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Facebook and Instagram Are Rolling Out (More) Financial Incentives for Influencers

If you thought the deal couldn’t possibly get sweeter for the influencers that flock to Facebook and Instagram to simultaneously bolster their social media followings and line their pockets, think again: On Tuesday, both platforms announced that they’ll be stepping up their respective games in the coming weeks by…Read more...
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Facebook and News Corp Have Reached a Three Year News Distribution Deal

After temporarily disabling Australian news organizations’ ability to share news links in February, Facebook announced on Monday that it had reached a licensing agreement with the news giant News Corp. Read more...
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Lawmakers want to empower publishers to collectively negotiate with Facebook

On the heels of a heated standoff between platforms and publishers in Australia, U.S. lawmakers reintroduced a piece of legislation that would allow the news industry to collectively negotiate content deals with tech companies. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act is sponsored in the Senate by Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Kennedy (R-LA) and in the House by David Cicilline (D-RI), Ken Buck (R-NY) and Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA.). The legislation was first introduced in 2019, but the bipart...
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After Facebook’s news flex, Australia passes bargaining code for platforms and publishers

A week after Facebook grabbed eyeballs globally by blocking news publishers and turning off news-sharing on its platform in Australia, the country’s parliament has approved legislation that makes it mandatory for platform giants like Facebook and Google to negotiate to remunerate local news publishers for their content, to take account of how journalism is shared on their platforms. The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code was developed in conjunction with Australia’s Compe...
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Smart Devices Dominate News

By Willem Roper, Jan 13, 2021 A new survey data from Statista shows a vast majority of newer generations in the U.S. get much of their news strictly from smart devices like phones, computers and tablets, while older generations are still receiving news from more traditional media like televisions, radio and print. SOURCE: Statista
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White House War With Media Started Long Before Claims of ‘Fake News’

Variety is celebrating its 115th birthday and, amid all the upheaval of 2020, it’s good to remember that the entertainment industry has survived constant change and adaptation. That’s reassuring. However, many past articles are upsetting because they’re a reminder that the fight for equality and honesty have also been constant. In 1974, Variety carried a column that […]
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We need new business models to burst old media filter bubbles

Nik Milanovic Contributor Share on Twitter Nik Milanovic is a fintech and financial inclusion enthusiast, with a decade of work across mobile payments, online lending, credit and microfinance. The opinions expressed in his articles do not reflect those of his employer(s). More posts by this contributor Now more than ever we need fintechs to lead on consumer transparency Who will the winners be in the future ...
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Hustle CEO Sam Parr & SmartNews co-founder Rich Jaroslavsky on the future of media

Tim Hsia & Neil Devani Contributor Share on Twitter Tim Hsia is the CEO of Media Mobilize and a Venture Partner at Digital Garage. Neil Devani is an angel investor and venture capitalist focused on companies solving hard problems. More posts by this contributor The first hires are the hardest Getting press for your startup: the true role of communications Welcome to this edition of The Operators...
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As stocks recover, private investors aren’t buying the hype

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. Today we need to talk about what we’re hearing from the private markets and the public markets, and how different their messages seem to be. The public markets through yesterday were on the bounce, rising sharply from recent lows, driven by negative news concerning COVID-19 and its ensuing economic damage. As TechCrunch noted yesterday, major American indices had seen their valu...
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COVID-19: Print and electronic media are an essential service, Centre tells states

Print and electronic media are an essential service whose operational continuity should be maintained, the Central Government has told all state governments and UTs. This is because they raise awareness, provide latest updates, and play a “pivotal role in ensuring avoidance of fake news and promotion of good practices”. This comes a day after Prime […] ...
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‘Thinking out loud’ with TechCrunch senior editor Alex Wilhelm

Extra Crunch is now past its first birthday. Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot, made some changes and generally found our groove. Toward the end of 2019, former TechCrunch writer Alex Wilhelm returned to the publication to help grow Extra Crunch, though he still writes for the main site as well. His daily columns dig into the financial side of the startup world and have resonated deeply with our audience, so I wanted to talk to him about what he’s doing and why more people might want to...
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How to Tell That the News Media is Lying to US

Fake News Biased Media Gun Banners iStock-807078422 U.S.A. -( Some ecological environments show an amplifier effect where reducing one population lets another population explode. In our intellectual environment today, we see an explosive growth of lying politicians once the media starts lying to us even a little. I’m not a prude when it comes to dishonesty. I expect people to lie, and some much more than others. All of us expect politicians lie as they try to get what they want....
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7 Ways To Promote Your Music And Grow Your Fanbase

In the modern music industry, being talented and unique isn't enough to help you stand out from the crowd of other artists, and gaining the kind of recognition you want in a competitive market requires careful strategizing, and a good understanding of your strengths. ________________________ Guest post by Becky Holton The present-day music industry is making it harder for aspiring musicians to gain fame and recognition. It’s not enough to just be talented or unique - you have to kno...
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Cutting Commentary on News Media’s Complicity in Spreading Hateful Views

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, a pair of comedians whose hilarious cooking show I’ve previously featured, are back with Get Krack!n, a series that parodies a typical TV morning show. In this clip, they debut a new segment that perfectly skewers how TV media provides a platform for radical kooks to promote hateful agendas for the mutual benefit of both kook & show. (Note: this clip contains swearing and simulated religious bigotry & misogyny.) Kheck out our brand new seggment! #getkrackin @Mr...
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PR Software Maker TrendKite Sold to Cision for $225M Cash and Stock

Austin—TrendKite has sold to Cision, a Chicago-based public relations and marketing software company, in a $225 million in a cash-and-stock deal.Cision (NYSE: CISN) is paying $94 million in cash and offering Austin-based TrendKite shareholders 10.2 million Cision shares. The company’s stock dipped 2.6 percent to $12.16 each as of midday in New York after opening at $12.49 apiece. Cision went public in a $2.4 billion merger deal in 2017, and grew through acquisitions of other public relations bu...
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Are you an informed voter? [quiz]

With the 2018 U.S. midterm elections quickly approaching, it’s important that Americans feel prepared to enter the voting booths. To help our U.S. readers feel better prepared on election day, we created a quiz to test your knowledge on key political issues.Referencing a selection of titles from our What Everyone Needs to Know® series, we collected questions about a variety of topics, including climate change, healthcare reform, and the news media. Take the quiz to find out what you need to know...
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The Markup, a tech-focused investigative news site, raises $20 million from Craigslist founder

Celebrated former ProPublica investigative journalists Julia Angwin and Jeff Larson are launching their newest venture, the investigative nonprofit news organization called The Markup, with help from some big donors including Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark. The Markup co-founders Angwin, Larson and executive director Sue Gardner (the former head of the Wikimedia Foundation), are backed by a $20 million donation from Newmark, founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies; $2 millio...
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Did Fox News Discuss the ‘War on Christmas’ While Other Networks Covered Michael Cohen’s Guilty Pleas?

An old satirical meme, using an edited screenshot of Tomi Lahren, resurfaced in August 2018.
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Inshorts plans to use AI to curate news feeds

News aggregator app Inshorts is adding an AI-based algorithm called Rapid60 that can automatically summarize a full-length news article to a 60-word news brief along with a headline to its platform, the Economic Times has reported. Inshorts CEO Azhar Iqubal told ET that human curation comes with a... ...
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Real Vision, a media platform for finance and business, raises $10 million

Real Vision is entering the crowded business and financial new space with a bang. The company, which recently raised a $10 million Series B after a $5 million A, is working on a number of new initiatives including distribution on Apple TV, a content distribution partnership with Thomson Reuters and an upcoming documentary on PBS. The documentary, “A World on the Brink,” will focus on threats to the global economy. The team is aiming at viewers ages 36-45 instead of the older Boomers who prefer c...
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How 3rd Party Trackers Impact the Performance of the World’s Top News Sites

We took a look at the web performance of the top 50 news sites to learn how many 3rd party trackers are being used, and what it does for the web performance. Average load time for the top 50 sites was 9.46 seconds with trackers loading, and 2.69 seconds without. Across all the sites tested, we identified 298 different trackers, 225 of which deliver on-site advertising. News sites averaged 41 trackers per site. Managing the performance of the world’s news sites is never an easy task. We rely o...
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Government Failure and Political Malpractice Kill our Kids..Again

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel blames the NRA at CCN pretend town hall debate. U.S.A. –-( Who is at fault for 17 dead children and staff in the Parkland, Florida high school? I assume you feel the same way I do and want to keep our children safe. That means we have to look at what worked to save lives at Parkland. We also have to see what failed in this latest murder. Without that examination, we’re likely to repeat our old mistakes. It sounds shocking, but we’ve done that b...
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Fake news is an existential crisis for social media 

 Every gun outrage in America is now routinely followed by a flood of Russian-linked Twitter bot activity. Exacerbating social division is the name of this game. And it’s playing out all over social media continually, not just around elections. Read More
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A group of industry insiders is putting Russian election meddling up for ad awards

 A small group of advertising industry insiders have developed a novel campaign for this years’ ad awards season — nominating Russia’s misinformation and manipulation efforts for an award. According to a report in The New Yorker, these ad insiders have already put the case study they made for Russia’s election interference  — “” —… Read More
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A group of industry insiders are putting Russian election meddling up for ad awards

 A small group of advertising industry insiders have developed a novel campaign for this years’ ad awards season — nominating Russia’s misinformation and manipulation efforts for an award. According to a report in The New Yorker, these ad insiders have already put the case study they made for Russia’s election interference  — “” —… Read More
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Did Ronald Reagan Pave the Way for Fox News?

A Facebook meme gets some facts right about the demise of the Fairness Doctrine but ignores important distinctions between broadcast and cable television.
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France says anti-fake news election law incoming

 France’s president has said he plans to introduce new legislation aimed at curbing the spread of online fake news during election periods.  Read More
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National Trivia Day [quiz]

Each year, National Trivia Day is observed across the United States on 4 January. To celebrate, we cracked open books from our What Everyone Needs to Know series and pulled some facts. From facts about advertising to tidbits about the human brain, put your knowledge and trivia skills to the test by taking our quiz below! Featured image credit: “Banner, Header, Question Mark” by geralt. CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay. The post National Trivia Day [quiz] appeared first on OUPblog.
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How Dangerous Is America’s Obsession With High Speed Car Chases?

Have you ever watched those police chase compilation videos and noticed that the crème de la crème always seem to take place within the United States? That’s not a coincidence. American roadways are custom built for high-speed shenanigans and culture has fetishized the concept of “the getaway.” Toss in local law enforcement agencies with vehicles […] The post How Dangerous Is America’s Obsession With High Speed Car Chases? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Twitter bans Russia Today and Sputnik from advertising on its service

 Twitter has banned Russian media companies Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik from advertising on its service after it found that both had “attempted to interfere with the [2016 U.S.] election on behalf of the Russian government” using the social network. “This decision was based on the retrospective work we’ve been doing around the 2016 U.S. election and the U.S.… Read More
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