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Weekly Roundup, Friday 15 March 2019

Stones (in both foreground and background) and sheep (everywhere) – we’ll see these in Kilmartin Glen, on our Scotland’s Highland Highlights Tour this September. Good morningWow, what a wild and crazy week this one has been, with the added dimension, for me personally but hopefully not for you, of (hopefully just) experiencing another kidney stone event.  These seem to be occurring with increasing frequency.The extraordinarily dysfunctional nature of Obamacare was driven home to me.  When it bec...
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Week Twenty-Three Newsletter

Only four weeks left to go in the regular season and then we're talking playoffs! Yes, playoffs! And everyone is welcome to play in the playoffs. More on that later this week, I hope. I'm sort of writing this one on the fly, I didn't have anything prepared for 5am this morning, so here we go! It was a Florida Panthers kind of week in Week Twenty-Four, where two of them finished atop of [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Meet Lady Bits, our new newsletter by women for women

Earlier today we tweeted out that we were starting a new newsletter called Lady Bits with no context — that was a mistake, and we’re sorry. We’re actually launching a newsletter by women, for women, highlighting women’s stories, in STEM and beyond. We want this to be a lighthearted and funny way to engage with our readers on a very serious topic — so you can expect in-depth debates as well as bad puns and funny memes. Here’s our inaugural newsletter, which we’re really excited to continue. SURPR...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 March 2019

An Avro Lancaster and a Boeing B-17. See item below. Good morningHappy International Women’s Day.I’ve been struggling this week to write a review on what, in the opinion of many main stream media reviewers, have now become the very best set of noise cancelling headphones out there.  As longer time readers know, I’ve been reviewing noise cancelling headphones pretty much right since Day One, way back in 2001.During that time, I’ve reviewed the original Bose Quiet Comfort, and then just about ever...
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Week Twenty-Two Newsletter

No problems or tie-breakers for the Player of the Week nod this week, as it was very clear first thing this morning, who the best player in Week Twenty-Two was... Marc-Andre Fleury of the Vegas Golden Knights.  He was the only player in the pool to post 10 points in the week, while the closest players to him had only posted 8 points.  That makes it pretty easy, right? Fleury went 3-0-0 with [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 March 2019

A section of the brightly colored houses and shops facing out to the harbor in the lovely little town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull. We’ll spend two nights here on the Scotland’s Highland Highlights tour in September. Good morningAnother week with a disrupted review – the product I was testing abjectly failed at the thing it was primarily intended for.  To be fair, I have to give the manufacturer a chance to respond – maybe it is a bad unit, for example.However, there’s lot we do have this w...
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Week Twenty-One Newsletter

Well, I better hurry today... it's trade deadline day and there is already move in the books from the overnight chatting sessions.  It sounds like it could be a busy day, so let's hop to what last week looked like. It was a big goalie battle for the Player of the Week, as all the major skaters finished with 7 points, instead of the 8 points required to earn the honour.  It came down to the [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 22 February 2019

Enjoy the good life in the beautiful towns and villages of France’s Loire Valley this September. See details below. Good morningThere’s more craziness this week than I can remember for a long while, and much of it gleefully commented on in the last couple of items below.I prepared a review of a fun little gadget that I’d got prior to Christmas, and was going to present it to you this morning.  But I checked and could no longer find the gadget on Amazon, or on the official supplier website either...
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Week Twenty Newsletter

Well, I've taken my sweet time today to produce the Newsletter... it's a holiday in Alberta, so what's the rush?  I just wish there was some good news to report is all, it may have been out a little bit earlier, but we all know how the pool is going these days.  Gross. It was an unprecedented start to the Newsletter this week, as we had ourselves a 4-way tie for the top of the individual [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Back with the Ex is definitely Netflix’s worst original show

With legions of data at its disposal, Netflix churns out original shows faster than anyone with a job — or a life — can consume. And while they’ve got a serious shot at the Oscars this year with Roma, Netflix has served us some real stinkers — and I’m here to save you from them. While we suspect many of their scripts were written by a robot, we can safely say we’ve found the worst show yet — it’s an Australian dating reality show called Back with the Ex. There’s no way it was written by a robot ...
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Week Nineteen Newsletter

Well, I'm not sure that everyone has sort of picked up on the idea of what the Waiver Draft is all about, since looking at the numbers, the bottom teams didn't get all that much better and the top team is now absolutely running away with everything.  It's almost embarrassing, really. The Bruins are continuing to roll right along in the Atlantic Division and that's thanks to their top line, [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Who Am I?

The Interview At work I produce a weekly newsletter for our team (we’re over 300, with the majority in Montreal, but with a few satellite groupings around the world) that’s meant to be a fun, social update on what’s going on within the team. I do it because I like the exercise of producing it each week (it’s not really part of my “job description”). The main feature of each edition is an interview with someone from the team — to help us get to know each other better — and this week I was the...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 8 February 2019

Exciting news! We’re offering a new Scotland tour in September (details immediately below), and this time we not only have a ride on this, the “Harry Potter” steam train, but we also, in the other direction, have a photo stop where we can photograph the train crossing the famous Glenfinnan viaduct. Good morning Lots of touring news this morning. Our new Loire Valley Land Cruise in September has proven to be popular, with three people already signed up and another four expected to be joining th...
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10 Email Newsletter Tips to Make Your Law Firm Stand Out in the Inbox

A monthly newsletter is still one of the most profitable and reliable ways to generate a predictable flow of potential new and recurring clients.  Your law firm’s newsletter can be inexpensive, reliable, and — when done right — a welcome (not a pesky) form of marketing to your clients. However, you must realize that you face a lot of competition for attention in your target audience’s inbox, so you need to do several things right to ensure your newsletters are open and read. Here are 10 tips tha...
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When it All gets Too Big...

P robably all those who subscribe by email here will not see the moving picture below. I don't know. You may have to visit. Still, this is just so perfectly how I feel today. I THANK YOU all for your interest in my final online sharing series. The potential group is way bigger than I imagined. And that has me reconsidering format. I will not be answering all the responses. I will simply publish another Feel Free Newsletter with more details.  I simply wanted to get an idea about the ...
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Week Eighteen Newsletter

That damn Super Bowl got me!  It was a late start to the day, so that meant a late start to the Newsletter and a little bit late on publishing it today.  All of our picked players go live tonight, so now we start the stretch run to the finish.  I'm thinking that this will be a somewhat condensed version of the Newsletter, just to be published in good time. The Winnipeg Jets are rolling [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 1 February 2019

The Loire River, the longest in France, which gives the valley its name.  Details of our September “land cruise” tour of the Loire Valley are now available, here. Good morning While there are no attachments to this morning’s nice long newsletter, that is due to a quirk in how these emails work.  I’ve actually been very busy this last week preparing the pages of information for our lovely Loire Valley “land cruise” in late September. You can see the main tour page here that sets out all the det...
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Question: A New Weekly AJ Highlights Newsletter?

I’d like to ask for your help. Our weekly ArtsJournal newsletter lists all the stories we collect each week on the website. It’s a long list – about 140 stories each week. We’re wondering if it’s a bit unwieldy? And we are wondering if we ought to begin offering a new weekly newsletter that boils it down a bit and offers highlights from the stories we’ve collected. That’s where we’re asking for your help. Could you take this short – promise, only four questions – survey to help us see if there’...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 25 January 2019

The 500 year old Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley – we visit it on our tour this September (see below). Good morning I hope you had a nice long weekend. I spent much of mine listening to music – through a new pair of Bluetooth equipped noise cancelling headphones.  Although I love technology and gadgets, and definitely love noise cancelling headphones, I’ve not been able to convince myself that adding Bluetooth to a regular pair of headphones is a good idea, either from a convenience or a ...
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Week Seventeen Newsletter

It's a very early edition of the Newsletter this week, since we're heading into the All-Star break, we might as well get the job done right away and shoot right into the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft.  There's nothing finer than a solid head start, if one can get it.  First, we'll go over the short week that was, which probably won't make for a very long Newsletter. 5 points was the best [Author: Clayton Corley]
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A note from Doug McLennan

I’d like to ask for your help. ArtsJournal has traditionally not linked to stories behind hard paywalls because our readers can’t see them unless they pay. We have, however, linked to stories behind “soft” paywalls such as the New York Times, LA Times and others. On these sites you can access stories until you reach the limit. And even then, by using different browsers or computers you can often get around the paywalls. BUT: An increasing number of news sites are now going to the paid subscr...
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Week Sixteen Newsletter

Two really big games in Week Sixteen propelled Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane to his 2nd Player of the Week award of the season, as he was far and away this week's best player, finishing with 10 points in three games.  The playmaking forward sure enjoys the spotlight, as this is the 7th time he has taken the mention since the start of the 2010 season, but this is the only time he [Author: Clayton Corley]
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5 lessons we forgot we learned from our year-long newsletter experiment

Last week was our beloved/behated daily newsletter‘s first birthday. We published an article looking back at the seven things we learned from Big Spam’s first year. In it, we talked about how people hate change, our Las Vegas casino aesthetic, and our favorite subject lines. As soon as we hit publish, we realized we’d made a terrible mistake. There were so many lessons we’d forgotten we’d learned, and we immediately started to write the second part, which is this bad boy right here. So without f...
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Week Fifteen Newsletter

Heading into Sunday's action, it didn't really seem like we had much of a Player of the Week race, but the games started happening and then we went from one player with 7 points to three players and then after the late games we had four or five players with 7 points and one player standing alone with 8 points and that was Calgary's Mark Giordano. Giordano started off the week with an assist [Author: Clayton Corley]
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7 lessons we learned from our year-long newsletter experiment

One year ago today, our daily newsletter, Big Spam, was born. And oh what a year it’s been. Big Spam, if you don’t know, is a sassy love/hate letter to technology that we handwrite daily. Besides for delivering the most important tech news of the day, BS also has polls, disgusting GIFs, puzzles, and artist takeovers. We wanted to reflect back on the year, and the great (and terrible) things we subjected our subscribers to, and what we learned along the way. Lesson 1: People hate change When we s...
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Week Fourteen Newsletter

The calendar flip didn't have any ill effects on Johnny Gaudreau's game in Week Fourteen, rather it seemed to spark his game on a little bit more, as the New Year celebrations had his game all excited.  Gaudreau became the fourth player to take a Player of the Week nod this season with a double-digit total and he had his next closest competitor done by a couple of points this week.  That's a [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 4 January 2019

Fedex tracking information showing it will take eight days for a package to travel about 15 miles from Seattle to Redmond.  See article below. Good morning A chatty sort of newsletter rather than a “real” one today.  I’m still easing back into the usual routine after a disruptive Christmas/New Year break, but plan to be back to whatever passes for normal next week. There used to be a time when I’d bemoan the start of each new year due to the difficulty in breaking the habit learned over the pre...
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Week Thirteen Newsletter

Despite the shortened schedule, the hockey pool had some pretty good performances in the week, as five players were tied at the end of the week with 6 points, so we had to go to the tie-breakers, which as you can see Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks won. First, we eliminated Robin Lehner of the Islanders, he's a goalie and didn't have any goals, then we took out both Nikita Kucherov of the [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Week Twelve Newsletter

Well, it's time to take down that Festivus pole and resume normal life-living activities.  "Wait, how many more days off do we get?  What's this for again?  Christmas?  Okay, I guess." The holiday season is upon us and with the NHL schedule finishing off yesterday until Thursday's restart, you can chew on this week's Newsletter a little longer.  Hopefully, it's not as dry as your turkey this [Author: Clayton Corley]
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 21 December, 2018

Our group (minus me as photographer) enjoying our farewell “Captain’s Dinner” on our Land Cruise in Lille, France, last week. Good morning Very few shopping days remaining until Christmas – but you already know that, I’m sure! This week’s newsletter is in slightly different form.  I arrived home at 1.30am on Thursday morning and the rest of Thursday has been a bit of a jetlagged blur, during the course of which I wrote an article which is added at the end of today’s newsletter. The article was ...
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