community. And […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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N.Y. Virus Deaths Hit New High, but Hospitalizations Slow

New Jersey and Connecticut also had one-day highs in coronavirus-related deaths. Officials in the three states still saw reason for hope.
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At-home COVID-19 deaths may be significantly undercounted in New York City

The daily tally of New York City residents who died at home with coronavirus-like symptoms exploded from 45 on March 20 to 241 on April 5, according to Fire Department of New York data - suggesting the city may be significantly undercounting COVID-19 deaths. Asked about the fire department numbers at a press conference Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged that deaths at home haven't been fully accounted for. The fire department data are based on information collected ...
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New York state suffers largest single-day increase in coronavirus deaths

Governor reports 731 deaths on Monday as number killed in New York City eclipses death toll from 9/11Coronavirus – live US updatesLive global updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNew York suffered the highest single-day increase in its death toll from coronavirus, governor Andrew Cuomo reported on Tuesday, even as those in the state were still under orders to stay at home.The governor noted the three-day average of hospitalizations was down, indicating the state is “reaching a plateau in the t...
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The Latest: European Union science official resigns

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.TOP OF THE HOUR:— New York City records more deaths from virus than 9-11.—Trump criticizes World Health Organization for virus response.—France reaches 10,000 coronavirus deaths.—U.N. estimates loss of 195 millon full-time jobs in 2nd quarter.___BRUSSELS — The chief of th...
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Wisconsin Voters Wait Hours At The Few Polling Stations Open Across The State

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Thousands of Wisconsin voters waited hours in long lines outside overcrowded polling stations on Tuesday, ignoring federal health recommendations so they could participate in a presidential primary election that tested the limits of electoral politics in the midst of a pandemic. Thousands more stayed home, unwilling to risk their health during a statewide stay-at-home order, but complained that the absentee ballots they had requested were still missing. Pregnant and infec...
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Trump Claimed The Feds Have ‘Built 18 Hospitals.’ FEMA And Army Records Say Otherwise

President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that the federal government had “built 18 hospitals” to deal with the surge in COVID-19 patients as the pandemic sweeps across the country. But that only appears to be the case if you count several sites that will not be ready to treat patients for weeks, a TPM goose chase found — including nine sites that the Army Corps of Engineers said in a press release Tuesday  were “0%” complete. Progress photos for some sites showed nothing more than cavernous c...
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Google's G Suite now has 6 million paying business customers, as it ramps up competition with Microsoft and Zoom (GOOGL)

Google's bundle of productivity tools for businesses and schools, G Suite, now has 6 million paying customers, up from the 5 million it had in February 2019. The new numbers come as much of the world is working from home and schools turn to online learning, to try and mitigate the spread of coronavirus.  Google's Hangouts Meet video meeting tool, part of G Suite, now has 25 percent more users than it did in January, according to CNBC. However, Google faces intense competition from Zoom, Micros...
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Visits to New York City's domestic violence website surged amid coronavirus pandemic

New York City's domestic violence resource website, NYC Hope, has seen a notable surge in the number of visits in recent weeks, as the city attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus by enforcing strict stay-at-home measures.
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Amazon may fire employees who violate social distancing guidelines, even as workers say the company isn't doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus (AMZN)

Amazon said it may fire employees who "intentionally violate" its social distancing rules at work, as first reported by CNBC and confirmed to Business Insider. The policy comes amid criticism over Amazon's efforts to protect workers at its warehouses, as well as the company's firing of a worker after he led a strike in protest of Amazon's coronavirus response. Amazon told Business Insider it is following public health guidelines and has "implemented a series of preventative health measures for...
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Possible Developments in the Treatment of Acute COVID-19

This appears potentially quite important. Since it has to do with technical clinical details and treatment protocols I’ll try to be both as precise and general as possible. Yesterday I noticed this grainy youtube video posted on March 31st by a New York City emergency and critical care physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell. Kyle-Sidell argued that he thought the treatment protocol and basic understanding of acute COVID-19-induced respiratory distress were both wrong. He said that what he is seeing in hi...
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USNS Comfort Crew Member Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The news was the latest setback in the ship’s troubled mission to New York.
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Lessons From the Plagues, Painted for Passover

The artist Zoya Cherkassky evokes Jewish life in the shtetl in her new virtual exhibition.
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Even amid coronavirus, most New York tenants paid April rent

The Community Housing Investment Program (CHIP) said that only 10 percent of its landlords did not receive rent for the coming month.
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NYC Death Toll Eclipses Number Killed In World Trade Center On 9/11

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s death toll from the coronavirus rose past 3,200 Tuesday, eclipsing the number killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11. In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lay in intensive care, believed to be the first major world leader hospitalized with the virus. The twin developments came even as the crisis seemed to be easing or at least stabilizing, by some measures, in New York and parts of Europe, though health officials warned people at nearly every turn not to l...
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Your Evening Briefing

(Bloomberg) -- Some on Wall Street are bridling at stay-at-home orders when they would rather see employees in the office, pandemic notwithstanding. As New York City suffers a ghastly death toll and even after their Manhattan headquarters saw 16 people infected on one trading floor, JPMorgan managers have nevertheless been making plans to get workers back to their desks.Bloomberg is mapping the pandemic globally and across America. For the latest news, sign up for our Covid-19 podcast and daily ...
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I Hope My Neighbor Plays Beyoncé Tonight

In coronavirus quarantine, the music coming through the thin walls is keeping me sane.
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Number of Coronavirus Deaths in New York Is Likely Much Higher Than We Think

New York City’s covid-19 death toll is likely higher than reported, due to the fact that the medical examiner doesn’t test the bodies of people who’ve died at home for the virus. A report from WNYC has found that, while the daily rate of deaths at home has increased nearly tenfold since the outbreak, only those who…Read more...
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The True Scale of Excess Mortality in NYC

In our on-going efforts to form a clearer picture of the true scale of mortality in the COVID-19 crisis yesterday I referenced a tweet by the New York City Council’s health committee which noted a 10 fold run up in the number of deaths that are being reported in homes across New York City. Here’s a great piece of reporting from WNYC/Gothamist filling out the details of what is happening. The gist is comparable to what we’ve seen reported in other jurisdictions and countries. Fatalities are n...
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