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'Dune,' the highly anticipated sci-fi epic, hits HBO Max one day early - stream it at home starting October 21

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in "Dune." Warner Bros. "Dune" hits HBO Max and theaters on October 21 at 6 p.m. ET. The star-studded cast includes Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, and Oscar Isaac. You need an ad-free subscription to HBO Max ($15/month) to stream the movie at home. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Max Monthly Plan (ad-free) (small) "Dune" is coming to HBO Max a d...
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The Many Saints of Newark: My review

 If you’re a mega fan of THE SOPRANOS it’s a fun ride.  If you’re not, it’s just another gangster movie — one you’ve seen countless times.    It’s now playing in select... [Author: By Ken Levine]
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HBO's 'Succession' returns for a third season on October 17 - here's how to watch the Emmy-winning series

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy on HBO's "Succession." Zach Dilgard/HBO "Succession" is about the turbulent lives of a wealthy family running a media corporation. You can watch the season three premiere on October 17 on HBO Max. HBO Max is $10/month for an ad-supported plan or $15/month for an ad-free plan. Max (ad-supported) (small) Season three of "Succession" premieres October 17 on HBO Max. The se...
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Anonymous NFL player suing United Airlines; alleges sexual assault, harassment on airplane

NFL American Football An anonymous NFL player has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines, according to Bleacher Report's Master Tesfatsion. According to the report, the player, who was on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J., in February, was approached by a woman in his aisle who ripped off his protective mask and grabbed the man's penis. The ...
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United just revealed 5 new international destinations for 2022 in its largest-ever transatlantic expansion

United Airlines just announced eight new routes to new and existing destinations. Seth Wenig/AP United Airlines is announcing five new destinations to its international route network. Cities in Jordan, Norway, Spain, and Portugal will receive new non-stop flights from the US in 2022. New routes will also be added to destinations in Germany and Italy while three routes will be dropped. United Airlines has announced its upcoming slate of international routes to be launched in 2022, as more...
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Cat Person, The Viral New Yorker Short Story, Is Getting Turned Into A Psychological Thriller With Michael Gandolfini

You probably expected this, you just didn't know how soon it would happen. Well, I'm here to inform you that StudioCanal and New Yorker Studios will, in fact, be turning that viral short story, "Cat Person," into a film. A psychological thriller, at that.The studios made the announcement on October 14 in a joint press release that production on the project started that day. "Your Honor" star Hope Davis, "The Many Saints of Newark" star Michael Gandolfini, YouTuber Liza Koshy, "A Serious Man" sta...
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A Sopranos Actor Is Ready To Haunt Your Lunch Meat This Halloween As The Gabaghoul

Happy Halloween! You know, sometimes I feel a little bad for some of the supporting "Sopranos" actors. Many of them are stuck playing wiseguys for the rest of their lives, and I have to imagine that they sometimes get a little tired of that. But hey, work is work, and Vincent Pastore, who memorably played Big Pussy on "The Sopranos," is now out here hocking lunch meat as a spooktacular character named the Gabaghoul. Normally, we here at /Film don't report on news about cold cuts, but this was to...
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Run Away And Join The Spooky Circus With These Haunted House Movies

October is for corn mazes and apple picking and pumpkin carving and all sorts of delightful outdoors activities that feel a little more doable this year than last year, but there's still a lot of Halloween traditions you might be missing out on. Cramped costume parties, sweaty spooky DJ nights, and lining up for all of the haunted houses you can get your hands on. If you're not up to getting up close and personal with a bunch of strangers in a dimly lit room while an actor screams in your face t...
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The Final Shot Of The Many Saints Of Newark Was A Reshoot Filmed Against A Green Screen [Exclusive]

"The Many Saints of Newark," the "Sopranos" prequel movie that's earned mostly mixed reviews (I liked it!), is currently streaming on HBO Max, and it's been there for a few weeks. With that in mind, I think anyone who wanted to see the movie likely watched it already, right? Still, I guess to be safe, I should tell you right here that there are spoilers in this story, so take caution.Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the final scene of "The Many Saints of Newark." Th...
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The Many Saints Of Newark Cinematographer Treated 'No Bullsh*t' As A Mantra [Interview]

Kramer Morgenthau has had a remarkable year. The cinematographer, who's currently in Boston working on the musical "Spirited," shot both "Respect" and "The Many Saints of Newark." Both period pieces are striking contrasts, expressing a wide range in visual storytelling. They're epics covering years in time, and yet, have an intimacy about them.  The Aretha Franklin biopic wasn't the only movie that had Morgenthau thinking about music, though. The cinematographer, who's shot many music videos and...
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No Time To Die Proves Bond (Still) Doesn't Depend On America

Daniel Craig's fifth and final "James Bond" flick "No Time to Die" finally arrived in theaters in North America over the weekend, just shy of six years after "Spectre" initially debuted. Bond fans did, indeed, turn up, with the movie setting a record for Thursday previews at the box office. But by Monday morning, the weekend total fell on the lower side of expectations. Good, not great. A little unexciting, all things considered. Even so, there is an important lesson or two to be learned from th...
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Find Out if Featured Snippets Will Get You More Traffic with This Free Webinar

Do you know which pages on your site are closest to ranking? In this free webinar, “Are Featured Snippets Your Key to Getting More Traffic?” Ann Smarty will show you how to use the Internet Ninjas Featured Snippet tool to identify those pages. With the strategies you learn from Smarty, you can push these pages all the way to the top of the search results. Click the red button and register now to attend the webinar on October 13, 2021, at 12:00 PM 1 p.m. CDT. Register Now Featured Events, Con...
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The Many Saints of Newark Should Have Been A Miniseries

Critics are divided on the movie The Many Saints of Newark, and many of the problems could have been avoided by using a miniseries format for the prequel. David Chase's feature film provides viewers a glimpse into the backstory of The Sopranos, showing how a young Tony Soprano was mentored by Dickie Moltisanti. Unfortunately, the format of a two-hour movie leads to many plot points feeling rushed or unsatisfying, resulting in The Many Saints of Newark's mixed reviews.Set decades before The Sopr...
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I flew Spirit across the US for $35 after it canceled thousands of flights in August. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again but it wasn't without risks.

Flying Spirit Airlines from Santa Ana, California to Newark, New Jersey. Thomas Pallini/Insider Spirit Airlines in August canceled thousands of flights after extreme weather impacted its operation, impacting its reputation for cheap on-time flights. The event highlighted the risks of booking with an ultra-low-cost carrier, which may recover slower than larger carriers. Even with the risks, Spirit still manages to attract flyers that are price-focused with fares lower than $35 one-way fo...
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‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Was a Streaming Hit — and Helped ‘The Sopranos’ Break Records (EXCLUSIVE)

Streaming viewership for David Chase’s “The Many Saints of Newark” is coming into focus, as is the massive bump it gave the series that inspired it, “The Sopranos,” according to WarnerMedia’s metrics. While the film’s theatrical rollout last weekend earned $4.6 million at the domestic box office, its performance on HBO Max underscores an important […]
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Kamala Harris makes quick detour to get some cupcakes with Murphy, Booker in Newark

The vice president made an unscheduled stop on her trip to New Jersey on Friday.
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15 Movies To Watch If You Loved The Many Saints Of Newark

Tony Soprano feels about the same we remember him, but his presence in "The Many Saints of Newark" cuts differently. His looming presence is gone, replaced with a younger and more unsure Tony. You have to pay attention to the slight tilt of the head and his distinctive slouch to see the late James Gandolfini in his son, the young Michael Gandolfini, who takes over as our window into the world of the foundational TV series "The Sopranos".At the time, that great, important show seemed like an enti...
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'Malignant' is now available on HBO Max while it's in theaters, but you only have until October 10 to stream it

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Annabelle Wallis in "Malignant." Warner Bros. "Malignant" debuted on September 10 in theaters and on HBO Max. The horror film is the latest release from James Wan, director of "The Conjuring" and "Saw." You need the HBO Max ad-free plan ($15/month) to stream it. Max (ad-free) (small) Halloween is approaching, and with it, comes a new batch of scary movies to enjoy at home and on the big screen. Kicking...
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Shows Like Breaking Bad That You Can Binge Watch Today

"Breaking Bad" is one of the greatest television shows of all time. The epic saga of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher dying of cancer, captivated audiences over the course of its five seasons. Concerned about the financial hardships that his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and his son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) will face if they pay for his treatment, White begins cooking crystal meth with his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). While initially intended to support his fa...
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Bruce Springsteen exhibit at Grammy Museum Newark a look backstage at E Street Band shows

Bruce Springsteen Live! is on display through March 20, 2022 at the Grammy Museum Experience Prudential Center in Newark.        [Author: Asbury Park Press]
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Man shot uncle in the back in Newark after family fall-out

The victim was confronted by five members of his family after he argued about business interests.
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George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic to play homecoming show at NJPAC in Newark

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic will play Jan 21, 2022, at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark.        [Author: Asbury Park Press]
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Police: School Bus Crashes, Minor Injuries

Police say a school bus with students on board crashed into parked cars, then went off the road and struck a pole as it pulled into the campus of a Newark school, but there were only minor injuries.
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Inside the Violent Shootout Scene in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ (EXCLUSIVE)

SPOILER WARNING: This story discusses a major sequence in “The Many Saints of Newark,” currently playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. Part of the enduring appeal of “The Sopranos” was how the HBO series operated in counterpoint to decades of organized crime myth-making by Hollywood, from Warner Bros. gangster pictures of the 1930s […]
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The Many Saints Of Newark’: ‘Sopranos’ Prequel Pulls In Solid 1M On HBO Max From Samba TV Households

When it comes to WarnerMedia’s theatrical-day-date HBO Max fare, we’ve often written that whatever pales at the cinemas also sours on...
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The Opening Scene Of The Many Saints Of Newark Was Added In Reshoots

Spoilers for "The Many Saints of Newark" and "The Sopranos" follow.The new "Sopranos" prequel movie "The Many Saints of Newark" is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max (and I really liked it!). The film opens with something of a big spoiler if you've yet to finish "The Sopranos" – we move through a graveyard until we come upon the grave of Christopher Moltisanti, son of main "Many Saints" character Dickie Moltisanti. It's a neat little sequence that sets the doomed tone for the film – as the c...
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The Many Saints Of Newark Spoiler Review: A Movie That Should Have Been A Miniseries

Part of the brilliance of "The Sopranos" is how many different ways the show deconstructed mobster nostalgia. It featured a massive cast that included a lot of real-world wise guys, sneakily appealing to everyone who ever appreciated "Goodfellas" or "The Godfather." Instead of glorifying the violent, paranoid lifestyle of the mob's biggest gangsters, however, "The Sopranos" showed us just how flawed and human they are. There's a surprising amount of mundanity in the mob life, and these guys are ...
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James Gunn Is Developing Another DC Project After Peacemaker

Few people are able to say they've experienced the same sort of career rollercoaster that James Gunn has found himself on in the last few years. Plucked from relative anonymity as he produced schlocky low-budget horror films for Troma, Gunn's idiosyncratic work on the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies for Marvel quickly turned him into an in-demand blockbuster filmmaker. Gunn's subsequent firing after bad-faith commentators unearthed old tweets as a form of political revenge is widely known by no...
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What Venom 2 And Many Saints Of Newark Can Teach Us About The Post-Pandemic Box Office

It was, to say the very least of it, a huge weekend at the box office. At least if you have the word "Marvel" attached to your movie in any capacity, or any movie ultimately coming from the Disney umbrella. To that end, "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" opened to a truly shocking $90.1 million, shattering industry expectations and setting a new high-bar during the pandemic. Meanwhile, "The Many Saints of Newark," the seemingly anticipated "Sopranos" prequel movie, kind of flopped. As we have transit...
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The Many Saints of Newark’ Led Michael Imperioli to Depressing Realization About His ‘Sopranos’ Character

With the HBO mafia series still a major force in his life thanks to the 'Talking Sopranos' podcast, the award-winning actor knows there...
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