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Can You Pay Your Way Out of Email Hell?

There’s no perfect way to manage massive quantities of emails, but everybody has their preferences. Some people are Gmail purists, who might be sad to know that the Google’s free supercharged email management app Inbox will stop working on April 2. Others are Outlook devotees, who probably get the app free through…Read more...
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Libra Full Moon: Laws of Motion

W ith the popularity of books like The Secret, it’s clear that people are excited about the idea of creating the life they want through the power of positive thinking. It’s an appealing concept. But I suspect that what appears to be a kind of loophole in Eeyore’s Law (which states that if your life can suck, it will suck) is not exactly a get-out-of-jail-free card. This is because you are not the only force at work in the world, and so your power to achieve precisely what you want is necessari...
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Panthers re-sign backup QB Heinicke to 1-year deal

The Panthers have re-signed backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke to a one-year contract to provide depth behind Cam Newton. Terms of the deal were not released Tuesday. Heinicke served as Newton’s backup last season and played in six games with one start. He completed 33 of 53 passes for 274 yards with one touchdown and three […]
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Loose sales 'key to tackling food waste' - Fruitnet

Loose sales 'key to tackling food waste'   Fruitnet Consumers and retailers should focus on increasing sales of loose produce as a way of driving down food waste, operational consultant Newton has urged.
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Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #49 - Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves v1 #49, 1975 - A series of grim murders plague a college campus, each victim extracted of blood. A darkened splash page opens this Don Newton tale, perfectly capturing the somber mood. As a lone student pursues his own investigation, the artist places him in an array of settings, culminating high atop a cliff's edge. Newton's cover, though adequately [Author: Ted F]
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Viva Las Vegas: Melania Trump talks opioids in Barry Manilow's and Wayne Newton's theater

Melania Trump went where Manilow and Newton have trod, to talk opioids at a Las Vegas town hall. An Elvis impersonator was in the building.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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PIPEBURN EXCLUSIVE: A Behind The Scenes Look At Royal Enfield’s New 650 Twins

Written by Andrew Jones It’s September 26th, 2017. Through a series of events I still don’t quite understand, I’m sitting in the boardroom of the new Royal Enfield Technical Centre at Bruntingthorpe, near Leicester in the UK. Next to me is Siddharth Lal who’s the son of Vikram Lal, one of India’s richest men. ‘Sid’, as he’s called, is the CEO of Royal Enfield. Also here is Englishman Mark Wells who is their design guru and American Paul Ventura who does the thinking behind the company’s new p...
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The Physics of Forgiveness

( “Looking for Forgiveness”, by Damian Gadal, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons .)   Daily Office Readings for Friday, March 1, 2019:   AM Psalm 140, 142 ; PM Psalm 141, 143:1-11(12) Ruth 3:1-18 ; 2 Cor. 4:1-12 ; Matt. 5:38-48   The cadence and the pattern of our Gospel reading today conjures up visions of Newton’s third law of motion–for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.     Generally speaking, the Old Testament follows that formula.  “ An eye for a...
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Why Word-Of-Mouth Is Key To Live Music, How To Earn It

Despite all the changes the world of music marketing has undergone (technologically and otherwise) word-of-mouth remains the most effective method of selling tickets. So how do you, as an artist, harness the power of such an elusive form of marketing?   ______________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua of Eventbrite It’s no secret: In the music business, word-of-mouth marketing is worth its weight in gold. Put simply: In music, “a personal recommendation is still the only on...
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Thandie Newton Shares Her Experience With Hair Discrimination

Getting sent to detention for wearing braids at school. Facing military discharge for wearing locs. Institutional discrimination based on natural hairstyles has long been an issue in need of address — and it's something that Thandie Newton has experienced firsthand.The actress first shared her story in an interview with friend and longtime makeup artist Kay Montano that appeared on NBC News back in 2012. “I remember when I was seven at my convent school, it was school photo day so all the kids ...
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India’s entrepreneurial future

Few countries have more entrepreneurial potential than India. It’s home not just to the wave of IT offshoring firms of the 1990s and early 2000s, but also to some of the most interesting unicorn tech startups in the world, including Freshworks, Paytm, Oyo and of course Flipkart, which sold to Walmart last year for $16 billion. India though is also at something of an economic crossroads. Unlike China, which as we discussed yesterday faces a conflict between open entrepreneurship and strict party ...
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Please Don't Put These Things Down Your Garbage Disposal (lifehacker)

Garbage disposals are designed to take a lot of abuse, but nowhere near what some people put them through. As magical as they seem, these powerful machines do have their limits—and if used improperly, you can do just as much damage to your plumbing with a disposal as you can without one. Read more... [Author: A.A. Newton]
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Facebook’s content moderators are paid incredibly low wages, and reportedly turn to pot and office sex to cope with what they see (FB)

Facebook's content moderators at a location in Arizona are smoking weed on the job and having sex in the office to cope with the pressure, according to an investigation from The Verge. The social network employs legions of moderators through third-party firms to try and keep its platform clear of everything from racism to images of child abuse. "This job is inhumane with extremely low wages," one source told Business Insider. Facebook's treatment of its legions of content moderators is under ...
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World's Finest Comics #253 - Steve Ditko, Don Newton art

World's Finest Comics v1 #253, 1978 - Don Newton begins his lengthy run on the ongoing Shazam feature, starring Captain Marvel and family. Competently drawn and laid out, there's an inherent friendliness to his work that makes the characters all the more appealing. Newton's inside front cover falls far short of his story art. Steve Ditko continues his ongoing Creeper back-up stories. Drawn a bit [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Bowdoin completes fit-out of 20,950 s/f Stop & Shop in Newton

Newton, MA Bowdoin has completed the fit-out of a new 20,950 s/f store for Stop & Shop at Newton Nexus.  Designed by Scott/Griffin Architects, this is a smaller store with a new logo and updated design.    The interior space features an open ceiling w...
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Nauto, a Softbank-backed mobility startup, brings on team from Newton

Nauto, the transportation company that aims to make human drivers safer and train autonomous vehicles for all types of scenarios, has scooped up the team from Newton Technologies, following the company’s ceasing of operations.* Newton Technologies aims to reduce the number of driving-related deaths to zero by leveraging AI to create solutions geared toward connected mobility, safety mapping and driver behavior analytics. Newton’s driver assistant, for example, provides drivers with personalized ...
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Nauto, a Softbank-backed mobility startup, acquires Newton

Nauto, the transportation company that aims to make human drivers safer and train autonomous vehicles for all types of scenarios, has acquired Newton Technologies for an undisclosed amount. Newton Technologies aims to reduce the number of driving-related deaths to zero by leveraging AI to create solutions geared toward connected mobility, safety mapping and driver behavior analytics. Newton’s driver assistant, for example, provides drivers with personalized risk profiles, safer routes and real-t...
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World's Finest #267 - Don Newton art

World's Finest v1 #267, 1981 - Captain Marvel and his heroic colleagues gather at the Rock of Eternity to do battle with (as ridiculous as it sounds) the New Monster Society of Evil. Don Newton's initial pages are frankly mediocre. Soon afterwards, larger panels allow for more dynamic and interesting scenes. Inker Bob Smith retains much of original lighting and figure drawing, two of Newton's [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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5 immutable laws of real estate

You’ve probably heard of Newton’s laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamics and Murphy’s law, but do you know what the laws of real estate are? Jay Thompson outlines these unyielding truths that agents will fully relate to here.
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Court releases April calendar

The Supreme Court has released its calendar for the April sitting, which begins on April 15. Unlike the February and March sittings, which will feature only six and nine hours of argument, respectively, the April sitting is scheduled to have a full slate of 12 oral arguments – two on each of the six days of the sitting. The April sitting is perhaps most noteworthy for what it does not currently include: the challenge to the Trump administration’s decision to add a question about citizenship to t...
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Haunted #22 - Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton (Baron Weirwulf's) Haunted (Library) v1 #22, 1975 - Illustrated by Don Newton, the Baron features a single page of man-made monsters from literature. While a relatively small contribution, the artist's work is finely executed. Skillful divisions of light and shade reinforce the darker narrative. Newton is less successful with his painted cover, where too many colors offer a [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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You Tube Cam: Inability to throw deep left Newton exposed

Cam Newton recovering from shoulder surgery; says in new You Tube channel that inability to throw deep left him exposed to opposing defenses            [Author: AP]
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Whether he wins again or not, Narendra Modi has caused irreparable damage to Indian science: Lord Ganesh, Shiva, Kunti and Gandhari are witness

Evaluating Narendra Modi’s imprint on India’s social fabric, or the stains left behind by five years of relentless, unapologetic majoritarianism on the communal tapestry, is an easy task to undertake. Less so, the anti-intellectualism borne out of an inferiority complex that manifests itself as an “anti-Nehru” sentiment. In today’s Deccan Herald, Prasenjit Chowdhury attempts to gauge whether India’s 14th prime minister has been “a blessing or an unmitigated disaster”, compared to the first...
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6 Possible Destinations for Antonio Brown

The football season is behind us as the Patriots beat the Rams to capture their 6th Super Bowl Championship. When it comes to the offseason, there’s usually plenty of action and transactions that take place. One of the biggest stories will be where will Antonio Brown will be playing next season? As we all know, Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers bumped heads at the end of the year. In the final week of the season, Brown was forced to sit because of various reasons. The owner of the Stee...
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Bail set for 3 arrested in death of 7-year-old Wisconsin boy

MANITOWOC, Wis. (AP) — Bail has been set for two adults and a teen arrested in the death of a 7-year-old Wisconsin boy who was allegedly beaten, forced to carry around a heavy log and was buried in snow. The 15-year-old boy charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the death of Ethan Hauschultz of Newton […]
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Wage and hour roundup

Decision time coming up for administration on whether to reverse one of Obama’s worst initiatives, overtime for junior managers [Veronique de Rugy; Robin Shea] California observes different rule on overtime for offshore oil workers than does federal government, exposing employers to huge retroactive back pay liability [Washington Legal Foundation, Supreme Court granted certiorari last month in Newton v. Parker Drilling] Today in bad ideas: Philadelphia becomes latest jurisdiction to regul...
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Alexander: Where does Jared Goff go from here?

ATLANTA — This can go one of two ways. Either the Rams, and in particular quarterback Jared Goff, take the humbling experience of Sunday night in Atlanta, learn from it and apply the lessons the next time they get to the big stage. The other alternative? Their immense offensive futility in their 13-3 loss to New England scars Goff to such a degree that he doesn’t get this far again. Anyone who saw this team score 54 points against Kansas City in November must have been rubbing their eyes and won...
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Source: Newton could be ready for training camp

The Panthers believe Cam Newton could be ready for training camp after last month's shoulder surgery and certainly expect the star quarterback to be ready to start the 2019 NFL regular season, a league source told ESPN.
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Newton: Shoulder is good following surgery

A week after he had surgery on his right shoulder, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton didn't provide a timeline on his recovery.
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5 favorite books of Albert Einstein

Einstein had a large library and was a voracious reader.The famous physicist admitted that some books influenced his thinking.The books he preferred were mostly philosophical and scientific in nature. None Undoubtedly considered one of the brightest individuals who ever lived, Albert Einstein did not become so accomplished in a vacuum. The physicist learned from the best minds of the time, as is evidenced by his voracious appetite for reading and his extensive personal book collection.In "Einste...
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