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DA George Gascón pushes for bill to eliminate juvenile ‘strikes’ in adult sentencing

LOS ANGELES — District Attorney George Gascon outlined plans Friday to reorganize his office’s gang unit and co-locate prosecutors in police stations in hopes of creating closer community ties. Gascon’s remarks came during a news conference he co-hosted to promote Assembly Bill 1127, which would eliminate the use of juvenile offenses to impose tougher sentences on adults. “Overcriminalization of young people leads to higher levels of recividism,” the DA told reporters, citing research showing th...
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The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge: Part 3

Editor’s Note: MIT Open Learning’s Peter B. Kaufman has just published The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge, a book that takes a historical look at the powerful forces that have purposely crippled our efforts to share knowledge widely and freely. His new work also maps out what we can do about it. Generously, Peter has made his book available through Open Culture by publishing three short essays along with links to the corresponding freely licensed sections of his book. Today, ...
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Sorry, the EmDrive doesn’t work

The proposed EmDrive captured the public's imagination with the promise of super-fast space travel that broke the laws of physics. Some researchers have detected thrusts from the EmDrive that seemed to prove its validity as a technology. A new, authoritative study says, no, those results were just "false positives." When Roger Shawyer's EmDrive was first proposed in 2001, it seemed too good to be true. The proposed electromagnetic drive ("Em" for short) needed no fuel, and therefore was so ...
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A 900-Page Pre-Pantone Guide to Color from 1692: A Complete High-Resolution Digital Scan

There’s ahead of its time, then there’s Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau — or, in its original Dutch title, Klaer Lightende Spiegel der Verfkonst, a 900-page book of paint colors made before any such things were common tools of the artist’s, scientist’s, and industrial designer’s trade. Author and artist A. Boogert created one, and only one, copy of his extraordinary manual on color mixing in 1692. Appearing on the threshold of modern color theory, and featuring over 700 pages ...
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Thandiwe Newton Reclaims Original Spelling of Her Name: “I’m Taking Back What’s Mine”

For over 30 years, Thandiwe Newton has been credited as Thandie Newton — something that came not out of a decision to brand herself as more marketable to Hollywood, but from a misspelling. The “w” was “carelessly missed out from her first credit,” British Vogue reveals in an in-depth profile with the Westworld star, who announced that she is now reclaiming the original spelling of her name. “That’s my name. It’s always been my name. I’m taking back what’s mine,” Newton said in a British Vogu...
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String Theorist Michio Kaku: 'Reaching Out To Aliens is a Terrible Idea'

An excerpt from a wide-ranging interview of String theorist Michio Kaku in which he talks about Newton finding inspiration amid the great plague, how the multiverse can unite religions, and why a 'theory of everything' is within our grasp: The Guardian: You believe that within a century we will make contact with an alien civilisation. Are you worried about what they may entail? Kaku: Soon we'll have the Webb telescope up in orbit and we'll have thousands of planets to look at, and that's why I t...
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NICS All-Time Record for March 2021, Gun Sales Down 20% from Record Set in 2020

NICS All Time Record for March 2021, Gun Sales Down 20% from Record Set in 2020 (image provided by Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-( The total National Instant background Check System (NICS) checks In March of 2021 were an all-time record for the month. The total checks done were reported at 4,691,738. The next highest month was January of 2021, with 4,317,804. The third highest month was 3,937,066 in December of 2020. Those numbers are very large. They reflect the continuing expansion o...
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String theorist Michio Kaku: 'Reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea'

The physicist on Newton finding inspiration amid the great plague, how the multiverse can unite religions, and why a ‘theory of everything’ is within our graspMichio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at City College, New York, a proponent of string theory but also a well-known populariser of science, with multiple TV appearances and several bestselling books behind him. His latest book, The God Equation, is a clear and accessible examination of the quest to combine Einstein’s general re...
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Newton Man Found Stabbed to Death in Apartment; Arrest Made

Police in central Iowa say a man was found stabbed to death at his Newton apartment complex and another man has been arrested in the case.
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The VW Polo is facing extinction - This is how the popular small car has changed since 1975

This is an automated machine translation of an article published by Business Insider in a different language. Machine translations can generate errors or inaccuracies; we will continue the work to improve these translations. You can find the original version here.The very strict Euro 7 emissions standard is likely to make it an impossibility to offer pure gasoline or diesel in the small car segment from 2025. In the coming years, carmakers will therefore be faced with a choice: either electrify ...
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Meet the stylist who turned LeBron James into a fashion icon

Stylist Rachel Johnson took LeBron James from NBA all-star to fashion superstar.Johnson's influence spread throughout the NBA and bled into other sports. She has also styled Victor Cruz, Cam Newton, and Amar'e Stoudemire.Johnson's work with athletes has helped add diversity and inclusivity to the fashion industry.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Following is a transcript of the video.Rachel Johnson: My name is Rachel Johnson. I am a celebrity wardrobe stylist an...
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The Magic of Mac OS X, 20 Years Later

I’m not usually one to wax rhapsodic about an operating system, but let’s go back 20 years to just before the launch of Mac OS X and talk about what came before and everything that came after. Twenty years is a rare and important milestone for a piece of software. After all, most software rarely breaks the two-year…Read more...
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Kyle Van Noy wants to buy Cam Newton dinner after 2020 trash talking

At the end of a Patriots win over the Dolphins early in the 2020 season, Patriots players could be seen helping to move quarterback Cam Newton away from a couple of Dolphins defenders. Newton said that talking and attempts to grab his chain
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CenterStrike Putters: Brian Wittman Strikes Back

You first heard of Brian Wittman here on, when he was launching a new putter innovation under the banner of MxV Golf. With its distinctive rolled face, the MxV1 putter brazenly challenged the conventional wisdom of the traditional flat-faced, lofted putter. So, what ever happened to Wittman and MxV? Well, it turns out that Wittman is still in the game, and ready to strike again with his new CenterStrike brand and its upcoming CenterG putter, which takes his original concept to the...
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Appeal to trace would-be Tesco thief in Newton Aycliffe - The Northern Echo

Appeal to trace would-be Tesco thief in Newton Aycliffe   The Northern Echo
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It’s A Happy Ending for Faster Suite and Its Users, After Its Ejection from Clio

It is a happy ending, after all, for Faster Suite and its customers, as it is back up and running as an integration with the practice management platform Clio. As reported here last week, Clio booted the popular app last Monday over concerns that it could expose Clio customer data to a privacy or security breach. The app’s developer, Tony Valenti, responded the next day with a post on his Faster Law company website assuring customers that their data was secure while expressing exhaustion from th...
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Whicker: Expect some noise from Illinois at the end of this dance

Burn after reading. Or before, if you like. FIRST FOUR Michigan State over UCLA: Just a different weight class. Wichita State over Drake: Conjures up memories of Willie McCarter and Dave Stallworth. Mount St. Mary’s over Texas Southern: MSM’s Damian Chong Qui lost his mother and saw his father paralyzed in separate shootings in Baltimore. He is his father’s caregiver and, at 5-foot-9, the Mountaineers’ leading scorer. Norfolk State over Appalachian State: Sign of the times: the Spartans had to...
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Why re-signing Cam Newton evolved into a necessary step for Bill Belichick, Patriots

New England needed to make a move at QB quick and Newton proved to be the best option
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The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge: Part 2

Editor’s Note: This month, MIT Open Learning’s Peter B. Kaufman has published The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge, a book that takes a historical look at the powerful forces that have purposely crippled our efforts to share knowledge widely and freely. His new work also maps out what we can do about it. In the coming days, Peter will be making his book available through Open Culture by publishing three short essays along with links to corresponding sections of his book. Today,...
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AP Source: Patriots Completing 1-Year Deal to Re-Sign Newton

A person with knowledge of the negotiations says the New England Patriots are completing an agreement to re-sign free agent quarterback Cam Newton, The one-year deal is worth close to $14 million.
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Patriots to re-sign quarterback Cam Newton to one-year deal

Newton will return to play for the Patriots after spending the 2020 season in New England.
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The new Mercedes-AMG C 63 is to come with only four cylinders, but for 550 hp

Mercedes-AMG is being forced by strict emissions standards to consistently downsize. The loss of displacement and cylinders is to be more than compensated for by additional electric power. It has already been rumored since 2019 that the C 63 will lose the eight-cylinder engine beloved by fans. The rumor mill was fueled by then AMG boss Tobias Moers. Now, concrete details about the hybrid powertrain have been published. With a system output of 550 hp, the new C 63 should blow away its competitor...
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Clio Boots App Partner Over Security Concerns; Now Working to Update and Reinstate

A distinguishing feature of the practice management platform Clio is its ecosystem of more than 200 third-party applications that integrate to provide added functionality. But on Monday, Clio terminated a popular app, Faster Suite, over concerns that it could expose Clio customer data to a privacy or security breach. Then, early this morning, Clio posted an update on its support site stating that it is working with Faster Law, Faster Suite’s developer, to resolve the errors in its software and r...
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Window of Opportunity

A brief window of opportunity opened last weekend that prompted me to get out and trout fish again. I was the first time I'd be fishing for trout since 2020's Labor Day weekend, so excitement was abound. The plan was to head up to north Georgia on Friday night, then get pretty much a full day of fishing in on Saturday.Being that the local delayed harvest water had just been stocked the day prior, the "crowds" decided to descend on those well-known waterways. On the other hand, I had the smaller,...
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Multiple Clio Announcements: Broader Company Mission, New User Community, and Details on Launch//Code Contest

As ABA TECHSHOW kicks off today, the practice management company Clio is announcing a new, broader vision for the company and its future. It also made several other announcements, most notably the launch of The Law Community, an online platform for connecting Clio customers and others in the legal industry, as well as updates on its annual $100,000 Launch//Code Contest. In 2017, Clio adopted what had been its guiding mission ever since: “To transform the practice of law, for good.” It was a clev...
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February 2021 NICS Second Highest Gun Sales on Record

February 2021 NICS Second Highest Gun Sales on Record U.S.A. –-( The number of National Instant background Check System (NICS) checks done in February of 2021 was another record for the month. The number of NICS done for firearms sales was the second-highest February ever. This shows the expansion of the NICS for uses other than firearms purchases is continuing. To find a close approximation of the number of NICS used for firearm sales in February, we add the number of handgun c...
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Tesla Model Y opponent from Sweden: The C40 Recharge SUV coupe is the first all-electric Volvo

So far, the Swedes have focused primarily on plug-in hybrids. Following the E version of the XC40, which was launched in the fall of 2020, the C40 Recharge will be the first Volvo model available only with an electric drive this year. The electric SUV coupe borrows some design elements from its platform brothers Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40. From the latter, it takes over the entire cockpit. Infotainment updates are automatic. The two e-motors produce a combined 408 hp and the range is 420 kilomet...
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Haunted Love #8 - Don Newton art & cover

Don Newton Haunted Love v1 #8, 1975 - A ghostly woman shimmers in the moonlight of this eerie Don Newton cover. Although there is some transparency toward the bottom of her dress, she unintentionally appears as solid as an ice sculpture. Inside, Newton draws a single page announcement touting the series Baron Weirwulf's Haunted Library (see interior page below). Several hosts from other [Author: Unknown]
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Researchers announce a new state of matter: swirlons

Scientists discover that active particles take a pass on Newton's Second Law.Active particles exist in a "swirlonic" state of matter.Swirlonic behavior explains some of the more dazzling natural phenomena such as starling swarms and shape-shifting schools of fish. It's likely you've seen some of the fascinating videos of starling murmurations, great swarms of birds mysteriously flying as if with a single mind. These gigantic shapes swoop and swirl, shapeshifting their way through the skies whil...
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