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Miami Dolphins Newton's quarterback cradle continues to swing

The Miami Dolphins have not been able to find a solution at quarterback since Dan Marino was drafted in 1983. It's a perpetual Newton's Cradle in Miami. We have all seen Newton's Cradle, the five silver balls suspended by a thin wire. Swing
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Hawking: Can You Hear Me? review – a startling, harrowing look at Stephen’s secret life

This intimate portrait of genius physicist Stephen Hawking shows the true toll of his physical decline on his family, via revealing interviews with his first wife and childrenThe brief history of Stephen Hawking is one we all know. Diagnosed at the age of 21 with motor neurone disease and given three years to live, he went on to marry his sweetheart Jane, have three children and become – despite increasingly severe disability and many health crises – a groundbreaking physicist and cosmologist. H...
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How Italian Physicist Laura Bassi Became the First Woman to Have an Academic Career in the 18th Century

The practice and privilege of academic science has been slow in trickling down from its origins as a pursuit of leisured gentleman. While many a leisured lady may have taken an interest in science, math, or philosophy, most women were denied participation in academic institutions and scholarly societies during the scientific revolution of the 1700s. Only a handful of women — seven known in total — were granted doctoral degrees before the year 1800. It wasn’t until 1678 that a female scholar was...
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Lawmakers are going after Facebook's development of Instagram for kids, after a report showed it knew the social media app is toxic for teen girls

Lawmakers are coming after Facebook for its Instagram for Kids project after a bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal. SOPA Images/Getty Images Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers are calling on Facebook to stop making Instagram for Kids. They're incensed by an investigation that showed Facebook knew Instagram usage is harming teenage girls. Instagram for Kids has received backlash from parents, child safety groups, and lawmakers since it was revealed in March. See more sto...
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How to understand Einstein's equation for general relativity

The Einstein field equations appear very simple, but they encode a tremendous amount of complexity. What looks like one compact equation is actually 16 complicated ones, relating the curvature of spacetime to the matter and energy in the universe. It showcases how gravity is fundamentally different from all the other forces, and yet in many ways, it is the only one we can wrap our heads around. Although Einstein is a legendary figure in science for a large number of reasons — E = mc², ...
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The GOP is using the format of Trump's election lies in the California gubernatorial recall, but it's unclear how it will work in the Golden State

Supporters of the recall campaign of California governor Gavin Newsom prepare for the upcoming recall election with a rally and information session in Carlsbad, California, U.S., June 30, 2021. Mike Blake/Reuters GOP operatives are embracing election fraud claims again ahead of the California recall election. For months, organizers, candidates, and media outlets have ratcheted up election conspiracies similar to 2020. Insider spoke to political experts about how Trump's "big lie" form...
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Facebook's Own Research Shows Instagram Is Harmful To Teens, Report Says

In studies conducted over the past three years, Facebook researchers have found that Instagram is "harmful for a sizable percentage" of young users, particularly teenage girls, reported The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. CNET reports: Research presented in 2019 reportedly found that Instagram makes body image issue worse for one in three teen girls. Teens also said Instagram increased rates of anxiety and depression, reported the Journal, citing internal company documents. On Tuesday, Instagram...
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What happened during the 2003 California Recall Election - and why it's so different than 2021

Schwarzenegger urged his Twitters followers to stay at home and implement social distancing. Jason Merritt/Getty Images On Tuesday, September 14, Californians will vote on whether or not to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. This is the second recall election for Governor in California's history. Arnold Schwarzenegger won the recall election in 2003 - but it was a vastly different state and time. See more stories on Insider's business page. On Tuesday, Californians will take to the polls a...
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California recall: Here is how we got here and what political experts foresee happening during the September 14 election

California Gov. Gavin Newsom looks on during a news conference with Bay Area AAPI leaders at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco on March 19, 2021 in San Francisco, California. California Gov. Gavin Newsom met with San Francisco Bay Area AAPI leaders to discuss the increase in violence against the Asian community and the recent series of shootings at spas in the Atlanta area that left eight people dead, including six Asian women. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images On September 1...
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Cam Newton believes Patriots are going to win games with Mac Jones as their starting quarterback

Newton is impressed what he saw out of Mac Jones in New England
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Newton Believes COVID Testing Mishap Contributed to Release

Former Patriots quarterback Cam Newton says he was caught by surprise by his release by New England and believes his weeklong absence near the end of training camp due to a mishap related to COVID-19 testing protocols contributed to coach Bill Belichick’s decision.
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Cam Newton believes his 'aura' would have been a distraction without being starting QB for the Patriots

Newton also said he would have accepted being the backup to Mac Jones
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Cam Newton explains why he thinks Patriots cut him: 'I was going to be a distraction'

Cam Newton thinks coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots realized Newton would have been a distraction as the backup to rookie QB Mac Jones.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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What is light? The limits and limitlessness of imagination

Our senses and experiences are a good guide toward an intuitive understanding of how objects behave in the world.But this same guide led us horribly astray when it comes to understanding light.Light behaves like both a wave and a particle, a fact that our brains cannot really grasp.We all carry around a little physics laboratory in our heads. As we move around the world — climbing up stairs, lifting packages from Amazon, or riding our bicycles around corners — we use that internal view of physic...
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With a Ron Rivera reunion out, where will Cam Newton go?

The most obvious dot-connecting process in the aftermath of Tuesday's news that the Patriots had cut Cam Newton led to Washington. WFT coach Ron Rivera quickly shot that down. So where will Newton go? The folks at the PointsBet sportsbook h
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Patriots cut Cam Newton: Cowboys, Texans among top landing spots for the former league MVP

After New England released Newton, here's a look at where the QB could wind up
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Roster filling process far from complete': New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick stops short of naming starting QB

The team confirmed Tuesday that it released Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP, and ESPN reported that Jones would be the starter.
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Drew Brees has lavish praise for Mac Jones, who faces Dolphins in opener

Newton on Tuesday, meaning Jones will start in his NFL debut Sept. 12 against Miami at Gillette Stadium. Jones, who won"t turn 23 until Sunday, was drafted 15th overall, the fifth quarterback taken. And as that unfolded, a Hall of Fame qua
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New England Patriots release quarterback Newton

Quarterback Cam Newton is cut by the New England Patriots in a surprise move ahead of the new NFL season.
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Patriots Cut Cam Newton After Covid-Related Disruptions

Newton was sidelined early last season with the virus and missed practices last week because of a mix-up over protocols. The rookie...
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Patriots release Cam Newton, rookie Mac Jones now slated to start Week 1 for New England

Newton was New England's starter throughout the 2020 season
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Patriots release Cam Newton, name Mac Jones as the starting quarterback

Newton, who missed three days of practice last week because of COVID protocols, was the presumed starter throughout training camp, but...
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20 Movies About Aliens That You Definitely Need To Watch

Films with aliens are rarely about the aliens themselves. These interstellar visitors usually serve as metaphors for human nature, a reflection of our politics, or a means to discuss strange natural phenomena. As Stephen King explained in "Danse Macabre," his non-fiction exploration of the horror genre, the things that frighten or confuse us change shape with each generation. The aliens of the '50s and '60s were Cold War relics that played on social paranoia. The aliens of the '80s reflected con...
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17th Century Scientist Gives First Description of Alien Life: Hear Passages from Christiaan Huygens’ Cosmotheoros (1698)

Astrobiologists can now extrapolate the evolutionary characteristics of possible alien life, should it exist, given the wealth of data available on interplanetary conditions. But our ideas about aliens have drawn not from science but from what Adrian Horton at The Guardian calls “an engrossing feedback loop” of Hollywood films, comics books, and sci-fi novels. A little over three-hundred years ago — having never heard of H.G. Wells or the X-Files — Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens answ...
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Thandiwe Newton Blasts ‘Star Wars’ For Killing Her Character: ‘Are You F**king Joking?’

“You don’t kill off the first Black woman to ever have a real role in a ‘Star Wars’ movie,” Newton said.
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Solo: A Star Wars Story: Thandiwe Newton Reveals Her Character's Original Fate

It has been common knowledge for a while now that "Star Wars" movies have experienced a significant series of rocky productions in recent years. Almost every film since Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm (with the notable exception of Rian Johnson's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi") has suffered from sudden creative changeovers, atypical rewrites and re-edits, and rushed production schedules that came at the cost of a sound screenplay. In the minds of many, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" represents the post...
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Tokyo Paralympics: Maisie Summers-Newton's family 'proud' of gold medal

Maisie, 19, has "done us all and herself proud," says mum as she claims a medal in Tokyo.
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Cam Newton's COVID-related absence opens door for Mac Jones as Patriots starting QB and could've been avoided

Newton must sit out half of this week's practices because of a 'misunderstanding'
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What Patriots players think about Cam Newton missing practice

Newton will be out until Thursday due to a "misunderstanding" about the league’s Coronavirus rules.
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Cam Newton's absence opens door for Mac Jones in Patriots starting QB battle and could've been avoided

Newton must sit out half of this week's practices because of a 'misunderstanding'
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